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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 33

Ahh we have finally made it to the half way mark of the novel YAY! And indomnianoodles & flayful I still haven’t had time to read through the rest of the novel, I’ll try to do it over the weekend when I take a break from translating, promise to give you an answer by next week LOL. I just figure you’ll rather read another translated chapter than having me use that time to read the novel myself.

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Chapter 33: Men! They always wants pride and self-esteem!

After a brief introduction, Du Lei Si finally knew who these people were.

It turns out these were Lian Jun’s friends from school, the one dressed in the orange sweatshirt who came over first is Huo Shao Kai. Then the one dressed in white shirt with glasses is Luo Jiang. Sitting together with Luo Jiang is Luo Hao, Luo Jiang’s younger twin brother.

In fact, there was nothing strange about twins, however this pair of twin’s girlfriends were also twins, one named Da Mi and the other named Xiao Mi which was really strange.

She was very suspicious of how the four people differentiate each other. (or should she say there’s no difference -_-|||)

Then there’s Huo Shao Kai who also brought along his sister Huo Yu Zhi, the big breasted sister who speak harshly, her name sounded very nice name.

In addition, Huo Yu Zhi also brought along a few friends, there were females and males. Du Lei Si couldn’t remember who was who.

Within this group of people, there were an individual that particularly attracted Du Lei Si’s attention, this person was wearing a sky blue shirt coupled with a narrow black and white striped tie, appearing very fashionable. He sat on the grass, not once coming into the conversation.

The only reason Du Lei Si will pay attention to this person, is purely because of his double peach blossom eyes, slightly squinting, appearing somewhat arbitrary, somewhat indolent, however ever since she arrived, not once did his eyes halt his stares.

Being continuously stared by such a pair of eyes made one feel a little uncomfortable.

“What is it?” Lian Jun detected there was something wrong with her and gently asked.

Du Lei Si regain her conscious and embarrassedly smiled: “Nothing.” It must be because she was frightened whilst riding the bike so she’s hallucinating, just one President willing to look her way was a miracle on its own, why would there be another person who also blindly and willing stare at her for that long?

She withdrew her thoughts and spun the chicken wing skewers within her hands, the chicken wings charcoal nicely on top of the fire, it seems to be very delicious.

Since coming out, Du Lei Si also haven’t eaten anything, upon seeing the chicken wings, she couldn’t help but lick her fingers, in her heart she silently sighed: Chicken wings, chicken wings, you are indeed a chicken wing!

Smiling, she picked up the chicken wings, just as she was preparing to go in for a bite, Lian Jun appeared from the corner of her eyes with a half-smile while staring at her. His eyes seemingly to carry a slightly meaning, his scattered dark eyes seems to be flashing a hint. He obviously took a fancy to her—— chicken wings!

Using his glaze to make her submit is really indeed the President’s style!

Du Lei Si reluctantly took off the chicken wing that almost reached her mouth, and then grabbing a bottle of chili powder, sprinkling a little before handing it over to Lian Jun: “Here you eat it.”

Looking at the chicken wing covered in chilli powder, Lian Jun slightly frowned, pushed her hands back: “You eat it instead.”

She already sprinkled chilli powder over it, how is she going to eat it now? “No, you eat it!” Du Lei Si said warmly and pushed the chicken wings back towards him.

“You eat it!”

“You eat it!”

“You eat it!”

“You eat it…..”

“You eat it.”


So like this, the two of them appeared to be doing Tai Chi pushing the roasted chicken wings here and there, at the every end they animatedly push the fragrant crispy fragile chicken wings until it turned cold.

At this moment, Du Lei Si became very angry.

The President used his meaningful glance to force the chicken wings out of her mouth, causing her to reluctantly part with her beloved chicken wings and respectfully offer it with both hands, however it just so happens he doesn’t want it anymore, making it appear as if she’s forcing it upon him.

Such actions, not only has he wronged her, more so he has wronged the chicken wing god, it’s really too much!

Summoning her courage, Du Lei Si loudly shouted: “You eat it!”

It would have been a happy and peaceful grassland barbecue party, however this shout of Du Lei Si have caused everyone present to stop chatting, staring straight at Du Lei Si.

