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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 22

For those who are unaware, Xah have released chapter 28 – 54 of A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated/Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang 《孤芳不自赏》 on Moon Bunny Cafe.

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Chapter 22: Rather work a ten-day shift then accompany this child!

In fact, it’s not only Jie Wu Shuang, majority of woman’s imagination are very active. This time, during lunch, each counter’s main force will gather and conspire together, with their bright active minds continuously produced a steady stream of topics.

It is said a woman can have millions of topics to discuss , but no matter what’s the topic, it is unavoidable to return to men, and the topic finally gathered at the topic of the “golden turtle” husband.

The Cosmetics counter’s Sister Mei spoke first: “Woman must marry a good man! Don’t be like me, married a poor man, in this lifetime can only stay as a small shop assistant in the mall!”

“Yes, Yes!” The Jewellery counter’s Xiao Zhou also accost, “You noticed that Mrs. Wang that often visit our counter to buy jewellery? I heard her husband is the Manager of XX Bank, his really rich! You see her proud and arrogant aura? Really superior!”

Everybody was in succession, Du Lei Si always feel that something was wrong, “Is it really that good to catch a golden turtle husband?” Why is that after she married the President, life seemed more miserable … …?

“That’s for sure!” Sister Mei said earnestly, “You are not married, you don’t know how cruel reality is, if a woman married a poor husband, they’ll age faster!”

Age faster? Du Lei Si’s lips twitched.

“Sister Mei, what you said would be wrong! If you marry a rich husband, it’s likely he’ll have mistresses outside, having Xiao Mi[1], which woman can tolerate this? I believe every women want to stay young, the most important thing is that love is still moist.” Jie Wu Shuang suddenly spoke.


[1] 小蜜 xiǎo mì literally translates to little secret. In this context it’s used to address a girlfriend of a married man.

That makes sense! Du Lei Si nodded.

“Sister Wu Shuang, what you said does not make sense.” Xiao Zhou also rejects her statement, “Can love be eaten? If marriage is a grave, then a marriage with love is only tantamount to a small mound, its uncomfortable to sleep, let alone when it thunders and rain… it’ll leak.”

A mound? Du Lei Si was frighten.

“Xiao Zhou, what you said is absolutely right!” Da Zhou on the side also joined the discussion, “Even though it’s a small mound, but at least there is a place for you. Compared to your husband having mistresses, lying inside the luxurious tomb is better than having your body left in the wilderness.”

Luxurious tomb … … what metaphor is this ah!


“What Da Zhou said is right, you know to marry a handsome, rich husband, how many opponents you will encounter? You have to be aware of the company’s Xiao Mi, business entertainers, even a younger cousin! Haven’t you seen those shows on TV, as long as the men are rich and powerful, every woman will be like flies biting on rotten egg, left will be saying biao ɡe[2], while right will be calling darling, it disgusts me ah! Who knows, one day you will come home and discovered your husband’s illegitimate child that has made soy sauce![3]

[2] 表哥 biǎo ɡē: a son of father’s sister or of mother’s brother or sister, who is older than oneself; older male cousin

[3] The author is basically trying to say the process of making soy sauce is the length of a rich having an illegitimate child. 

When Jie Wu Shuang finished, everyone nodded: “There are many woman circling a rich man, it’s a competitive pressure environment, as we are not scheming and don’t have the beauty of a fox spirit[4], sooner or later we would be made redundant.”

[4] 狐狸精 Hu Li Jing are Chinese mythological creatures who can be either good or bad spirits. However, in modern time, the term huli jing is a derogatory expression describing a woman who seduces a married or otherwise romantically involved man (a “home-wrecker”). Link

“Lay-offs are good, at least it’ll eventually pay-off! When a home-wrecker snatches your husband, who knows you might not even have the chance to be fired!”

Du Lei Si listened until her eyes widened, is there really do such a thing?

What you hear may be false, but seeing is believing, while Du Lei Si still have doubts the authenticity of those words, a real-life case have occurred on her own body.

