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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – Du Lei Si who’s different

The first time walking on the red carpet, Du Lei Si couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. In fact, this is the second time Du Lei Si felt the nervous tension as she held onto the President’s arm.

How can the President’s arm be so hard? What if she accidentally knock it, how will she manage? Thinking of this, Du Lei Si recalled the two million diamond ring, she must not be distrait.

One moment of figurative will result in her tripping over her high-heeled shoes, and falling heads down.

At that instance, Du Lei Si felt that if she simply feeble home, she will become a laughing-stock.

Just she was ready to closed her eyes, she didn’t expect Lian Jun’s powerful palm to be pressing down on her waist, she met with the President’s shining eyes as she looked up.

Du Lei Si’s mind resurfaced images of last night’s eclectic exciting scene, suddenly her face became hot and her nose began to congest. In order to avoid his glazes, she hastily sworn to take revenge and weakly said: “I’m…… I’m sorry…… I’m inexperience because it’s my first time getting married……”

Lian Jun who originally was expressionless, suddenly a subtle smile appeared before he slowly said: “Wife be careful.”

Wi…… wife?!

Du Lei Si was finally successfully scared and turned into the Chinese crested Dog garbage can in the living room.

She suddenly felt that an ordinary person can foresee the President’s behaviour, but because these actions is foreseeable it scared her to death.

A mere word “Wife” caused Du Lei Si’s three souls to become two, while the remaining of her soul was only enough to mechanically follow the President.

Stopping before the priest, he asked: “Lian Jun, do you take this woman to be your wife and marry her? Regardless of sickness or health, or any other reason, you’ll love her, take care of her, respect her, accept her, always stay true to her until the end of this life?”


The President looked at Du Lei Si and said: “I do.”

“And you, Du Lei Si? Do you take this man to be your husband and marry him? Regardless of sickness or health, or any other reason, you’ll love him, take care of him, respect him, accept him, always stay true to her until the end of this life?”

Du Lei Si was still in malfunction mode.

“Du Lei Si? Du Lei Si?”

Continue to crash……

Lian Jun finally couldn’t torelate it, to be distracted while getting married, only Du Lei Si would do this. So, he very unhappily jabbed her arm in the dark.

“What?” Du Lei Si regain consciousness, “Wha…… What’s wrong?”

The poor priest’s mouth slightly twitched, “Du Lei Si, do you want this man to be your husband?”

Du Lei Si looked at the President and said, “No…..”

En? The President’s face sank, he suddenly raised his hand using with two fingers to naturally or half unconsciously touch his forehead.

Du Lei Si’s brain was finally completely awake by the huge two million diamond ring.

Gritting her teeth, she determinedly said: “I do!”

This time the priest was relieved: “The father and son of the Holy Spirit will protect you, bless you and give you grace through life and death, amen. My lord is always here with you. Lian Jun, Du Lei Si, I have witness you swear to love each other, I am very pleased to announce that in the presence of those seated here, you are now husband and wife, the groom may now kiss the bride.”

Before the sound of one’s voice had died away, Du Lei Si only felt her face heat up, and when she regain her conscious the President has held her face and kissed her lips.

The shallow kiss stayed on Du Lei Si’s lips for a few seconds, and then left. Suddenly, a burst of applause broke out in the audience, Du papa , Du mama and Lian old madame was so excited that tears were falling down.

In a happy atmosphere with the exception of only one person, no she shouldn’t be classified as a person, at best the statue is known as Du Lei Si.

If just one “wife” phrase was frightening enough, then this kiss now can only be use horror thriller to describe it. After a few minutes Du Lei Si was completely in a dissociative state, until the President unhappily cough and interrupted her thoughts.

What’s wrong with this woman, how times does she have to wonder off in space during the wedding ceremony? Does this President not having any charms? President Jian thought about a few things that happened last night, then he thought of the first time Du Lei Si came to his place to live.

Finally, the President’s was successfully angered.

When the President is very angry, the consequences are very serious.

“Wife, drink on my behalf.”

Drink on his behalf? Du Lei Si stumbled and almost fell. Why does she need to drinks on his behalf? Isn’t she the bride!? His not even sweet!

But the President solemnly said: “I have to drive later so I cannot drink.”

“What about Old Fang?” (Chauffeurs A)

“He asked for leave.”

“Xiao Wang?” (Chauffeurs B)

“He’s sick.”

“Zhang master?” (Chauffeurs C)

“His wife just gave birth.”


Finally, Du Lei Si held onto her last glimmer of hope, pointing to Jason who was socializing with guest on the side: “What about Jason……?”

“Jason has his own car to drive.”


Finally, in order for the President not to drive under the influence of alcohol, Du Lei Si had to sacrifice her ego to achieve the goal, she drank one glass after another of the President’s wines.

