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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: The President’s secret

When Du Lei Si least expected it, the President travel a worldwide distance, once again the mansion fell into her clutches, Du Lei Si was excited.

Of course, excitement are excitements, the words of the President she must listen to, and she didn’t want to get caught badly like last time.

So the next morning, Du Lei Si put on the dress the President gifted her last time, and carrying some of the fruits that Old Yu prepared while travelling to the hospital to visit the old madame.

Arriving at the ward, once the old madame saw her granddaughter-in-law coming to visit her, she was unspeakably happy as she attentively took Du Lei Si’s hand.

“Du Du, have you settled into the family?” The old madame asked.

“Accustomed!” As long as the President goes on business trip every day, she will be more accustomed to it.

The old madame happily nodded, then asked: “Yes, how come you came alone? Where’s Ah Jun ah?”

“He’s gone on a business trip.”

Hearing this, the old madame was not pleased: “You’ve just married, how could he go on a business trip? Leaving you all lonely at home! When he returns, I must have a word with him!”

Don’t! Du Lei Si was anxious: “Grandma, don’t scold him. He has his own career, how can I disturb him?” Oh,  saying such impressive words, when she actually wanted the President to travel more often, that way she can do whatever she wanted! Since getting to know the President for such a long time, sure enough she has the potential of a black belly.

Such words reaching the old woman’s ear, made her very happy: “Our family’s granddaughter-in-law is so understanding, such a good girl. Come come come, let grandma look, fattened up yet?” The old madame said filled with joy as she looked at her granddaughter-in-law, observing she suddenly thought of something and her eyes sparkled.

“Du Du, you’re fat!”


As the old madame mentioned this, Du Lei Si suddenly remembered, today when she wore the dress it did seems like the zipper was a little tight, she must have gain some weight? However, it’s all thanked to the President, who told the President resident’s food to be so good? Since she no longer needed to work for a living, if it continues any longer, she really will become a female landlord.

Du Lei Si distressedly nodded: “I do appear to have fatten slightly..”

“Fat is good! Fat is good!” Old madame’s face was filled with joy, the following sentence she said amazed Du Lei Si: “Fat is great for conceiving a child!”

Du Lei Si felt embarrassed: “Grandma, it’s still too early…”

“How is it still early? It’s not early, it’s late!” The old madame seriously shook her head, “A year or two later, Ah Jun’s will thirty, if you don’t start now, when it is appropriate? Speaking of which, really in such an important moment, how he could go on a business trip? If he goes on a business trip, then how about my great-grandchildren? You want to become an advance age pregnant women……?”

As the old madame kept talking, Du Lei Si’s facial expressions almost collapsed. Grandma, you worry too much!

From the old madame’s perspective, Du Lei Si’s embarrassed expression was full of awkward shyness, she winked at Du Lei Si: “What is there to be ashamed of? Grandma was also inexperienced when I was younger, besides just one glance I can tell our Ah Jun is strong and powerful, who knows he might hit jackpot in one go!”

Du Lei Si was completely embarrassed, how can elderly of this generation think so boldly!

Her embarrassment, on the contrary intrigued the old madame’s spirit, and said in a low voice: “Du Du, have you noticed the strawberry type birthmark on Ah Jun’s butt? Isn’t it cute? When he was a child, I fondly pinch his little bottom, it was so tender and white…..”



It turns out that the President had a strawberry type birthmark on his bottom? Du Lei Si was baffled.

At the same time, due to the old madame being immersed in it, she begin to talk about Lian Jun’s childhood embarrassments. So Du Lei Si stayed in the wards, listening to the old madame talk about the President’s personal secrets in such a public place.

The old madame said: “You’ve got no idea how beautiful Ah Jun was when he was younger! His skin was white as snow! His big watery eyes! Everywhere I brought him, people thought he was a girl. Later, when we went out I simply let him wear a dress, deceiving others saying his mother gave birth to twins, the result all those idiots all believed me! HA HA HA … … Also, the first-year of elementary school when he was seven years old. I asked him to wear a dress, the result when school was over, his school bag was full of snacks the little boys gifted him… the most funniest was when he was in third grade…… “

That moment, Du Lei Si suddenly had some sympathy for the President, no wonder the President’s personality is so distorted, it’s simply because from an early age it was broken by the old madame.



At the other end of the Earth, Lian Jun who rarely sneeze, insightfully sneezed.

Jason came and said: “President, did you catch a cold? Shall I fetch your coat for you?”

“No need.” Lian Jun waved, lifted his head from the pile of documents, “The thing I want you to do, have you done it?”

“Reporting to the President, I had made a phone call to ask Housekeeper Yu, he said early this morning Madame have gone to the hospital to see old madame.”

“Good.” Because of fatigue and slightly bloodshot eyes he flashed a smile, “You go back to sleep.”

Jason stood there, he hesitated for a moment, and said: “President, you’ve stayed up all night, aren’t you……”

Neatly turning a document page, Lian Jun didn’t look up before saying: “Okay, you go to sleep first, I’m almost done.”

“Yes … …” Jason lowered his head and closed the door and the moment he turned around he shook his head with frustration, “If I knew early we had to rush, we should had to go back to complete it instead……”

There was a certain person at the one end of the Earth working hard to revitalize the world economy, while there were others at the other end of the earth lazily listening to people’s gossip.

Over the weekend, at the request of the old madame, Du Lei Si spent two entire days in hospitals, those days she was forced to listen to the President’s personal secrets, from birth to studying abroad, plus with the old madame’s exaggeration the contents was more exciting than reading a novel.

Moreover, she also learned for the first time, the President’s mother has Italian ancestry, so that means the President has one-fourth of Italy origin, no wonder his nose so pointy, his skin complexion is so good and his body is great…

Of course, all this is she absolutely will never allow the President find out, if he does she would die from embarrassment!

A short weekend of the old madame story-telling finally came to an end, a new day work commenced.

Sitting at the counter, Du Lei Si kept yawning.

Jie Wu Shuanɡ came over: “Xiao Du, yesterday was the weekend, why is that you look more tired than going to work?”

Du Lei Si gave a long sigh, revealing her very sad eyes and replied: “Sister Wu Shuang, there’s something you won’t understand……”

How could she understand?

If it wasn’t because last night it was fast approaching 12 o’clock, the President’s sudden call frightened her! Does he not know there’s a time difference in the United States? The most outrages thing was the President called just to ask if the old madame was well or not.


How can the old madame not be well? The old madame is in such good health that she even clearly remembers the strawberry type birthmark on your butt!

Du Lei Si finally awakened, it turns out the President didn’t give her a mobile phone, it was a midnight call!

Because of this sudden “midnight call” it caused Du Lei Si unable to sleep well all night, in fact she didn’t know why she was so angry that she couldn’t fall asleep, is it because she heard a certain person’s hoarse voice… …?

“Oh! I’ve got it!” Suddenly Jie Wu Shuanɡ realized, then she came closer to mysteriously whisper into her ear, “Xiao Du, Manager gave you so many materialistic rewards, it is difficult to try them all?”


Du Lei Si almost choked to death.

Sister Wu Shuang, your thinking is more creative than Zhu Managers!

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  1. Thankies for the update!

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  2. Lol poor LJ, working hard and getting sick but your wife is learning all your most embarrassing childhood moments thanks to you insisting she visit your grandma ^-^ I’m really looking forward to when they get lovey dovey. Happy New Year and Thank you so much for translating this novel. I read all the chapters in one sitting >.> now the “moooorrrrrreee” monster is clamoring.


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