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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 – Leniency to those who confess, severity to those who resist

Since becoming an adult, for the first time Du Lei Si realized what comes out of her mouth can cause trouble… …

Until her shift ended, she was still troubled by issue of trying the condoms. Who told the President to be so aggressive, causing her convulsively agree to the promise and it’s too late to back down.

Trying a condom isn’t like trying cosmetics, you can’t just casually apply it on the face and be done. Does she really need to find someone to use it on?

Thinking to this point, Du Lei Si wanted kill herself at the condom counter.

Well, things have progress to this point, she can only take it one step at a time!

When Du Lei Si trudged wearily out of the mall … … Zhu Da Fu came to say goodbye to her: “Xiao Du, be careful on the road, remember to try it tonight ah!”

She stumbled and nearly fell at the gate.

Zhu Manager, can you not be so horrid?

It was a very long way home, when Du Lei Si arrived at the front door, she hesitated for a long time, before she finally pressed the doorbell.

Moments later, Old Yu had appeared to open the door for her.

Seeing Old Yu, Du Lei Si decided to gather intelligence about the enemy: “Old Yu, is the President home yet?”

“Reporting to Madame, the President have just returned and is now waiting for you in the dinning for a meal.”

“Then… …did the President say anything?”

“Reporting to Madame, upon returning the President haven’t spoken.”

She finished! Du Lei Si was frightened, the President has been so angry with her that he wouldn’t even speak!

“Then how did… the President’s mood appear…?”

“Reporting to Madame, the President’s mood didn’t look very good… …”

At the moment, Du Lei Si’s mind rotated three words——She’s done for!!

Maybe tomorrow newspaper headlines will be 《The lonely women plunge into the rich and powerful, the angry President divorce his wife!》 ; Or 《The story behind the hidden violence within the rich and powerful》; or 《Unequal marriage will hurt who?》

Just as Du Lei Si was making blind and conjure thoughts, she was surprised to find that things didn’t development like she imagined. When she hung her head and walked through the door ready to fight the President. The President did not scold her, nor beat her, however he did something worse!

——The President ignored her!!!

In retrospect, this psychological is actually the same when a child does something wrong and hopes their parents will scold them. Du Lei Si had to admit that she didn’t discuss with the President before starting her job at the mall, she also didn’t go visit the old madame at the hospital like the President asked, indeed she went overboard.

But why didn’t the President make things hard on her in public?

Making things difficult for her was enough, he also used the silence tactic to have a cold war with her!

This unexpressed bitterness, it’s like hanging in mid-air, it’s really not great feeling. Therefore, Du Lei Si didn’t even eat a few mouthful of the dinner, and listlessly returned to her room.

Upon returning to her room, she has been anxious and distracted.


What are the President’s intentions? In the morning he forced her to agree trying the condoms, now he won’t speak talk to her, is this the calm before the storm? Going forward, it’s likely to engage in a series of brutal reprisals…

Thinking of this, Du Lei Si was scared.

The President’s revengeful character is obvious, he hasn’t taken revenge yet, it does not mean that he will not later. It is like compound interest on a shark-loan, the interest increases bigger and bigger until it finally crushes a person alive.

Oh, my God! She didn’t want to suffer such an early unfortunate life of a beautiful girl!!!

Horror ideas are stimulated within her brain, Du Lei Si finally made a bold decision, she wants the President to——confess to reduce the severity for resisting!

Facing the death penalty is better than frightening herself. Before the President have taken any actions, she would have died as a beauty, right?

After she made up her mind to come clean, Du Lei Si searched on Baidu [1] on the first step of apologizing.

[1] 百度 Baidu is like google a search engine.

Baidu God says there’s four steps to apologizing:

Step one, admit your mistakes, such as: “I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

Step two, experience against the harm caused, such as: “I’m not supposed to XXXX, doing so has made you XXXX”

Step three, commitment to future actions, such as: “I’ll be XXXX”

Step four, it is critical to flattered the other person, such as: “A great man rarely stoops to pettiness or harbors grievance for past wrongs, please let me off this time!”

Finally, there is also a note that your apology attitude must be sincere, to make them think that your apology was from the heart, rather than cheating on their feelings.

Understand the four steps above, Du Lei Si confidently out of her room, and arrived at the President’s door.

The door was half close with light shinning through the cracks.

“Thump thump thump……” She gently knocked on the door.

There was no response from inside the room, just as she was getting ready to knock again, the door suddenly opened, then the President’s slender figure was within her vision.

He was just wearing a shirt, his buttons were all unbutton, exposing his lean chest. His hand was holding the door frame, staring down at Du Lei Si, the soft lighting contrasted his sharp eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Lian Jun coldly asked.

“I … … I……” Facing such scene, Du Lei Si began to stutter again, she suppressed for a long time before weakly said, “I’ve … came… here… to… apologize……”

After she said this, her head once again lowered, however she can obviously feel Lian Jun’s glaze on her.

It was a long time before Lian Jun spoke: “Come in and speak.”

Then, the door opened.

Du Lei Si hesitated before stepping in.

This is her second visit to the President’s room, it is considered malignancy, no matter what she will have the ability to adapt. But she was more uneasy and nervous than previously.

She kept repeating the Baidu apology steps in her head, what was the first step again? That’s right! First is to admit your mistake!

“I……” Du Lei Si looked up and was about to speak, but was interrupted by Lian Jun.

“You sit for a while, I go to take a shower.”

Then before Du Lei Si could response, the President had already gone into the bathroom, leaving Du Lei Si standing in the room bewildered.

There’s no such steps on the Baidu link!

Precisely because of this, Du Lei Si deliberate her steps and could only stand like a wood within the room, waiting for the President to come out of the shower.

This sort of waiting was like waiting before the execution to start, the more quieter it is the unbearable one felt. The intermittent sound of water coming from the bathroom made one’s mind distraught.

When the President comes out, what should she say first? Should she apologized or explained the reason first? No way, not right! She should follow the steps, to admit error is most important!

“It’s all my fault, I was ruthless, I have no righteousness, I’m vexatious……”

No, it seems a bit too sentimental, let’s change!

“I was wrong! I have wronged society, I have wronged the people…… “

This seems a bit too serious.

“I was wrong, a thousand deaths will not atone for my crimes”

Wait wait! Isn’t this adding oil to the fire?

When Du Lei Si was worrying about exactly how she should confess her fault, the sound of water suddenly stop, then the bathroom door opened.

The President came out!

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  1. Hehe – I love that he has his shirt oh-so-casually unbuttoned as she meekly enters his lair. I think this little rabbit might get devoured if she isn’t careful 😀

    Thanks for the translation!! ❤


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