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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 166 – 171 Summaries

Hello fellow readers! I’m on the roll! Surprise I’m back so soon with another update for this novel! Happy early valentines day to everyone, here’s my early gift to you guys. ❤

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Chapter 166 – Qi Men Dun Jia [1]

Even though Bai Li Mo didn’t say anything, however he was not happy with Nan Gong Mo’s self-sacrifice actions. As for Xiao Su Su’s indifference response, Mo Wen Chen expected this, thus he also didn’t say much. They continued to go forward, since they have triggered the traps.. a perfect path have been laid out.

After almost facing death, everyone in their hearts knew that this Sky Palace formation was not simple and the journey towards becoming a high priest was not an easy road. As everyone was mist in their own thoughts Lei Yu Feng suddenly shouted again: “There’s a trap!” 

However it was too late, he has step and triggered the trap, the bamboo around him instantly cracked and fell, thin strips of bamboo pieces directly flew towards the five of them.

“Qi Men Dun Jia!” Mo Wen Chen mercilessly shouted and frowned as he raised his sword to counter the flying bamboos: “Don’t walk aimlessly, we have to follow the Qi Men Dun Jia formation. Xiao Little Miss, do you have knowledge of it?”

In fact, Mo Wen Chen have some understanding in this area since he have studied parts of the Qi Men Dun Jia formation among the war strategy he must know, however the full extent he can only rely on Xiao Su Su.

“I know a little.” Xiao Su Su nodded, while observing how the bamboo’s fell where Lei Yu Feng was standing.

Since the Qi Men Dun Jia formation uses the five elements and eight trigrams, they had to avoid these or else it’ll trigger the traps again: “We can try joining our forces together to try break the formation. In accordance with the five elements, we are position in the South where fire is, wood generates fire, southeast belongs to wood, so if we follow this direction it’ll be safe without any traps, however with the eight trigrams in play, this path is very dangerous…” Xiao Su Su paused for a bit and thought very carefully before continuing: “We have to take eight steps to the east.” 

Everyone listened very carefully and followed Xiao Su Su’s instruction without speaking, they knew the situation was very dangerous at the moment, one step will cause their death.

[1] Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) literally translate as the Mystical Door Hiding Technique; it is a the most advance strategy formulation technique in Ancient China. Together with Tai Yi (太乙) and Liu Ren (六壬), they form what we refer to as Three Style (三式). Qi Men Dun Jia uses a combination of several type of Chinese Metaphysics. It includes the Ying and Yang and Five Elements (阴阳五行), Eight Trigrams (八卦), Ten Heavenly Stems (十天干), Twelves Earthly Branches (十二地支), twenty-four Jie Qi (二十四节气) and Astrology (星相). It is known as the most advance computational method evolve from  I Ching (易经).

During the Zhou and Qin Dynasty, Qi Men Dun Jia is known as Yin Fu (阴符), during Wei and Han Dynasty is known as Liu Jia (六甲), from Jin to Song Dynasty it is known as Dun Jia (遁甲) and only in Ming and Qing Dynasty, it is refer to as Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲).

Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) is a combination of Qi Men (奇门) and Dun Jia (遁甲). Qi Men refer to the three officers and 6 Commanders and the eight gates. Dun Jia means hiding of Jia. Jia is the first heavenly stem and it is normally refer as the leader. In Ancient China, whenever a troop goes to battle, it is a common practice to conceal the location of the General leading the troop. Thus, the term Dun Jia effectively means to conceal the location of the General. Together, Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) means using the combination of eight gates, 3 officers and 6 Commanders to conceal the General so as to formulate the strategy to deploy troops within a time space dimension.

A Qi Men Dun Jia Chart is plot on a 3×3 square grids. The nine square grid is divided into eight palace with eight trigram (八宫八卦). Each palace represent a direction.

Within each palace, it consist of nine stars in the heaven plate (天盘), ten heavenly stem in the earth plate (地盘), eight gates in the man plate (人盘) and eight deities in the divine plate (神盘).

The interaction of each star, gate, heavenly stem and deity with the palaces are analyse to response to the type of question asked. Depending on the type of questions, each star, gate, heavenly stem or deity may represent certain symbols which is critical to the question.


Chapter 167 – Limitless Purple

Watching Mo Wen Chen and Xiao Su Su worked together to free him, Lei Yu Feng never have felt so useless, it was always him saving others, having the role reserved made him feel very uncomfortable.

Xiao Su Su’s forehead was covered in sweats as she carefully calculated each step to guide the group out of the Qi Men Dun Jia. There was one more step before they safely leave the purple bamboo forest when another one of the guardians of Mt. Hengsan appeared, a purple bamboo spirit.

The four men all took out their swords and charged towards the spirit, very swiftly the spirit twisted its body and dodge the three sword attacks, however the Xuan Yuan sword thrust right brought it. Xiao Su Su calmly observed and saw that the Xuan Yuan sword went right through the spirit without the slightest scars. She originally thought it could be a thousand-year bamboo spirit, but since its not afraid of the Xuan Yuan sword, Xiao Su Su concluded he must be a human, she didn’t know a human can also be a guardian of Mt. Hengsan. The young man had very handsome appearance, no older than fifteen or sixteen years old.

