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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 172 – 176 Summaries

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Chapter 172 – Helper

“You are seeking death.” Mo Wen Chen said coldly, his glaze had an intention to kill, thrusting out the Xuan Yuan sword within his hands, while ever so gently using his internal force pushing Xiao Su Su to Lei Yu Feng: “Take good care of her.”

After Mo Wen Chen pass Xiao Su Su to Lei Yu Feng, he jumped out towards the female mermaid, the female mermaid complexion turned pale upon seeing the Xuan Yuan, her proud attitude along with her seductive smile disappeared without a trace.

Seeing Mo Wen Chen advances with the intention to kill, the female mermaid retreated feeling agitated, not daring to fight back. Even if she wanted to, she didn’t have the chance. The water was too shallow here, coupled with too many rocks it made her movements somewhat messy. Pointing towards Xiao Su Su, she said: “Wang Ye, you will regret it. You shouldn’t provoke that woman.” 

“And if Ben Wang must provoke?” At this moment, Mo Wen Chen just wanted to kill the woman in front of him to seek revenge for Xiao Su Su.

“You really don’t know what’s good for you, I’m advising the best thing for you. She took the Yue Lian spirit and the deadly bead. Palace master will not let her go, there won’t be a good ending if you follow her path.” The female mermaid desperately attempted to persuade Mo Wen Chen.

Listening to their conversation, Xiao Su Su also knew that all the hardships they were facing was due to the two items within her sleeves.

Seeing Xiao Su Su’s pale complexion, Lei Yu Feng’s heart ached seeing her this way, but he was too afraid to voice his concerns for her. Trying to take her pulse, he realise Mo Wen Chen have transferred a lot of his own internal force to heal her so her pulse was steady.

Watching Mo Wen Chen battle with the female mermaid, everyone present knew how strong her supernatural powers were and what dire position they were in.

“Enchantress!” Xiao Su Su suddenly shouted, while pulling out the golden bow within her sleeves: “If you want it, come and take it!” 

Lei Yu Feng was startled for a moment before he realised she was trying to distract the female mermaid so Mo Wen Chen would have the chance to attack and leave here as soon as possible.

Xiao Su Su’s tactic work, the moment the female mermaid turn her attention towards Xiao Su Su, Mo Wen Chen took the opportunity to strike the female mermaid on the shoulder, leaving deep bloodstains wounds. Unexpectedly faint white smoke rose from the blood.

“Ah.” The female mermaid let out a painful cry, while holding onto her injured arm, hastily retreating a few steps back, mercilessly stared at Xiao Su Su with hatred. She never thought Xiao Su Su could be so cunning, having guarding the place for over thousand of years, she never had the chance to leave. Now the golden opportunity is within sight, she really didn’t want to miss it.

Gritting her teeth, she slightly open her mouth and spit out a bead, the bead burst into the air when coming into contact with the air. A sound echoed in the whole cave, suddenly two women before them, one in blue, one in red.

“Lian Qian Miao, let us help you.” The woman in red said. Lian Qian Miao must be the name of the female mermaid, and these two in blue and red must be her discipline.

“Elder sister, forget it, young miss have been injured, if we don’t retreat immediately, her thousand years of cultivation will disappear.” The woman in blue said lightly.

The woman in red gave a cold hum and glance at Mo Wen Chen and the others: “You dare to disturb Mt. Hengsan and still dare to steal Mt. Zhen’s valuable treasure and even boldly injury our people, such bold fanatics. You humans are surely greedy.” 

Xiao Su Su: “Human beings are naturally greedy, with the chance to cultivable to immortal, it’ll bring out the worse in humans.”

The woman in red stared at Xiao Su Su appeared surprised: “So it is you.”

Chapter 173 – Golden Needle

“Turned out to be you.” The woman in red stared at Xiao Su Su for a long time before nodded to herself.

“Elder sister, how do you know her? She’s just an ordinary human being.” The woman in blue asked with a tone full of disdain as she swallowed a pearl and her complexion relaxed slightly while her arm healed itself, very quickly it appeared as if nothing happened.

In Yue Lian Gong, demon were not highly valued, they were still down upon by outsiders as well.

“This is impossible.” The woman in red once again carefully observe Xiao Su Su.

Knowing that the woman in red was staring at her without blinking, Xiao Su Su also raised her head to meet her eyes, full of pride and not one ounce of fear.

“Sister, you look more closely.” The woman in blue gently reminded her again.

“Perhaps I have made a mistake.” The woman in red shook her head and her expression changed: “Either you take the initiative to take out the items or do you want us three sister to take your body and the item to Palace Master?”

Xiao Su Su sneered and intimidatedly said: “Let’s see if you have the skills.”

Mo Wen Chen stood in front of Xiao Su Su and gave a very cold chuckle while pulling out the Xuan Yuan sword, the three demons all unconsciously took a step back after witnessing how strong his skills were. The three demons started to shake the bells on their ankle and wrist, creating more discomfort to those who heard rattle.

