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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 17

Sorry for the lack of daily updates, after Christmas I caught a cold, so I have been fighting the cold and lack of sleep, anyways here’s the next chapter.

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Chapter 17 – Heaven, earth, who is she finding to trial?

“President, we haven’t finished discussing the investment. Returning, wouldn’t you…” Jason paused.

“Let them wait.” Lian Jun’s expression was sombre, “The thing I asked you to investigate, did you find out yet?”

“I did found out, however…” Jason was in a dilemma.

“What is it?” Lian Jun’s voice deepen within a few minutes.

“Madame she … went to look for… work……”

“Work? Where did she go?”

“A small company owned by the Lian Enterprise… in the…  sales department……”

“Is it?” His thin lips curve, and after a while, Lian Jun said, “Jason, there’s spare time on today’s itinerary, right? Accompany me to the mall to inspect the sales.”

There’s a sayings, a calm before the storm.

Which is right! One block from the President’s Office was the mall, a row of prosperity and peaceful scene.

“It was so unexpected! Great!” Zhu Da Fu was moved to tears.

Just a day earlier, not only did their stage name promotion strategies attracted a large number of uninformed masses of onlookers, but ushered in an interview with the city’s most famous local radio A station.

The beautiful reporter wore a cut shirts while holding a microphone standing in front of a crowd: “Dear audience, a few days ago the city mall came up with a new marketing strategy which caused a huge stir after netizens created internet exposure, now let us interview the mall manager, Zhu Manger.”

Zhu Da Fu stole glances at the girl breasts while talking about this great idea, and soon his frothing lewd images along with the television broadcast was spread through the streets of the city, it attracted more onlookers, within one day the store sales hit a new record, how can Zhu Da Fu not smile?

Zhu Da Fu was delighted, and decided to give every salesperson’s within the mall a bonus, which made everyone happy! Everyone was pumped up with more spirits, apart from the listless Du Lei Si.

“Xiao Du, you add oil[1]! The manager will give us a bonus!” Countless voice cheered.

[1] 加油 Jia You: means to cheer someone on. 


“Just now I felt my left eyelid itch, I feel that managers will certainly give us coupons this time.”


Du Lei Si’s intuition was right, with a wave of Zhu Da Fu’s hands, the coupons were sent down, this time the value was increased to 100, but one must spend 1000 Yuan within the mall.

After the coupon was distributed, Du Lei Si’s eyes constantly twitched.

So strange, why is that after the coupons were distributed her eyelids still twitched? Du Lei Si rubbed her temples, she intends to take the opportunity to have a rest.

At that moment, a sudden uproar erupted within the mall.

“Did you hear? Today an upper lead will come down to inspect the sales! I heard it’s someone important!” A nosy mysterious woman said.

“Really? Someone important, so mysterious?”

“I heard it is the President of Lian Enterprise!”

“Really? I heard……”

The following sentence Du Lei Si did not listen further, her mind was filled with the phrase “The President of Lian Enterprise”, her entire body instantly froze.

The President of Lian Enterprise wouldn’t happen to be…?

A gust of wind blew in Du Lei Si couldn’t help but shiver.

“Come here! Look!” Someone exclaimed.

Already here?

Du Lei Si was startled awake. Whether or not it’s the President, she needs to hide first.

So she pretended to pick up something, then with the fastest speed hid under the counter.

Soon came the sound of footsteps, followed by a gradual clear dialogue.

“President, for you to personally inspect such a small shopping centres like ours is too much trouble, such dedication!” Zhu Da Fu said with a flattering smile, the flesh on his face hidden his eyes.

“I have heard that there’s a new promotional idea at the mall?” Du Lei Si’s heart was startled after hearing a familiar voice, her entire body shrink even deeper.

Upon Lian Jun mentioning this, Zhu Da Fu’s spirit increased and recalled what happened yesterday and what the beautiful reporters exactly said in high-spirited passion!

“You’re saying all the sales assistance use stage names?”

“Yes ah!” Zhu Da Fu smiled and nodded, he suddenly thought of something, “Expect for one employee, she used her real name!”

Zhu Da Fu’s intention was to mobilize the atmosphere, he also wanted to boast about his rich ability to think, but reaching Du Lei Si’s ears, those words sounded like a time bomb ready t explode in her mind instantly.

She finished! President, please do not ask to further ah!

But the President apparently didn’t go by her means, he continued to ask: “Oh, who is this?”

“This is our new employee Xiao Du ah! Yes, she is in this counter!” Zhu Da Fu said, he has led Lian Jun to the condom sales counter.

Du Lei Si was nervous, her head shrink lower and deeper.

She did not know, the more she deliberately avoid them, the more of Lian Jun’s attention she attracted.

“President, let me introduce to you the salesperson that gave me this inspiration.” After Zhu Da Fu said this he shouted toward Du Lei Si, “Xiao Du, come here for a moment! Quick!”