“The Xuan Yuan sword is indeed a treasured item, even Lei Jia Bao has the intention of obtaining Yue Lian Gong.” The bamboo spirit spoke and it’s moon crescent-shaped eyes curved into a smile. Turning towards Mo Wen Chen he started to attack, both of their two palm met and created a loud “bang”, Mo Wen Chen’s body flew behind Xiao Su Su before stabilizing his body from the fall.

Chapter 168 – Making things hard

The young man also fell several meters back, trembling his thin lips pursed as his complexion paled. Suddenly the bamboos within the forest moved, Xiao Su Su’s expression changed, they were one step away from escaping this place, thinking now she has to recalculate their steps all over again, her heart-felt dishearten.

“Quickly get out of here.” Mo Wen Chen shouted and rapidly pulled Xiao Su Su by the hand and ran for the exit, they didn’t have any more time nor energy to recalculate, they can’t be trap within this forest any longer.

“You little thieves! Don’t leave!” The young man shouted trying to catch up with the group.

Mo Wen Chen continuously ran without looking back as the others followed quickly. Xiao Su Su let out a breath of relief when the exit came within her vision: “Exit!” 

The young man stood in one place trying to catch his breath as he pointed to Bai Li Mo: “Leave.” Then pointing to Xiao Su Su: “And you, little girl, let this old fellow teach you how to be courteous to the old. The rest of you its best not to intervene, this matter has nothing to do with you, And Ding Bei Hou Wang Ye, although your martial art skill is more powerful than mine but I’m not afraid of you.” 

Within Yue Lian Gong, even the high priest have to give him face. Having lived for many years, never had he been rudely insulted as Xiao Su Su that half demon has done (in the previous chapter Xiao Su Su said a few words to provoke this young man to attack first.) Upon taking a closer look at Xiao Su Su felt surprised that he has mistakenly taken her as a half demon: “I think I have lived too long that my brain have mistaken many things, I apologise for my mistake, you are indeed a human.”

Surprised by his comment, Xiao Su Su raised an eyebrow and said: “Oh my mistake also I originally thought you were a demon but a human.” 

“Little girl, hand over the deadly beads and the spirit of Yue Lian Gong, even if you manage to get out of here, you will not obtain the high priest position. Think carefully before making your decision.” The young man said.

“I see.” Xiao Su Su also understand the importance of the two item which is why is reluctant to hand them over.

Chapter 169 – Appear at any time

“I’m afraid to make elder disappointed.” Xiao Su Su sigh heavily while straight into the young man’s eyes without any fear.

“If that’s the case then forget.” Unexpectedly the young man laughed, his moon crescent like eyes curved.

Those present were shocked by how easily he let it go, even Xiao Su Su stared unbelievably at the young man, thinking his mood changes like the direction of the wind.

“Since you already broke out of the formation, I’ll let you go.” The young man said and turned to leave.

Xiao Su Su and Mo Wen Chen gave their thanks and was about to leave then the young man stop them again “Little girl, since you have so much fate with Yue Lian Gong, I’ll gift you this.” 

Staring down at the object within her hands, Xiao Su Su discovered it a bamboo flute, she didn’t speak, only stared at the young man with confusion.

“This will not intercept with your quest, it’s my private treasure.” The young man lightly explained, seeing Xiao Su Su not understanding his intentions.

“I’m not interested in the bamboo flute,” Xiao Su Su said wanting to hand back the item.

When the young man step forward and pushed the flute back into her palm and forced her hands to clasp tightly as he spoke very seriously: “Take it, when you’re in danger, regardless of where you are, as long as you blow on the flute, I will appear instantly to protect you.”

After he said this, he smiled and disappeared without a trace. Holding onto the bamboo flute, Xiao Su Su helplessly sigh, when the young man said “you” he spoke as if he knew who she really was while pointing to the jade pedant on her chest. Before she could say anything Mo Wen Chen spoke: “It appears that man knows your mother.” 

Xiao Su Su nodded and placed the bamboo flute into her sleeves.

Chapter 170 – Mermaid

Walking out of the bamboo forest, the crystal blue water welcome them and within the distance they would see Yue Lian Gong. Yue Lian Gong was like a shining pearl glowing in the night, a paradise on earth.

“If my guess is right, there should be supernatural powers supporting the palace.” Mo Wen Chen said looking ahead.

“Supernatural powers…” Xiao Su Su repeated and wondered. “How much power is needed in order to do this? What role does the high priest really play here?”

For a human being to practice for ten years, even then they may not have the power to spiritually protect this, let alone command human and demons.

“I think, the high priest position is only used to appease the Three Kingdoms.” Mo Wen Chen have considered this issue after viewing plenty of data on this issue. The high priest is a position only in name without much power, the guardians of Mt. Hengsan must have the real power.