At night, when Du Lei Si got home, approaching the living room, she saw a seven or eight year old little girl sitting on the couch, she was dressed in a pink lace dress, very cute.


The words her colleague spoke during lunch all came rushing out at once.

Xiao Mi? Her age seems a slightly too young.

Mistress? The President shouldn’t have a Lolita fetish.

Cousin? Base on the President’s age, his cousin shouldn’t be so young.

Could it be … …

Du Lei Si’s mind suddenly flashed through the ages being spurned by countless of married women, forever tied by scandalous word, countless marriages from hell, two big awful words——illegitimate daughter!

At the same time Du Lei Si’s expression was ever-changing, sitting on the sofa, the little brat have already took noticed of Du Lei Si, she held out her hand, using her short finger’s pointed towards Du Lei Si, in command-like tone: “You, come here.”

“Me?” Du Lei Si regain her consciousness and shuttered over.

Walking nearby, little brat said with a straight face: “Why are you staring at the Princess?”

What a competitive aura! Du Lei Si was surprised, “I … … I think you’re cute……” she was just looking for an excuse.

Hearing this, the little brat seemed very pleased, her straight face appeared to have relaxed, her eyes sweep Du Lei Si up and down: “You servant surely know how to talk! Are you new here?”


Du Lei Si was completely embarrassed, what part of her that looked like a servant? She only dressed a little plain, “Little kid, I’m not……”

The little brat interrupted her and asks, “Hey, where is my cousin?”

Du Lei Si still didn’t understand: “Who is your cousin?”

“Why the new one here are so stupid?” The little brat proudly stared at Du Lei Si, “I’m telling you, my cousin is your master, so I’m also your master! Quickly tell me where did my cousin go?”

So it turns out that a cousin can suddenly appear in the rich families, Du Lei Si finally believed it.

At this time, Housekeeper Yu suddenly appeared, “Miss, Master have gone to the United States on a business trip, he will be back in a few days.” After he finished speaking, he then turned to Du Lei Si and said, “Madam, this is master’s cousin, Princess Hao.”

Princess Hao?

Indeed such a very nice Princess!


Du Lei Si amid in silence when Xiao Zu Zong’s[5] face suddenly changed, she aggressively asked, “Housekeeper Yu, what did you call her?”

[5] 小祖宗 xiǎo zǔ zōnɡ: Could be a phrase used to refer someone who admires you, however in this context, I believe it used to insult this little Princess.

“Miss, I would like to introduce you to our Madame.” Housekeeper Yu said.

“You’re saying she’s Chun Ge Ge’s[6] wife?” Xiao Zu Zong squinted toward Du Lei Si sweeping her up and down, suddenly let out a sound, “I don’t believe it! Chun Ge Ge isn’t so blind!”

[6] 哥哥 Gē gē: Elder brother

Du Lei Si’s face broke down, having others criticize her was enough, however having a seven or eight year old little devil despise her is too much! She squatted down and patiently said: “Little kid, you can’t just say that, you shouldn’t merely judge a person by their appearance, the most important thing is to see the inner beauty of……”

“Inner beauty?” Xiao Zu Zong disdainly stared at Du Lei Si, “You know how to say inner beauty in English?”

sutekii: The following words in italic are written in English within the novel. 

English? Du Lei Si was embarrassed, is it nei zai mei?

Seeing Du Lei Si speechless, Xiao Zu Zong became more complacent, “Bet you think you have inner beauty? You don’t even know how inner beauty is spelt in English, I see your type of people, really not worthy of my dear cousin.”

When she finished speaking, Du Lei Si almost passed out, who was wicked enough to teach her this bird language?

As her eyebrows were twitching, Xiao Zu Zong yelled once again: “Look at you, which part of you is worthy of my cousin? I think you might be more suitable … …” her big eyes rolled around, and stared at the trash in the corner, “you’re more suitable to that!”

Once that sentence was spoken, Du Lei Si finally collapsed.

You’re the trash! Your whole family is trash!

At least now she is nominally the President Madame, how can she let a little brat belittle her? Du Lei Si was angry, she also no longer cared about protecting the motherland flowers, her expression changed and was frighteningly: “You say it once more and I’ll beat your ass!”

