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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 12

Author Yi Jin’s Note: I’ll secretly tell you, in fact, this story is inspired by a classmate friend of mine, one day she was walking down the street when a stranger suddenly proposed to her, and she actually accepted the ring. However, what happened after, I don’t know. But, because I called this event I couldn’t help but use this to write a story, I hope after everyone read this story can forget about all the unhappy things and happily smile O(∩_∩)O~

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Chapter 12 – Very embarrassed very cold

After finally realized that she had caught a turtle with a strong asset, Du Lei Si’s mood was simply indescribable.

She haven’t forgotten that their marriage is fake. Even though their marriage certificate is real, the wedding is real,  hui men is also real, but most of all their feelings are not real.

After countless bloody facts constantly reminding her: a marriage without feeling is bound to be forgotten, one day, she and the President will divorce, they will become two unrelated strangers.

Just the thought of this, Du Lei Si couldn’t help but secretly look at the extremely overbearing, vindictive, harsh and demanding President.

One day this person will leave her, it should be a very happy thing, but why isn’t she happy? Is it because……


Sh*t! Du Lei Si’s mind flashed a thought, she was right!

She certain it’s because she thought the President is too strong, inadvertently she made the right capitulation mistakes, while ignoring her own knowledge of patience and perseverance as a young woman in a new era.

Du Lei Si ah Du Lei Si, how do you accept being frightened by a capitalist after receiving well over twenty years of Marxism education of socialist youth? That’s right! You have to resist, and must not let the President lead you by the nose!

At that moment, Du mama suddenly yelled: “Du Du, it is very late, it’s unsafe to drive back, why don’t spend the night here? In a moment, I’ll clean up your father and my room, you guys can sleep there.”

Du Lei Si’s eyes lit up, the opportunity to revoke has arrived!

She didn’t wait for the President to reply, and spoke first: “Mom! There’s no need for this!”

Again Lian Jun besides her nodded: “This indeed is not very good.”

It’s rare that the President would agree with her views, Du Lei Si was slightly surprised.

Unfortunately, this is surprise wasn’t over when the horror came along, because the President added the following sentence: “We’ll sleep together in the other room.”


The so-called another room is actually the room Du Lei Si used to sleep in, the entire room all together didn’t even make up ten square meters, in addition it was furnished with a slightly larger desk and a small bed to accommodate one person.

One bed, two people, how are they going to sleep?

For this reason, Du Lei Si was full of complaints.

How can the President not discuss with her, and decided himself? No matter what, this is her home, it enough that the President have a say in his nest. However, now that their at her place she should have the final say! That’s not fair!

“Just then, why did you agree with my mom?” Du Lei Si plucked up the courage to ask.

“I did?” Lian Jun raised his eyebrow, “Wasn’t it you that let me speak?”

Not only is he a dictator, but he also shirk from responsibilities! Du Lei Si anxiously asked: “I have?”

“Didn’t you? But you clearly wanted to say that……” Lian Jun suddenly changed the subject, his sharp killer eyes shot over, “Or do you think, I don’t deserve to sleep in your room?”

Just this one glance, the momentum that Du Lei Si accumulated deflated like balloon.

“When when…… I’m just afraid you’ll be sleeping in such a small bed, it’ll be uncomfortable……”

“It won’t be.” Lian Jun said nonchalantly, “It’s perfect for one person.”

“One person?” Du Lei Si was frightened, the President didn’t want her to sleep the floor, right?

“Otherwise, you want to sleep with me?” Lian Jun asked.

“…… I still like to sleep on the floor more.”

And so, for the first time Du Lei Si discovered the floor in her room that she has lived for more than a decade was so hard!

The cruel fact that once again proven, the drama on TV of the so-called golden laws and precious perceptions are all false, what the actor will be so stubborn and reluctant to admit their mistakes or defeats? She hopes he will eventually be led out of the bed, go to hell!

In front of the President, all sympathy are vague and insubstantial, vague and insubstantial!

When Du Lei fell asleep with full of grievances, she had no idea what happened to the President next would leave a lifetime impression.

