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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 20

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Chapter 20:  The President’s gift


In the morning, Du Lei Si arrived at the mall very early.

She had been in a trance until Jie Wu Shuanɡ found there was something wrong with her, so she asked with much interest: “Xiao Du, your spirit does not look so well, did you not sleep well last night?”

This question reminded Du Lei Si of the painful memories of last night.

Last night, just after she hot headedly kiss the President, a series of bizarre things happened, first the President fiercely counter attacked, then she magically suffered a nosebleed, then because she was bleeding, the President had to let her lay on the bed, and grabbing a cold towel for her to stop the bleeding. She felt the President’s soft bed, the cold towels gently on her forehead, the soft lights in the room, even the President’s eyes seem to softly melt…

So, in such a soft environment Du Lei Si actually fell asleep.

Until this morning, when she opened her eyes, she was surprised to find that she has been sleeping in the President’s room all night, but what shocked her the most was the bare-chested President sleeping next to her!

This feeling is just like spending one night in a tiger’s den and waking up to find that the tiger was also sleeping there, how scary.

So Du Lei Si tumbled and scrambled from the tiger’s den… … Oh, no! She hurriedly ran out of the President’s room, changed her clothes in a hurry and didn’t even eat breakfast, came to work.

She couldn’t imagine how horrible the President’s expression was knowing she shamelessly stay in his room for a night, just the thought of it made her shudder.

Things have progress to this point, should she go to Zhu Yao Fei’s home for the night?

Just as she was thinking, a smiling Zhu Da Fu suddenly appears, upon seeing Du Lei Si, he smiled very brightly.

“Xiao Du! Morning!”

Du Lei Si was frightened, she had to reluctantly smile: “Morning Manager…..”

Zhu Da Fu patted her on the shoulder: “Xiao Du, thank you for your hard work!”

“What hard work?” Du Lei Si appeared confused.

Seeing Zhu Da Fu’s glaze over her, he mysteriously said: “Just now, the President called, he said your trial report was very well written, and he was satisfied.”

The President?

Du Lei Si’s face turned red, she hurriedly tried explained to Zhu Da Fu: “Manager, last night I did not……”

“Xiao Du, don’t be shy!” Zhu Da Fu interrupted her, “It’s great you have this spirit of self-sacrifice for the mall, overall the President is happy, we all are guaranteed bonuses this year, and it’s all because of you!” He said more excitedly, not long after the other employees in the mall surrounded them.

Seeing the employees come, Zhu Da Fu was more excited, he loudly shouted: “All mall employees, Comrade Xiao Du is a rookie, but her dedicated spirit is very worthy of learning! Let us applaud her together.”

Sounds of applause was heard, this time not only Zhu Da Fu, even in the supermarket colleagues know of her “hardship” last night.

At this time Du Lei Si genuinely feel how ruthless the President’s revenge truly was, it can be said to be killed invisibly!

“Xiao Du, because of your outstanding contribution to the mall, I’ve decided to reward you!”

At this point, the poor Du Lei Si no longer have any illusions to clear her name, she was frustrated and asked: “Manager, you wouldn’t be giving me coupons again?”

“You can rest assured that this is my materialistic award!”

Materialistic reward? Du Lei Si’s spirits were lifted, anyway, her “pure and innocent” image was gone, getting some rewards will be fine! Loosing the watermelon, picking up some of its seed is also good.

Seeing Zhu Da Fu come up with a full shopping bag and handing it to her.

Filled with happiness, Du Lei Si looked down then, her entire face darken.

A bunch of condoms, different types, different flavours, different colors, neat rows laid in the bag.

“Manager, this is……”

Zhu Du Fu expansively waved: “You can try these, use as much as you want, don’t be polite with me! If that’s not enough, I’ve got more!”

Gurgle gurgle, Du Lei Si was broken into pieces.

Zhu Manger, you are so creative!

In this way, Du Lei Si have been in the workforce for so many years, this is the first time she carried such a large bag of condoms home.


When she walked to the front door, she meet Old Yu, seeing the bag in Du Lei Si’s hand, he hurriedly took it off her.

“No need!” Du Lei Si hurriedly hid the bag behind her and change the topic, “Housekeeper Yu, has the President… …returned yet?”

“Reporting to Madame, the President has not returned.”

Du Lei Si was relieved, good thing the President has not returned, otherwise if he saw the bag of condoms… she don’t know what horrible things will happen.

Old Yu suddenly remembered something, “However, this morning before the President left, he gave me something to hand over to Madame.”

“Give me?” Du Lei Si was somewhat by surprise, what did the President wanted to give her? Was it a time bomb … … ?(-_-||| Du du, you think too much? )

Du Lei Si didn’t need to worry, because the thing the President wanted to gift her was a mobile phone.


When the package is opened, the first thing that caught Du Lei Si’s eye was the purple mirror frame, she took it out and saw that it was a Japanese style flip phone. The screen was three or four times larger than her old phone with shiny buttons, it was even decorated with an amethyst pendant.

Seeing the pendant alone was enough to shock Du Lei Si.

President, you don’t have to buy anything for a Chinese crested dog!


Because it was the first time Du Lei Si came into contact with such a luxurious mobile phone, she was filled with energy and enthusiasm studying the instructions manual. High-end goods are indeed higher quality, the light manual was thick which made Du Lei Si feel dizzy just looking at it. Finally she was only able learn how to make calls and send text messages.


