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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 159 – 165 Summaries

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I have decided to really short summaries from now as I feel like with the rate I’m going at the moment, the end road is so far and distance, not sure how much I can commit due to the amount of workload my career is currently putting on me. The bags underneath my eyes are getting more and more visible =O However, I will try my best to keep releasing more updates of this novel if there a still readers following the development of the story. Thank you for everyone’s understanding.

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Chapter 159 – A Sword

“Be careful.”

At the moment, Lei Yu Feng and Bai Li Mo, Nan Gong Mo step forward with their swords staring at the woman before them, still unable to accept what they just witnessed. They were surprised, but did not panic.

Judging by the attacks, they all knew the woman before them wasn’t a weakly, so they were weary before taking another step forward.

Xiao Su Su was also surprised, since coming to Mt. Hengshan she had seen too many unbelievable things. In this world, even ghosts and spirits exist.

Mo Wen Chen did not move, holding onto the Xuan Yuan sword while embracing Xiao Su Su he stared at the golden bow: “It seems to have met its match.”

“It appears it’s the guardian angel of Mt. Hengshan.” Xiao Su Su said thoughtfully, the reason why Yue Lian Gong could rule in the south for thousands of years was due to the presence of these guardians. Otherwise, how powerful can a high priest really be?

“Not only protecting Mt. Hengshan, but also protecting the golden bow within your hands.” Mo Wen Chen’s complexion was distant, it didn’t change until his glaze landed on Xiao Su Su. His voice was cold, just as overbearing as his black robes. It emitted much roughness.

“Hand over the Yue spirit, I’ll have mercy on your life.” The woman shouted at the three, before charging forward to strike at Bai Li Mo and Nan Gong Mo.

With their swords broken, Bai Li Mo and Nan Gong Mo were frightened by her advances. However, Lei Yu Feng who had a powerful sword didn’t retreat. Their two swords produce sparks are they touched. The woman took one step back and without hesitating raised her sword to attack Xiao Su Su.

The woman have guarded the place for many thousands of years, it was the first time she has been so furious because of the greeds of humans.

“Wanting my life, let’s see if you have the skills.” Xiao Su Su deliberately provoke the woman.

“Lei Bao Lord, I advise you to step aside, you don’t have the slightest relation with this.” The woman snapped loudly.

However, Lei Yu Feng refused to back down and left his friends to fend for themselves. Mo Wen Chen attacked the woman resulting her suffering internal injuries and spitting a mouthful of blood, returning to her original form of a giant snake, even her human face has disappeared, lying there unable to move.

No ordinary person can come into contact with the Xuan Yuan sword, judging by the attacks it produce in the hands of Mo Wen Chen, many came to understand why Mo Wen Chen have been the number hero of the Kingdom of Yan. Bai Li Mo, He Yi Tian, Xu Wei Ran and Nan Gong Mo also came to understand why Lei Jia Bao have been so powerful for so many years because of this sword as well.

The seven-inch arrow fell out of the snake’s body, Xiao Su Su guessed this must be paired with the golden bow. She gave the arrow to Mo Wen Chen and everyone made their way towards the exit and passing the second door.

Chapter 160 – Entrance

As they moved their way towards the third door, the five of them stepped out to a beautiful sunset scenery, on top of Mt. Hengsan was a floating purple palace. Yue Lian Gong was more magical than Xiao Su Su ever envisioned.

The faint smile on Xiao Su Su made her appear so beautiful that she also seem unreal, like an immortal goddess. All four men present were daze by her gentle and natural appearance.

Xiao Su Su on the other hand was thinking pondering over what Xian Le said before she disappeared, she was still clueless and unable to find answer.

The next day, they all set off towards Yue Lian Gong but was confronted with a maze, preventing them from easily reaching the third heavy door.

Chapter 161 – The Sky Palace Spell Formation.

The Sky Palace spell formation have many traps, one may enter, but how many will come out alive at the other end is unknown. Even Xiao Su Su who was so intelligent, didn’t have the confidence to pass this.

This formation even in Jiang Hu, very little is known about it. Mo Wen Chen and Xiao Su Su have only heard of such spell formation, however they have never encountered one before. But they knew a single mishap will cause all of them to died without a burial. Neither of them wanted to retreat, so they both moved forward cautiously, while the others followed their steps closely behind.

