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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 38

The title of this chapter says it all LOL Warning: Only suitable for readers 18+ read at your own risk.

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Chapter 38: Can’t eat the President’s tofu!

When Du Lei Si woke up, her head still felt dizzy.

She rubbed her temples, then close her eyes to do a big yawn, when she opened her eyes again, her opened mouth wasn’t able to close.

Why is the President sleeping besides her?

The most shocking thing was that he wasn’t even wearing any clothing, only a thin blanket covered the lower part of his body, his evenly toned upper body was exposed, even if this wasn’t the first time Du Lei Si have seen his body, but she still felt her blood flowing.

Once she was determined she wasn’t in her own spring…dream[1]. Du Lei Si recompose herself and began to recall what happened before she fell asleep.

[1] 春梦 Spring dream is basically an exotic dream.

She thought and thought…

Uh, she couldn’t recall anything


At that moment, the President who was lying on the bed suddenly turned over, this one simple turn caused the blanket that originally didn’t cover much to slide down, showing the President’s tight abs.

Breath out, exhale!——

Du Lei Si’s head exploded, an aggregation of warm liquid within her nasal cavity slid down, ready to spew out at any time.

In such a situation, not to mention the happenings of yesterday, even her own surname, or what her mom’s name was, or whether her dad’s is male or female…. Du Lei Si have forgotten everything. She could only stare dumbfoundly at the pleasant spring scenery, within her heart there seems to be a small claw continuously scratching causing an uncomfortable itch.

Scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch, and finally, she couldn’t tolerate it.

Heaven, earth ah, she just wants to touch it, just touching it once was enough!

Indulging on your lust is equivalent to hang a knife upon your head[2], ancient people also are honest and do not bully others!

[2] 色字头上一把刀 literal translation: There is a knife above the character for lust which means lascivious activities can lead to bitter consequences.

Right now, Du Lei Si is this exact example of loosing her mind under the influence of this bright sword, and revealing her evil claws and placing it on top of the President’s chest gently creasing it.

After a few seconds of touching, she suddenly had a feeling she was an immortal trending on air.

Heaven, earth, the President’s tofu is really fragrant! It’s very tender and delicious!

Since it’s the first time Du Lei Si have eaten the President’s tofu, she became very excited, evil arouse from her heart.

When Lian Jun awake, she was still in the process of eating him, it wasn’t easy for her to encounter the President sleeping so soundly. Why wouldn’t she eat more of his tofu, to redeem the amount of tofu he has eaten of hers?

With such thoughts, Du Lei Si increased her courage, she stretched our her claws and touched his lower abdomen the second time.

Click click click*, this feeling is so good!

*click of the tongue.

After she finished touching for the second time, she stretched out her demoness claws to his sturdy arms and touched for the third time.

Alas, this is too happy to eat tofu, letting one work off their anger!

So, Du Lei Si was very content eating the President’s tofu, here rub, scratch there, she mercilessly ate back all the tofu he has eaten of hers.

After the meal, she still haven’t had enough.

Compared to the amount the President ate, this little piece of tofu is simply letting him off too easily!

So, Du Lei Si’s eyes were focused at a particular area covered by the blankets…


She wondered what the strawberry birthmark would look like?

At this time, Lian Jun who was still soundly asleep flickered his eyelashes while his eyes were still shut.

This is really too much, even a man’s eyelashes is longer than hers, how can she a woman endure this!? Besides being angry, Du Lei Si resolutely extended her claws towards the thin blanket.

The moment her claws came into contact of the blanket, a hand suddenly stretched over and surprisingly grabbed her hands.


Du Lei Si didn’t have the time to yell when her entire body have been pulled over and heavily suppressed by another.

When she opened her eyes again, the whole blanket has landed on top of her head, her eyes were covered by darkness, even breathing surfaced on her face, reaching closer and closer….

“Have you touched enough?” A voice sounded in the air with a hint of teasing.

It turns out he wasn’t asleep! Needless to say, our poor Du Lei Si have been pulled back from the darkness.

“Haha…. enough…. enough….” Du Lei Si guilty hollow laughed, she struggled to withdraw from this dilemma as her hands were helplessly tightened under his pressure, even her face was in close proximity with his, even just slightly speaking her lips would sweep across a soft part of his body.

