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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: It feels like drinking a glass of milk powder with melamine

In our years of life, the timeframe of seven days is very short, especially if it happens to fall in the golden week, its equivalent to letting out a fart, in a blink of an eye it would have vanished.

But for our poor actress Du Lei Si, it was an extremely tough seven days, every minute she was awake she suffered the President’s oppression, even when she was asleep, there was no exception.

When Du Lei Si dreamt an elated numbers of hundred-dollar bills, the President would suddenly fall from the sky, his slender fingers would stare at the hundred-dollar bills in her hands and say: “I want to deduct your wages!”

When Du Lei Si stared at the money in her tight grip, the hundred-dollar bills have all turned into one-dollar notes. With a gust of the wind the entire sky was filled with notes floating messy in the breeze.

Reaching out to seize the money, Du Lei Si accidentally fell down from the bed and woken from that horrible nightmare. But she would rather not wake up, because at least the President she dreamt about wasn’t real, and the one she saw while she’s awake was genuinely real, dripping with blood!

“What are you doing?” The President asked while crouched beside the bed, staring at Du Lei Si who fell and end up with a twisted face, the corner of his eye seems to contain a smile.

From Du Lei Si’s point of view, this smile was frightening.

“You… you wouldn’t be wanting to deduct my wages, right?” She blurt out.

“Who said I wanted to deduct your wages?”

Once Lian Jun asked this, Du Lei Si realized all long she has been dreaming, and quickly said, “No….nothing. I’m just casually asking.”

At first glance, there was a surprised expression on Lian Jun’s face, however it was overcome with interest: “You wouldn’t have dreamt that I deducted money from your wages, right?”

How could he see this? Du Lei Si reflectively nodded, then feeling it wasn’t right and immediately shook her head.

Sure enough, the President’s capitalists side was once again exposed: “Reportedly what you dream about at night reflects what you think about during the day, you wouldn’t be wanting me to increase your wages, right?”

At the mention of wages, Du Lei Si’s fragile little heart almost thump out as she quickly explained: “No! I didn’t dream about you deducting my wages! I… I dreamed you’ve given me a pay rise!” What you dream about at night reflects what you think about during the day, President will you be merciful and give me an increase pay rise please!

“Oh?” Lian Jun held his chin and nodded: “You have worked very hard these days, I am considering whether I should give you a pay rise.”

Really!? Du Lei Si’s eyes dilated, her dark dim eyes exudes a faint green glow like a yellow weasel.

“However…” The President suddenly changed the subject, “they say a dream and reality are reversed, it appears like we have to leave it at that.”

Clung Cling Clang——

A certain petrified person was broken in pieces.

President, when did you ever followed what others have said?


Since Du Lei Si was frightened so early in the morning, her mood was abnormally low, but her low mood all came to a naught when she saw the date on the electronic calendar.


What day of the week was it when they got isolated? Tuesday! Then…. would she be free tomorrow???

Suddenly, the fire in Du Lei Si’s heart was lit raging victory, the arduous seven days was finally coming to an end, the shining white one thousand five hundred pieces of silver dollar is finally reaching her pockets, spending continuous 24 hours with the President is finally concluding! This is kinda of sensation is so exciting!

People say that people in high spirits when a joyous occasion is involved, once Du Lei Si was happy, her undying fighting spirit returned.

“President, what needs to be done today?”

Documents, come at me! Contracts, come at me! Work, it’ll all be bombard by me!

“There’s no work today.”

“None?” Du Lei Si was in a daze, it was rare that the President would have a day he doesn’t work?

As she was wondering, she saw the President signalling his fingers at her.

Du Lei Si scuttled away, “President, what are your orders?”

“There’s no work, but there’s something else you need to do.”

“What’s is it?”

“Fix my boredom.”

“…” Du Lei Si was in silent for two seconds, “President, I’m an entertainer but I do not offer sexual services.”


“Sell! I’ll sell everything!”

So, during the seventh day of isolation, Du Lei Si who has been busy helping the President nearing to completion of the contract, also from a worker that didn’t offer sexual services transformed into a personal assistant that didn’t offer sexual services.

A personal assistant’s first job was to accompany the President to play cards.


“Can you be more serious?” Lian Jun said very dissatisfied while holding the cards within his hands.

President, injustice ah! Du Lei Si sounded like a tearful cattle, it’s not that she wasn’t playing cards seriously, it’s just that the President’s cards skills are too strong, winning every round, how can a mere shrimp like her endure this?