Xiao Su Su’s thin lips tightly closed together, with a face of dissatisfaction, her main purpose is to allow herself to become stronger, even if the high priest is just a puppet, she still wants the position.

As they walk they come across a dark cave, a distinctive smell floated to their nose, which made Xiao Su Su frown. Nan Gong Mo lit up a touch as they entered the cave slowly.  The cave smelt water, their footpath had ankle height water filled with different variety of rare fishes. Red, blue and green all shone brightly within the dark cave. 

Xiao Su Su couldn’t help but take another glance, wanting to reach down and touch them when Mo Wen Chen walked in front and loudly shouted: “Don’t touch the fishes, it’s poisonous.”

The fishes were not afraid of them, and a large group of them swam up towards them. Lei Yu Feng sigh, while walking around the fishes: “The more beautiful a thing is the more frightening they are.”

Xiao Su Su silently nodded and agreed with Lei Yu Feng’s statement, Mo Wen Chen who’s very beautiful yet heartless and poisonous.

The cave was very long and dark, one could not see the opposite end, group after group of fishes swarm up, fortunately for them, a large number of stone were present for to them to step on.

“Carefully in front.” Xiao Su Su suddenly shouted in panic and accidentally knocked herself and Mo Wen Chen into the water. Very quickly Mo Wen Chen supported himself and Xiao Su Su out of the water. A blue mermaid stood before them, making Bai Li Mo, Nan Gong Mo and Lei Yu Feng to pull their swords out and thrust towards the mermaid. Being injured by three sword didn’t make her scream, within a few seconds the female mermaid vomit blood and died instantly.

And because they have killed one mermaid, it have angered the rest of the mermaid within the water.

Chapter 171 – Vomit Blood

Because they couldn’t see the Merman’s action the four men stood in front of Xiao Su Su to protect her. The initial fear Xiao Su Su had disappeared, staring unbelievably at the dead mermaid as the other fishes crazily swam towards them, presumably not afraid of death, even after witnessing the fate of one of their own.

Endless fishes hit the sword, these fishes were invisible until it touches blood did they become visible for the naked eye to see. The fish seems never-ending, the pile of dead fishes behind them increase.

Seeing those crazy fishes rushed, Xiao Su Su knew she couldn’t just stand there and watch so she took out the golden arrow within her sleeves and started to cut open the dead fishes and extracting their oil before spreading their oil on the dead bodies. Xiao Su Su continued this action before majority of the pile was covered in fish oil before shouting towards Mo Wen Chen: “Wang Ye.”

Mo Wen Chen, who has been busy fighting haven’t been paying attention to Xiao Su Su, retreating a few steps he shouted: “What is it?” 

“Light up the fishes.”

Seeing that Xiao Su Su have spread fish oil over the dead dishes, Mo Wen Chen instantly understood Xiao Su Su’s intention. His lip curved into a smile while nodding his head before shouting at the other three men. Lei Yu Feng, Bai Li Mo and Nan Gong Mo reactions were very fast, following Mo Wen Chen, very quickly they flicked the lit up dead fishes and aim towards the alive dishes. Piercing screams were heard, the group of fishes retreated while the five stood there silently watching the scene unfold.

Suddenly a clear female mermaid was heard: “A bunch of useless things.” 

Hearing this voice, Xiao Su Su felt extremely uncomfortable, in particular her chest felt very painful, before she knew it a burst of blood flowed out of her lips.

“Come out!” Mo Wen Chen shouted towards the voice before using his own internal forces to push back the remaining blood down her throat.

The woman angrily shouted: “Wang Ye really wanted to meet this small woman?” A crisp voice sounded again: “Then this small woman shall comply.” 

After the woman said this, she have appeared before them. The clothing on her body was very thin, one could faintly see her snow-white skin. Coupled with a face of charming and enchanting features, her slender eyebrows, oval face with pearl white teeth. On her wrist and ankle were rows of silver white chain with a chain of very small bells.

“Damn it!” Mo Wen Chen shouted at the women who dared to harm his woman.

The female mermaid smirked and said with a flirting voice: “Wang Ye is too rough, no wonder you awaken my fishes. Give me the girl, then let you past, otherwise I’ll have to bury you guys with my fishes.” 

After saying this, the woman also started to move, the bells on her wrist and ankle rattled, listening long enough caused one ear’s to bleed.

“Don’t listen.” Mo Wen Chen said while covering his ears. The bell rattles can confused one’s mind. Lei Yu Feng and Bai Li Mo also started to have cold sweat.

“Wang Ye don’t know the tenderness towards a woman, no wonder Su Qi Qi committed suicide by jumping off the cliff.” The female mermaid chuckled. This one sentence made Xiao Su Su who have been calm down by Mo Wen Chen internal force to spit out a mouthful of blood.

“Qi Qi!” Mo Wen Chen shouted as he once again tried to use his internal force to heal Xiao Su Su as his other hand trembled while holding the Xuan Yun sword.

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    1. The mermaid wants the Yue Lian spirit (which is the goldrn arrow and bow) and thr deadly beads. Both these items are in XSS’s hands and are possessions of Yue Lian Gong


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