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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – Luxury mansion without the president, Du Lei Si is the king


These days, Du Lei Si have been having nightmares every night.

She dreamt about the pot of beef coming alive, it grew arms and legs coming towards her while grabbing her by the neck it shouted: “Cook me again! Cook me again!!!”

Every time she woke up she would be covered in cold sweats.

So with this cycle, Du Lei Si vulnerability had collapsed after seeing the steak on the table.

“Beef King, a wrong has its instigator, wanting to cook you wasn’t me, you really have to stop seeking me out, please please……”

“What are you muttering?” Lian Jun who was having breakfast frowned.

“Nothing, I’m praying.” Du Lei Si replies.

“Do you believe in Christ?”

Du Lei Si shook her head: “I believe in the beef.”


After breakfast, old housekeeper Yu brought the suit, suggesting that the President need to go out to revitalize the international economy. At this time, Du Lei Si’s mood was particularly bright.

Soon, Jason who was wearing that abstract shirt appeared at the gate on time, seeing Du Lei Si, Jason bow respectfully and said, “Good morning, Madame.”

Hearing this horrifying title coming from Jason, Du Lei Si has long been accustom to it. And, compared to the tough and vengeful President, Jason is a good subject to have a conversation with.

So, while the President went upstairs to change his clothes, Du Lei Si moved closer to Jason’s side, staring that washed shirt, the light yellow blot on the shirt could still be seen.

Because that day he said the wrong thing, Jason had to wear this shirt a whole week, and he has taken steps to prove this timeless truth, “Company a king is just accompanying a tiger”.

Surrounded by the Madame President observing him up and down, Jason felt a bit uneasy: “Madame, may I ask what can I do for you?”

“Jason, aren’t you tired of running behind the President and praising him every day?”

Jason hesitated and said, “I’m not tired! It is an honor to work behind the President.”

Honoured? Du Lei Si’s entire body felt cold all over.

“The President is not here, you no longer have to flatter him!” Patting Jason’s shoulder, Du Lei Si said in a heroic tone, “I see you’re almost in tears wearing this shirt, it must be very uncomfortable? No wonder he is so overbearing, he never listens to the opinions of others, once he is unhappy will scapegoat others, his mind is full of blight on capitalism…… “

“Madame, you … … don’t say any more.” Jason’s facial expression was somewhat ugly.

“What does it matter!” Du Lei Si said happily and in the moment, she wasn’t willing be interrupted. So she continues to talk and accuse, “Do you know how overbearing the President is? He actually asked me to cook beef for him every day! Does he think beef are instant noodles? When he wants it cook, he expect it done right away! Even worse is that he says its unpalatable while also eating the entire bowl, after he finishes he complains I didn’t improve, saying I don’t even know how to cook a bowl of beef … …”

“Madame… …” Jason was almost in tears.

But Du Lei Si don’t take him seriously, and continued to speak about as her arms excitedly had a dance performances, causing Jason who was standing there, wanting to leave but unable to.

Du Lei Si vent her belly full of complaints, Jason has been embarrassed and felt awkward further more.

“Well, you also think it’s too much?” Du Lei Si asked.

“It’s quite excessive.” A faint sound spoke behind her.

“That’s right la” Du Lei Si said to that point and froze.

Pre… … President!!!

Feeling that things weren’t good Du Lei Si mechanically slowly turned her head, still holding onto a glimmer of hope to live: “You … … What time did you arrive?”

Lian Jun emotionlessly replied: “When you said evil of capitalism.”

Never in her life did Du Lei Si hate herself this much as she did now, why did she say evil of capitalism? If she said socialist characteristics would have been much better! Great, now the President is angry!


However, on the contrary to Du Lei Si’s this time the President wasn’t even angry, instead of anger, his attitude was unusually kind.


“These days you are home, go to the hospital to see Grandma more, she likes you a lot.”

“Uh … …” Du Lei Si nodded blankly.

“Go to bed earlier, and don’t go on the internet too much.”

“Uh … …” Du Lei Si continued nodding.

“If there anything, give me a call.”


“Here, this is for you.”


“Then I’m going.”

“Oh … … wait wait!” Du Lei Si suddenly regain her conscious, Lian Jun was already at the gate. She rushed out and shouted, “Where are you going?”

In the huge yard, came the voice of the President in the light wind: “Business trip.”

Business trip, business trip, business trip… …

The word reverberated in Du Lei Si’s head for a long long time, and then she suddenly regain her conscious: The President is going on a business trip!!!

