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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 31

I’m on the roll, let’s see how many chapters I can push out before the week ends, perhaps we will reach half way point soon.

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Chapter 31: The President’s darling

When a certain aunty suddenly decides to visit, originally the first few days will be most the painful days of the month for a woman, usually these was Du Lei Si’s most enjoyable days. However, it wasn’t because there was Aunty Wu stewing her chicken with angelica every day to enrich her blood, and the most importantly the President didn’t allow her to move.

It should be that advertisement slogan: More dry, more comfortable, more at ease.

In fact, although Du Lei’s EQ is slightly low, however she didn’t read romance novel for nothing, ever since that soul-stirring night… the President have been particularly good to her.

Good to what extent you say?

Using this analogy, previously if she accidentally provoke the President, he would be unhappy. However now, if there was anything she was dissatisfied with she would complain a few words to Old Yu thus the President would accidentally hear this he would just smile and didn’t say anything further.

Not even, previously the President who always spoke to her with a straight face, she didn’t know when… but he started to constantly smile in front of her and this smile of his had no hidden conspiracies.

Here’s another example, previously the President never greeted her before leaving, now every morning he would say many sentences with her before leaving.

In short, the President wasn’t the same as he used to be.

But because of this, it has taken Du Lei Si by surprise.

Every time she encounter Lian Jun’s bottomless eyes, she couldn’t help but feel nervous. Upon seeing him lean over towards her, she couldn’t help but have the urge to avoid him. Even hearing his steady footsteps, her heart will involuntarily beat.

So after a few days, Du Lei Si who have slept good and drank heaps that she suffered from a nervous breakdown.

In order to heal her mental health, Du Lei Si decided to ask Baidu.

The problem is like this—— if someone is always very overbearing towards you, even when there’s nothing he would put on a face. Also forcing you to do things that you don’t want to do. But suddenly one day, he began to treat you very well, never angry towards you instead always smiling at you, but you’re not accustom to these, why is that?

Sign: “I’m annoyed, I’m bothered, I’m very superfluous and confused.”

After she posted this, a few hours later, a few people have replied the post.

I love the corner of the earth replied: “Foreign affairs shouldn’t be asked on Google, inner affairs shouldn’t be asked on Baidu, sexual affairs such as yours should ask Tianya! Sister, Tianya welcomes you!”

Du Lei Si: “Sexual, Sexual affair your head!”

I’m really is the real Wan Feng[1] another netizens replied: “This woman, your mind is really activate?”

[1] 万峰 Wan Feng is a famous Chinese TV host.

Du Lei Si: “If you’re Wan Feng, then I’m Han Qiaosheng[2]! Be careful I’ll kick you into the volley, my headbutt will kill you!”

[2] 韩乔生 Han Qiaosheng is a famous sports commentator from CCTV.

President Hou replied: “This is due to the radiation from the mobile phones, quickly buy our company’s phone sapphire mirror, it’s pure Italian designer art, filled with 99 Swarovski Crystal to ensure zero radiation. The price is only $999, if you forward it to twenty email, we’ll even offer a $300 discount, only $699!!! What? Still too expensive, we’ll even gift you a Bluetooth headset.”

Du Lei Si: “Boss, come have a bowl of cow internal noodles.”

Little Whip replied: “Needless to say, this kind of circumstance clearly state you have a tendency to abuse, admit it! In fact, you’re into SM!”

Du Lei Si: “……”

Like this, there was well over several dozen replied, Du Lei Si still couldn’t solve the unanswered questions within her heart. Just as she was ready to give, another reply came through.

Xian Zi Celestial: “In my view, the man is in love with you.”

When Du Lei Si saw this reply, it really shocked her, the President is in love with her? This…. How is this possible?

From a hardware point of view: The President has a quarter of Italian descent, oriental noble temperament and a sexy Westerners body. Let’s not mention his face, just his six abdominal muscle alone she had no idea to stop her nosebleed. While she on the other hand was bland in appearance, her figure was average, and her chest is mediocre. In short, every part of her was mediocre and average…. how could the President be satisfied with her appearance?