Forget it, she might as well try it instead.

So Du Lei Si picked up the phone and dialled Zhu Yao Fei’s number.

“Hello?” Soon Zhu Yao Fei’s clear and crisped voice was heard at the other end of the mobile phone.

It turns out the mobile phone was even charge with credit, the President is very considerate! Du Lei Si was secretly pleased, changing the tone of her voice she asked, “Guess who I am?”

“Du Lei Si, what did you stay? How old are you? Still playing a childish game!”

Zhu Yao Fei’s question made Du Lei Si depressed: “How did you know it was me?”

“Nonsense, isn’t this your mobile phone number, or it is a pig or a dog?”

Although Zhu Yao Fei scolding was bad, but just the thought of the President remembering her mobile phone number, Du Lei Si’s heart suddenly felt a little warm … …

When one is meets with happy events their spirits are high, Du Lei Si decided while having a call conversation she took out the bag of condom: “Fei Fei, do you want a condom?”

“What? Condom?”

“Yes, I know you and Xia Kun haven’t married, it should come in handy … …”

“Are you crazy?” She haven’t finished her sentence when Zhu Yao Fei shouted out from the other end: “TM who dare to interfere with my birth control, I’ll avoid her entire family!”

Du Lei Si was frighten with cold sweats and quickly hung up the phone.

Such a character, the child she gives birth to will turn into Ultraman?

After ending the call with Zhu Yao Fei, Du Lei Si continued to dial her mom’s number: “Hello? Mom! It’s Du Du!”

“Daughter! How come you call mom at this time? Could it be you have……”

“…… I dialled the wrong number.” Du Lei Si hurriedly end the call.

The President was hard to please, even dialling the President’s mobile number was particularly unusual. After a few rings Du Lei Si completely lost the urge to continue the call.

Alas, it’s better for her to eat a peaceful meal.

Just when she was ready to stand up, her mobile phone suddenly lit up and rang.

There was an incoming call!

After making so many phone calls, it was the first time Du Lei Si received a phone call, she quickly took a look, a strange number appeared on the screen.

Who could it be? Du Lei Si presses the answer button and said, “Hello?”

“Hello.” On the other end came the President’s placid voice, which scare Du Lei Si.

The President’s voice came out of the President’s mobile phone, It’s… really so… frightening!

Without waiting for her response, Lian Jun’s voice spoke again: “You’ve received the mobile phone yet?”

“En… …” Du Lei Si woodenly replied.

“You know how to use it?”


President, isn’t that a bit impolite to ask?

Given this call was so sudden, the President’s next dialogue then evolved into the mechanization of question and answers.

Lian Jun: “Is your health better yet?”

Du Lei Si: “Better……”

Lian Jun: “Did you eaten yet?”

Du Lei Si: “No… …”

Lian Jun: “I asked Wu Sao to cook some red dates for you, remember to eat them.”

Du Lei Si: “Okay……”

Lian Jun: “Tomorrow on the weekend, remember to go visit grandmother at the hospital.”

Du Lei Si: “En … …”

Lian Jun: “Then I’m hanging up.”

“Wait a minute!” Du Lei Si suddenly was rudely awaken, “where are you now?”

At the other end of the mobile phone came the President’s faint voice: “In Los Angeles.”

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  1. Thankies for the update! And for sharing the blog with another novel to follow. And for the BBPSAC update next week!

    Hahaha. Du Lei Si has such a weird thinking. She’ll be the only one to think waking up beside a gorgeous man is like being in a “tiger’s den”, while others would take time to appreciate the view.

    Lian Jun, the tiger, must be satisfied with the snack (Du Lei Si’s kiss) he had the night before to give bonuses. It’s also a way to tell other guys Du Lei Si already has a lover. Hahaha

    What did her friend meant with “TM”?


    1. She’s probably afraid of receiving another ‘nosebleed’ haha. As for TM I’m actually not sure, which is why I didn’t put any footer notes, TMD means “f*ck your mum”, however I couldn’t find anything for TM, sorry.

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      1. Oh.. I see. Maybe for the sake of publishing. Hahahaha. Thankies for the info~

        When I can’t help but cuss, I use foreign words, so I don’t sound scandalous in public, and yet still able to express my feelings. Hahahah.


  2. Happy New Year. DLS is so funny. Sleeping in the tiger’s den. President is so loving. Got her a mobile phone. Looking forward to their couple moments.


  3. Happy New Year!! DLS is too cute and naive – I think that LJ is having a fair bit of fun seeing how many shades of red she can turn because of him. Thanks for the translation! ❤


  4. haha, President sure knows Du Du. Du Du just going on a calling spree with her new mobile phone
    can’t wait till later into the week for BBSAC chapter release.
    thanks for sharing yuzamy’s blog!


    1. I’m trying to type up the BBPSAC summaries every second day, since the post is super long, there will only be an update once a week. Plus its nice to have a mixture to keep my brain happy with translation this novel every other day 🙂


  5. Wah… Salute to LJ! Really, he cares for her in a way that Du Du never thought he would be. But waking up in a lion’s den while the lion is still in the den was truly hilarious! I laughed so hard! Thanks again, Sutekii! Finally caught up and can’t wait for the next chapter!


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