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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: A passer-by in a windy mess!

Holding the lunch Aunty Wu made, Du Lei Si sat in Lao Fang’s car, she hastily came to Lian Enterprise’s headquarters. When she got out of the car, she looked up at tall office buildings, the President is in one of these offices, this is the first time she truly felt the President is superior.

“Madame, why don’t I accompany you?” Lao Fang suggested.

“No, you go busy with the things you need to do.” She had her own intentions, she abruptly arriving at the President’s company without informing him, if the President is offended and appears displeased, it wouldn’t be good if he vents his anger on Lao Fang.

As for her?  She’s been a dead fish for more than twice.

Holding the lunch box, Du Lei Si entered the elevator, she pressed the floor level and just as the elevator door was about to slowly close, suddenly a hand stretched out: “Wait! Wait a minute!” Accompanied by the sound of anxiety, a shadow rushed in.

Seeing this person, Du Lei Si was severely startled.

This person stature was thin, he was dressed in pink shirt that was at least a few size bigger than him, the shirt was tucked into his pants, this made his black tailor suit appeared tight and bulging, he also wore a pair of shiny white pointy leather shoes! And the most horrible thing was that his pink shirt unexpectedly paired with a flower tie in dense pattern, Du Lei Si could distinguish the Doraemon, gourd doll, Garfield and even Fuwa[1]!

[1] 福娃 Fuwa: Beijing 2008 Olympics Mascot

The man rushed into the elevator, he opened his mouth and smile toward Du Lei, his two large white front teeth coupled with the golden sparkling gold-rimmed glasses emit and reflect radiance, Du Lei Si couldn’t help but feel like she was in a wind messy.

Due to the small glasses fashion sense being too strong, Du Lei Si intentionally or unintentionally glance over several times, she aim her eyesight at the elevator and wanted to leave, who would have thought the man was one step ahead of her, he hurriedly rushed out.

Strange, this shocking person wouldn’t also be looking for the President, right?

Du Lei Si who guessed correctly, this person indeed came to find Lian Jun!

Seeing he hurriedly rush over to the reception room and asked the secretary who was sitting at the front desk: “Miss, is President Lian in? I’ve come here to discuss some business with him.”

The poor secretary was in the middle of typing up a document, she raised her head was caught by his ravishing two front teeth and was completely stunned. Fortunately, her many years of professional training let her immediately recover and restore a smile: “Hello, do you have an appointment?”

‘Small glasses’ shook his head.

“I’m sorry! If you didn’t make an appointment then you cannot see the President.”

‘Small glasses’ can not be reconciled: “Miss, can you please accommodate and make an exception! I really have something very important, very important! It’s more important than life!”

“This….” The secretary appeared troubled, “If you don’t have an appointment, the President really can’t see you. Oh! …. how about this? Why don’t you wait a moment in the waiting room, when the President comes out, you can say a few words with him?”

On the side, Du Lei Si listened to their dialogue, her heart couldn’t help but feel remorse. This isn’t how it’s played out in drama’s, seeing the President required one make an appointment in advance before making arrangements to travel. Unlike her, who rushed here… the President most certainly wouldn’t have the time to see her, she might as well wait for him to come out and then give him the lunch.

Thinking of this, Du Lei Si sat down on the sofa and waited.

She haven’t sat long when ‘small glasses’ came over appearing frustrated.

“Alas! The current morals of the world, it’s very difficult for unknown people like us to see the President ah!” He sighed, suddenly stared at Du Lei Si and asked, “Are you also here to see President Lian?”

Du Lei Si gave an awkward smile and didn’t reply.

But ‘small glasses’ is different, he thought he has met a comrade and immediately converse with Du Lei Si: “Are you also here to seek sponsorship?”

Seek sponsorship? Du Lei Si shook her head.

“Oh you’re not….” The eyes behind the gold-rimmed glanced at the lunch box with Du Lei Si’s hands and suddenly said: “I know! You’re also an inventor?”

Du Lei Si was embarrassed. An inventor?

Not waiting for her to reply, ‘small glasses’ mysteriously came up and whispered: “I secretly tell you, in fact, I came here to convince President Lian to put investment in the mobile phone black box I wholeheartedly invented!”

Mobile phone black box?

Du Lei Si was confused and stunned: “What does it do?”

