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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 19


Happy new years eve, enjoy the last post for 2015. I hope you have a wonderful time counting down the last moments with your loved ones. Du Lei Si and Lian Jun will give you their funny moments one more time this year. xx

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Chapter 19: Are you trying to seduce me?

Suddenly the bathroom door opened, and within the dense fog, Du Lei Si could see the President’s godly figure. The existence of a God is because of Greece mythology, the gods were not wearing clothes, only pieces of cloth. And the President’s lower part only had a bath towel around him.

His wet hair has just been dried, it looked slightly messy, the water from the tips of his hair dripped on his neck, then his shoulders, all the way down to his chest, all the way down to his strong abs… …

Du Lei Si didn’t dare to look further, she struggled to swallow her saliva, she was deeply shock by this sacred image. She felt her blood boil, her mind was blank, while her pair of embarrassed eyes didn’t know where to look.

However, her eyes continuously blinked, exposing the uneasiness of her heart. Seeing this, Lian Jun couldn’t help but curve his lips. Then, he slowly walked next to Du Lei Si and casually sat down on the bed, while leaning his hands on the mattress, he used a laid-back expression staring at Du Lei Si.

“You’ve came to find me, what is it?”

Woken by a rustling voice, Du Lei Si forced herself to look to the President, “I … … I’ve come here to……” why did she come here again? Du Lei Si suddenly had a sense of uneasiness entering a wolf’s lair.

The President sitting on the bed, his messy wet hair look sheer sexy, his infinite eyes under his hair, the soft indoor lighting, there seems to be a strange dark glow, even his adam’s apple appears so nice… …

At that moment Du Lei Si only thought of an adjectives——beautiful enough to feast the eyes!


When Du Lei Si thought of this word, she was frighten herself, she must have been seduced by beauty that’s why she felt that the President was beautiful enough to feast the eyes! How can the President be beautiful enough to feast the eyes? The President will only dismantled others to be eaten into his belly!

No way! She’s in a critical situation, she must remain calm!

Du Lei Si’s mind quickly recalled the apology steps that Baidu God’s suggested, plucking up the courage she looked up and cried: “Sorry, I was wrong!”

“Oh, really?” Lian Jun narrowed his eyes: “What have you’ve done wrong?”

Du Lei Si’s eyes light up, this question should be the second step in the apology strategy——the damage caused to the other party?

So she ventured to say: “I shouldn’t have to look for work before consulting you, I shouldn’t have went job hunting and not gone to visit old madame in the hospital, doing this is irresponsible behaviour, not only was it an embarrassment to you, I also failed to live up to the old madame’s… expectation of me… I … I was wrong …”

As she tried to admit her mistakes the President have sat up from the bed, and used his sharp eyes to constantly stare at her, which once again made her to stutter the words she prepared. While slowly retreating she creek a hum: “I … I will… never again … commit… the same mistake again … so…  you … being the bigger person… should…”

“Should what?” A low and steady sound was heard, Lian Jun slowly step by step approached her, he had an aggressive expression on his face, causing one to freak out.

“So … trying… the… condom… can… I… not…… “

“Can what?”

Her voice sank, Du Lei Si has been completely pushed to the French windows, the thin layer of fabric on her back touched the cold glass and the cold afferent her neurons, she almost excitedly gasped.

What the hell is going on? She obviously have implement the steps Baidu God have suggested, but why does the current situation seems to differ greatly from how she imagined? What aspect of the problem occurred?

Ah! The sincere eyes!

It must be because her eyes are not sincere enough, the President thought that her apology was not from the heart, so now he refuses to speak and forgive her.

So Du Lei Si quickly shot the most sincere eyes of her life towards the President. If that wasn’t enough, and then two blinks, she’ll reflect her innocent and vulnerability. Still not enough? Two more blinks it is… …

“You’re trying to seduce me?”

Ah? Du Lei Si was stunned, what did the President just say?

Lian Jun’s pair of hands leaned on the window, almost pressing his entire body against hers, while his two shining eyes looked at Du Lei Si: “You’re looking at me, do you want me to … … help you to try it?”

You? Trial it?

Du Lei Si’s face instantly flushed.

She has been wrongly accused ah! She clearly was just trying to released her desires to be forgiven with sincere eye contact, how is it once reaching the President, it become seducing?

Du Lei Si was eager to explain when Lian Jun moved his face close to hers, the degree of closeness created such ambiguity, Du Lei Si finally had a cardiac arrest, she was speechless.

She simply stared at the lips that came closer and closer, completely obviously to the scent of danger, she was not resisting. Suddenly, her memory flashed back to their wedding day, the contact was short yet she couldn’t disperse the warmth that stayed on her lips for a long time … …

She finally and willing closed her eyes.

Time trickled, every second felt so long, and when she could no longer tolerate it, all of a sudden there was a chuckle.

Du Lei Si dazedly opened her eyes to be confronted with an enlarger version of Lian Jun’s face staring at her with a smile: “Du du, sometimes I think you’re just too silly, too naïve … …”

Too silly? Too naïve?

This mere sentence, deeply stimulate Du Lei Si’s brain, again she began to recall the scene from the mall where Lian Jun forced her and made her speechless, incidentally she recall the scenes from their wedding where he forcefully held her, then the scene forcing her to comply with the marriage certificate, then finally the scenes of the President’s gloomy expression every time he wasn’t happy……

Finally, she was spewing out a belly full of grievance!

Is she stupid? She’s naive, right? I will give you silly and innocent, just you watch!

Lian Jun didn’t have time to react when Du Lei Si unexpectedly held his face and gave him a kiss!


The violent contact with their lips, their teeth heavily knock and hit against each other. Du Lei Si even felt some slight tingling on her teeth, her mind was completely blank.

Why is she doing this? What are the next steps? She wasn’t unable to think.

While Du Lei Si was just thinking of what to do next, suddenly a pair of hands was felt on her waist, she was astonished and wanted to cry out.

Her mouth was pushed opened and a tongue has slipped in, unbridled aggression against her tongue.

How did the situation seems to have reversed?

Initiated by this lamb, the evil wolf was finally out of control and fully utilization the kiss that lasted for more than 10 minutes, he kissed the little sheep’s soft hands and feet until she unconsciously limp.

Finally, when the hot lips parted, Du Lei Si was sustained for a long time before she blankly stared at him and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Lian Jun looked at her, and embarrassedly replied: “You’re… nose… is bleeding.”

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  1. Happy New Year. Thanks for the wonderful read. Waiting eagerly to the next exciting chapter. Wonder when would he start falling in love with her? Would he be first or her falling in love first?


      1. Totally agree…. I felt that he has been in love with her from few chapters ago just don’t know how to expressed it clearly to her… Enjoying this beautiful read… Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be able to enjoy this 😘


  2. Thank you so much for updating.. lol nose bleeding. .. hahaha. . no wonder he think she’s too naive

    Wishing you and your family a very prosperous new year.. Kisses and hug to your baby


  3. Oh god my stomach!!!! LOL I’ve never heard of anyone getting a nose bleed from a French kiss xD only DLS!!!! XD Can’t wait for next chapter!!! Thank you so much!!! And happy New Year’s Eve!


  4. Ay ya !!!!! I got a nose bleed too!!!!! 😂😂😂😂 thanks for the chapter so happy now and happy new year to you all!🎉🎉🎉🎇🎇🎆🎆


  5. An attempt to apologize led to an aggressive kissing assault and turned into a full frontal attack by this sweet husband. What else would he do? He wouldn’t turn down the foreplay.
    Thank you for this chapter translation


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