The clock in living room has struck twelve, Lian Jun turned over in bed.

This little bed made it really difficult for one to sleep, he didn’t know how this stupid girl used to sleep in the past. However, no matter how difficult the bed was to sleep on, the floor must be more difficult……

It is said that once the night arrives, a person’s will is particularly vulnerable, which is actually true.

Lian Jun suddenly felt slightly apologetic.

So, he plans to call Du Lei Si who was sleeping on the ground to come up, he turned over, and was frightened by the sight of the scene. He saw a person standing beside the bed, staring at him.

“You…… why did you wake up?” Lian Jun asked.

Du Lei Si did not answer.

“Do you want to sleep on the bed, I’ll let you have half of it.”

She still did not answer.

Lian Jun finally found it unbearable: “Hello! Are you going to speak?”

After he finished speaking there was silence, suddenly Du Lei Si rushed up, facing Lian Jun she tried to push and bite him.

Pounding the shoving for half a night, Du Lei Si suddenly opened her mouth, biting down hard on Lian Jun’s arm.

“OUCH AH!” Lian Jun didn’t expect her to make such a move, he was taken by surprise and fell from the bed. As he angrily stood up, he turned on the light prepared to teach the uppity girl a lesson, however he was stunned.

He saw Du Lei Si lying on the bed with her arms and leg stretched out sleeping soundly.

Is there a mistake? This girl is sleep walking!


Time: Early in the morning

Place: The Kitchen

Character: Du mama and Du papa

Du mama whispered, pretending to be mysterious, said to her husband: “Old man, last night did you hear any sounds coming from the room next door?”

“There was?” Du papa looked confused, “It appears someone fell off their bed during their sleep.”

“Ah, you really don’t understand exotic style!” Du mama stared at her husband, “what falling out of bed, clearly we’re going to have a grandson soon!”


“Grandson? Where is our grandson?”


“Mom, what are you talking about?” Du Lei Si yawned coming out from the room.

“Nothing, nothing……” Seeing her daughter, Du mama immediately put away her mysterious expression, and deliberately asked, “my daughter, ah, did you sleep well last night?”

“Last night?” Du Lei Si yawned once again, “very good ah.”

Du mama is not willing to settle with that answer so she continued to ask: “Nothing happened?”

With this question, Du Lei Si was awaken.

Speaking of which, there is a very strange thing, she remembers last night she was clearly sleeping on the floor, how did she end up on this bed this morning? And she almost stepped on to the President, who was sleeping on the floor.

Wait the President was sleeping on the floor!?

Du Lei Si suddenly sober and awake.

God, the President who’s not even used to traveling on the train, how could he sleep on the floor? Is it because of her……

Just the thought of this made Du Lei Si confused.

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18 thoughts on “Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 12

  1. Thank you…..very funny…seems like she has a split personality. Haha….the President has to deal with two people at one time which he rightfully deserve since he likes to bully her at every oppurtunity.

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  2. really scary, would have gotten a big fright if in LJ’s position.
    President only like using “Or do you think, I don’t deserve to…” to get whatever he wanted from DLS…haha


  3. thanks a lot!
    rofl! yeah, lian jun, you deserved it—-! her bed is obviously too small and uncomfortable for you, who has been
    living in high quality beds, wahaha! yes,suffer more, lian jun—! lol, i like that the author also shows the hardships of the male lead. so hilarious! du lei si also so adorable! lol, du lei si’s only fierce when she’s not in her conscious/normal state!

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      1. that’s so true!haha, i am hoping lian jun getsmore ‘beaten down’ though, lol! du lei si is innocent and cute, and should be protected, rofl!

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  4. Thankies for the update~
    I am very curious about that author’s friend story. Hahaha. Was it a reality show too or maybe her friend dated someone in the past and cruelly forgot who he is when he proposed? LOL.

    Anyway, I love how fierce DLS is when asleep. Lian Jun personally experienced the “Paranormal Activity” movie. Hahaha. I had a cousin who also sleepwalked one night and it really freaked me out. They look like zombies. LOL.

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