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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 28

So I got a question for my BBPSAC readers, I wanted to know whether you guys would still like me to continue releasing updates for BBPSAC novel, despite the fact I’ll be going on hiatus after I wrap up the translation for ‘Can I Not Marry’? The reason I asked this is due to the fact some of you might feel discouraged to continue reading the development, since you won’t get to read more unless some kind soul is willing to pick up the project. Anyway, please kindly let me know your input, so I know whether to continue spending my time on BBPSAC, or dedicate my full attention on this novel to finish it off ASAP.

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Chapter 28: The President is angry

Increase! My! Wages!

When Du Lei Si heard these three words, it was as if she’s been injected with a strong stimulus, she was extremely excited.

Springing up from the sofa, her eyes shone with currencies, and instantly she started to flatter the certain someone: “Really? You want to give me a pay-rise? How much ah?”

Just the mention of money, all her anger have been diminished, however her type of money hungry personality wasn’t one bit annoying in Lian Jun’s eyes, instead he felt increasingly carefree, “How about I’ll add another zero at the end of the sum? What do you think?”

Merely saying these words have shaken Du Lei Si to the core, after a very long she was trembling: “That… is there’s a decimal point in front of that zero ah?”


“Then… there’s the RMB after the zero, right?” Please don’t say yen.

“Yes.” Lian Jun helplessly nodded.

“Can you please pinch me?”

Facing the mindless Du Lei Si, Lian Jun felt somewhat helpless: “You don’t believe me?”

Du Lei Si nodded and used her paws to clutch the President’s hand, then using it to mercilessly pinch her own face. When his hand touched her cheeks, she didn’t know why, unexpectedly her heart-felt some warmth.


After feeling the pain, Du Lei Si was happy.

Hey! It’s not a dream!

Why did the President want to increase her wage? In fact, the answer is within the phone call Jason made. A few minutes ago, Lian Enterprise and Mou Kuai company have signed a cooperation agreement after negotiating for over three months. And this contract was the exact contract Du Lei Si helped adjusted a few days ago, the contract can be signed so quickly Du Lei Si also has merit. In Lian Enterprise, their employees rewards and punishment system are always very clear, even temporary employees are entitled to these benefits.

So from a poor person living on one pair of underwear whilst suffering many hardships, Du Lei Si have transformed into a millionaire. This feeling is like mixing a cup of melamine milk and transforming it to a mixed protein powder of melatonin, how can she not be happy and excited?

“Fei Fei, I want to invite you out to dinner!” Du Lei Si said with much excitement while dancing around.

Zhu Yao Fei was in the middle of playing games, when she suddenly received a phone call causing her to be distracted and giving the boss the chance to cut her into pieces, she was so angry that shouted into the phone: “Du Lei Si, you have gather money? If you have enough money, quickly repay me the soda money!”

“You still thinking of that eight cent soda money? Don’t be so stingy!” Having money, her tone was certainly different, Du Lei Si lofty waved: “I’ll shout you to one hundred and eight barbecue buffet.”

“Forget it! You don’t even have much family wealth, yet you still want to shout me one hundred and eight barbecue buffet? What about these eighteen pieces of optional hot and spicy soup that you promised to shout five months ago?” Zhu Yao Fei angrily asked.

“Fei Fei, I’m not lying to you! I’ll invite you to dinner, you can even bring Xia Kun along.”

“What? Condom, you have suddenly become rich?” Xia Kun’s voice came through the speakers.

“You are a dead fox, you are condoms, you and your entire family are condoms” Du Lei Si angrily gnash her words, in this world only Zha Yao Fei that rascal can suppress Xia Kun the dead fox, this is the legend of one thing restraining another!

Just as the two of them were quarrelling across the phone, the President suddenly came into the room, his eyebrows had a hint of dissatisfaction: “What are you arguing about?”

Ever since this morning he mention giving her a pay rise, her mentality have been abnormal, even separated by a wall he could still hear her voice.