“Is it? I don’t mind you touching a few more times…..” He said as he moved his lips moved closer to her ears, consciously or unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief, this action happens to blow into the sensitive part of her ear lobes, instantly causing them to flush spreading to her face, she knew her neck was also burning up.

With great difficulty, Du Lei Si tried to swallow her saliva: “No…. no need. It’s…. enough….”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure, certain!”

“But it seems there’s still one place you haven’t touched.” He said as he caught her by the hand, forced her hands down to a particular hot place on his body.


If she wasn’t pressed down by him, Du Lei Si really want to find a hole and blurry her head into it right now, she was completely embarrassed…!

“Have you touched it?”

“….” Du Lei Si was simmering with angry, she was speechless.

“Well, do you want to touch it again?””

“Touch… I have touched it!” She replied quickly, fearing that he would force her to do something abnormal.

“Tell me your thoughts?”

Du Lei Si was struck by lightning.

Do you think this is a biology class touching a frog?!

“No… no thoughts” Poor Du Lei Si was almost driven mad.

“How about this touch, how does it feel?”


Du Lei Si finally ran out of tears.


President, you are simply Voldemort, the original ecology of metamorphosis!

“Now do you have any thoughts/feelings?”

“Yes! Yes!” After experiencing such a cruel destruction, Du Lei Si finally collapsed: “I think…. this man is not bad!”


Lian Jun slightly choked up.

“Wifey, you have such a great humour!” (风趣)

You flatter me, such humour is incomparable to your humour President! This (风) ‘Feng’ is the ‘madman’s feng’ while (趣) ‘Qi’ is the ‘sexual’s qi’!

“Wifey’s opinion is so original, you must be also eager to try it, right?”

“No! No, not at all…”

Before her words could finish, her mouth has been blocked.

It was different to last night overbearing kiss, first the tip of his tongue circled the shape of her lips, then his hands reached into her thin pajamas, slightly using some strength to knead her, her screams was covered by his kisses, their breathing merged together as their minds unbearable fuzzed out.

The deep kisses, coupled with his nimble fingers activities, every surface he touched ignited sparks, fire was busily spreading, and eventually started a prairie fire, every part of her body was heating up, scorching hot, even her fingertips there were no exception.

“No… don’t…”

Du Lei Si tried to call out, however each time she said a word, his kisses would deepen a few points, finally to the point she couldn’t utter a single word, only groans of ecstasy could be heard as a response to his soft gradual touches.

“Be good and part your legs a little.”

“Hmm…no…. ah!”

“Be good, call out”

“No… don’t….”

“Oh?” He used more forced thrusting forward.


“Honey, what did you say, don’t what?”


“Oh?” He quicken his speed up.


“You said ah?” He suddenly stopped moving.


“No… don’t…. don’t stop…!” Someone was going hysterical because she was breaking down.

What’s the normal scene after a moment of passion?

A man sitting on the bed spitting out rings of smoke, while the shy woman raises her head staring longingly at the man as she asked him: “You… would take responsibility for me, right?”

“You can be rest assured, from now onwards you are mine!”

The above are the normal circumstances, however in our story these circumstances were not normal, take now for example—— “deceive people… deceive people… deceive people….” Du Lei Si was crouching like a quail, while using her finger to draw circles on the bed sheets.

Grandma, you lied to me! The President’s ass birthmark is shaped like a pineapple!

“What’s wrong?” Suddenly a hand stretched over and embraced her into his arms.

Du Lei Si remained silent.

Well, she refused to speak with the hoodlum!

“Angry?” Lian Jun crooked his mouth and ambiguously asked: “Clearly just now you were the one who told me not to stop….”

“….” Shameless! Obscene!

“Don’t you want to know what’s my relationship with the Xiao siblings are?”

(* o *)?

Du Lei Si’s interest was finally successfully brought back.

Seeing her confused expression, ‘wanting to ask however didn’t know how to’ appearance, he finally soften, letting out a sigh as he slowly explained: “In fact…. they are my dad’s children from another marriage…”

Well, she had to admit this often occurs in melodramatic stories! So before entering the VCR replay please remember to have an umbrella ready in order to avoid being caught in the cold dog blood shower.