At this moment, Du Lei Si was completely embarrassed.

What was the most important thing for a man? Self-esteem!

And what is more important than self-esteem, it is your self-esteem and pride in front of your brothers!

With so many friends present, she actually discarded his pride and yelled at him? This is simply asking for suicide! Once Du Lei Si’s fierce temper cooled down, she regain her senses and discovered that the President’s facial expression gradually changed, being very quick-witted, she used the most nauseating voice in her 20 years of living to speak: “Honey, don’t be polite with me! Eat well….”

Thunder in the sky, exploded mines on the ground. Without an exception, all those present develop goose bumps, even the cold chicken wings reided out it’s oil.

Lian Jun’s mouth twitched staring at the cold chicken wings covered in chilli power, he hesitated for a moment before slowly stretched out his hand.

“This chicken wing looks good.” After ‘he’ stretched out his hands he made his first step over towards Du Lei Si and took the chicken wings from her hands.

When Du Lei Si finally understood his actions, the chicken wings within her hands have entered the corners of his mouth, a pair of peach blossom eye slightly squinted seemingly enjoying it.

Du Lei Si have never been this nausea before.

Kao! To eat such an intoxicated cold chicken wing, this is definitely top graded!

Suddenly it was silent, those present weren’t accustom to such a scene, they all silly gawked at Lord Ji Pin eat the chicken wings, so under the watchful eyes others, Lord Ji Pin leisurely finished the chicken wings before licking his index finger and seductively smiled toward Du Lei Si: “Thank you, oh.”

That moment, Du Lei Si thought of Xia Kun, she couldn’t help but tearfully cry.

Xia Kun ah, I shouldn’t address you as a fox! In front of this guy, you’re simply a guinea pig!

“Xiao Yin, how can you not know how to act in such a situation ah?” Huo Shao Kai reacted with fastest speed, stationing himself in the middle of Du Lei Si, Lian Jun and Lord Ji Pin, “The young couple were flirting, what are you doing putting your foot in?”

So it turns out this Lord Ji Pin is called Xiao Yin.

Being pulled away by Huo Shao Kai, he wasn’t angry, Xiao Yin only winked at Du Lei Si before walking away.

Du Lei Si was stupefied, Lian Jun interrupted and unhappily coughed.

“Go roast me another chicken wing.”

Du Lei Si gave him a look: “Didn’t you say you didn’t want it?”

Lian Jun looked helpless: “In front of so many people my wifey wanted me to eat, how can I refuse?”


Because of the unexpected events, once again the topic of focus was Lian Jun and Du Lei Si.

“Eric, how did you and your wife met?” Luo Jiang asked.

“Yes! That’s right!” Da Mi added with an interested gossip expression.

Du Lei Si also erected her ears, she really would like to know how the President spread the lie, she didn’t expect the President’s odious has reached appalling proportions, he obviously thrown his problem and pointed his fingers towards her, “I’ll let Alice explain it to you guys.”

Du Lei Si tried to weep, but failed to shed a tear: She’s a reporter, she’ll only reported the true events!

“We… we met on the streets.” Du Lei Si said, and strive to recall that afternoon she and Lian Jun met, a shining diamond ring emerged in her head.

“You can also met on the streets?” Da Mi arrayingly sigh, “then how was the situation ah? Is it the legend of love at first sight?”

“You watch too many idol dramas!” On the side, Luo Jiang disclosed Da Mi’s secret.

At this time, Luo Hao suddenly interrupted: “What’s the use of asking how they met? Why don’t we ask Eric how he pursuit after Alice’s hand?!”

“Oh, how did he pursuit you?” Everyone was particularity interest on this point.

“This thing….” Du Lei Si was temporary speechless, she don’t know whether forcing one into marriage is considered pursuing? Because she couldn’t figure it out, she turn towards Lian Jun.

“It was her who pursuit me.” Lian Jun dismissively said this sentence.


Du Lei Si was completely embarrassed.

That moment, Du Lei Si finally understood the reason the President take her out was to satisfy his self-esteem as an outstanding man. To boost to his group of friends that she was the one who pursuit him!

Men! They always wants pride and self-esteem!