Du Lei Si who crouched in the corner of the counter, refused to come out even after Zhu Da Fu loudly called out to her.

At this point, Lian Jun has directed his aggressive gaze on her back, even if she couldn’t see it, she could feel the chilling atmosphere.

“Xiao Du, what are you doing? Quickly, come here!” Zhu Da Fu urged loudly.

Du Lei Si had to lower her head and slowly emerged from below the corner, then turned and bowed her head, she changed the tone of her voice with the following sentence: “How do you do Manager.”


“President, this is our salesperson Du Lei Si.” Zhu Da Fu said proudly, “This is not her stage name, it’s her real name ah!”

Zhu manager! You big mouth! Du Lei Si’s heart shouted.

Th unhurried voice of Lian Jun was heard: “Is it? I seem to know an old friend by the name of Du Lei Si, I do not know if it’s the same one??”

“Oh, really?” Zhu Da Fu was overjoyed, “Xiao Du quickly lift your face so the President can see!”

Why does hearing such words such like a customer in a brothel picking a prostitute? Du Lei Si bite the bullet and lifted her face.

Zhu Da Fu hastily said: “President, is it your friend ah?”

This made the silent Du Lei Si gasped.

It was a long time, before Lian Jun’s faint voice was heard: “I think I got the wrong person.”

Huh? Du Lei Si was shocked, how come the President didn’t expose her?

Just as she was pondering on the situation, Zhu Da Fu enthusiastically introduced: “Xiao Du is our newcomers here, her performance has been very good ah.”

“Really?” Lian Jun glanced at her, then quietly asked, “What past work experience does Miss Du have?”


Du Lei Si couldn’t come up with an answer.

Zhu Da Fu could see things weren’t right, he quickly playing the rounders: “Xiao Du is no work experience, but she was still young and not married. She have plenty of time to study hard, there is a great potential for development!”

Du Lei Si anxiously wanted to cry, Zhu manager, you could have mentioned anything, why did you mention marriage! Sure enough, Lian Jun’s expression coldly changed: “Miss Du is not married?”

ext-align: justify;”>”Ah……” Du Lei Si sounded like a mosquitoes.

“Not married, wouldn’t you lack the experience of selling such product?”

This question caused much embarrassment for Du Lei Si.

Experience? What experience? Could it be …… upon thinking of this, her face instantly burned up.

Lian Jun continue relentlessly asked: “I would like to ask Miss Du, there are so many brands on the counter, do you understand the characteristics of each brand?”

Facing the President’s aggressiveness, the things Du Lei Si learn with those days has been forgotten, her mind only felt blank, she didn’t know what to say.

Receiving such a reaction, the President’s expression rapidly darken and said in a harsh tone: “Miss Du, you haven’t personally tried the product you’re trying to sell?”


Finally because Du Lei Si felt overwhelmed, she began to incoherent: “Either I go back to try tonight …… ……”

“Oh?” Lian Jun narrowed his eyes: “Whom does Miss Du intend to try it with?”


“Miss Du isn’t speaking, does this imply you were just trying to fool me?”


“Of course not! Who would dare to fool you President!” Zhu Da Fu playing rounders again, “Xiao Du is a very serious employees, I believe she will try it tonight! Isn’t that right ah? Xiao Du! “Zhu Da Fu’s killer eyes shot over, clearly telling her: If you do not try it, don’t bother coming in tomorrow!

Facing this double pressure, Du Lei Si finally collapsed, “I will go back today and try it with my boyfriend, is it okay?”

Once she finished those words, the mall was suddenly quiet.

Du Lei Si was confused, my god, what did she just say?

Lian Jun was startled, his suddenly evoke a subtle hint of laughter: “If so, I’m looking forward to listening to Miss Du trial tomorrow, I think Miss Du will not let me down.”

“No …… I won’t ……” Du Lei Si cried without tears.

After Lian Jun left, a large group of female quickly gathered together to gossip.

“Wow! That’s the big boss Oh! Oh so cool!” On the side unparalleled mediator issued a praise.

“Did you noticed his eyes, almost discharging his charm everywhere ah!”

“Yes ah! How come he didn’t talk to me? Such a shame…..”

“Xiao Du you have such good luck ah! Having the chance to have a conversation with the President!”


However, Du Lei Si didn’t listen to these arguments, in her mind only echoed and reverberated two words – try! use!

Heaven ah, the earth ah, who is she going to try this on ah? ? ?

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  1. Thanks for the update. I think the President is upset that DLS says she’s single. Get well soon. Nothing beats the cold except for plenty of rest and vitamin c. Eat loads of fruits rich in Vit C ( kiwi especially). Take care.

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  2. How about try it on a banana? Hahahah. DLS is again trapped; I wonder how the President-at-home will bully her about it AND how she will cockblock him again. Hehehe.

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