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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – Ah you nosebleed nosebleed, why must you flow out?

After Du mama and Du papa arrived, they were very satisfied with their son-in-law.

Particularly Du mama, not only was she satisfied with this son-in-law, regarding her son-in-law’s home she was also very satisfied with the renovations.

Du mama: “Old man, look how good the sculpture works is! What a cute little chick!”

Du papa tugged on Du mama’s sleeve: “Honey, that’s a Chinese Crested Dog…”

Du mama impatiently waved her hand: “Who cares if its a chicken or a dog, it’s very cute. Look, it’s appearance is very much like our Du Du ah!”

Du Lei Si on the side almost passed out.

Mom! You are not my biological mother?

Watching her parents so satisfied with the President, Du Lei Si couldn’t help but secretly ask the President: “What did you say to my parents?”

Undoubtedly with her mom’s personality, knowing her daughter had act first, then reporting later[1], it’s almost certain that she would stamp with rage, she wouldn’t be as benign countenance as she is now. So Du Lei Si felt that the President must have said something to them.

[1] 先斩后奏 xiān zhǎn hòu zòu: first decapitate then present your trophy (idiom)

“I said we want to get married.”

“And then?”


“Nothing?!” Du Lei Si cried out, so just because of one sentence, her parents agreed to sell their own daughter? It can not be justified!

Lian Jun narrowed his eyes, tepidly asked: “Otherwise what else did you think they’ll ask?”

“Of course they’ll ask if I was willing to or not!” After Du Lei Si finished speaking she felt embarrassed. How can she speaks what her heart wants? It’s all thanks to the President’s honest and harmless appearance that caused her to loosen her defences.

As she was complaining, the President took advantage of this and ask a question: “Then are you willing to do it or not?”

“Of course not——”

“Well?” The President’s killer eyes shot through.

“…… it’ll be strange if I’m not willing!” After saying this, Du Lei Si’s heart despise herself one hundred times.

Hearing this, the President was finally satisfied and became gentle again, nodded: “It’s getting late, we should return to the room and sleep.”

“Oh……” Because she’s  unfortunately under the President’s power Du Lei Si compromised again, she was very disappointed in herself, almost hung her head as she made her way upstairs.

Upstairs, she instinctively walked to her room, not even a few steps she suddenly felt a tight grip on her shoulder, and was dragged back.


“You didn’t say good night to your parents.” The President was ahead of her and quickly said.


It was then did Du Lei Si realised that her parents standing in front of the guest room door  smiling at them.

“Dad, mom, good night.”

After she finished speaking, she was already in the President’s bedroom.

This this this…… is is is….the President’s—— bedroom!!!

Du Lei Si’s feet felt weak, she almost fell down. When she finally calmed down, she found the President steadily undressing himself. First the suit, then the tie, and then his slender finger on the shirt buttons.

Du Lei Si was surprised and stunned.

“What are you looking at?” The President’s hand suddenly stopped at the clasp, his vision landed on Du Lei Si.

Du Lei Si quiver, only then did she recover and found that half of the President’s shirt was undone and his muscular chest was exposed.

This scene……

Du Lei Si couldn’t help but swallow her saliva.

“I asked you.” The President suddenly came over and stared infinitely into her eyes.

Du Lei Si couldn’t resisted and lowered her glaze to his chest, not only was his chest muscular, it was well proportioned which brought endless sexiness!

Du Lei Si didn’t know why but her mind suddenly flashed a forbidden word—— Alluring Stimulus!

Rubbing it once will increase your blood pressure.

His thin lips suddenly curved unconsciously, touching the hidden happiness in his eyes. Lian Jun’s hands extending out and wanted pulled her chin.

Before his hands could touch her, Du Lei Si suddenly took a step back, and stared at Lian Jun in horror. Before he had time to react, Du Lei Si had rapidly turn around and ran out crazily.

She ran to her bedroom door before using her fingers to touch her nose, frightenly there was a stream of blood.

Du Lei Si sighed: Fortunately she ran fast enough or else the blood would have flowed out! Fortunately, it wasn’t in front of the President, otherwise it would have been very shameful!

Du Lei Si let out a breath of relief. However, in the other side of the wall, Lian Jun’s startled eyes instantly cooled down, and hum a long noise.

This is the second time.

The next day, the schedule wedding ceremony.

Du Lei Si made her way down stairs, but didn’t see the President, instead she was caught by her parents first.

Du mama pulled her daughter over and said: “You brat, why are you up so late? Aren’t you aware today is such a big day? Look! Still wearing pyjamas! Oh, look at these pouches on your eyes ah! Did you go to North Korea to send missiles last night?”

Facing her mom’s nagging complaints, Du Lei Si had a bitter face: “I know……”

In fact, it’s all the President fault! As soon as she closed her eyes she saw the President’s seductive chest, which made her suffer excessive bleeding which then lead to poor sleep, or else she wouldn’t get up so late.

All in all, the President is to blame!

The thing that made Du Lei Si uncomfortable was that the culprit actually didn’t appear until she wore the wedding dress and did her make up. Only then did the President give Old Yu a call and said he was already at the church.

make up

What kind of person is that! He didn’t even have a little groom’s consciousness, didn’t even come to meet the bride, too incompetent! Be careful she’ll escape!

Running away of course is impossible, who told her parents to be loyal to the enemy camp? Du Lei Si was clip left and right by her parents to the church.

From afar, they could see a group of people standing in the middle of the church’s entrance, dressed in a white suit was the mighty Lian Jun.

Seeing the President, Du Lei Si’s belly was full of anger.


The President is a little too good-looking! Wearing a white suit emphasised his slender stature, just like those model’s advertising suits.

Really, it’s too perfect!

Looking at herself, Du Lei Si couldn’t help but think: Is her chest a little flat? Are her heels a slightly short? And her waist, perhaps it should be more slim……

As the saying goes, comparisons are odious!

Now Du Lei Si thought deeper, she felt that she should never have stood here, she must be skull broken to absurdly be with the President.

Just as she was regretting, a hand suddenly stretched out to her, Du Lei Si reflex and looked up at the hand and stared at the President’s deep eyes.

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33 thoughts on “Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 8

  1. I bet president is already in love with her, even before diamond ring incident.. maybe even that was an excuse and plan so he can marry her? Ah now i am curious
    Thanks for translating!!!

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  2. The wedding prep went by so fast! They shud have that fashion wedding show first, don’t you think? I was hoping that he’d be picky on which dress he loves on her. Aish, I think too much Kekeke. Drama fangirl problem. Anyway, thanks again, babe!

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  3. thanks!
    woah, wait, that was fast, the wedding ceremony! hahaha, well…-still shaking fist at lian jun- it was slightly better…rofl at her having nosebleed! no—-! du lei si, you don’t need to worry, you’re perfect the way you are! -thumbs up- -snarls at lian jun-

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  4. The wedding was just too fast its unrealistic. You have to book at the church, set up decors, flowers, food, wedding gowns, suits, rings, invitations and a lot more. Mark down to the author. But well, yeah. Cant figure out the guy yet.

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  5. Of all things!!! LOL she gets a nosebleed from his chest!!! OMG LOL I don’t even know anymore xD DLS is too silly!!! Watch out LJ you might get molested by DLS before you know it xD

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  6. Thank you, lol XD XD Du mama is hilariously mean comparing her daughter to dog trash can. Old Yu has sharp eyes choosing trash can as cute as DLS. XD
    Nosebleed from preview of LJ chest, oh DLS you are helpless lah~. How LJ able to eat you.

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