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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Rich people’s so called love

Although Du Lei Si was merely scrape by, however before being fired, she still had a paid job, she still had a credit card, she still had money to invite people out for dinner, sometimes she would go out with the young ones. Arguably, going out to have a meal wasn’t a big deal. However, the person who she’s going to have dinner with is someone she has never met within her twenty years of life—— The President!

Especially when Aunty Wu have exaggerated and added so many good things Lian Jun have done, Du Lei Si also felt tense and embarrassed.

In order to dress for the occasion, she went upstairs and change into a dress, and also relentlessly pulls out a pair of high heels, before striding with big steps downstairs.

At this time, Lian Jun have also changed his suit for a blue sweater, waiting by the door.

Upon seeing the President dressed like this, Du Lei Si was slightly ignorant.

Didn’t the drama on TV also play out this? The leading actor would wear a suit taking the leading actress to restaurant with a magician, then upon opening the restaurant’s menus a flock of birds will fly out, following behind the birds will be innumerable rows of zeros….

Wrong! Wrong! Completely wrong!

Life is not a like television, however sometimes it can be more shocking.

For example speaking of Du Lei Si. At this moment she is staring with astonishment at the two-wheel bike with her eyes wide open.

Since she married the President, it has been a long time since she has last seen one of these!


Du Lei Si rubbed her eyes and finally couldn’t help but ask: “Where…. where is your car?”

Lian Jun pointed to the bike on the side: “Isn’t it here?”

“…..” Du Lei Si was speechless, she didn’t think of the President would use such an interesting way to invite a person out for a meal, insisting on using a bike to experience life. Rich people’s like thrilling love!

Observing her surroundings, Du Lei Si also asked: “How come there’s only one?”

She didn’t expect the President to ask in return: “One isn’t enough?” This is clearly stating he wanted take her.

Once Du Lei Si heard this she felt that this thing was unreliable! The President always had a driver, plenty of luxury cars, fair enough if he was going drive her, to suddenly pull out a bike stating he wanted to take her in this…. who know him how many years it has been since he last rode a bicycle?

For her own life’s safety, Du Lei Si deliberately decided to refuse his offer.

“The way I see it, it’s better if we drive the car instead.”

“What? You don’t trust my skills?” Lian Jun asked sharply, seeing through her intentions.

“How can not believe it? Haha….  hahahaha…….” If anyone believing you would be stupid!

Even Du Lei Si was like this, however an arm always fails to beat the legs, in front of Lian Jun this leg, Du Lei Si was merely little fingers. So, even if her mind isn’t willing, in the end she still obediently got on the President’s car…. Wrong! The President’s bike!

Sitting behind the bike, Du Lei Si felt uneasy, she was afraid she’ll accidentally fall down, but she also didn’t dare to reach out to embrace Lian Jun’s waist, thus she only stretched out two of her claws, carefully clinging onto Lian Jun’s waist jeans.

As the speed accelerated, Du Lei Si virtually felt more tired than the President who was pedalling the bike.

Suddenly, Lian Jun said: “Hold on tight, there’s a downhill approaching.”

Before Du Lei Si could react, the bike jolted and sped down the slope.


The frighten Du Lei Si anxiously tried to tighten her grip on Lian Jun’s waist.

Speeding down the slope, the speed accelerated, the bike became slightly unstable, riding in an S shape pattern.

Du Lei Si was so scared that her heart almost jumped out of her throats, while trembling she asked: “You…. How long has it been since you last rode a bike?”

“Not long.” Lian Jun answered calmly, “About seven or eight years.”


“Be careful, there are road works up ahead.”

This time, Du Lei Si finally couldn’t resist, she tightly cling onto Lian Jun’s waist, she was so frightened that she closed her eyes.

There was a section of the road filled with broken little rocks, riding across the surface made bike rattle. Du Lei Si didn’t know whether it was psychological reaction, but she continued to embrace the President’s waist, her face was glued onto his back, her heart suddenly felt a sense of security and her nervous tension was so strain.

And because she had her eyes closed while tightly holding onto his waist, she also didn’t know when the road became to feel smooth once again. When slowly opened her eyes, as expected a smooth road appeared in her vision.

“Hu… I’m still alive!” Du Lei Si breathe a sigh of relief, having the intentions to loosen her embrace.

When suddenly, a pair of heated hands reached over, unexpectedly Lian Jun’s spare hand-held onto hers tightly preventing her from withdrawing.


Du Lei Si’s face is more red than the sunset on the horizon.

“You…. you let go,” She tried to struggle, but she was afraid of causing an accident, so she could only verbally protest.

However Lian Jun ignored her, using one of his hand gripping onto hers, while the other easily grasp the handle the handle. Wait! Du Lei Si was suddenly aware of something.

When they were coming down the slope, he was riding like a snake, why is that he could ride so steadily now with just one hand?

Needless to say, she’s been conned once again.