Lei Yu Feng stood carefully behind Mo Wen Chen and Xiao Su Su, ready as back up if Mo Wen Chen was unable to protect her in time. Carefully observing their surroundings, Mo Wen Chen asked Xiao Su Su to pass the golden bow to him. He shot the arrow into the air and the magical thing happen, countless of arrow flew in different directions. If there were someone standing where the arrow have been shot, there would have been no survivors.

Chapter 162 – Front Entrance Door

Within the narrow space, the five of them trend with cautious behind Mo Wen Chen, not much long after they have all safely made it to the entrance of the temple.

Sensing Xiao Su Su’s desperation, Mo Wen Chen laughed openly, he could see the tension within her eyes. He knew how much importance she placed on the high priest position, which made his heart ache for the person he loves, helplessly sigh he could only silently help her since she was so stubborn.

Even though they have safely made to the entrance, however the real danger is ahead so this time the five of them decided that Xiao Su Su should be in the middles, that way they can protect her. According to Mo Wen Chen and Xiao Su Su’s limited knowledge of the formation they knew there would be deadly poison arrows laid out.

Because its broad daylight, they could clearly see their surrounding, everyone was very cautious of their steps, one mishap will likely trigger the traps.

“Say will the guardian’s of Yue Lian Gong make things difficult for us?” Bai Li Mo asked uneasily as he broke the silence.

“There’s not doubt. Every heavy door exit there will be a guardian guarding it, however if you don’t disturb them they will happily let you through.” Xiao Su Su replied.

Suddenly Bai Li Mo, Nan Gong Mo, He Yi Tian and Lei Yu Feng started discussing about how they got lured one of the guardian’s voice to the pile of treasure and gold.

Chapter 163 – Wild Silk Yarn

Nothing interesting happens in this chapter besides Mo Wen Chen discovering a wild silk yarn on their way to the third heavy door. This chapter mainly about reminiscing the past, the wrongs Mo Wen Chen did, how Nan Gong Mo met Xiao Su Su and etc.

Chapter 164 – Signs of danger appearing everywhere

They finally make it to the exit of the formation. Everyone lets out a sigh of relief. Just when they thought they have escaped danger, another trouble scene hits them, a never-ending bamboo forest. Xiao Su Su already have doubts that they haven’t entirely passed the Sky Palace formation when they encountered the wild silk yarn, it was so strange for it to appear.

Mo Wen Chen: “This is not the exit. It’s the second point of the Sky Palace formation.”

“I see.” Lei Yu Feng also carefully looked at forest before him, never in this life have he seen so many bamboos. It was so dense that hardly any light from above could escape through.

“This is one of the traps.” Xiao Su Su also realized, such a dense bamboo forest, easily many traps have been laid out waiting for them to walk right into them. More importantly, the bamboo forest is very dense, so dense that it made it very difficult for those who wanted to pass through.

Although the purple bamboo forest was a beautiful scenery, but it was no time or place to be admiring such scenery. They have travelled for many days, which means the dry food and water they had on their body have greatly decreased, with that on the back of everyone’s mind, without a doubt everyone wanted to use the last of their energy to break through this forest.

“It seems like we have to cut through here.” Lei Yu Feng said as he helplessly shook his head and took a dagger out of his sleeve. Regardless of the traps, they must pass through here.

Besides Xiao Su Su who was watching on the sidelines, the four men began to cut down the bamboo without hesitation nor mercy. Xiao Su Su shook her head, feeling some pity that this beautiful forest would be destroyed due to their own personal gains.

Suddenly Lei Yu Feng shouted and took half a step back, and shouted: “Be careful, there’s a trap ahead.” 

A figure floated to Xiao Su Su’s side, without waiting for her to voice her opinions, with a tug of her wrist, half of her body was gently lifted and semi flew in the air. The bamboo that was originally in front of them suddenly all fell down, the speed was so fast that a normal person would have had a hard time to react. All five of their expression changed, the bamboo tips were shiny, shaped like an arrow.

Nan Gong Mo who still held onto Xiao Su Su’s wrist was covered in sweats, not even five seconds several bamboo tips flew in different direction towards them, those with swords tried to block the bamboos, however it still managed to cut past their clothes and arms. Xiao Su Su who was protected by Nan Gong Mo was unscathed, while he suffered minor injuries.