The four men with internal forces protect themselves, however Xiao Su Su who didn’t have any struggle slightly even with the three men’s internal forces trying to protect her. As Mo Wen Chen fought the sister’s head on with the Xuan Yuan sword, one of them used their silk hair as weapon flying towards him. The silk head tightly wrap around Mo Wen Chen’s head, covering it entirely.

Seeing the situation, Xiao Su Su panicked, breaking free from the men’s protection, she twisted her wrist and a dozen of golden needles flew towards the demon’s direction. After all the golden needles was used, she took out the golden arrow. Although she haven’t mastered the skills of using the golden bow, but she figured the technique would be slightly similar to using the golden needles.

Chapter 174 – Alienate one person from another

With Xiao Su Su’s help, Mo Wen Chen managed to break free from the female mermaid and instead have injured her more. Lian Qian Miao complexion was pale, using her beautiful and seductive eyes she stared straight at Mo Wen Chen, taking some gold beads from her sleeves she swallowed it. Upon seeing her actions, Mo Wen Chen moved his wrist and thrust the sword out, said with a cruel and ruthless voice: “Ben Wang said don’t move!”

Looking at Mo Wen Chen, Lian Qian Miao knew that he would not have mercy on her, if she move any more he will certainly hold back.

“Let go of elder sister, otherwise we’ll let you die without the burial ground.” The other mermaid desperately shouted, her tone was fierce.

“Who will die without the burial ground is still undecided.” Mo Wen Chen coldly sneered.

Xiao Su Su didn’t say anything, she quietly stood behind in the middle of the three men, protecting herself from the enemies.

“Little sister.” The mermaid in blue shouted, she also knew that they were in trouble: “We don’t necessarily need the deadly beads and Yue Lian spirit, the most important thing is elder sister’s life.”

That moment Lian Qian Miao’s complexion became more and more pale, the thick white mist around her body increase, she could feel her own strength escaping her body, bit by bit floating away: “You guys leave!” 

“Sister!” The mermaids shouted. blue and the thousand Miao dissatisfaction shouted.

The corner of Xiao Su Su’s lips curved into a smile, she quickly added: “Because of the Yue Lian spirit, your elder sister is going to lose her life, she have already slowly transformed back into her original form.” 

After seeing their elder sister almost vanishing they agreed to let Mo Wen Chen and the group to leave on the condition they leave the deadly dead by the entrance. As long as she consume the deadly bead her vitality will be restored.

Chapter 175 – Contradiction

The five of them quickly left the cave, the stream lead them to the path of the outside world, however not a fish was in sight. Since Xiao Su Su’s head was heavily injured, they decided to temporarily find a quiet place to rest and plan their next moves.

“I’m fine, let us walk faster.” Xiao Su Su didn’t want to delay their journey any longer, after all, their physical strength is limited, and the fact they haven’t had any food in while, their situation will only get worse.

Mo Wen Chen raised his hands and used more internal energy to heal her injuries.

“Little Miss Xiao, you don’t have to try to put on a brave front, you being like this will only drag us down.” Lei Yu Feng express his worries.

Hearing to Lei Yu Feng’s worries, Xiao Su Su’s face slightly blushed, her eyes briefly met his before turning away.

Seeing this, Lei Yu Feng felt his heart beating fast, he repeatedly told his chaotic heart to calm down, this woman belong to his brother. He still remember the first time when they met, how ruthless Hua Qian Zi was, how Su Qi Qi tolerate all the hardship and desperately tried to save Mo Wen Chen countless of times. Thinking of the past he can only hopelessly sigh.

Feeling that something was not right, Mo Wen Chen interrupted the awkward atmosphere by lightly adding: “Well, Yu Feng, Little Xiao Miss only have good intentions. It’s almost dark, we still need to find something to eat, or else once we set off again, even if we won’t die in the hands of our enemies, we would starve to death.” 

The four men set off to find food, while Xiao Su Su sat down and rested, it’s only when one is silent and not thinking of other things do they dwell on the past. Her heart felt pain but she knew Mo Wen Chen exhausted all of his internal forces to heal her, she knew he was wholeheartedly trying his best to protect her, yet she stubbornly couldn’t forget the past.

She was originally sitting alone with her eyes closed when she suddenly felt the awkward atmosphere.

“Hum” Mo Wen Chen lightly hum, he didn’t talk, he saw her changes from ease to coldness as soon as she heard his voice. Trying to break the ice, he spoke first: “How do you feel?”

“I’m fine now.” Xiao Su Su also faintly, giving him the cold shoulder.

“Your body cannot withstand this, if you want to safely arrive at Yue Lian Gong, we must rest for at least three days.” Mo Wen Chen said after careful consideration.