On the side, Xia Kun heard Lian Jun’s voice and playfully said: “Condom, why can I hear a man’s voice? Don’t tell me someone is finally willing to accept you the condom?”

The more he spoke the more outrageous it got, Du Lei Si angrily shouted into the phone: “Xia fox, go die!” then she angrily hung up the phone.

Lian Jun witness the entire thing and quietly asked: “Who were you on the phone with before?”

“A dead fox,” Du Lei Si said.

“A fox?”

“That’s right! Only a dead fox will show off one’s eloquence, once he sees me addresses me as condom, non-stop condom-ing. He doesn’t even think as a grown man appearing more beautiful than a woman is funky to death….” Because Du Lei Si was in a fit of anger, once she start complaining she didn’t know when to stop, when she finally realised that the President have witness how she acted the entire time, while Xia Kun at the other end of earth sneeze multiple times.

“Excuse me, I was so angry that I feel dizzy.” Du Lei Si said as she poke out her tongue, thinking that the President must be reluctant to hear her talk about such matters.

But Lian Jun didn’t say much regarding the matter, he only casually asked: “Your friend is a man?”

“Yes,” However, not only is Xia Fox appearance better than a woman, his mouth is also more poisonous than a woman!

“You guys have a good relationship?”

“Good my ass! Whoever wants to have a good relationship with him will have eight lifetimes of misfortune!” After Du Lei Si finished speaking, she glanced at the President, she felt that his expression seem slightly dark. Could it be she have spoken malicious remarks of others and form an impolite image of herself, thus degrading the President’s own image? It is no wonder a person such as the President who have since young received aristocratic education would certainly dislike a rogue female like her.

Du Lei Si thought, and added: “In fact, although his mouth is poisonousness to a certain extend. However his heart is not bad. At least… at least his appearance is still passable…”

Here, Du Lei Si racked her brains to think of Xia fox’s little bits of merits, she almost vomited blood. While on the other side, the President’s expression gradually became darker and darker as time passed.

“Don’t say any more!” Saying these words, the person is already gone, leaving Du Lei Si alone in the room completely confused.

The President is angry?

It appears that the President is angry, this resulted in Du Lei Si to carefully and comprehensively to observe.

Ever since Lian Jun left with a dark face, he never uttered another word, he sat alone on the sofa while silently watched TV, even when she pretended to approach, he didn’t utter another sentence, completely ignoring her.

This time, Du Lei Si was worried.

This is all thanks to her complacency, thinking of her million dollar wages was still in the President’s hand, why did she betray herself?

Once she thought of how she ill talk her friends in front of the President, she knew she completely disregard her image as the President’s wife, she completely exposed her ugly true side and dark mentality, Du Lei Si’s heart have much regret!

Curse all of Xia Kun’s future opportunities, even so it’ll be difficult for her to earn back the fifteen thousand pieces of silver that have fallen into the ocean.

Du Lei Si’s heart was anxious, this morning’s dream flashed before her eyes, countless of hundred-dollar bills that filled the sky was instantly turned into dancing one dollar notes. No! All those one hundred-dollar bills all turned into HD  simulated counterfeit money!

Du Lei Si was a froze into an ice spirit, from horror fantasy she returned to reality and the President sitting on the sofa, an antithetical couplet suddenly appeared in her mind——

A: Train her mind to be thick-skinned

B: Innumerable amount of money

C: There’s also her wages!

Inspired by the antithetical couplet, Du Lei Si regrouped her mentality and put on her thick skin before re-approaching: “President, are you thirsty?”


“If you’re not thirsty, then are you hungry?”


“If you’re not hungry… then how about I massage your shoulders for you?” After Du Lei Si said this, regardless of whether Lian Jun replied or not. She took off her slippers and climbed onto the sofa, using both of her claws she kneaded the President’s shoulders.

Her two claws knead knead, this skill was like wrapping dumplings, gentle and soft.

Such soft movements was like Mars crossing over the grassland, whatever she touched a certain part of the body was ready to erupt.

