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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 155 – 158 Summaries

First of all I would like to apologize to BBPSAC readers, I did mention release the next update last week, however as you would know it… life with a baby.. your schedule could be all over the place, especially when your 6 month old is teething + immunisation = sleep deprivation once again and is attached to your hips. Which explains why this is such a short post. Plus I’ve been busy organizing childcare for my return to the workforce. Which reminds me to mention my second announcement, update will happen spontaneously from here onwards. Thank you for everyone’s patience and understanding.

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Chapter 155 – Flame

Every corner was filled with treasure of gold and pearls. However, all five of them had great control over greed, no one excitedly rush towards it.

Bai Li Mo step towards Lei Yu Feng and said very modestly: “Sorry Lord Lei Bao, we were just in a hurry to see Little Miss Xiao, I hope Lei Bao Lord isn’t offended, we’re willing to accept our punishment.”

Lei Yu Feng gave a cold hum but didn’t say anything. He knew if he advance he would be at a disadvantage.

Seeing Lei Yu Feng didn’t react, Bai Li Mo knew he was taking a gamble. Xu Wei Ran also knew Bai Li Mo have decided to not join hands with Hua Qian Zi anymore, no one said anything, only five figures that stood silently and still. Their attention turn towards the mountain of gold and pearls, everyone knew these treasure was equivalent to obtaining the whole world. With such financial resources, they obtain unlimited resources for their army and unify the world.

“Gentleman Lei, it seems to be strange here.” Nan Gong Mo stepped forward and frowned.

“That’s right.” Lei Yu Feng stared at Bai Li Mo and knew he was fortunate that Bai Li Mo gave up the idea of going against him or else he will suffer a great deal.

“Then what does Lord Lei Bao suggest we do?” Bai Li Mo thought he made a smart move to side with Lei Yu Feng than Hua Qian Zi, Hua Qian Zi will only think of her own personal gains and open conditions that advantage to Bai Hua kingdom and herself.

Seeing the tables turn, Xu Wei Ran thought it was wise if he kept the peace or else they won’t be able to escape here and most likely lose their lives.

“I came here to protect Miss Xiao, the most important thing now is to find her.” Lei Yu Feng paid no attention to the treasures, because it had no leg to run, Mo Wen Chen and Xiao Su Su is priority.

“What gentleman said is indeed right.” Nan Gong Mo answered with a smile, although he is also a vulgar person, but if he had to choose between Xiao Su Su and the treasure, there’s no doubt he’ll choose Xiao Su Su.

Although Bai Li Mo and he came to inquire about the high priest’s candidate Bai Hua kingdom have chosen, they also wanted to take the opportunity to seize power, however things have progress to this point their only concerns were for the safety of Xiao Su Su.

If the high priest’s candidate really is Xiao Su Su, then they will surely let go and retreat.

Taking another glance at the treasures of gold and silver, Lei Yu Feng turned to leave: “Then Ninth Prince will you accompany me to search for Xiao Little Miss.”

After Lei Yu Feng, Bai Li Mo and Nan Gong Mo left, Xu Wei Ran stared at the treasures of gold and silver for a long time, one could see his true colours of wanting to conquer the world, He Yi Tian tried to remind him of the bigger picture and long-term perspective.

Xiao Su Su and Mo Wen Chen quietly sat still in the dark, neither of them spoke, they silently listen to the monster’s voice, waiting for a chance to strike and kill.

“A voice……” In the dark Mo Wen Chen suddenly his narrowed eyes, and said in a low voice, while accurately moving towards Xiao Su Su’s side.

Xiao Su Su originally wanted to move further away from him, however upon hearing his words she didn’t move. She understands for her own safety they must have close contact, but that doesn’t mean she feels comfortable with such closeness.

Hearing faint sound of footsteps, Xiao Su Su gently tug at Mo Wen Chen’s sleeves and said, “Someone……”

Mo Wen Chen didn’t response, he only silently nodded and waited for whoever that was approaching. From afar, one could see the light of a flame, it gradually got closer and closer, Mo Wen Chen was on guard ready to fight their enemy from the other side of the wall.

Chapter 156 – Monster

With the fire getting closer and closer, also came the sound of footsteps which made Mo Wen Chen more alert. While Xiao Su Su breathe a sigh of relief, from the sound of the footsteps she can conclude that it came from a human, not the unknown monster.

Soon Lei Yu Feng’s silhouette appeared, with Bai Li Mo and Nan Gong Mo following closely behind. Both of them relaxed and let down their guards. Xiao Su Su felt more safe with Lei Yu Feng’s present, relatively speaking her heart was still unable to accept Mo Wen Chen’s help.

Just because he had hurt his judge people by outward appearance, once……

“Mo Wen Chen, it is you guys……” They could the excitement within Lei Yu Feng’s voice.

When Mo Wen Chen saw Lei Yu Feng he felt Xiao Su Su within his embrace try to free herself, this obviously only happen when Lei Yu Feng appeared……

Everyone felt relieved after finding each other.

Soon Lei Yu Feng also noticed the sounds from the other side of the wall. Everyone very carefully studied the wall, when suddenly without warning the pieces of stones within the wall smashed through, “Roar!”