“What? So long?” Xiao Su Su’s eyebrows ceased into one place. She turned around and stare at him, she felt he was playing tricks on her. At this moment the sunsets, the sunlight reflect his clear water chestnut face, his features were like a beautiful moving painting against the equally beautiful Mt. Hengshan back drop. And those deep dark eyes, she was immersed in them, unable to pull away.

Feeling slightly uncomfortable from her intense glaze, Mo Wen Chen lowered his eyes and said: “Three days is too long, in fact I know my own body. I understand medicine….” 

Before Xiao Su Su could finished her sentence Mo Wen Chen interrupted her with a “I know.”

“Fine, we can find some food to feed our bodies, I will heal my own injuries.” Xiao Su Su said, inside she wanted Lei Yu Feng to quickly return, she no longer wanted to be alone with Mo Wen Chen, this person only made her feel helpless. She hated this feeling and was disappointed in herself.

“Perhaps you need some herbal medicine,” Mo Wen Chen said very seriously even though he was testing her.

This made Xiao Su Su speechless, she already wanted to avoid the topic of her identity, yet he continuously brought the topic up.

Chapter 176 – Small courtyard

Mo Wen Chen went searching for several herbs on the mountain for Xiao Su Su’s injures, if they wanted to quickly move along then they must treat her injuries as soon as possible. Fortunately, Xiao Su Su understood medicine so it wasn’t hard for them to identify them.

“Wen Chen…” Lei Yu Feng just came back from searching food and encounter Mo Wen Chen: “You left Little Xiao Miss alone?”

Gathering all the Chinese medical herbs, Mo Wen Chen nodded: “It’s okay, it’s very safe here, I left the Xuan Yuan sword with her.”

Lei Yu Feng slightly frown and shook his head: “I saw a few men before, they seem like they were searching the mountains.”

Mo Wen Chen didn’t speak, he stood up and straightened his back, turned around without the slightest hesitation and walk towards the direction Xiao Su Su was resting.

This left Lei Yu Feng speechless and subsequently caught up with Mo Wen Chen. The sun has settled, the last ray of light hit the old tree where Xiao Su Su once stood, however there was no sight of her.

“Xiao Su Su!” Mo Wen Chen loudly roared and as in a state of panic, he frantically searching for her, but only discovered a few pieces of shiny golden needle flickering in the light with no footprints. It appears their enemy had high martial arts skill to not leave any clues. One could see the murderous intent in Mo Wen Chen’s eyes.

“Little Miss Xiao, where are you?” Lei Yu Feng shouted as his heart trembled, a slight resentment for Mo Wen Chen rose up within. No sight of Xiao Su Su, only leaving behind the Xuan Yuan sword.

Taking the Xuan Yuan sword, Mo Wen Chen ran towards the direction Xiao Su Su left the golden needles, Bai Li Mo and Nan Gong Mo have just returned, judging by their panic expression, they could guess what has happened. They found that the people who took Xiao Su Su headed towards the direction of the fourth heavy door.

In a small courtyard, Xiao Su Su leisurely sat on the chair, her expression was calm yet disappointed, her big eyes looked around and sighed. The courtyard had a simple layout with a stone table and stone chair. She wasn’t tied up, but she wasn’t able to freely leave due to the surrounding deep water guarding the courtyard.

A handsome man with thin lips dressed in red robes and long hair stared at her while standing on the side, a fiery red light surrounded him. With his slender waist, if one viewed him from behind would definitely mistaken him as a woman.

Xiao Su Su walked around the courtyard once more, trying to determine how to escape this place, yet there was no boat or bridge, it was impossible for her to leave. As night settled in, several lanterns were lit in the yard. Xiao Su Su slowly made her way into the house, the layout was also very simple and plain, there was no decoration, only the necessary thing were present. However, in the northwest corner there was a guqin and a few books.

Picking up the books, one was about the Yue Lian spirit, another was about Yue Lian Gong itself and the last one was about the deadly bead. After skimming through the books, she found that the Yue Lian spirit was originally the Sheng Nu’s possessions and the Sheng Nu is Yue Lian Gong master’s daughter. Only she could control the Yue Lian spirit and golden arrow and bow, only she could open and see them, even the Yue Lian Gong master was unable to see such items.

And legend has it that the deadly bead was used to deal with demons, with one of the deadly bead mixed into her jade pendant, Xiao Su Su started to think of how all these information was related to her. No wonder her soul stop leaving her body once they mixed together. After a few hours of reading, Xiao Su Su finally decided to rest and just wait for Mo Wen Chen and others to rescue her.

“They should have taken her in the water.” Lei Yu Feng said with some doubts as he stared the scene before them. There was only endless sky and water. If their enemies didn’t go into the water, Lei Yu Feng had no other way to explain how they vanished into thin air.

Mo Wen Chen gently twisted his eyebrows, how were they to survive diving into the water without oxygen? He stared at the lake before and pondered, feeling frustrated and helpless trying to think of an idea. He can only hope Xiao Su Su is alive and well before they find her.

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