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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – Sorry, I have motion sickness

Once Du Lei Si regain her conscious again, they were already back in the car, the entire way back she was in a dreary state.

Hovering over her head was the question she had tangled in her mind all morning, how on earth did she end up on the bed? And how did the President end up on the floor?

Has she been wrong about the President all along, is he actually firm in speech but soft in the heart?

Thinking of that, Du Lei Si’s chest felt tightness, she couldn’t help but steal glances at the driving President. In fact, the President is really good! His attentive eyes while driving is slightly mesmerizing, the contours of his face that was lit by windows shed light appeared very soft and gentle … …

Aware of the rising glances from the side, Lian Jun couldn’t help but frown: “What are you looking at?”

She’s finished! How did she get caught? In order to maintain her lady self-image, Du Lei Si decided to look for an excuse: “Well … … What’s wrong with your eyes?” She pointed to Lian Jun’s micro-swollen eyes.

Hearing this question, the President’s face instantly darken.

But a certain dull person was quite unaware of climate change and continued to ask: “And your arm, why is it so red? And here……”

Finally, the President found it unbearable and interrupted her: “I was bitten by a dog.”


Du Lei Si was taken by surprise: “What kind of dog that’s so violent?” Even dare to bite the President, it should be captured and brought back to be raised in a room.

“A Chinese Crested Dog.”


Du Lei Si’s mouth twitched, the President never let an opportunity slip by to verbally abuse her.

Well, she would withdraw her mistaken ideas about him, this man is a bossy, selfish and demanding, an example of a vindictive male chauvinism!

She obviously didn’t care, but why does her chest feel slightly tight?

Just when her mind wandered off again, suddenly a van reverse out in front of the crossing.

“Watch out!”

Lian Jun suddenly hurriedly tried to avoid the van, but it was too late, the two vehicles have crashed into each other.

However, to his surprise Du Lei Si who was next to him suddenly came to protect him.

It all happened too fast, just a few seconds time, after the collisions, everything has been quiet.

Lian Jun closed his eyes and felt the person in his arms and also felt something warm on his chest, the sticky fluid flowed … …

His heart was suddenly a total mess, he hastily opened his eyes: “Ey! How are you doing?”

Du Lei Si moved, but she did not answer him.

Lian Jun’s heart flustered, he wanted to help her up.

“Don’t … …” The person in his arms suddenly tighten her grip on his waist, she continue to stick her face in his chest, and refused to lift it up.

“What’s wrong with you? Speak!”

The person in his arms vaguely replied: “I will speak, but don’t be mad at me……”

“Okay, I promise you! Now quickly lift your face up!” He was in a mess, he couldn’t imagine what will she looked like once she raises her head.

Du Lei Si slowly raised her head.

Moments later, the world was silent.sick

He only heard the weak Du Lei Si apologetically say: “I’m so sorry, motion sickness…”

The bloody facts told us a new truth: When you’re sitting in the car and feel chest pain, be sure to get yourself a plastic bag, so that the person sitting next to you will not suffer. Forget ruining a suit, but wasting the President’s feelings then you’re finished!

When the chauffeur drove Lian Jun and Du Lei Si back to the villa from the Public Security Bureau, it was already dark.

The President got out of the car first, his expression was so foul that you could smell it.

Then, Du Lei Si timidly followed suit.

Jason who was already standing at the front door waiting for a long time, upon seeing his boss he hurriedly went up. Once he walked nearby, he suddenly stopped and stared at the fierce appearance of Lian Jun’s shirt.

“What are you looking at?” Lian Jun’s face was heavy as he spat out those words.

“No … … Nothing…..” Jason didn’t think his boss would be so angry, quickly plastering a smile on his face, he tried to praise: “President, your taste of clothing has increased greatly, look at the yellow pattern on your shirt, from afar it looks like a dragon, while near it doesn’t appear so. Base on my years of research on art paintings, this shirt’s designer certainly used split abstract!”

Walking behind Lian Jun, when Du Lei Si heard this she nearly fell down. Since she grown up, it’s the first time she heard that her vomit can look like abstracts!

“Is it? ” Lian Jun narrowed his eyes, “since you’re so knowledgeable, I’ll gift you this shirt, don’t forget to wear to the company tomorrow.”

deadJason: “…..”

All the signs indicate that, today the President is in a bad mood, in order to avoid being swept by the typhoon, Du Lei Si quickly had a few bites of her meal, and sneaked back into her room.

After returning to her room, she opened the laptop that she asked the chauffeur to bring back from her apartment.

This laptop has been with her for a long time, even though it was old, but the performance was good, it was okay to occasionally play a few games. It was better than being in the Lian household and falling asleep from boredom.

Just as she was preparing to play some games, the penguin icon on the right corner of her computer start to flicker. Du Lei Si clicked open the program, she was frighten by the large bold red words that appeared on the interface.

…… Du Lei Si, did you die? Call me back quick!

Such verbal abuse on QQ can only be no other than her friend, Zhu Yao Fei.

When Du Lei Si connected with Zhu Yao Fei, the following chat log appeared:


Du Lei Si: I’m coming.

Pig wants to fly: Lady, you finally logged on now?

Du Lei Si: … …

Pig wants to fly: Speak! Where have you been these days? How come your phone is unreachable? Don’t tell me, you’re dumping me? I’m telling you, you still owe me 1.8 yuan of soda money, don’t even think about dumping me!

Du Lei Si: Fei Fei, you have misunderstood! My phone was stolen!

Pig wants to fly: Who are you trying to lie to? Who would steal your old discontinued Nokia?!

Du Lei Si: No kidding! The robber was riding a bike, he even took my fake Gucci handbag!

Pig wants to fly: No technical skills at all.

Du Lei Si: Fei Fei, I’ll tell you something, I’m married.

Pig wants to fly: … _ … | | | Are you sleep walking again?

Du Lei Si: I haven’t slept walked in a long time … …

Pig wants to fly: You should lie less, back in dormitories, only I would sleep in the same bunk beds as you!

Du Lei Si: I didn’t lie to you, I’m married!

Pig wants to fly: If you’re married then my child can buy soy sauce!

Du Lei Si: … …

Like this the two of them chatted into the night.

Suddenly, Du Lei Si’s stomach starts to rumble.

All thanks to the President’s temper tantrums in the evening that caused her not to eat fully, now she’s hungry.

Double checking the time, it was already pass 12 o’clock, the President must be sleeping in his room by now, Du Lei Si turned off the computer and sneaked out of her room.

Her goal was the kitchen far from the stairs, such a massive villa surely there will be something to eat in the fridge, right?

However, because the villa was too huge, Du Lei Si couldn’t find the light switches so she had to move in the dark. Feeling her way to the kitchen she at least hit the wall three times, knocked N number of decorations and almost fell down eating dog excrement.

Turns out, the house being too big is a bad thing, if she was in her small apartment, she wouldn’t have to go far.

Du Lei Si complained while opening the refrigerator which was much higher than herself.

 Once she opened the refrigerator door, she felt shocked.

Why is everything drinkable? There were bottles filled from the top to the bottom, she couldn’t see anything chewable. Finally in the middle of the pile of bottles, she found something different, taking a closer look, it turned out to be a bottle of tomato sauce!

ORZ, was the dinner they ate today was created out of thin air?

As she was busy wondering, suddenly the President’s voice was heard: “What are you looking for?”

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