“Of course it’s useful! I can assure you, this mobile phone black box I created will become one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century!” ‘Small glasses’ vowed with assurance, seeing Du Lei Si still appearing puzzled, he simply pulled out a black bag from his pockets, a swarthy object appeared, swaying in front of Du Lei Si.

“You see! This is the mobile phone black box I’ve spent five years of research and development on! It only needs a little interface, it can connect with any phone, it’ll continuously back up new data on your phone, if your phone unfortunately was stolen, as long as this black box connected to another mobile phone, then it’ll transfer all your backup data to the new phone, it’s very convenient!” ‘Small glasses’ said while eagerly staring at Du Lei Si. “So? You think my invention is not bad, right?”

Du Lei Si appeared confused and stared at him for a long time, then she slowly said: “Then what if the thief steals your black box along with your phone, what do you do then?”


Immediately, ‘small glasses’ face had quite a few of black lines, his facial expression appeared as if he has been constipated for a whole week. “This high-tech stuff, you who isn’t within the field wouldn’t understand! I’ll explain to you the principle….” wala wala, he spoke until she saw spits of flying stars, Du Lei Si listened until her pair of eyes blurred, he still haven’t propose a solution if the black box were stolen.

That moment, Du Lei Si suddenly understood why the President was always so busy, it turns out every day he has to suffer such terrorist flesh bombs ah!

As ‘small glasses’ was endlessly bombing and chattering, Du Lei Si’s head quickly turned into a paste, unknowingly, two hours has passed.

The huge electronic clock on the wall shows that lunch time was approaching, however the President has yet to come out of his office. Could it be he still haven’t eat lunch, Du Lei Si couldn’t help but worry.

Suddenly, the reception room door opened, and in came a beauty wearing a flowy top.

In this world, there are different types of beauty, some are born with beauty, some possess extraordinary temporal beauty, some beauty were good at dressing themselves up…. all in all there were various types. But this beauty before Du Lei Si, she couldn’t help but sigh in her heart, such a hot body, not to mention a pretty face, more importantly the powerful aura when she walked in, one couldn’t help but glance at her a few more times.

The beauty walked to the secretary desk and confidently asked: “Is President Lian in?”

“It’s Miss Xia ah! President Lian have waited a long time for you, please come in, come in!”

So this like, the beauty was welcomed into the President’s office.

When the office door opened and closed, Du Lei Si faintly saw a familiar back figure standing by the window.

“Oh! This year, beauty is very popular!” On the side, ‘small glasses’ sigh.

“What… what are you saying?” Du Lei Si didn’t know why, but she felt muffled.

“Can’t you see ah?” ‘Small glasses’ contempt and stared at Du Lei Si, “that Miss is dressed up so beautifully, her body is also so good, one glance one can tell she has a special relationship with the President! Otherwise by her aggressive attitude, why would the secretary let her enter?” He said, let out a long sigh, “A brave hero will find it difficult to get past an outpost that is occupied by a beautiful woman ah! Perhaps President Lian’s wife is still waiting for him to return for dinner, yet he is here free and unfettered! Sad and pitiable… Aaahhhhhhhhhh! Hey, where are you going?”

Du Lei Si did not answer the small glasses, holding the lunch box, she absent-mindedly walked to the elevator.

When she reached the elevator entrance, the door opened.

“Madame?” Jason surprised voice appeared, “what are you doing here?”

Du Lei Si regain her conscious, her eyes flickered: “I… I come here to deliver lunch…”

“When did you came ah?” Jason looked at Du Lei Si holding the box in her bosom, “You wouldn’t have not gone in, right? Come on, I’ll take you in….”

“No!” Du Lei Si interrupted him, “I still have to do something. I’m leaving first! This…. here you take it, help me give it to him.” She hastily handed the lunch box over to Jason, and without turning around she rushed into the elevator.

Leaving Jason staring at the direction she left in confusion while holding onto the lunch box.

15, 14, 13….9, 8, 7….

The numbers on the elevator constantly lit up making Du Lei Si feel very anxious.

The President’s back figure standing in the office and the beauty’s figure constantly appeared in front of her, swaying until their two figures overlap together causing her chest to tighten.

This feeling was terrible!

However soon, her mood will be even worse.

Because, when Du Lei Si stumbled out of the elevator and exit the company’s big entrance, a certain person’s shadow stood in front of her.

A lazy playful voice rang in her ear: “Baby, don’t rush to leave ah!”

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