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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Du Lei Si who got dragged down

When Du Le Si finally understood what happened, only a busy “beep” signal was heard at the other end of the phone. The President suddenly inexplicably called, with no rhyme or reason to finish his sentence then hanging up the phone.

This time, Du Le Si was in a dilemma.

Although there’s no doubt her current status is Madame President, but when she agreed to the marriage, the President didn’t mention she had to do such things as picking him up from the airport, right? Besides, when there’s obviously so many luxury cars, it shouldn’t be hard to find a driver to drive him back? Why does it have to be her?

What made Du Le Si most angry was that the extremely rich President wanted her the poor woman to spend her own money traveling to the airport! Too stingy!

And being with the President for such a long period of time, Du Le Si gradually discovered more of the President’s capitalists side have emerged.

As the saying goes the higher authorities have policies, the localities have their counter-measures, in order not to become an object of a capitalist’s exploitation, dead or alive Du Le Si decided she will use the President’s car to pick him up!

The old saying goes, wool from the sheep! Although the President is a Tiger, however it’s still a woolly animal, occasionally pulling two strands is no problem.

So, early next morning Du Le Si went to find the chauffeurs, there was only the long-term chauffeurs who reside at the mansion on stand by.

Searching for a long time, she didn’t find anyone, expect the little buddy Xiao Fang washing the cars.

“Xiao Fang, where’s Lao Fang?” Du Le Si asked.

“Lao Fang have asked for leave to return home to attend a blind date.”

Come on … … did she really have to take the taxi ah? No that won’t do, that a dozen of notes, Du Le Si rolled her eyeballs towards Xiao Fang who was the car.

“Xiao Fang ah… …” Du Le Si smiled insignificantly, “do you have a driver’s license?”

Xiao Fang was frightened by Du Le Si plaintively glance: “Ma… Madame… what do you want?” It seems like a local tyrant was bullying a virtuous young woman.

This abusive expression stimulated Du Le Si’s Queen factor: “Nonsense! Quickly speak, do you have a driver’s license or not!”

“It seems… I… do… have… one”

“Seems to be on you!” Du Le Si finished speaking and hastily proceeded to pull Xiao Fang into the car.

“Move! Let’s go to the airport!”

“Madame… … I haven’t driven in a long time… … surely my driving wouldn’t be smooth……” Xiao Fang felt extremely troubled.

“You haven’t driven in a long time? It just happens to give you a chance to practise before you forget! Besides, you have the same surname as Lao Fang, just one glance and you’ll know how to drive a car! It can’t be wrong!”


So like this way, whether intimidation or threats by Du Le Si the poor Xiao Fang who was responsible washing the car was forced to become a chauffeur.

Sitting in the car, Du Le Si’s heart was pull of pride! Luckily Xiao Fang knew the place locally, and got him as the chauffeur, otherwise she would have suffer a great deal! It appears pulling out the President’s Tiger fur is going fairly smoothly.

In smugly thought, seconds and minutes pasted quickly… …

Two hours later.

“Xiao Fang, where are we?” Du Le Si looked at the vast tracts of farmland outside the window, the gently breeze blow over, a variety of crops messy danced in the wind.


Oh my god, what the hell is this place?

Xiao Fang sat in the driver’s seat like a quail: “Madame… … this… … I don’t know … …”

That’s right! Comrade Xiao Fang first time being a chauffeur have driven the wrong way!

“You’re … really…” Du Le Si was in a hurry, looking at the time… it’s almost 10 o’clock, what should she do? “Quick! Drive back to the original route!”

Xiao Fang plaintively stared: “Reporting… to… Madame… … we’re out of gas … …”

“You!” Du Lei Si completely collapsed, “How are you a driver!”

“Reporting to Madame… … I’m just responsible for washing the cars … …”


Turns out, a Tiger’s fur cannot be drawn, a big event will happen! Now, Du Le Si can only stay in a car with no gas and idyllic daze at Xiao Fang who sat at the front.

At this time, an old farmer happens to pass by, riding on a bicycle with a box of vegetables and a duck on each side of the frame.

Du Le Si got off the car in a hurry and asked: “Uncle, do you know where’s the airport?”

The old Uncle stopped and called out: “You asking what fun thing there is to do here?”

“I asked: Where——is——the——air——port” Du Le Si also called out like the man.

“Oh! You asking where’s the chicken farm?” The old Uncle was suddenly enlighten, and yelled, “well we don’t raise chickens here, however we ——raise——ducks.” When he finished speaking, afraid that Du Le Si didn’t understand, so he reached out and pointed to his duck in the basket.

The duck in the basket stretches out his neck, the duck’s eyes and Du Lei Si’s human eyes stared at each other for a few seconds, when it suddenly quaked twice.