Du Lei Si thought back to this afternoon when Aunty Wu told her about the amount of good things Lian Jun did, and she felt it was time for her to repay the President. Besides, she’s just a little-unknown small character, she doesn’t need what self-esteem.

Staring at those who were all swept surprised, Du Lei Si nodded: “It was I, who pursue him!”

“However, Eric is very hard to get oh, how did you get capture him into your clutches?” Huo Shao Kai asked.

“In fact, it is not difficult, the most important thing is to have a thick skin.” After this, Du Lei Si’s head was filled with melodrama, she began to invent the amazing feat of her pursuing the President.


From obtaining his phone number on the streets to sending beloved breakfast to his company, to deliberately creating accounter with Lian Jun during morning runs. While in the evening, opportunistically wait on the road for his return home. In short all those methods were all prototypes from her written article reports that she wrote while she was still a reporter——《Confession of a stalker》


After her endless talk finished, everyone’s mouth has become a O shape.

After a moment of silence, someone asked: “So since you pursuit after Eric, you must really love him then?”

Since Du Lei Si was getting worked up, she might as well continue: “I took a liking towards him from the first moment I saw him, he is my precious treasure, my everything, the only one for me!” After saying that, she was very proudly looked at the President: See how much self-esteem and pride I’m giving you ah!

Lian Jun listened in silence, inadvertently curved his lips.

Suddenly, a voice suddenly yelled out: “So it turns out this is how one should pursuit, no wonder I pursuit for so long without success.”

Du Lei Si stood proudly on her reputation while Huo Yu Zhi thoughtfully lowered her head.

“Hey, what’s your mobile phone number? I’ll like your help in the future when I take fancy in someone!” Huo Yu Zhi very bluntly asked.

After this remark was spoken, many beauties found it was very reliable, they quickly surrounded Du Lei Si asking for a 《Pursues Taoist Scripture》, even Da Mi and Xiao Mi who had boyfriends couldn’t help but craned their necks to listen in.

That moment Du Lei Si was thoroughly speechless. No wonder she had no future when she was a reporter, it must be because everything she reported were all true events, no one was willing to read them ah!

So like this, from a silently nameless passerby Du Lei Si suddenly escalate into the most dramatic actress, a group of women stared at her with extremely worship eyes. Even after the President and Huo Shao Kai returned from a ball game, Du Lei Si’s center discussion circle also did not stop down.

In one night, her mouth was finally parched and tongue scorched. When that person finally proposed to return home, Du Lei Si was only left with half a body of breath.

Everyone left one after another, Du Lei Si also followed the President to retrieve his bike.

Just as they reached their parking spot, the two of them froze.

What happened to their bike?

“You stay and don’t leave, I’ll go have a look.” Lian Jun said.

Du Lei Si nodded, watched him leave.

Once Lian Jun left, a man suddenly jumped out and softly whispered into her ears: “What you have just said is a lie, isn’t it?”

Du Lei Si was surprised, she retreated a few steps back and turned around to see Xiao Yin.

“You…. What are you talking about?”

“I said, you just deceived them.” Xiao Yin crooked a smile and took a step closer towards her.

The air was filled with a dangerous atmosphere, Du Lei Si was filled with a guilty conscience, she continued to retreat: “What… what deceive others? I…. what I said is true.” She wasn’t careful and trip over the stones on the ground, her foot sprain and fell to the ground.

Her ass landed on a stone and she cried out in pain.

Hearing her voice, Lian Jun hurriedly ran over and discovered Du Lei Si have fallen to the ground, he frowned and asked: “How can you still fall from standing?”

“No, I didn’t! It’s because there was——” Du Lei Si said and froze in shock, apart from the surrounding, there’s wasn’t any other shadow?

She was not only determined that he wasn’t a fox, he must be a weasel.


“I really don’t understand what you’re trying to say.” Lian Jun let out a sigh and held out his hand. “Come on. The bike was stolen. I have already made a phone call to Lao Fang, in a while he will be here to pick us up at the intersection.”

Du Lei Si grabbed his hand as she tried to stand up she tried to explain: “Just then it was Xiao… Ah! It hurts, it hurts!” The painful expression on her face caused her to fiercely fall into Lian Jun’s arms.

There’s no doubt she sprained her ankle.

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