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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 29

Thank you for everyone’s response, considering the majority of you wanted me to finish ‘Can I Not Marry’ first, I’ll full steam ahead with the translation of this novel. And as for ‘Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort’ unfortunately I haven’t had the time to read the entire novel yet, so my plan is to marathon the novel once I wrap up the translation for ‘CINM’.

I know many of BBPSAC readers want closure to the novel, so what I have decided is doing short short summaries of the major things that happen every 100 chapters, and snippets of scenes which I feel will benefit you to understand the development more. As for the ending I did read the last chapter when it came out one or two years ago. As many of you know XSS and MWC is the end game, they unite the kingdoms and rules as Emperor and Empress with a few offsprings. For the full ending, I can only present it to you once I reach there.

I can’t promise anything since I’m not sure how much my workload will be with helping my mother-in-law take care of granny when she works night shifts. You’ll most likely see updates of ‘BBPSAC’ pop up randomly, so please subscribe on the right hand side if you haven’t already, or pop by once in a while.

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Chapter 29: No idea where life is heading

Generally in the romance novels, the day after the hero and heroine do the deed, it’ll definitely be a sunny morning, the female upon waking up will hear the sound of water rushing in the bathroom and just as she’s entertaining herself with all sorts of ideas, the male will walk out the bathroom with a bathrobe on as he stares at the female with tender and soft as water eyes while indulgently asks: “Does it still hurt?”

Then the female will blush with rosy cheeks and lowered her head as her heart races.

Upon seeing such scene will make the male unbearable and push the female onto the bed, incidentally he would reveal a thousand years of unchanged evil demonic smile: “You smell so good, I want to taste again….”

Then their lips will come into contact and the rest is history!

It’s written within romance novel as this, Du Lei Si also think so, so when she opened her eyes the bright sun shone through the windows, she acoustic sound of water running behind the doors, thus she became anxious and fretful.

Remembering the thrills of last night, her blood rose from the soles of feet rushing to the top of her head, Du Lei Si’s skin that was covered under the blanket began to heat up and redden.

In the past she always thought that the President was an acrimonious, harsh, overbearing and revengeful capitalists. After last night, she didn’t expect to discover that being acrimonious was merely a small case, at best he was only harsh to shrimps, while overbearing was within her calculations, however the President’s worst nature turned out to be—— rogue!

How could he push her onto the bed without her consent? That wasn’t enough, he even covered her mouth, cutting her off by licking her, once he was done with licking, he started to bite her, and then once he was done biting, he…..

No no! If she thinks of it any further she’ll suffer a nosebleed.

In fact, this wasn’t the thing that made Du Lei Si the most depressed, the thing that made her most depressed was that after having the patronizing President eat her clean and dry, unexpectedly she didn’t even get to eat one ounce of the President’s tofu, let alone able to see the legend strawberry birthmark of his!

Oh! What a pity! Oh! What a pity!

As she’s grieving, there was a voice crying out within her heart: Such tragic things absolutely can not happen again!

So, Du Lei Si decided before the President finish taking a shower she would leave as soon as possible!

Wrapping herself up in the bed quilt, she quickly out of bed, her eyes searched with the remains of their clothing besides the bed, scattered buttons were seen, her face immediately redden.

The clothing the President to brought her were such poor quality, it can be convenient taken off!

Isn’t this rogue? It’s simply perverted!


Because the clothing from yesterday could no longer be worn, Du Lei Si can only helplessly jump around with the bed quilt tightly wrapped around herself as she tried to find other clothing. At this moment the sound within the bathroom disappeared, the President have finished taking a shower!

Du Lei Si was in a hurry so she couldn’t find her own clothes, without looking she easily pick up white business shirt hanging at the bed head, with the fastest speed she quickly put on, feeling quite embarrassed once she discovered what she was wearing.

This seems to be…. the President’s clothing.


After being eaten by that certain person for the entire night, upon waking still dare to wear that person’s clothing, isn’t this clearly asking that certain person: Do you eat me again?

Du Lei Si, why are you so stupid?!

Mercilessly scolding herself, Du Lei Si began to undress, in any case she didn’t want to contributed more to the President arrogancy of being a pervert!

Unfortunately, it was too late.

When the button of her shirt was undone half way the bathroom doors suddenly opened, Lian Jun appeared in the doorway wearing a bathrobe, his tall figure prevented the sunlight from shinning through the door, his lingering eyes tightly stared at her.

Du Lei Si froze on the spot.

Seeing her. He didn’t say anything. He just slowly walked in, until he stop in front of her, his tall figure covered her entire body, his burning eyes seemed like it wanted to guzzle her up, the corner of his eyes formed an indistinct smile causing one to unconsciously hold their breath.

Have a look! It’s exactly the same as written in romance novels, she’s going to get eaten once again! Eating her once might be an accident, however if he was to eat her once more, in this lifetime she wouldn’t be able to escape the President’s clutches!

Du Lei Si Du Lei Si, you read too many romance novels, it has all been in vain!

When Du Lei Si was desperately trying to think of a solution, Lian Jun suddenly raised his hand, his slender fingers held onto her left hand that failure to continue doing the buttons due to shock.

One button, two button, three button.


How come the President didn’t undo her buttons?

Not only did he not undone them, instead he helped her buttoned the shirt up one button at a time, after a while the entire shirt was done up to the collar, carefully covering up the shallow red marks that remained from last night.

Facing such development that didn’t go according to the general plot of a romance novel, Du Lei Si felt slightly ignorant.