“You can’t be like this.” Lian Jun said, “How about this, if you win one round I’ll add one hundred dollars to your wage.”

(* o *)

Du Lei Si’s fatigue eyes suddenly shone brightly. Fortunately, she is not blinded by money, because very quickly she figured something was a miss from the President’s smiling eyes.

“You wouldn’t deduce one hundred dollars if I lose one round, right?”

“No.” Lian Jun shook his head, “I will only deduct fifty.”

“…. will it be all right if I don’t play?”

“Of course you can, but since you’re absent from work, I’ll be deducting one thousand and five hundred dollars.”


Therefore, gambling can kill a person! With so much toil Du Lei Si worked hard for six days, to make the one thousand and five hundred dollars. After thirty rounds of card games, she unexpectedly came to a total lost, she almost even lost her underwear! Life’s ups and downs made Du Lei Si tried to weep, but failed to shed a tear.

“President, you were just kidding right?” Du Lei Si asked energetically.

“Do I look like I’m kidding?”

It doesn’t appear so


“But.” Her pair of hands were rubbing on her clothing, “Didn’t you say that dreams are reversed? In fact, this morning, I dreamt you deduced my wages.”

“You believed in these sort of lies used to trick children?”


It feels like that drinking a cup of milk power mixed with melamine, who would have thought she would end up drinking such a chilling drink.

In fact, Du Lei Si wasn’t wrong for believing a child lie, she was just wrong in the believing that an capitalists would also have humanity, she should have known that a capitalist’s greatest pleasure was the toiling masses to drink one’s blood after eating their meat, before adding two kicks. and throwing you into the pit.

At this time, Du Lei Si did not know whether to laugh or cry, at least the President didn’t take her underwear back.

Suddenly, Lian Jun’s mobile phone rang.

“Hello?” He placed down the cards within his hand before standing up to answer the call, “The contract? Um, okay.”, “Tomorrow? No problem.”, “Is it? …”

Looking at the President suddenly restored his boss’s dignity, holding the phone with a serious expression, Du Lei Si couldn’t help but feel extremely frustrated.

Look! Look! What is a beast in human clothing? What is hypocritical? What is a refined rascal? There’s a living being standing before her!

She bet the person who called him didn’t know that the President was a capitalists, in fact, that person is thinking of ways to drain the last drop of her blood! For crying out loud, she lay in the pit after being thrown into a toiling mass.

Du Lei Si shook her head from side to side and whispered: “A pit of ten thousand corpses, a pit of ten thousand corpses…”

“What were you saying?” She didn’t know when, but Lian Jun has already stood before her, starting at her with interest.

“Nothing!” Du Lei Si busily waved, having the ability to understand him, she suddenly came to her senses, one thousand and five hundred-dollar was shinning in the light, she has nothing to fear. So she simply stood up, placing her hands on her hips and patted her chest, saying: “I said you’re ruthless and greedy!”

Regarding her sudden abnormality, Lian Jun was a bit surprised, but his eyes immediately over came with another layer of meaning: “You’re saying this, but where have I’ve been ruthless and greedy?”

Suffering his stares, Du Lei Si began to feel guilty, but once she thought of the millions of compatriots buried in a pit. She confidently said: “You knew I couldn’t play cards, yet you insisted on me playing, you also use the identity of the President to deduce my wages, you doing this is simply… being a bastard!”

Bastard, bastard… son of a bitch!

After repeating these two words in her mind, Du Lei Si began secretly scold herself: Du Lei Si you idiot! How dare you scold the President as a bastard, you really want to be scrambled like an egg?

Sure enough, the President’s eyes cast a layer of shadow over her: “Say it again.”

“I…” Du Lei Si tried to retreat backwards, her feet touched the sofa and her ass sat down on it.


“How come you’re not saying it?” Lian Jun leaned forward, his hands were on both sides of the sofa, her whole body was covered under his siege.

Such a powerful aura, Du Lei Si huddled in the sofa, her mouth felt dry, her heart beat pumped rapidly before coming to a stop and she couldn’t move.

“Say it?” He leaned towards her, breathing on her face and his sharp eyes were like two arrows blazing down, making one unconsciously hold onto their breath.

Imminent in danger, just when Du Lei Si thought she wouldn’t escape death, the President’s leisurely voice came: “This asshole intended to give you a pay rise.”

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