From a software point of view: There was no need to compare their family backgrounds, besides her dad constantly boosting about him being the forty-eighth generation descendant of Du Fu, her family didn’t have anything to bring to the table. Besides, in accordance with her dad’s algorithm, the President is likely to be the descendants of General Lian Po, as a result, her family didn’t have any advantages.

Then there’s education point of view, she’s only an undergraduate journalism, naturally she couldn’t compare to the President who have studied overseas.

While regarding personal abilities…

Well forget it, this is simply absurd and inviting humiliation upon herself.

After much deliberation, in the end Du Lei Si really couldn’t think of what point in her did the President took fancy in? It couldn’t be the President took fancy in her silly naiveness?

“Du Du, you are really too silly, too naive.” The words the President spoke months ago echoed in her ears, if he says it like this, then naturally she is too stupid?

Even though the last possibility has been ruled out, Du Lei Si still couldn’t come to terms that the President have fallen for her.

He would eat her, it should be because he has eaten too many white silky tofu and occasionally to wanted to change his taste so he ate a stinky tofu? Even though he is treating her very well now, but she’s afraid he’s only doing so because she’s still refreshing.

Such a thought suddenly made Du Lei Si’s heart feel tasteless while her chest felt stuffy, unbearable and uncomfortable.

She rolled out of bed and wore her slippers before wandering into the garden.

Due to her ‘aunty’s’ visit, the President wouldn’t even allow her to return to work, he also said that a women’s body is virtual during this time so she should stay at home. If every time a woman needed to take time off work due to their ‘aunty’ visiting, then there’s a possibility that a financial crises may arise for a period of time.

At noon, during summer the weather should be scorching hot. However, it just so happens these days a typhoon have swept the city, a few patches of rain resulted in a more comfortable weather.

When Du Lei Si walked out of the house, Xiao Fang was in the courtyard washing the cars while Aunty Wu took her grandson Liang Liang to play by the water fountain.

Upon seeing Du Lei Si coming out, Xiao Fang shivered: “Spare me Madame, don’t make me drive again!”

Speaking of this, Du Lei Si also felt really ashamed. The day she simply pulled Xiao Fang into a turmoil, causing the two of them to be stranded at the not chicken not duck village. Later, on her own she sat on a cow’s cart rushing to meet the President, leaving Xiao Fang to wait for assistance, it does seem slightly excessive.

But this can’t be entirely blame on her, if it wasn’t because the President inexplicably told her to pick him up from the airport then Xiao Fang also wouldn’t need to spend the afternoon in some remote village miserably surrounded by thirty something buffalos. In the end it was the President’s fault!

Du Lei Si smiled at Xiao Fang: “Xiao Fang, you be rest assured! The car towing fee I will ask the President to reimburse you.”

“Ah don’t!” Xiao Fang said anxiously, “Madame, you mustn’t tell the President that I drove you to the wrong place that day, if he knows, he’ll definitely fire me! I haven’t married yet!”

Du Lei Si was a little embarrassed: “In fact the President is not so unreasonable, right?”

“Madame, this is where you’re wrong, if it’s others the President at most would deduct my wages, however you’re different ah! You are the President’s wife, if he finds out that I almost lost you, then I’ll definitely lose my job.”

“I’m….different?” Du Lei Si found this unimaginable.

“Yes, that’s right!” Suddenly Aunty Wu came over and added, “Madame, you don’t know you’re our young master’s precious treasure?”

Precious treasure?

From what time did this happen?

Aunty Wu cleared her throat and started to ceaselessly speak: “Madame, do you still remember the first day you moved in? Was there any difference between the dishes then and now?”

Du Lei Si ignorantly asked: “What is the difference?”

“Didn’t you discover that the food was increasingly adjusted to your appetite?”

If you put it this way, Du Lei Si also felt this was indeed true so she nodded, “It seems so….”