>>>VCR begins to replay>>>

After Xiao Li Shi and Lian Anna’s chance encounter, Xiao Li Shi’s appearance and decent manner captivated Miss Lian’s heart favor, despite the discouragements of her parents, Lian Anna decided to profess her love for Xiao Li Shi.

However at that time, Xiao Li Shi was only a small deputy manager at Lian Enterprise, he was young, ambitious, he was full of talent only lacking the support of the higher-ups. But with Lian Anna’s love confession this caused him to enter the stage the fastest, but also the most efficient way.

He hesitated for a long time before he decided to marry this woman.

Marrying the only daughter of a wealthy family, the difficulty is equivalent to one trying to marry into one. After they got together they  received pressure from all sides, it wasn’t until Xiao Li Shi clearly stated that he would marry into the Lian family and their future child will follow Lian Anna’s surname did Lian Anna’s parents reluctantly agreed to the marriage.

Six months after their marriage, because of Xiao Li Shi’s outstanding management abilities reversing Lian Enterprise losses did he finally gain his father-in-law’s recognitions.

A year later, their child was born.

In order to fulfill his promise, the child followed  Lian Anna’s surname, given name Jun.

However, based on the inequality of their marriage, it was like a house without a foundation, one could foreseen it would eventually collapse.

After three years into their marriage, the two of them only had mutual respect between husband and wife while their feelings weaken, they couldn’t pinpoint where it has been wrong, however it just didn’t feel right.

Lian Anna was someone who have long been influence by the western culture, she had an independent mind of a woman. When she discovered her marriage was beyond repair, she suggested a divorce.

“I know you don’t love me, so now I’m letting you go, however I have one request leave Jun Er for me.”

Xiao Li Shi stared at this woman who he had spent full three years with, she was still exactly the same as when they first met, still so beautiful and moving with those pair of stubborn eyes. However the only difference is those pair of eyes no longer had confidence and trust in him.

“I’m sorry.” He only left those words before turning to leave, not taking one penny of the Lian’s, also leaving behind his precious son with his ex-wife.

He knew that she needed this son more than him.

After Xiao Li Shi left the Lian family, he started from scratch, using his work experience and keen professional sense he gain from working at Lian Enterprise, within a year he founded his own company, from there his business gradually grew bigger and bigger. A few years times his company was listed and his future was limitless.

While his love blossom also gradually germinated, blossom and bear fruits within the second year of establishing his company. The woman was the partner founder of his company. Together they put great amounts of efforts, planning and creative into the company, then rightfully got together.

After their children was born.

A pair of twins, boy named Xiao Yin, while the girl was named Xiao Xia.

Although, Xiao Li Shi had a new family, and also children of his own, however he still could never forget about the child he and Lian Anna had together. His precious son, even in death he would never willing let him go.

After the stability of his company, he often went to see Lian Jun, sometimes Lian Anna would also come along.

The way to got along was very strange, they were once a married couple who shared the same bed, meeting once again the couple neither fight nor reminisce the old days, they were just two people who knew each other, never more than that.

Later, when Xiao Yin and Xiao Xia learnt to walk, Xiao Li Shi often took them out to see their older brother.

The three of them didn’t understand the complicated adult issues, they haven’t been acquainted with each other for long so they didn’t know what was their relation. They only called each other by their names like friends, this habit did not changed even when Lian Jun returned from aboard.

People always say that marriage needs intellect and reasons, Lian Anna’s marriage came to end due to their excess blindness. However sometimes marriage doesn’t require much intellect and reasons. Take Xiao Li Shi for example, he took too many considerations outside of his marriage and love, so he finally made mistakes to one woman’s life. 

Marriage is really an elusive thing.

>>>End of VCR replay>>>


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  1. An entertaining read over breakfast indeed. Hahahaha. So they are siblings after all… Lei Si got jealous over his step-sister…. 😂 Lian Jun is so sweet to clear the misunderstanding in the morning when she is sober… But after their ‘steamy morning’ 😜 thank you Sutekii for the fun read 😘

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