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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Days of isolation with the President (3)

Due to insomnia, Du Lei Si woke up very late the next morning, when her two eyes opened it appeared like panda’s. However this national treasure look slightly malnutrition.

When she walked out of the room, her hair was dishevelled as she rubbed her eyes, while yawning, almost like a ghost she entered the bathroom.

In the bathroom, she brushed her teeth and washed her face before continuing the same ghost like fashion walked out of the bathroom.

Suddenly, she heard a chuckle startling her.

“Who’s there?” She looked around, and was throughly awakened from her semi-sleepwalking state when she came into contact with a pair of smiling eyes. She saw the President wearing casual clothing sitting in the study room by the desk, with a big slack of documents in front of him. The golden dawn shone through the illuminated glass from the windows, softly hitting the President’s face, neck and depicting wonderful silhouette.

Du Lei Si stared at him in daze.

“Come here.” Lian Jun waved at her, a bit like greeting a favoured pet.

Without waiting for her brain to react, Du Lei Si has involuntary taken a few steps forward.

“Help me pour a cup of coffee.”

“Oh……” Du Lei Si foolishly let out a sound, was about to turn around when she suddenly became alerted, “Why should I help you pour coffee ah?” How can the President dictate people as if accustomed others should oblige? The most terrible was that she almost obediently followed his dictation, as a knowledgable new era young women, this servility is absolutely intolerable!

Lian Jun raised his head, “Why you’re not following?”

“You want to drink coffee then pour it yourself, I will not pour it for you!” Du Lei Si replied firmly.

“Okay.” Lian Jun took the cup on the table, said to himself, “then you have to earn your own wages, I will not pay for it.”

What! With that said, reminding Du Lei Si the capitalists of the fifteen hundred wage going to waste.

“Let me do it!” She quickly snatched the cup from Lian Jun’s hands, and said with a flattering smile, “Oh …… I haven’t fully awaken, please excuse me, I’ll go make your coffee!” After she finished speaking, holding a cup she rushed to prepare the coffee like a mad dog.

After preparing the coffee, Du Lei Si rushed over and respectfully placed the cup in her hands on the President’s table, “Okay, please drink your coffee.”

Lian Jun lightly hum a sound and picked up the cup sipping the coffee, while continuing to look down at the document in his hands. As he read, he felt something was amiss, looked up to see Du Lei Si’s hopefully two eyes.

“Why are you still standing there for?” He asked.

Du Lei Si continues “That …… coffee, it is good?”

Lian Jun nodded: “Passable.”

“That …… then …… my wages also will be paid?”

So it turns out she’s still here for this reason, Lian Jun found it very amusing and said with a husky deep voice: “It depends on the rest of your performance.”

She still need to perform? Du Lei Su’s in high spirits, boldly patted her chest and said: “You can be rest assured! I am paid to mitigate another person’s calamity, as long as you need me  to do something, I will jump through hoops of fire and water for the sake of my duties.”

Lian Jun curved his lips into a smile: “Well, then I won’t be polite.”

Why does it sound a bit strange? Not having the time to think, a stack of papers have been placed in front of Du Lei Si, “Help me type up these documents into a file on the computer.”

Type these up? That’s a reporter’s strengths, Du Lei Si cheerfully took on the job, preparing to battle when Lian Jun suddenly stopped her.

“Is there anything else?” Du Lei Si turned around.

“I asked Jason …… to send over a few pieces of women’s clothing, go and change out of that shirt.” Heaven know she was just too happy about the fifteen hundred wage, that she literally attractively danced in front of him, compared to last night’s dim lightening, her jade white legs were completely exposed making her irresistible.

However Du Lei Si didn’t think too much, she felt that besides the addition wages the President gave her, he would even give out additional employee benefits! Where would you find such a great boss? It seems like a capitalists still have some warmth of humanity!

When Du Lei Si a happy, she’ll work like spilled blood chicken, especially enthusiastic, in a speed of light she have placed the proof read document before the President.

“Okay! Is there anything else to do?”

Regarding her quick actions, Lian Jun was slightly startled, this girl who usually appeared slow, as if she’s missing a rib, but when put to work was actually super efficient.

“There’s still two more, proofread it and see if there’s a need for correction.”

“Yes, sir!”

Du Lei Si then took the two contracts to the side to proofread, after a while she came back with the two contracts, “Reporting President, I have proofread the two contracts, there’s not much difference between the two, however…… I think these two contracts have a lot of mistakes.”

“Oh?” Lian Jun was a little surprised, “Where are the error’s?”

“Take a look ah!” Du Lei Si walked towards Lian Jun holding the contracts, pointing to the text on she contract, “here should be a full stop, not a comma. And here!” Her finger toward another paragraph, “A punctuation mark shouldn’t be used here, semicolon should be used, because between juxtaposed phrases are not separated by comma. Also here, the seal are built crooked ……”

When she finished each and one of her words and raised her head to find the President’s expression looked slighty weird.

“What?” She did say something wrong?

After a while, the President lightly said: “The things you said are all unrelated to the content and contracts, whether we change it or not, does not matter?”

“How does it not matter? The most important thing is the contract specifications, if such a contract even have such basic punctuation mistake, then what does it say the content of that specification inside there? And this seal, do you think it just covered the document? The whole seal of the contract represents the entire business, a good business is not crooked.” When she said this, her eyes shone brightly, it was firm and persistent.

After a sigh of relief she suddenly aware that something was wrong.

Why did the President look at her that way? As if there was something hidden within there, glazing right through her body, one couldn’t help but to be frightened.

Her heart-felt empty and the courage she had decreased greatly: “I’m….. I’m just talking nonsense… if you don’t want to change it, then…..”

“No!” Lian Jun interrupted her, “You’re right.”

Huh? It’s rare that the President would talk so nicely.

“Go and modify the contract again, change all that you think is wrong.”

Thus, Du Lei Si spent the entire morning modifying the documents until the afternoon came around. During the process she discovered that the President’s job isn’t easy as she thought, despite being quarantine, he still spent his time to work on the company’s matters, not once did he neglect his duties.

Her bad impression of the capitalist through this mutual discussion and work gradually changed.

However, what she didn’t realise was that person’s impression of her also quietly changing.

Revising the modified contract one more time, Lian Jun nodded with satisfaction: “Today, you have worked hard.”

For the President to suddenly compliment her, it made Du Lei Si flattered and slightly embarrassed: “It’s nothing, this is what I should do ……” Suddenly, she remembered, “then my wages …… ……”

“I will pay the usual wage.”

“Really?” Her eyes shone brightly, she couldn’t help but smile, her pure laughter instantly disperse the fatigue she felt from a full days of work, it also eased up Lian Jun’s heart.

He couldn’t help but ask: “For fifteen hundred dollars, is it really worth you being so happy?”

“Of course! This is my hard-earned money eh!” Du Lei Si still immersed in a bundle the joy, trying to recover.

“In fact, you may not have to work so hard for such money…”

There is such a good thing? Du Lei Si’s eyes wide open: “How ah?”

“For example……”

“What? What?”

The eager within Du Lei Si’s eyes made the President unable to contain his laughter.

That evening, once again Du Lei Si suffered from insomnia.

This time she could not understand what was the better method to earn money the President was referring to… no matter how hard she thought she couldn’t come up with the solution……

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  1. Cute!! He’s quite clearly captivated by her as well. Though she’s so naive – he’s going to have an uphill battle getting her to understand that he likes her what with his love of dropping cryptic hints. Thanks for the translation!! ❤

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