“It’s not it appears so! It is certainly!” Aunty Wu waved her hands in the air, “From the first day you moved in, our young master commanded that I pay attention to your diet, stating that everyday I had to write down all the dishes like you, so you don’t have to eat dishes you’re not accustom to.”

Once Aunty Wu finished speaking, Du Lei Si was left stunned.

It turned out that…. the President is so attentive.

“There’s more! Have you noticed the pillows on your bed? That moment you arrived, you suddenly mentioned that the pillow was a little too firm and couldn’t get a goodnight sleep. The next day your pillow suddenly became soft? That’s also young master’s orders that we change them at once!”


Du Lei Si also thought back to that day, once she slept… she slept all the way until noon. The President was so angry that he questioned why she slept so late, she couldn’t find an excuse, so she simply said pillow was too firm and couldn’t drift off to sleep that evening. She didn’t think such a careless excuse, he would also remember….

She didn’t know why but her heart-felt warmth.

“And also when our young master sent little Princess away, she was making a tearful scene, pulling our young master’s sleeve refusing to go. But our young master knew you would be angry, so he simply asked Lao Fang to carry Princess to the car and sent her home.”

So like this, Du Lei Si sat in the courtyard, listening to Aunty Wu talk about the good things the President have done for her. After she finished to them all, Du Lei Si felt confused. Could it be she was really heartless to such extent? When there’s was such a good President besides her, yet unexpectedly she have been constantly wary of him….

Just as she was pondering, Aunty Wu has already finished her praises: “Madame, right now you are  our young master’s the most precious treasure!”

The President’s precious treasure? This gorgeous title coming on top of Du Lei Si’s head, she felt slightly dizzy for the entire evening.

In the evening, when the President returned.

Upon seeing Lian Jun, Du Lei Si felt embarrassed.

But Lian Jun didn’t care, he only said: “Go upstairs to change.”

Change clothes? Why? Du Lei Si stared at Lian Jun with a confused expression.

Seeing her doubts, Lian Jun lightly added: “Today, we’re going out to eat.”

Old Yu and Aunty Wu’s Little Theatre

Aunty Wu: “Old Yu, today I exaggerated and conned Madame, is it not very good?”

Old Yu: “Er…. the first few are always true, right?”

Aunty Wu: “But I just lied to Madame, saying because she does not like to eat spicy, so young master endured not eating spicy food to accommodate her, is it too exaggerated? In fact, young master hates eating spicy food even more than Madame.”

Old Yu: “This… Madame shouldn’t find out.”

Aunty Wu: I also told Madame, because she does not like drinking milk, so for a long time young master no longer drank his favorite milk during breakfast. When in actual fact, it is because young master who is allergic to milk.”

Old Yu: “….”

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  1. Wow~ Thankies for the fast updates!!! Oh, we’re not halfway yet? Somehow, I’m relieved. Heehee~ That means, there’s more to this story. I was afraid it will almost end now that Lian Jun seems to be in love with her.

    Wait, so when did he really fall in love with her? Could it be that he set her up and lied from the start about the divorce just to get her to agree on marriage?

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      1. @flayful + @indomnianoodles: Embarassing as it is to admit, I don’t recall when it’s explained in the novel… it’s been two years or more since I’ve last read the novel. Pretty much refreshing my memories as I translate this novel again

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      2. it might have been before he proposed to her as in chapter 1 at the end of the chapter it hinted that LJ smirking as he watched DLS run off after accepting the ring.


      3. Hahaha Hrmm let me speedily read through the remaining chapters after work to figure out whether it’d explain in the novel. Sorry I can’t give you an explanation right now

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  2. Thank you for the chapter. Nice to read about how everyone around her sharing information with LX about what LJ had done for her (although it is not all entirely true). I am also convinced that LJ really likes her now and truly care for her. LX is just a little slow and does not realized it yet. Hopefully this lovely couple is willing to admit their feelings soon. Once again, xie xie nie 😍😘

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