“Gentlemen Nan Gong, you’re injured.” Xiao Su Su said worryingly as she stared at his injuries.

“It doesn’t matter.” Nan Gong Mo heart-felt extremely warm, seeing her show concerned about himself, he did everything was worth it, the sword in his hands waved faster.

A guilt feeling override Xiao Su Su, she knew she was the reason everyone was in danger because of her own selfishness, however she also didn’t want to give up her goals. Suddenly Nan Gong Mo’s shouted and broke Xiao Su Su’s thought: “Not good, there are traps below.” 

Using all his strength, Nan Gong Mo pulled Xiao Su Su and fell down first.

“Qi Qi!” Mo Wen Chen turned and leaned forward wanting to use his own body as a plank to save Nan Gong Mo and Xiao Su Su. There was only one thought in his mind, he absolutely can not let Su Qi Qi disappear before him once again.

“Xiao Little Miss….” Lei Yu Feng blurted out, he also jumped after Mo Wen Chen: “Mo Wen Chen, you’re crazy!”

Chapter 165 – Escape danger

The two meters deep trap below was covered in half meter high arrows, flashing in the bright sun. As long as one falls, death was unavoidable. Xiao Su Su’s hands tightly grasp on Nan Gong Mo’s clothes, while Nan Gong Mo tried to use his internal force to speed their falling speed, suddenly he used his own body to do a 180 degrees turn, placing Xiao Su Su in his arm and straighten his body flat. With these actions, Xiao Su Su knew he wanted to sacrificed himself to save her. Tightening her grasp on his clothes she pleaded with her voice trembling: “Nan Gong Mo, you don’t have to do this!”

Nan Gong Mo didn’t utter a word, he just wanted to take this last moment to take a proper look at Xiao Su Su, he wanted to remember her every feature and composure, in his next life, he doesn’t want to be Nan Gong Mo, he wants to be someone worthy of loving her. Closing his eyes he wanted to remember this unforgettable woman.

Having Nan Gong Mo sacrificed himself for her was enough to make Xiao Su Su’s heart to flutter, now with Mo Wen Chen and Lei Yu Feng also jumping down, she wondered to herself what she has done in her previous life to receive such blessing. Suddenly her mind flashed a brilliant idea, at the crucial moment Xiao Su Su shouted: “Nan Gong Mo use your sword to support yourself!”

This sentence, to remind everyone the long sword had enough strength to support their weight before trying to make their escape out of here. Mo Wen Chen, Lei Yu Feng and Nan Gong Mo all threw their swords arriving at the bottom supporting them.

Bai Li Mo who stood above, was covered in sweat trying to think of wait to save Xiao Su Su. As long as he saves Xiao Su Su, the remaining three will easily use their internal energy to come up.

Suddenly he remembered the wild silk yarn that they discovered early on: “Xiao Little Miss, use the wild silk yarn!”

Understanding Bai Li Mo’s intentions, Xiao Su Su’s pondered for a moment trying to think of the most effective way to throw it up above since she doesn’t have any martial art skills. In the end she’s decides to use the golden needles within her sleeves. Tying the wild silk yarn to the golden needle before accurately aiming it towards Bai Li Mo’s robes.

Upon seeing the golden needles flying through the robes and Bai Li Mo grabbing a good hold of it, very quickly Xiao Su Su tied the wild silk yarn to her waist as she watched Bai Li Mo pull on the other end. With the help of Nan Gong Mo’s push, Xiao Su Su leg finally touched the ground firmly. Not long after Lei Yu Feng, Mo Wen Chen and Nan Gong  soared into the sky and landed on the ground.

“Thank you Gentlemen Nan Gong.” Xiao Su Su faintly smile, from Nan Gong Mo’s actions she also understand his affections towards her. However, she can not give him false hopes.

“Miss Xiao is too polite,” Nan Gong Mo also didn’t know what to say, he knew in this lifetime he can only be her guardian and nothing more.

Mo Wen Chen looking straight at Xiao Su Su with a calm expression while carefully check to see if she wasn’t injured as he expressed his concerns: “Are you alright?” 

“All right.” Xiao Su Su also restored her indifference expression as she gently nodded. She is not a heartless person, all Mo Wen Chen have done of her, she could see it with her own eyes, but she couldn’t help but still hold deep hatred for this man who abandoned her.

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