One cup, two cups, three cups……

Finally, Du Lei Si was not drunk!

When it was time to go home, Lian Jun asked her in the car: “You…… all right?”

Du Lei Si shook her head: “I’m okay.”

“You drank a lot……”

“No much, just a dozen glasses.”

The President’s mouth twitched.

In actual fact, Du Lei Si didn’t get drunk, instead she was more sober than before.

“Are you angry with me today?”

Du Lei Si asked this question, originally the car was driving along smoothly suddenly jolted.

Lian Jun stared outside and replied: “No.”

“Don’t lie to me, you must be angry.” Du Lei Si’s words were very firm, “why didn’t you wait for me this morning to go to church before you went on your own? And at the banquet your expression was sour, when guest spoke to you, you didn’t reply. Look at you! You’re getting angry again!” Du Lei Si pointed to Lian Jun’s face.pointUnexpectedly, this girl looks so silly, so he carefully observed.

He didn’t know why his dull mood suddenly improved.

“I wasn’t angry.” Lian Jun continued.

“Never mind, if you don’t want to say it, then don’t!” Du Lei Si waved her hand. “Where are we going now?”


“Home?” The unhappy Du Lei Si frowned, “Lacking in creative.”

Lian Jun raised an eyebrow: “Where do you want to go?”

“Er……” Du Lei Si thought for a moment, she suddenly had a bright idea, said: “I want to see the moon!”

“Look at the moon?”

“Yes, today is fifteen, and the moon must be extra round!”

This girl today is somewhat different, Lian Jun nodded: “Alright, let look at the moon.”

The luxurious white sport car carried the bride and groom who’s still in their wedding attire along the road, all the way to the top of the mountain. The car steadily slowly down, exposing a sky full of stars, and the round disk like moon.


“Wow!” Du Lei Si called, “the moon is so beautiful today!”

Seeing her look of excitement, Lian Jun couldn’t help but curve his lips.

Suddenly, his smile disappeared and was replaced by a brief shock.

Du Lei Si took the initiative to lay her head on his shoulder, and started counting the stars.

“One, two, three……”

“You are a little bit different today.” Lian Jun couldn’t help but say.

“Is it?” Du Lei Si squinted and stared at him, the stars shone into her eyes, the blackness in her eyes flickered.

Lian Jun suddenly dazed by them.

“Why are you looking at me?” The person in his arms suddenly laughed, “I know! You like me!”

Lian Jun was startled, said flatly: “I don’t.”

“You are lying!” Du Lei Si said with a smile, “you just blinked a few times, so you must be lying.”

“I……” Lian Jun suddenly couldn’t speak.

He didn’t speak further, Du Lei Si also didn’t speak, she leaned on the President’s shoulders and continue to count the stars.

“One hundred and sixty-seven, one hundred and sixty-eight, one hundred and sixty-nine……”

“Actually I……” Lian Jun suddenly spoke.

“Never mind, I’m sleepy.” Du Lei Si started to yawn.


“I’m sleeping, good night.”

Then Du Lei Si closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Her closed eyes under the bright moonlight, the star light reflected the white wedding dress on her body, her beauty was slightly breathtaking.

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  2. I suspect Lian Jun has met Lei Si before and fell for her. No guy of his calibre will grab any woman in the streets. He would calculate the pros and cons.

    Thank you for the translations

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    1. I don’t know, just maybe he had a moment and throw everything to the wind. Surely we all had a moment where we were like ” I don’t care anymore. I am going to just pick one”. I know have with ice cream.


  3. “Du papa , Du mama and Lian old madame was so excited that tears were falling down.” comparing to what DL felt lol hahahaha..
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  4. Way to go DLS LOL ruin his little love confession…poor LJ!!! And wow that was so sweet =w= I hope for more of this melting your heart sweetness in the future. O3O thank you for the fast update!!!


  5. thanks a lot—!
    woah?! the first part was ok, but after that, du lei si continuously shocked him, and she became more straightforward, which was totally awesome! she kept leading him around, and their moments together were incredibly cute—-!-screams and faves chapter-

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      1. true, and that’s something everyone learns to do…but du lei si, you’re officially married to him! like nike says: just do it!


  6. Thanks for the chapter.

    Haha, to the end she was coerced by the diamond ring XD.
    Wedding night under the stars and moon, so romantic yet LJ has been cock-blocked by his new wife hahaha. Really love how she become brave and straight-forward against LJ. Wonder if that because of what she drink or she finally accepted the wedding.

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  7. Hahahah. Lian Jun got ignored, or as @y4kuu said, “cockblocked” by Du Lei Si. LOL. This is the 3rd time! Hahahahah

    To interrupt or shut an elite person (a President) up so she can sleep, only Du Lei Si can do it. And why is she more sober when drunk? Hahahaha
    Thankies for the update, sut3kii!


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