Could it be because it was dark last night and the President vision wasn’t great, however now that its morning, his vision was bright and suddenly realised he didn’t eat silky white tofu, instead he has eaten a stinky one, so he regret it?

Once Du Lei Si thought of this, she suddenly became very angry.

Kao! Stinky tofu is still tofu!! In the market, stinky tofu is several times more expensive than white silky tofu! You don’t want to take responsibility? I don’t think so!

The wind was roaring, the horse is howling, Du Lei Si was about to rage and roar!

Just as she was about to explode, suddenly a voice that sounded more than angrier than her was heard.

“Why are you here?”

Du Lei Si was surprised, her raging anger was pressed down, once she looked outside she saw a small and exquisite figure, her mouth immediately dropped to an O shape.

Princess Hao!

Her apricot round big watery eyes glared at her with anger. Princess Hao was standing in the doorway wearing a pink Chinese cheongsam[1], the rabbit within her hands was almost pinched almost out of shape.

Behind her, Old Yu stood there with a smile: “Young master, madam, we have come to pick you up.”

No wonder the President help her get dressed, it appears Old Yu have come to get them out of jail. Fair enough he was here to get them, however why did he bring Xiao Zu Zhong as well? Seeing Princess Hao, Du Lei Si’s head increased two sizes, she vaguely felt something will happen.

Sure enough, the rabbit within Princess Hao’s hands was thrown to the ground, she quickly rushed over pointing and shouting at Du Lei Si: “How come you’re in my cousin’s room? You….what are you wearing?”

Du Lei Si was frightened, she couldn’t help but to hide behind Lian Jun.

Feeling the woman behind unconsciously showed her dependence in him, Lian Jun’s mood was extremely excellent.

“Princess.” A strong deep voice sounded out stopping Xiao Zu Zhong on her tracks.

“Cousin….” The little devil instantly changed back into being a little Princess, her big eyes had water droplets lingering, her voice was sweet and tender, completely knowing how to please others and making one cannot but adore her.

If Du Lei Si didn’t have a deep understanding of Xiao Zu Zhong’s nature, she would have thought she was seeing things.

“Cousin, why is she in your room?” Princess Hao asked in a small voice.

Lian Jun gently smile and replied in a soft tone: “Because she is your sister-in-law”

Such gentle voice made Du Lei Si unstable.

She had never seen the President pleasantly warm smile before, let alone heard him use such a gentle tone. Just when she thought she has a thorough understanding of his nature, within fraction of a second she felt he was so unfamiliar.

Her heart suddenly developed an astringent taste.

“She’s not! You guys obviously was going to have a divorce!” Princess Hao’s momentum was swift and fierce.

“Who told you we want a divorce?” Lian Jun’s tone instantly turned cold.

Princess Hao pointed to Du Lei Si: “It was her!”

“Not me, I didn’t.” Du Lei Si busily waved! She’s finished, if the President knew she made a vicious oath in front of Xiao Zu Zhong stating that if they don’t divorce then their future son will have no ass, she doesn’t know whether he’ll be so angry that he’ll vomit blood.

“You lie!” Princess Hao shouted, “That day you clearly promised me! You said if you guys don’t divorce….then…” Her mouth was completely covered by Du Lei Si’s hands.

“I was joking, don’t listen to her! Ha ha…. Ha ha ha….” She laughed with much guilt when Xiao Zu Zhong suddenly , mercilessly bite her, “ouch” immediately her hands loosen.

“Cousin, in front of me she said she would divorce you! I did not lie to you!”

As Princess Hao said this, she furiously glared at Du Lei Si: “You rascal, you even con young children! You don’t deserve to be with my cousin! The big bad wolf, the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf!”


Du Lei Si was speechless.

“Don’t say anymore.” Lian Jun suddenly interrupted Princess Hao’s accusations, his cold tone was extremely terrifying.

“Cousin.” Princess Hao suddenly tearfully said as if she has been wronged.

“I…” Du Lei Si was about to speak.

“How can you cry over such small matters?” Lian Jun leaned over, using his fingers to pinch the little brat’s face, his tone soften down, “let’s go home with cousin, okay?”

“That… I actually…” Du Lei Si continuously tried to interrupt them.

“Okay!” The little brat smiled happily, her curved eyes still had tears hanging there.

Du Lei Si: “In fact——”

“Old Yu, let’s go.” Lian Jun gave Old Yu a glance.

“Yes, young master!”

Princess Hao pulled Lian Jun’s hand, jumping up and down on the way out: “Oh yeah, let’s go home!”

Du Lei Si: “……”

So, let’s say student Du Lei Si who made improper remarks have been completely ignored by the President.

A romance novel that had s** one after another suddenly turned into a melodramatic soap opera of the cousin taking away the lovers while the female lead swallow the dog blood, one can only say that the stage life is really too broad ah!

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  1. Thank you suk3kii for another chapter so quickly. I hope it is manageable from your end at the moment. Stay healthy and strong always!

    It is so funny how the misunderstanding keeps happening between Lei Si and Lian Jun because of “Princess Hao”. Slow Lei Si never even realized that Lian Jun is slowly showing her how much he cares and love her… can’t wait to see the progress of this novel further.

    Once again, thank you for your effort and time in translating these for us. Have a wonderful day ahead.

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  4. Eh? I hate that child. But it really was her fault for promising such a stupid thing over nothing. And president is too moody. What’s wrong if she was sure that there will be a divorce someday when they were not even in love.

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      1. I agree. And sex happening without equal understanding is just physical. And their relationship cant just jump from zero to 10 just bec of a physical thing, relationships that last do not work that way.


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