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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 16


Merry Christmas eve dear readers! I’m not sure whether I’ll be updating tomorrow since it’s Christmas and I have a family dinner party. So I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and new year! Enjoy your holiday!

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Chapter 16 – Zhu manager, you are so generous!

Since Du Lei Si was determined to find work, she put her words into actions.

Du Lei Si first applied for a position as a small local newspaper reporter. This is her old job, combined with her work experience, the editor looked at her résumé with satisfaction.

Seeing the job is almost within reach, she didn’t expect the editor to suddenly frowned.


“Miss Du is married?”

Du Lei Si was startled, she remembered she hesitated for a long time before truthfully filling out married on her resume. So she nodded: “Yes, I’m married.”

“Then does Miss Du also had a baby?”

A baby? Du Lei Si shakes her head.

Editor-in-Chief frowns deepens: “In other words, Miss Du is married but has no children, is that right?”

It turns out that married people looking for work also have to answer this question, Du Lei Si nodded: “Yes.”

Once she said this, Editor-in-Chief expression changed, she emotionlessly said: “Okay, please go back and wait for news.”

Du Lei Si wasn’t hired, hearing those words she knew there was no hope.

So strange, it was all going well just a moment ago, how come they didn’t give her a chance? Du Lei Si was depressed.

What made her even more depressed was the fact after she applied for several positions, she was asked the same question and then was rejected. Finally, Du Lei Si finally asked the staff standing by.

“Hello, I would like to ask you, do companies care so much that employees are married?”

The staff gave her a contemptuous glance: “We don’t mind married employees, the thing we mind are the female employees who are married but don’t have children.”

“Why ah?”

Isn’t this discrimination?

“Female employees like you who are married but never had children, working in the company for a period of time will apply for maternity leave for several months. The company has paid as usual, plus the allowances, a little company like us can’t afford it.”

Hearing those remarks was an eye opener for Du Lei Si.

For a long time, she couldn’t find any work because of the culprit President ah! If it wasn’t because of the President, why would she be married so soon? If it wasn’t because she was married, she would have found work by now!

Du Lei Si wanted to sing a song: The President is to blame! (In an automatic tone ~)

Because she couldn’t find work, Du Lei Si dejectedly returned home. After returning home, she called Zhu Yao Fei: “Fei Fei, I can’t get a job.”


“Because they don’t want a married woman like me.”

“Du Lei Si, are you still in delusion that you married into the rich and powerful? You’ve lost your mind!” Zhu Yao cried, to this day, she still does not believe that Du Lei Si is married.

Zhu Yao Fei’s dedication to this matter made Du Lei Si speechless.

After Zhu Yao Fei finished scolding, she still had a good heart, she said: “Well, tomorrow go to my second uncle’s store to try out, I heard that they are looking for counter salesperson.”

“But I’m looking for an office job……” Du Lei Si said that sentence with difficulty.

“You have to be less picky! In this current world, which job isn’t an office works? Come on, face the truth!”

Face the truth, Du Lei Si! You’re not married to a husband. You’re married to the President!

The next day, Du Lei Si to the mall where Zhu Yao Fei offered her the job, she was received by the store manager Zhu Da Fu, Zhu Yao Fei’s Second Uncle. Seeing Du Lei Si has come, Zhu Da Fu was particularly enthusiastic: “You’re Xiao Fei’s classmate, right? Come on, fill out this form.”

Du Lei Si took form, while filling out the status column she was more mindful before filling in unmarried.

“Not bad! Not bad!” Grabbing Du Lei Si’s form, Zhu Da Fu nodded, his mouth didn’t stop talking, “Very suitable, very suitable……”

Du Lei Si wondered she doesn’t have sales experience, why does the Manager seemed particularly interested in her?

Just as she was thinking, Zhu Da Fu had finished reading her resume, he smiled as he said to her: “Wait a minute I’ll take you down to the counter, you can start work today.”

“So soon?” Du Lei Si was a bit surprised, “Don’t I have to do any training?”

“No you don’t! Counter sales employee has done this for a long time, you just to follow her in sales.” Having said that, Zhu Da Fu also firmly patted Du Lei Si’s shoulders: “Xiao Du, I like you!”


After a few minutes, Du Lei Si finally understand why Zhu Fu will let her work with such enthusiasm for her to start work straight away. This counter only one reason——because it lack the manpower of selling condoms!


“Your called Du Lei Si?” The only condom sales assistant after finding out that’s Du Lei Si real name was  surprised, “are you sure it’s not your stage name?”

Du Lei Si was embarrassed, it seems when you sell condoms you use a stage name.

“No it’s not.” Du Lei Si awkwardly explained.

“This is a good name……” The sale assistant peerlessly stroked his chin and said to himself, “I want to change my name to Jie Shi Bang.[1] Maybe sales will increase oh……”

[1] 介士邦 Jie Shì Bāng: Bachelor

“Good! Then I’ll change my name called Olay okay!” The sale assistant on the skin care counter said.

“You’re also changing, then I have to change mine to Mei Bao Lian!” The sale assistance on the cosmetic counters chimed in.

“Then I want Chow Tai Fook!”

“You’re call Chow Tai Fook, then I’ll be Chow Sang Sang, great!”


Amid the discussion only Du Lei Si who has been silent: They said so many names, none of them are stage names ah! They’re real!

In the heated discussions, Manager Zhu Da Fu was also alerted and triggered his inspiration.

He patted his bald forehead and thought: Yes! Why not give his sale assistant team a stage name as well?

So, the Manager modified all the counter salesperson to use the stage name to perform!

Staring at the red and black signs on the counter, Du Lei Si suddenly wanted to burst into tears.

Since Zhu Da Fu decided the stage name policy this morning. In the afternoon, he asked each counter make a sign like this, showing each counter’s salesperson stage name.

Their counter sign——written in big black bold letters: Jie Shi Bang and Du Lei Si

Looking around there were identical signs on each counter, from afar, the sea of red was truly cheerful.

“Very good! That’s good!” Zhu Da Fu watched his own masterpiece, nodded, “Xiao Du ah! You came to the mall, giving us such a good idea, I decided to give you a bonus!”

A bonus? Du Lei Si was swept away weakly, her eyes shining.

“Come to my office and collect $20 store coupons, remember to buy at least $500 for the coupon to be valid!”

$20 … … coupons … …  buy at least $500 … …


Zhu Manager, very generous of you!

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  1. When will she realized that she’s being fooled for selling condom? Wait till the president found out, he will be furious!!!! Thank you again, Sutekii! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  2. Why does her friend keep calling her delusional every time she talks about her being married? DLS seems like an innocent, honest to a fault girl and as her friend shouldn’t she know that she’s not the type to make up stories? Geez…I’m taking offence for DLS…poor girl, give her a break


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