The President didn’t push her away, so there’s still hope of her receiving her wages, so Du Lei Si knead with more effort, while kneading she also asked: “Is it comfortable?”

Her voice was like a breeze blowing over the surface of the lake, causing ripples making his fingers unconsciously move.

“I also know how to unblock the gallbladder channels as well, would you like to try?” As she said this her two claws moved to Lian Jun’s arms, “This is called the pericardium meridian, Qian Tianchi[1], Tianquan[2], Qu Ze[3], Neiguan[4], Laogong[5] and Zhongchong[6]
point, it can supplement the blood flow.”

[1] 天池 Tianchi is the meridian point right on the chest. Further info about the massage technique: Link

[2] 天泉 Tianquan is the meridian point right near the armpit. Further info about the massage technique: Link

[3] 曲泽 Qu Ze is the meridian point on the inner elbow. Further info about the massage technique: Link

[4] 内关 Neiguan is the meridian point above the wrist. It is the Luo-Connecting Point and main point for stopping vomiting and hiccup, and treating arrhythmia. Further info about the massage technique: Link

[5] 劳宫 Laogong is the meridian point located at the region of the palm where the tip of the middle finger is reached with the fist clenched. Further info about the massage technique: Link

[6] 中冲 Zhongchong is the meridian point located in the centre of the tip of the middle finger. Further info about the massage technique: Link

With her index finger kneading throughout his entire body, little sparks were seen spreading, it aroused the prairie fire.

On the side, Du Lei Si continued to show off her knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine.

“This is the Shenmen[7] located on the wrist side, if you massage it every few days, it can treat insomnia. Oh… why is your hand so hot ah?”

[7] 神门 Shenmen is the meridian point located at the ulnar end of the transverse crease of the wrist. Further info about the massage technique: Link

Suddenly, his hands twist her flexible palm and tightly wrapped her hand.

Du Lei Si was startled: “President, you also want to try it? That… here is the Shenmen point. Why are you kneading my entire hand ah!”

Her sentence wasn’t finished when Lian Jun suddenly gently tug the defenseless Du Lei Si into his arms.

“I want to give it a try.” His voice was hoarse, it wasn’t serious like the past, it has a unique charm, gently blowing down on her heart causing her entire ear to turn red.

“What… are you saying…? This is not a meridian point!” The scorching hand within her clothing abruptly froze upon hearing her voice.

This time, Du Lei Si with such low EQ also know what will happen next, his lips have been affixed to her neck, gently stroking it bit by bit.

In an instant, an electric current passes through her body.

“Wait a minute!”

“What?” Lian Jun stopped appearing very unhappy.

“I…” Her eyes were twinkling, “I haven’t had a bath…” My God! Even this does not happen during a TV drama.

“What are you shivering?” Lian Jun raised his eyebrows, “I’ll accompany you to wash….”

“No need!”

“Then let’s grasp on the time.”

The two buttons on her chest were unbuttoned.

“Wait a minute!”

“And what do you want now?”

“I… I think… it’s not a good idea to do it on the sofa.”

“Okay.” Lian Jun embrace her up.

Suddenly being lifted in the air frightened Du Lei Si: “What are you doing ah?”

“Didn’t you say it’s not good on the sofa? Then let’s go to the bed” Once he finished saying this, he carried her into the room and placed her on the bed, then using his entire body to pressed down on her.

“Wait a minute!”

“What are you doing now?”

“I…. I’m not ready yet.”

“It’s okay, we can prepare together.”

“Don’t! Wait——”

Her voice disappeared as his tongues fused with hers.

What was the online quote again? A man always has a way to shut a woman up.

No, not this sentence, there’s another sentence!

That’s right, when a man gift a woman clothing, it’s so he can personally take it off.

Then obviously, a man gifting a woman lingerie, of course it is to…..

Perhaps, the couplet should be changed.

On the seventh day of free accommodation isolation a woman have lost her virginity.

Hahaha so the President finally have eaten Du du’s soft silky tofu. XD

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