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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – Poached beef

The kitchen lights are suddenly lit, the President appeared behind, which scared Du Lei Si who just wanted to eat a late-night snack. After a moment, she noticed that the President was dressed in pyjamas, as if he just got out of his room.

Could it be the President was also hungry?

So Du Lei Si replied timidly: “I’m looking for food……” peeping at the object within the President’s hand, he should be able to find food to eat, right? However, when she saw the object within Lian Jun’s hand she was shocked. Turns out to be disinfectant and a cotton swab!

“What happened to you?” She asked.

Lian Jun turned slowly, lightly replied: “Applying medicine.” He then took the potion and sat next to the table, lifted his pyjama sleeve.

On his arm were several scratch marks.

For a moment Du Lei Si was surprised, she suddenly remembered when they crashed today, she didn’t even ask the President if he was injured. She vomited on him, but forgot to ask such an important thing, it isn’t right.

Thinking of this, Du Lei Si felt rather guilty.

“Let me help you apply the medicine!” She walked up and decides to make up for her mistakes.

“No need.” Lian Jun spoke and proceed to open the bottle of Mercurochrome.

“Wait a minute!” Du Lei Si anxiously stepped forward to stop him, “Your wound only needs hydrogen peroxide disinfection!” She said, without any explanation took the cotton swab in Lian Jun’s hands, “Come! Stretch out your hands.”


Lian Jun was stunned and startled, he slowly stretched out his hand.

The room was quiet, only two people’s breathing was heard. The hands that was held by her, came a steady body heat, making one forgetting about the wound pain.

“Oh, why is it so deep, the skin is also broken … …” Du Lei Si kept on muttering in a low voice as she swabbed the disinfectant, “suffering injuries and don’t even speak up, why if it’s tetanus? So stupid!”

“What are you talking about?” Lian Jun suddenly coldly spoke.

Sh*t! Du Lei Si was scared, she accidentally spoke her thoughts out loud.

“Nothing!” She quickly shook her head.

“You just said something stupid……”

Du Lei Si quickly took over: “I mean, I was foolish, I didn’t even realise you were injured!” After she finished speaking, in her heart she despised herself 1000 times.

Lian Jun recover his glaze and lightly hummed: “At least you still have a little self-knowledge.”


`Turns out, saying more will only result in more mistakes, in order to prevent a recurrence of that sort of low-level mistakes, Du Lei Si decided not to speak, and quietly accomplished the great task of applying the disinfectant for the President.

However, when one does not make a sound in such a huge house, under such circumstances is likely to cause human mind’s to wonder off. Particularly Du Lei Si’s poor self-control head, as she applied the medicine her mind constantly wondered about, when a word suddenly jumped out, it shocked Du Lei Si.

——A man and a women alone in a room…

Calmly thinking, it appears at a time and place like this, such hands and posture, along with the physical contact of their hands and touch emitting warmth … … it’s really hard to tell others not to think towards the sexually explicit direction!

Just then, a glaze from above happened to fall upon her.

Feeling this glaze, Du Lei Si couldn’t resist but secretly glance towards that direction.

Sure enough, the President was staring at her, his dark eyes stood motionless, as if he could see through her.

When their eyes collided, such ambiguity in the night, an adultery is bound to happen!

Suddenly, a voice broke the silence of the night.

When Du Lei Si regain her conscious, she had her head down while blushing, her voice was like a mosquito: “I’m hungry……”

She thought the President would despise her “not eating a full dinner and go looking for supper late into the night” bad conduct. The result, once she turned around, a piece of beef was placed in front of her.

Her stomach was obviously growling, however facing the bowl of beef, Du Lei Si was not happy.

President, you’re fooling with me, ain’t you?

This is raw ah!!

But the President coldly threw three words at her: “You grill it.”

“Well, I’m not hungry……” Du Lei Si desperately touch her belly. To be honest, she only know how to cook three dishes in her life … … Instant noodles and vegetables, instant noodles and tomatoes, instant noodles and sausages.

But the President apparently wasn’t going to let her off that easily.

He gracefully rolled down his sleeves, and then gracefully spoke up: “I’m hungry.”


If everything can be rewind and done again, Du Lei Si would rather starve than go downstairs looking for late-night snacks. The idea of this evil thought, she now has to serve as chef and prepare late-night snacks for the President to eat.

Looking at this piece of beef, Du Lei Si only had one thought in mind: Beef ah beef ah, why are you not a packet of instant noodles?

On the left there was the President she couldn’t afford to offend, while on the right there was the Beef King, finally Du Lei Si grit her teeth: Beef King, I’m sorry but you will have to be instant noodles!

As one can imagine, when the bowl of cooked beef is used as instant noodles was placed in front of Lian Jun, how ugly his facial expression was.


“What is this?” He asks without any expression on his face.

“Convenient … … Ah no! It is poached beef!” Du Lei Si guilty answered.

Sure enough, the President frowned: “Can you eat this thing?”

“It… should… be… possible… maybe … perhaps…”


Du Lei Si never thought that this bowl of convenient … … Ah no! This poached beef is actually edible! After eating the first piece of beef, the President paused and picked up a second piece.

Du Lei Si’s heart suddenly lit up with hopes: “Is it good?”

“It’s horrible to death.”

Unpalatable? Her new-found confidence was dampened.

She knew it’s no where that delicious, however unpalatable to that level is a bit too exaggerated, right? She can cook instant noodles in three different ways!

“I don’t believe you, let me try it.” Du Lei Si unwilling to admit defeat.

“There’s no need.” Lian Jun stops her.

“No, I must try it and see for myself!” Du Lei Si unwilling to let it go.

“Do you think I’m lying to you?”


The President continues to eat.

Five minutes later.

“…… I’m hungry, can you let me taste it?”

“You just said you weren’t hungry?”


After another five minutes, the President was still eating! He ate while shaking his head.

Du Lei Si was angry: “Since it’s so awful, why do you still eat it?”

“If I don’t eat, isn’t it too wasteful?”


Thus, under the President’s powerful aura, Du Lei Si can only hopelessly watch as he ate the entire plate of the “horrible to death” beef.

He didn’t even left her any beef residue!

After the meal, the President shook his head and commanded: “Starting tomorrow, you will follow Wu Aunty to learn how to cook a dish each day.”

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27 thoughts on “Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 14

  1. thanks a lot!
    lol, so cute that she helped him with his scratches…hmph, lian jun! can you be considerate?! you think she has the time to learn how to cook properly when she’s busy trying to make ends meet?! Spoiled brat—-! -flips table- it’s pretty clear i don’t have a very good opinion of lian jun, huh…hahaha!

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      1. true, and he wasn’t exposed to it either while growing up, i suppose, so not all the blame is on him…maybe he’ll learn as the series progresses…
        though everyone definitely has their own hardships…

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      1. Even Japanese and Koreans, I still often read such scenes in manga, manhwa, etc. and in animes, as a form of a gag I guess. For the laugh. I bet it only happens in fiction, unless you really are a cook and you are juat sure it tastes great. 😜

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  2. I think Lian Jun is either VERY hungry, or VERY flattered she cooked for him that he doesn’t want to give it back.

    It can’t taste awful, right? I mean, she has been eating that food for all her independent life. She even know how to do it in 3 ways. She should already be considered an instant noodle gourmet, an instant noodle masterchef.

    I refuse to believe it tastes bad!
    This is coming from a woman who also knows how to cook instant noodles with egg, with beef, and with pork (and some spring onions too), and knows nothing else. Hahahah.

    Thankies for the update~

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