Because Lian Jun’s continued to hold her hands, Du Lei Si couldn’t loosen her grip, she had no other choice but to continuing embracing the President’s waist. They were very close, Du Lei Si can clearly hear a strong heartbeat… pump… pump…

This feeling was very warm, like the fresh wind blowing over the fresh summer rain, causing one to develop a sense of dependency.

“Madame, you are young master’s the most precious treasure.”

Aunty Wu’s words from the afternoon repeated in her ears, Du Lei Si suddenly felt that this man she was holding, perhaps she really can rely on for a lifetime….

While thinking in a daze thinking, the bike have come to a stop on the side of a stadium.

Then Lian Jun voice came through: “We have arrived, you still want to hold onto for a while?” One could hear the teasing tone in his voice.

Du Lei Si’s face blushed red, she immediately release her hands. Clearly he forced her to hold onto to him, yet in the end he still wanted to bit her in return. Beside being scheming, the President is also scoundrelly.

Straightening the creases on her skirts, Du Lei Si began to observe her surroundings: “We wouldn’t be eating here, right?”

“That’s right.” Lian Jun nodded, pointing his finger in the distance.

Following the direction of his finger, Du Lei Si sees a group of people sitting not far from the lawn, a number of barbecue utensils was placed around it. Before Du Lei Si understood what was going on, a group of people have been waved towards them: “Here! Here!”

“Let’s go.” Lian Jun said and walked towards those people.

“Oh….” Du Lei Si could only utter this reply and slowly followed behind.

Nearby, everyone have gathered around, a man in orange sweatshirt came over and affectionately hugged Lian Jun: “I haven’t seen you for a long time, Eric!”

Eric? Du Lei Si quietly watched on the side, that should be the President’s English name. Those who have studied aboard always love to give themselves a dashing English name, plainly indicating their well-educated!

“This is….” After the two greeted each other, the man dressed in orange sweatshirt finally noticed the timid Du Lei Si behind Lian Jun.

“Hello, I am Alice!”

After Du Lei Si finished speaking, Lian Jun gave her a glance and his glance meant: When did you refer yourself as Alice?

Du Lei Si also used the same glance to answer him: Socalizing in society who doesn’t give themselves an English name?


“Alice? How come I’ve never heard of you?” A woman wearing a low-cut halter top with three head (One neck and two hills on the chest) walked over, speaking in a poor tone.

Needless to say, a typical supporting actress.

Seeing this melodramatic scene for the first time, Du Lei Si was filled with excitement, she began search through he brain of the previous idol drama’s she has seen, to deal with this kind of woman what should she say?

Not waiting for her to come up with an idea, Lian Jun was one step ahead of her: “We recently got married.”

“……” Du Lei Si plaintively stared at the President at a glance, 555555[1] if you put it this way, what’s the point of acting after this ah?

[1] “555”, the number, in Chinese pronounces the same with “呜呜呜” which were used to portray sounds of a sad song in ancient Chinese prose. Today this word, “555”, is implemented to express a whimper instead of sad songs. For emphasis, people repeat it several times as “55555555” to indicate something that is really sad and would make people cry for a long time.

Sure enough, the big chest sister face turned green, no longer speaking.

Since the big chest sister didn’t speak, and the rest of the people suddenly surrounded them up, asked: “Eric! You got married?” “when ah?” “Quickly introduce your wife to us!”

Immediately, Du Lei Si who was unknown to the public suddenly became the centre of the attention, facing such a scene, she had difficult adapting to the situation.

Speaking of which, her wedding with the President was indeed particularly low-key. Lian Jun seems to only invite several important subordinates from his company, a small number of his relatives and friends, and on her side only her parents attended, she didn’t even invite her best friend, Zhu Yao Fei.

At that moment, Du Lei Si held onto the hold the less people who knew the better it was when they divorce. And the President should also think so. After all, he is an important person such unpleasant thing such as divorce doesn’t sound too great.

But now, the President took the initiative to introduce her to his friends, she didn’t know of his plans.

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  1. Such a sweet chapter. LJ is indeed so sweet and trying to show the slow ‘Alice’ how much she mean to him now 😍 and yet she only think about when they divorce. Making announcement of their marriage in public especially in front of his friends already indicate that he does not have intention to divorce her later. Hahaha to bring their relationship closer he actually ‘biked’ her to the gathering 😉 looking for the next chapter and hopefully there will not be any ‘3rd wheel’ trying to get in between them apart from Princess Hao. Thank you for the hard work in the translation of this c-novel

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    1. I agree. But, I can also understand her being uncertain about this relationship. If she she lets things flow as they come she may become the happiest woman on the planet. But if it is just a contract then she is screwed.But, looking at his efforts I think he is the genuine article. I love him>
      Thank you for this chapter update

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  2. “three heads (One neck and two hills the chest)”
    Hahahaha! Now I learned a new vocab/phrase. Can’t wait to use it. LOL.

    Seems like between these two, Lian Jun is surprisingly more romantic than Du Lei Si who watches too much TV. LOL.

    Thankies for the update~

    while the other easily grasp the handle the handle
    = “the handle” is doubled

    While thinking in a daze thinking
    = “thinking” is doubled

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