Unexpectedly, Xiao Zu Zong was not so scared, but the sight of Du Lei Si raising her hands made her cried, and once she cried, the crying just got worse, tears and snot combined. It was pitiful as if a sheep was bullied by the wolf.

“Don’t cry!” Du Lei Si urgently pretend the motion, if the little brat continued to cry like this,  does she really have to beat her? It won’t be right, “I was playing with you, don’t cry … be… good……”

Xiao Zu Zong ignore her and continued to cry.

A doll coupled with a soybean face, such a pitiful expression even Du Lei Si couldn’t bear seeing her like this, “Don’t cry, whatever you want I’ll agree to it!”

“Really?” Xiao Zu Zong stopped crying, her face was still filled with tears, however she looked appealingly at Du Lei Si.

Du Lei Si gritted her teeth and decided: “It’s true!”

“Then I want you to divorce my cousin!”


“Wow … … You lied to me!” She started crying again.

“Okay, okay, okay! Divorce it is, don’t cry!” Du Lei Si was anxious and sweating, this Xiao Zu Zong, she must owed her in the previous life.

Unexpectedly the little brat still continued to cry, crying and shouted: “I don’t believe it! What if you lie to me, then what I do?”

“I won’t lie to you!”

“Do you swear?”

“…… I swear!”

“If you don’t divorce with my cousin, then the son you give birth to will have no asshole!”

“……” Du Lei Si’s mouth twitched, seeing Xiao Zu Zong ready to make her next wave of tears, she finally made her decision, “I swear!”

“You said it!” Xiao Zu Zong suddenly restrain her tears, then smiled, “don’t lie to children!” Then, she happily skipped away for dinner.

Du Lei Si left stood stunned! KAO[7]! So it turns out the President’s entire family are black belly!

[6] “靠” KAO or cào is used for emotional release or expression. Thus I think these scenarios could be all acceptable, for instance:
Oh, my god, (靠), he is coming now.
Damn, (靠), he destroyed everything
F*ck, (靠), he is really a smart asshole.

Later, Du Lei Si found out from Old Yu that Princess Hao had just started summer vacation, she noisily cried for her cousin. Tired of the constant plead, her parents sent her here and said it’s best if she stay here for a long time.

After hearing the news, Du Lei Si was very distressed. Just staying with this Xiao Zu Zong for two days, her life will be finished!

When it was dinner time, Du Lei Si fed her, however she only ate a few bites, and then ran out to play, so being the babysitter she also had to run behind the little Princess with bowls in her hands, in the end she didn’t even finish a decent meal.

Finally after she ate her dinner, Xiao Zu Zong said she wanted to role play the Monkey King[7] subdus the White-Boned Demon[8], naturally Du Lei Si end up with the role as the pitiful White-Boned Demon. She was chased and toss, in the end pitiful Du Lei Si couldn’t raise her temper.

[7] 孙悟空 Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King, is a main character in the Chinese classical novel Journey to the West. In the novel, he is a monkey born from a stone who acquires supernatural powers through Taoist practices. After rebelling against heaven and being imprisoned under a mountain by the Buddha, he later accompanies the monk Xuanzang on a journey to retrieve Buddhist sutras from India. Link

[8] 白骨精 Bai Gu Jing: White-Boned Demon is a shapeshifting demoness, and in her true form she is depicted as a skeleton. For more info Link

At least the White-Boned Demon had a great body, right?

She rather work a ten-day shift then accompany this child!


Going through this day has truly been a thriller!

However, the more frightening thing was yet to come, when she tiredly closed her eyes and was ready to doze off, her “midnight call” rang again. Pressing the button, she heard the President’s rustic voice: “Tomorrow morning at ten o’clock, come pick me up at the airport.”

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  1. DLS is way too nice to let a spoil brat to dictate her even demanded her to divorce the President and curse their future son. Woooo….it make me want to give that little brat a BIG slap on her bottom and washes her disgusting mouth out with domestos…

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