This time, Du Le Si was thoroughly embarrassed.

At this point, the mobile phone in her handbag suddenly rang. Press the call button, Lian Jun’s displeasure voice came through: “Why aren’t you here?”

“I……” Du Le Si looked down at the duck, and weakly answered, “I … … I went to the wrong place……”

“Where are you now?”

“This … … I … … I do not know … …”

The mobile phone was silent for a few seconds, then Lian Jun’s cold voice came through, “Today, you must get to the airport, and if you don’t come then figure it out for yourself.” Having said that, he hang up the call.

President, you’re aggressively brutal!


Putting away her mobile phone, Du Le Si managed to smile, walking towards the Uncle with the stretched out voice, “Uncle, do you know how to go downtown from here?”


“Downtown! I——want——to——go——to——the——city——district”

“Oh!” The Uncle pointed to the side, shouting, “That’s——the——one——”

Du Le Si looked along the direction his fingers pointed towards and her lips couldn’t help but twitch a bit.

Indeed out of date out of fashion! Such a villager!


Within the cart full of cow, Du Le Si is finally got out of the village that breed duck instead of chickens and then spent 50 dollars to rush to the airport. It was almost dark when she got off, looking at the time was nearly seven o’clock.

She was sweating! Causing the President to wait so long, he must be angry, right? The thought of this, Du Le Si was slightly apologetic and afraid.

However, upon seeing the President, the regrets and fear within her heart were all overshadowed by raging anger.

This is too much!

She spent one day of her wage, sat in a cow’s carts, after much effort hailed a taxi, and discover that the President was sitting idle in the car with the air conditioning blowing!

At this point, upon seeing Du Lei Si, Lian Jun gestured at her and said, “come in.”

He even dare talk to her in commanding tone, the fatigue, grievances and anger had a small outburst in Du Le Si’s heart!

She opened the door, rushed in, preparing to verbally abuse him.


Lian Jun suddenly opened his arms and gave her a big hug.

Horrid thundering ——

Just thought of lightning over her head, Du Le Si froze in her location, there was a sense of fragmentation.

Why did the President hug her? Why does the President have such enthusiasm? Why was the President so erratic, and played unforseen cards? On top of that, she felt her heart was ready to jump out of her chest.

The hug lasted a few seconds, Lian Jun let go of her, his face restored a displeasure expression again: “You know you were late for a few hours?”

“……” Du Le Si was in a dissociated state.

Lian Jun frowned: “Your body, what smell is it?”

“Ah?” Du Le Si regain her conscious, sniffed and embarrassedly replied, “well … it… appears to be… cow dug…”


A sudden horror cuddle made the atmosphere in the car suddenly become very awkward, because she was late for a long time, the President seems to be displeased, he remained silent. Once again, Du Lei Si entered a dissociated state her mind constantly emerge of the hug scene.

Until the chauffeur said, “We have arrived.” The silent atmosphere was broken.

“Where… … Where is this?” Du Lei Si regain her conscious, she was surprised and looked around, why didn’t the President return home once landing, came here instead?

“Hotel.” Lian Jun answered her dismissively.

“Hotel?” Du Le Si didn’t have time to react, and vaguely asked: “Why don’t you go home?”

The question within her heart was soon resolved by Lian Jun’s simple words: “Need isolation.”


Yes, Du Le Si have not heard it wrong, the flight the President flew from the United States, a Chinese passenger was found with abnormal temperature, after repeated inspection by the medical staff, he was confirmed as swine flu, thus have been rushed to hospital for treatment. Dozens of passengers on the same plane, including the President, and because close contacts of patients must be in a specified place for a seven-day quarantine.

After knowing this, Du Le Si wondered and asked, “Didn’t the Government allow those with close contact with the swine flu patient to be quarantined at home?”

Why did they come to a hotel for quarantine?

“You want me to kill Lao Fang and the others?”

Hearing this, Du Le Si can’t help but whisper: “Since you have to be isolated, why you asked me to……”

“I can’t.” Lian Jun’s eyes suddenly flashed a meaningful smile, and said in a steady voice: “You also have to be isolated.”

“Me?” Du Le Si froze, and why should she also be isolated? … … Could it be because … …

A sense sinister of foreboding rose in Du Le Si’s mind, she suddenly thought of the hug, the President hugging her tightly, and for a such long time … …

Yes, precisely because of this warm embrace, the innocent Du Lei Si who had nothing to do with swine flu suddenly leaped and upgraded to having close contact with the swine flu, needing to spend seven days of isolation with the President!

That moment Du Lei Si suddenly realize the President was so enthusiastic was only because of one reason——to drag her down!


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