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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – The President’s old madame

The first time sleeping on such a superior quality bed, student Du Lei Si suffered from insomnia, she toss about in bed until dawn before she fell into a slumber. The consequence is that the sun well and truly raised but she was still sleeping in her room.

The President was impatient and order the old housekeeper: “Old Yu, call her to come down.”


So, the old housekeeper pedaled upstairs to call Du Lei Si out of bed.

After a while, the old housekeeper came back down: “Reporting to the President, Madame would not get up.”

Lian Jun calmly said without the slightest change in emotions: “Call again.”

So the old housekeeper pedaled up the stairs once again, after a while he returned and said the following sentence: “Reporting to the President, Madame still refused to get up.”

“Call again.”


Thus, more than a dozen the old housekeeper kept running back and fort, running until he was almost out of breath Du Lei Si was still sleeping.


“Report…… reporting to the President…… Mad…… Madame still……. won’t get up……”

“Call again.”

The old housekeeper was going crazy, if he knew earlier he would have eaten a few more caps.

At this time Du Lei Si who was called repeatedly a dozen times suddenly woke up, she yawned as she made her way downstairs. Taking a few steps Du Lei Si suddenly noticed the atmosphere felt strange, looking around she jumped. She saw the old housekeeper downstairs staring at her with a saviour glaze, that expression was difficult to describe with words.

Du Lei Si walked past and saw the President sitting in his chair flipping through documents.

Oh? Why does the President seem a bit different from yesterday?

Dressed in casual clothes, his nose also wore a pair of black glasses, compared to the suit and tie he wore yesterday it was a lot more softer, it even gave a bit homely man feel.

Being preoccupied, the President suddenly said the following words: “Come here.”

He was talking her? Du Lei Si was startled and slowly walked over.

The President turned a few more pages of the documents before placing it aside along with his glasses, before raising his head to Du Lei Si and said: “Sit down and eat.”

Du Lei Si just noticed the breakfast on the table, the most important thing was she found there was a set in front of the President as well.

Could it be..? The President ate breakfast so late because he was waiting for her?

Du Lei Si suddenly have an overwhelmed feeling by an unexpected favour.

At this time, Lian Jun lowered his head and started to eat his breakfast.


Could it be the President suddenly found his conscience, so he wanted to dine breakfast with her, or did he have something to say to her? If not, this appeared to be out of his usual own style. Du Lei Si decided to best to dine with the President and follow his moves.

Should she start the conversation? Du Lei Si thought for a long time and said a trifle sentence: “Today the weather is great.”

When she finished there was no response from the President’s side.

Perhaps he didn’t hear her? So Du Lei Si spoke again: “You don’t have work today?”

This time, the President responded with a simple “um”.

So Du Lei Si felt encouraged and decided to continue: “Such a big house, there’s only one person living here?”

At this time, the President raised his head and looked at her for a moment. He appeared slightly unhappy, which made her feel a bit nervous, could it be she provoked the President’s mood?

As Du Lei Si was making blind and disorderly conjectures, Lian Jun suddenly asked: “Did you wash your face?”


Du Lei Si blankly shook her head.

“You didn’t wash up and came down to eat?” The President’s face was black, he turned to the old housekeeper said, “Old Yu take her to wash up.”

No wonder the President wasn’t happy because he’s a clean freak!

After washing her face, Du Lei Si passed through the living room, she suddenly felt something was wrong. Looking carefully again, she found the original position the garbage can was placed, the lion has disappeared, a Chinese Crested Dog sat on the ground replacing it.

Du Lei Si was embarrassed, so it seems that her image in the President’s eyes resembles to a dog and the most ugly breed as well.

I didn’t want to supply an image of this breed of dog, it’s too ugly… and scary

Thus, Du Lei Si angrily was prepared to settles the scores with the President.

When she arrived in the living room, she found that the President has already changed into a suit sitting on the sofa, and Jason the assistant have stood by holding a bag.

Completely ignoring the annoyed expression on Du Lei Si’s face, the President’s hands pointed towards the bag within Jason’s hands and said: “This bag for you.”

For her?

Du Lei Si took the bag, one glance and saw that it was a dress.

“This is for me?” Du Lei Si stared at the President, what is the President doing? He waited for her to eat breakfast, and gifted her a dress as well.

Du Lei Si finally became wary, the President must be scheming.

Her guesses were right, the President was indeed scheming, he wanting to take her to the hospital to see the old madame.

The old madame?

Du Lei Si’s impression of the old madame were like what appeared in drama’s. She’ll be proud and arrogant wearing luxurious things with an eccentric character, one of those rich ladies who always wore a black face. Just like Tsukasa Doumyouji’s[1] mother, upon meeting Makino Tsukushi for the first time she was picky and spoke harsh criticism.

