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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: A dead fish is stimulated into a big shark.

“Baby, don’t rush to leave ah!”

Hearing this voice, Du Lei Si  lifted her head and saw a familiar peach blossom eyes.

Xiao Yin!?

Upon seeing this person, the fire within Du Lei Si’s heart rose, if it wasn’t for this guy, she wouldn’t have suffer a fracture so badly!! He also caused her to have a plaster cast for such a long period of time, also causing the President misunderstand.

Once thinking of this, the grievances Du Lei Si held onto released, she firmly and ruthlessly glared at Xiao Yin while saying: “F*ck off!”

So it turns out, an angry small white rabbit will also bite, Xiao Yin didn’t expect this. The smile on his face smile instantly stiffen, but soon he recovered his usual frivolous character: “Baby, why are you so fierce?” He said as he made his way towards her side.

Du Lei Si ignored him, she turned around and headed out. The two of them were like an eagle trying to catch a chicken, one trying to escape while the other one block, after a while the other person still refuse to budge, Du Lei Si finally became irritated.

“If you continue to block my way, I start yelling you’re indecently assaulting me!”

“Baby, today your fire is very big ah, oh great!” Although saying so, Xiao Yin knew they were in a public place, if she make a scene it’ll be hard for him to clear up the misunderstanding, so he obediently moved to the side.

Even though Xiao Yin moved to the side, it didn’t mean he had the intentions of letting Du Lei Si leave, he leisurely walked in front of her until they reached outside of the company’s building.

Du Lei Si turned around and gritted her teeth as she spoke: “I warned you not to follow me!”

“How am I following you? It just happens we’re travelling towards the same path.” Xiao Yin swung his hands and had a vague look in his eyes, “Baby if you put it this way, are you trying to imply I’ll do something?” He said as he stretched out his hands to hold her chin.

“Piss off! I’m not in the mood to dawdle with you!” Du Lei Si did not hesitate to push-off his hand, right now she is extremely annoyed with this wildly arrogant man who enjoyed playing with other’s feelings!

“Don’t leave ah!” Xiao Yin stretched his arm and ceased her, “Sweetheart, if your mood is not good, why don’t I accompany you to drink and divert some of your boredom?”

“If you want to drink, drink yourself!” Du Lei Si unceremoniously glared at him, passing by the arm in front of her, she continued to walk.

It seems today this girl have consume explosives, Xiao Yin was briefly slow-witted and blank; on the contrary this increased his interest and he nimbly moved to the side, and the block her footpath once again: “Sweetheart, you really not going to give me any face ah?” He said appearing as if he has been hurt by her actions.

At this time, the anger in Du Lei Si’s heart has reached the outbreak of the critical point, an overcast appeared on her face as she coldly said: “I’ll count to three, if you’re still blocking my way, don’t blame me for being impolite! One…. two….”

“Hey, what are you doing?”

Suddenly a voice came making the two of them to turn their heads towards the direction it came from, Du Lei Si was surprised.

This…. isn’t this beauty the one who came to the President office?

“Xiao Yin, are you flirting with the woman?” The beauty disdainedly glanced at Xiao Yin.

“What? Where have I? I just want to ask Mrs. Lian to have a drink,” Xiao Yin replied with an innocent expression.

“Mrs. Lian?” The beauty was slightly taken back, her vision completely focused on Du Lei Si who was in an absence of state.

“Yes, she’s President Lian’s wife—— Alice!” Xiao Yin said also focusing this vision on Du Lei Si, his expression appeared grieved and wronged, “however Mrs. Lian refused to oblige, it’s merely having a few drinks together to develop some sentiment. Xia Xia, you say isn’t that right?”

“Don’t use your playboy tricks in front of me!” The beauty angrily stared Xiao Yin, then very naturally with poised she stretched out a hand towards Du Lei Si while saying: “Hello, my name is Xiao Xia, I’m this bastard’s younger sister!”

It turns out that she is Xiao Yin’s younger sister, Du Lei Si hesitated for a moment, before reaching out her hand to grip hers: “Hello.”

“Xiao Yin said you are Lian Jun’s wife?” The beauty said naturally as she bluntly looked at Du Lei Si.

To tell the truth, she has seen many mistress before, but she has never seen someone with the identity as a mistress to have such a powerful aura. For just a slight moment, Du Lei Si also doubted whether she has got the wrong person, she had no other choice but to awkwardly nod her head. For now, she should still be the President’s wife, right?

Seeing Du Lei Si nod in reply, Xiao Xia was also not polite as she said: “Since this is our first time meeting, I would invite you to have a glass of wine, consider as my gift for our first encounter.”