The voice was filled with anger and discontent, the monster slowly made its way towards them. Their five hearts beat so loudly that one can feel their anxiety. Those with swords was ready to charge forward.

Chapter 157 – Human face snake body

The monster was approaching them closer and closer, Xiao Su Su could even heard the sound of her own heart beat. However, she did not panic, just quietly observe the situation while still in Mo Wen Chen’s embrace. She looked up, trying to see what the monster looked like. Even though it was dark, she could see that the monster was enormous. The monster appeared to be at least a thousand pounds of weight, such weight will kill the five of them instantly.

Listening to the big monster’s heavy breathing. Mo Wen Chen slowly pulled out of the Xuan Yuan sword, while the golden bow within Xiao Su Su’s sleeves also faintly stirred, unexpectedly this made her feel restless and uneasy, the jade pendant on her neck once again heated up.

Just when she wanted to take out the golden bow, Mo Wen Chen stopped her. She didn’t know why she unconsciously wanted to fight the monster. It was like she had no control over her body.

Mo Wen Chen didn’t wait for the monster to strike first with Xiao Su Su still in his arms, soon Lei Yu Feng followed, while Bai Li Mo and Nan Gong Mo remain still.

The Xuan Yuan sword landed on the monster’s waist, while still embracing Xiao Su Su, he soared into the sky. The jade pendant on Xiao Su Su’s chest dazzlingly flash a ray of light, they finally saw the monster’s appearance. It’s head was attached to a very large snake body.

The Xuan Yuan sword could not hurt the monster, instead the human face snake used its large tail to thrust the sword to the side. The delicate features on the snake’s face indicate it was a female. Xiao Su Su carefully observe the human snake monster’s every movement, somehow Mo Wen Chen have involuntarily thrust the Xuan Yuan sword into Lei Yu Feng. Xiao Su Su didn’t know whether it was a coincidence or not, but the human snake monster seem to be coming for her.

Chapter 158Contest

Xiao Su Su also understand their situation, it seems that the human face snake monster was aiming for the golden bow that’s within her sleeves. No wonder, the golden bow seem somewhat restless when the monster appeared.

She isn’t a greedy person, but she didn’t want to return this golden bow because she knew the help it’ll bring to her on her conquest of obtaining the high priest position.

Lei Yu Feng obviously stabbed in the sword into the human face snake monster’s body, however there was no obvious wound or blood gushing out. It seems the human face snake monster had automatic healing powers, which send shivers down everyone’s back.

Mo Wen Chen also figured this out and gently frown, while rapidly rolling in the air, dodge the human snake monster’s big tail.

“Charge!” Originally Bai Li Mo and Nan Gong Mo wanted to observe the situation and wait, however seeing the human snake monster directly wanting to attack Xiao Su Su, they certainly can not idly by and watch the matter.

Bai Li Mo regretted his decision in ending his engagement with Xiao Su Su, at this time there’s only had one thing on his mind, and that was to protect her.  As for Nan Gong Mo from the first time he saw her, he heart already fluttered..

Even Mo Wen Chen who’s highly skilled could not dodge the human snake monster’s attacked, but one can see he was trying to protect Xiao Su Su.

The human snake monster didn’t seem to be affected by any of their attacks, its main focus was still Xiao Su Su.

“It’s weakness should be seven inches above its waist” Xiao Su Su whispered, while her hands involuntarily embrace Mo Wen Chen’s waist. She was very clear that once she let’s go, death was unavoidable.

Lei Yu Feng, Bai Li Mo and Nan Gong Mo all tried to advance their attacks, however it was in vain. Despite using up their physical strength, the human snake monster appeared unfazed and still in its original state. When Mo Wen Chen found that the human snake monster was wearing a seven-inch armour. Even a powerful sword such as the Xuan Yuan sword could only lightly scratch its surface.

As Mo Wen Chen flip in the air, Xiao Su Su felt dizzy, however, her mind was very clear, she carefully observe their attacks and the human snake monster’s action, looking at its retractable tail, it’s speed was as fast as lightning.

The golden bow agitation seems to be more and more fierce, as if wanting to fly out of Xiao Su Su’s sleeves. While thinking about how to destroy the human snake monster’s armour, Xiao Su Su simply take out the golden bow. The moment the human snake monster saw the golden light emitting from the bow, it crazily turn focus its attacks towards Lei Yu Feng, Bai Li Mo and Nan Gong Mo. This sudden change caught all of those presents off-guard.

Xiao Su Su is carefully studied the golden bow in her hands, if she guessed right, the human snake monster suddenly acted crazy was due in to the item in her hands. It appears the golden bow and the armour on the human snake monster’s body are made from the same material.

As the four men teams up to fight the human snake monster, it suddenly roared and its entire body shook while emitting such brightness that cause one to shut their eyes. When they opened their eyes again, the human snake monster was nowhere to be seen, instead standing in front of them was a thin woman in green robes holding a gold forged dagger: “You guys forced me to advance my attacks.”

At the same time, the green robe woman stared directly at Xiao Su Su. Her ultimate goal was Xiao Su Su, specifically, the golden bow within Xiao Su Su’s hands.

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