At that moment, as if the haze in the sky was swept away, the brilliant sunshine returned to Earth, Du Lei Si felt life was full of glory, once again it lit up.

Goodbye, Beef King!

Goodbye, nightmares!

Goodbye, oppression!

Du Lei Si messy laughing in the wind: I, Du Lei Si the King is back!!!

She almost ran back to her room, Du Lei Si started rolling around on the bed and rolled out again onto the mattress jumping around, when she got tired of dancing, she continued to lay on the bed … …

This madness lasted for a while, she suddenly stopped, paused for a moment and was depressed.

What’s the difference when the President isn’t home?

It would be——eating, sleeping, playing beans!

besides being depressed, Du Lei Si decided to talk with Zhu Yao Fei.

“Fei Fei, are you free? Let’s go shopping.”

“Shopping?” Zhu Yao Fei voice came through the phone, “Du Lei Si, you have the money to go shopping, but no money to repay me? Hurry and pay me back, you still owe me 1.8 Yuan soda money!”


Speaking of this, Du Lei Si’s high spirit came crashing down once again.

Since she moved here and given the apartment back to the landlord, and the mercenaries for breaching her contact plus the two months rent! And she just repaid her credit card debt … …

Credit card?

Du Lei Si’s eyes light up! Before the President left, it appears he placed something into her hand what could it be … … She looked around, and sure enough in bed she found that something called credit card!

Seeing the credit card, Du Lei Si’s fragile little mind cannot suppress her rising excitement.

Finally! Finally a scene on television has appeared! Usually the rich and powerful actor will pass a credit card to the heroine, then handsomely say: “Take it,the pin is your birthday.”

It seems that what appears on TV isn’t entirely a lie, there are advantages marrying into the rich and powerful!

“Hey, Du Lei Si, what’s going on with you?”

“Fei Fei, I got the money!”



“No that’s not right!” Du Lei Si’s voice trembled with emotions, “I’m not rich, but I have a card! Credit card!”

“Credit card?” Zhu Yao Fei was clearly confused, “Haven’t you overdrawn your credit card limit?”

“This is not my card was … … someone else gave me!”

“Someone else’s card? Do you know the pin?”


Du Lei Si was embarrassed, it seems the President forget to tell her the most important thing.

She was speechless when Zhu Yao Fei’s voice scolded her: “Du Lei Si, why are you still in the clouds? Still want to use your credit card! Do you really think you marry into the rich and powerful? I’m telling you in this society now, a 26 older young women like you, no body, no looks, no job, no education, there’s a higher chance of you walking on the street and hit by meteorite than marry into the rich and powerful! A water snake in the bucket, even if you do marry into the rich and powerful, one day a mistress will rampant you down before you realise it!”

Zhu Yao Fei scolding, Du Lei Si who wanted to use the credit card was woken to immersed pain.

She has always claim to be a young intellectual women in the new era, a proud self-reliance that lead by virtues, however upon marrying into the rich and powerful she forgot these completely. If things were to go on like this, she will be assimilated by the bourgeoisie!

Once she thought of this, Durex was nervous.

While the President is very rich, although she is now living a luxury bathrooms is larger than the small apartment she once lived in, a lot of food for every day. Although her life as a rich wife is really attractive, but this is no excuse for her fall!

“Fei Fei, you’re right! I should rely on myself, back into the revolutionary road of hard work and plain living!” Du Lei Si suddenly stood up, and clenched her fist, “I’ve decided, I’m looking for work!”

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  1. thanks a lot—-!
    oh no—! she was found out by lian jun! rofl! james is stuck between a rock and a hard place, haha! work? yeah, it’d be pretty cool if she could go to work, lol! credit card but no pin, well, she could call the president, but she’s already afraid of him, as is…

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  2. “What are you muttering?” Lian Jun who was having breakfast frowned.
    “Nothing, I’m praying.” Du Lei Si replies.
    “Do you believe in Christ?”
    Du Lei Si shook her head: “I believe in the beef.”
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    ➡️”Once she thought of this, Durex was nervous.”
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    Anyways, thanks for the chapter! 😄


  3. Great story. Du Lei Si is so tightly wound she can hardly breathe.And Lian Jun is trying his best to help her conform to his life style. They just don’t talk to one another enough Now this issue of working. She couldn’t find a job before marriage. how will she find one now?
    Thank you for this translation


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