Du Lei Si stared at the beauty before her, her mind suddenly felt like she encounter the Feast at the Hong Gate, just when she wanted to reject the offer, the image of Lian Jun’s back figure standing in his office floated in her mind, she pleasantly cried.

Raising her head she stared straight at Xiao Xia: “Okay, I won’t be polite then!”

Xiao Yin drove the three of them to ‘A’ cities most famous entertainment district, reserving a compartment.

During this time Lian Jun called Du Lei Si numerous times, however she hesitated to answer, staring at Xiao Xia sitting opposite she was determined to ignore his calls.

You have made me wait more than two hours, only a ghost would answer your phone calls!

When the small white rabbit initiate ruthless, she’ll also disown all of her relatives and friends.

After arriving at the compartment, Xiao Xia ordered some red wine and also two bottles of white wine. Du Lei Si deliberately sweep a glance at price list, upon seeing the long string of numbers, she was furious! Thinking how she shamelessly sold condoms at the shopping mall she still wouldn’t be able to pay for half a bottle of these wines, however this mistress unexpectedly in front of her the legal wife have extravagantly spent her husband’s money, this is simply taking it too far!

Du Lei Si was furious, she decided to drink back all the wine’s money.

A few moments later, the wine came.

“Red or white?” Xiao Xia asked.

“White!” Du Lei Si very boldly replied only because it was obvious white wine was more expensive than red on the list.

Xiao Xia was temporarily stunned, then she used a tone which revealed her slight appreciation: “There are very few women who would drink white.”

That’s because they have not met such a high-profile mistress like you! Du Lei Si silently said in her heart.

“That’s because Alice is unusually different!” Xiao Yin suddenly interrupted, then he gracefully poured himself a cup of wine and ambiguously said. “Come on, baby! I’ll accompany you to drink white!”

Hearing this tone of voice, she felt a storm was brewing over the rivers and seas in her stomach.

“Ignore him, he is insane!” Xiao Xia angrily stare at Xiao Yin then she turn towards Du Lei Si and said, “I propose a toast to you! This is our first time meeting, please convenience me in the future.”

A revolt is rising! A mistress openly and righteously ask the legal wife to take good care of them in the future, when did the world come to this?

Du Lei Si stared at Xiao Xia for the longest time as if she was staring at an alien, finally she found it unbearable: “When did you and Lian Jun become acquaintance with each other?”

“We?” Xiao Xia was temporarily stunned, thinking for a long time before she said, “if consider our first time meeting then it should be during elementary school, is not it?” She asked Xiao Yin who was besides her.

Somehow Xiao Yin suddenly smile vanished while absent-mindedly hum a reply.

So it turns out she isn’t a mistress, they were childhood sweethearts! The fighting spirit Du Lei Si took much effort to summon up completely disappeared.

“At that time, dad often took us out to meet him, young child are ignorant, after a few times of meeting we became familiar with each other, now thinking back I find it so laughable.” Xiao Xia spoke as if she was partly talking to herself as she smiled and raised the glass to slip the wine.

Not only were they childhood sweethearts, they were betrothed before birth!

That moment, Du Lei Si thoroughly lose her will to fight, in the beginning she thought the other person was the mistress, somehow she have become the destructor, breaking up the childhood sweethearts instead, thus causing them to sneakily each other! Du Lei Si ah Du Lei Si, how could you be so stupid? How could a handsome and rich man like the President not having any female confidants before marriage?

Suddenly, Du Lei Si felt very depressed, she raised her glass, hastily took two big mouthfuls.

“In fact, I did not expect him to get married, when we were together, he always said he would not get married,” Xiao Xia said.

When they were together time…. Indeed as expected they would have a period of the past ah! So, Du Lei Si’s mood became even worse, and she took another two big mouthful of the wine, before she knew it the entire glass of wine have entered her belly.

“You’re alcohol tolerance is good!” Xiao Xia sweep her eyes at Du Lei Su’s empty glasses, “I admire a woman who can drink, especially when you’re born in my sort of environment, a lady’s identity even when one wants to do something they cannot hastily just do it, really meaningless! Come, let’s make a toast to you!”

If you put it this way, isn’t this indicating your intentions of becoming the legal wife? Du Lei Si felt suffocated and sulked the white wine.

So like this, the two of them drank one glass after, soon Xiao Xia could barely keep up, “Excuse me, I want to go to the bathroom.” She said, stumbled her way out.

Once Xiao Xia left, Xiao Yin saw his chance arrived.

“Darling, she’s not accompanying you to drink, I’ll accompany!”

At this time Du Lei Si who has been drinking a few glasses, stretched over her glass and sulked another.