[1] Tsukasa Doumyouji is the main male lead in Hana Yori Dango

Thinking of this point, Du Lei Si suddenly panicked.

The old madame wouldn’t jump out of bed and strangle her, right?

When in actual fact, the old madame really did jump up from the bed, but she didn’t strangle Du Lei Si, instead she firmly grasp Du Lei Si’s hands.

Why is that? Because the old madame likes Du Lei Si! Why does the old madame like Du Lei Si?

The reason is very simple—— the old madame felt that Du Lei Si wasn’t beautiful enough.

For her picky grandson to take fancy in her, if there’s no external beauty, then it must be an inner beauty!

The rich and influential’s thinking is always particularly strange, the old madame wasn’t afraid that her grandson couldn’t marry a beautiful wife, she was more afraid that he’ll marry a beautiful wife who only had eyes for money and discarded her grandson.

And because Du Lei Si wasn’t beautiful enough, so that the old madame felt that her granddaughter-in-law is honest, practical, was different from those woman who eyed on the Lian family’s assets and fortunes.

Because the old madame was happy, her illness improved instantly, she was able to eat, drink and get out of bed, her spirits was better than before hospitalization.

The doctors also thought this was a miracle, but Du Lei Si was a fool.

Wasn’t the old madame fast approaching to see the Buddha? How did she all of a sudden become so radiant, and full of energy? If this trend continues, when could she leave this marriage?

For someone who just got married was thinking how to get divorced, Du Lei Si is also considered modern China’s first.

But her mind wasn’t finished worrying when trouble came.

Ever since the old madame has seen Du Lei Si, she felt that her granddaughter-in-law is a good girl, how could her grandson just register their marriage and just bring her home? Regardless they officially wed, they should grandly and magnificently wed!

The old madame’s legs were sore and fell on the bed. Falling on the bed wasn’t painful, she cried out because she wanted her grandson and granddaughter-in-law to have a proper wedding.

She shouted and shouted until the President finally couldn’t handle it any more.

So the President decided to ask the President’s “bride” of her opinion: “For the wedding, do you like Western or Chinese style?”

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    1. She’s too comfortable. Hahahah. And to think she regarded this guy as a “stranger” just the previous day. (>v<) I would die first before leaving my bedroom without washing up and powder on my face, especially if it's a mansion.

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      1. I know right! I will never leave my own vicinity without atleast washing my face and mouth and without combing my hair. Unless im just inside my room i guess, with just me inside, or just with my closest family or bestfriends.

        Its either she’s just being very comfy with him around (plus the helpers) or she just did not give a darn.

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      1. Hi tuey, please give me more time, i tried last week but failed. Will work on it this week, its half done. I dont have any excuses, im just distracted. Dont worry though, I will never drop the project. Hopefully, it will be updated before the weekend. Thanks for waiting and sorry for the delay.

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  1. thanks a lot!
    -shakes fist at lian jun- horrible guy—! i was tricked by him waiting to eat breakfast with her! lolol! ah—! that grandmother’s thinking is nice! yes, that might have been your assumption, but du lei si is really someone with inner beauty! -thumbs up- also, she really isn’t interested in lian jun’s money at all! great, if the grandmother supports du lei si, i’ve got nothing to worry about! it’s pretty clear that lian jun’s grandmother has quite a lot of influence in the family, haha! her getting so healthy, rofl! well now, a big wedding huh…uh oh? but it’ll be fun, i think, haha!

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  2. Lol I think the wedding will be western style xD also I looked up the dog and wow it’s really not a pretty one LOL… I wonder who will fall for who first? XD my money is on LJ falling in love first cuz DLS seems dense and too silly to even notice love!!! XD thank you for the update!!

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  3. Thankies for the update!! Hahaha. DLS is in alot of trouble. If it’s a grand wedding especially with an elite like LJ, the whole town would know about it and divorce would be difficult.

    I wonder if the Mother-in-Law would come to like DLS’ quirkiness or will regret later forcing them on a grand wedding. Hahah

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  4. thank u.. hehehe..
    the old madam is uber cute. wkwkwkkwkww

    btwi miss the blackbellie one….:( hope that u can translate it soon too hehehe


  5. Thank you for the update. Lol, she look as cute as an ugly breed dog, LJ you are mean. ^^’
    Old Madam has a good reverse logic on DLS. XD ah, getting a license is one thing, but having a wedding is a problem when DLS is thinking about getting a divorce. But LJ will get his way for sure. Just look how he asked, not asking her permission but asking her preferences .

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  6. Lol.. your note abt not going to post the dog pict. The Old Madam recovery lol.. but I don’t know how to react, should be happy because this is indeed funny or be sad because of her sillines, I mean..innocence.. Someone should love her sincerely.. Looking forward to the next ch.. Thank you so muuuuuch ^^


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