Seeing that a cup of wine have been drunk, Xiao Yin’s mouth inadvertently curved. In fact, his orignal intentions was to get drunk Du Lei Si, when the dead fish turns into a salted fish, naturally she wouldn’t be able to jump out of his palm. However, he did not expect Du Lei Si drinking habits to be different to others, the more she drank the more sober she became, as she continued to drink, the dead fish have unwittingly evolved into a big sharks, and if you were unluckily she would mercilessly bite down.

This unlucky egg was naturally Xiao Yin himself.

Seeing Du Lei Si drink so much, and not speak much, Xiao Yin assumed she was drunk, so he deliberately moved closure to her side and softly said: “Baby, what is causing you to be unhappy today, why don’t you tell me about it?” After he said this he held out his hands to hook her shoulders.

Du Lei Si was still the middle drinking her wine so she didn’t have the time to take notice of him, in an instant Xiao Yin stood up.

Speaking of which, student Xiao Yin is also very unlucky, his deskmate from elementary school to the current white-collar elite, which woman have ever escaped his clutches? But it just so happens he met the Erratic Du Lei Si, trying to seduce her until now, she still didn’t give him a glance, could this is called a Playboy’s love is too heavy to bear ah?

His felt quite angry and simply said: “You’re so angry, isn’t because you’re eating my sister and Lian Jun’s vinegar?” In fact, he could detect this early on, seeing Du Lei Si battered out of her senses when she exit the elevator to the strange expression she had when she saw Xiao Xia, she didn’t even hesitate to accepted Xiao Xia’s invitation, it is clear that she must have caught Xiao Xia looking for Lian Jun and misunderstood.

Sure enough, listening to what Xiao Yin said, Du Lei Si’s hand that held the glass of wine froze.

Jealous? Is she currently eating the President’s vinegar? How could it be possible? Clearly they would be divorcing sooner or later, from the moment they got married she already foreseen this. But why does her heart feel reluctant to part?

The absence of Du Lei Si was what Xiao Yin wanted, and he have drunk a lot of red wine himself, so he rushed up to her… his goals were to kiss those delicious red lips.

A moment later, his lips were about to land on hers.

Du Lei Si regain her conscious and intently stared at the face that was coming towards her eyes, under the influence of alcohol this the face transforms into Lian Jun’s appearance.

The first idea to flash through her brain was: He’s sitting on the fence yet he still dare to kiss her?

Du Lei Si stood up and violently kicked toward “Lian Jun’s” crotch.

This kick was a surprise for Xiao Yin, he clutched down and let out an “ah!” sound, while holding onto his crotch he fell onto the sofa groaned in pain.

“Hum! Who asked you to play with a woman’s feelings! Die!” Du Lei Si was swearing as she ran towards the doorway, she used her hands to push the door open and rushed out.

“Bang——”, it appears she have hit the “wall”.

Rubbing her forehead as she looked up, she was embarrassed.

Why is that…. there’s another President here?

Lian Jun’s calm expression became increasingly gloomy upon seeing her.

Comparing this President’s aura to the one before, it us simply like heaven and earth, Du Lei Si was a little guilty, however the alcohol constantly stimulate her brain and epinephrine: “Go away!” she coldly said.

However the person standing in front of her had no intentions of moving: He only used his eagle sharp eyes to stare at her.

“Did you drink?” He asked emotionlessly.

“And if I did, what can you do about it?”

“Why do you want to drink?”

Why? Du Lei Si frowned recalling what Xiao Yin said, thus she replied: “Because I’m jealous!”

So straightforward, she was indeed very drunk.

The calm face instantly soften, his aura remains unabated as his eyes soften: “You are drunk, go sleep for a while on the side, in a moment I will I bring you back.” Lian Jun said, pointing to the sofa on the side.

“I won’t go back with you,” She said, slapping away his hands. “I told you, in this lifetime I will not go back with you. I’m going to divorce you!”

Divorce, divorce, divorce…..

When her voice was heard everything seem to have quiet down.

A moment later, the mouth that spoke these word was severely blocked.

He kissed her.

This kiss was full of aggressive, potent and strength, the kisser seems to want a certain ownership. Such an overbearing kiss, even their breathing fused together, causing one to lose their defense, but also unable to resist.

Just this one kiss.

Du Lei Si…. uh! Sorry, have already fainted.

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  1. What an annoying guy, Xiao Yin. Good one… Lei Si for kicking him where it hurts the most. So cute… she actually in her drunken stage tell Lian Jun the truth that she is “jealous”… why do I feel that the relationship between Lian Jun, Xiao Xia and Xiao Yin is not simple at all… Looking forward to the next exciting chapter. Thank you sutekii for the great work on the translation.

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  2. That’s harassment. Poor Du Lei Si can’t get a break from this guy. I don’t understand people’s who drink to much and get wasted. If you don’t know the people you are with be on alert especially when you are drinking alcohol. You are responsible with your own actions. She is really stupid.

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