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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 39

How was everyone’s weekend? My weekend was the life of a walking zombie with the lack of sleep, Aiden is teething again =_=; which means no sleep for this mother.

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Chapter 39: At that moment, she had a sense of being a female protagonist.

Again and again, the third time would be infinity.

Her first morning returning to work, Du Lei Si kept repeating this sentence while massaging her tiny “weak” waist with her little claws.

“Xiao Du, you’ve been sick for so long, are you better now?” On the side Jie Mo Shuang appeared worried, looking at this new colleague of hers, her mind couldn’t help but sigh: It indeed a really serious illness!

Towards this question, Du Lei Si discovered she have an increasingly speechless feeling.

Her heart had regrets, if she knew earlier… than she wouldn’t have sneakily tried eat the President’s tofu, indulging in momentary pleasure have caused her to suffer from daily back aches and leg cramps, it was actually like the symptom on TV advertisement when a women’s aunt decides to visit.

So having too much sex is also a bad thing.

Du Lei Si had a forlorn expression when several other counter’s colleagues have gathered at hers, “Xiao Du, I heard that you have suffered a serious illness, how is it now?”

Du Lei Si awkwardly replied: “Fortunately, I’m okay.” Only my waist is still sore.

“Speaking of which… it’s really strange, it’s been more than a month since you’ve last came to work, however Zhu Manger haven’t said anything.” Xiao Zhou from the gold counter mumbled to himself.

All of a sudden, Du Lei Si somehow didn’t know how to answer this: “This is because….. because Zhu Manager is more compassionate towards the staff….” Coming up with such a reason even Du Lei Si herself didn’t believe it, she felt really guilty.

Why could she take a month leave without being fired? The reason is very simple, after a strenuous exercise, someone took the opportunity to act pettish in her husband’s arms: “Tomorrow I am ready to go back to work.”

Lian Jun didn’t even need to think before refusing instantly: “You’re not allowed to go.” It’s such a joke, how can his woman sell condoms? He raised his eyebrows as he asked her: “Can I not afford to support you?”

Du Lei Si may be silly and naive, but she could still understand how the President’s mind worked, so she softly tried to please him: “Of course you can provide for me, even if there was a truckload of me, you can provide for them all!” After she finished speaking, she observed the President’s reactions, his wrinkled brows gradually relaxed, she summon her courage to continue: “The current me only spend my days at home eating, I’m almost turning into a pig, you don’t wish to keep a pig, right?” After she said this, she used her fingers to draw two circles on the President’s sturdy chest trying to please him.

The next moment, her restless hands were clenched.

He flipped over and used his body weight to press her down on the bed, using his shining eyes to look at her causing one to have nowhere to hide: “You are so stupid, as long as I have one it’s enough. Also I don’t mind providing for a QA pig head.” He said as he stuck his tongue out to lick her while she continuously flashed her eyelids due to her shyness, seeing her deer like watery eyes, he grinned and the corners of his mouth curved.

Clearly he was refuting her, however when one listens it really sounds ambiguous, causing one’s heart continuously feel warmth.

After this, of course Du Lei Si sold her body in order to seek work, braving the risk of suffering a lumbar disc dislocation, the President made a phone call to Zhu Da Fu.

When Zhu Da Fu initially received the President’s personal phone call, he didn’t even ask before agreeing. At the same time, his heart also had a verdict this Du Lei Si must have a close relationship with the President and he must not neglect it.

In the end, Du Lei Si was able to peacefully return to work.

After Du Lei Si returned to work, Zhu Da Fu appeared to be very attentive, he specially called Du Lei Si to the office, beating around the bush regarding the questions he had in his heart.

“Xiao Du ah, it seems…. you and President Lian are quite familiar with each other?”

“It also wouldn’t consider too familiar….” Du Lei Si was covered in cold sweats, she feared Zhu Da Fu could see through their relationship so she had no choice but to lie through her teeth, “last time I wrote the report, President Lian appreciated and recognize me so we became acquainted with each other… however we’re not very familiar… really…”

Ever since Du Lei Si has been with the President, she found her own series of lies are becoming increasingly unreliable, unluckily such unreliable lies only a rash fellow would believe, however Zhu Da Fu believed them.

“Xiao Du, you can gain recognition from President Lian, you’re really a worthy person of abilities ah! I’m glad that our store can have such a good salesperson as you, in order to commend you, I decided to reward you with a bonus!”

“….Zhu Manger, I already have a lot of consumer’s coupons that I have not used.”

“Is that so?” Zhu Da Fu was embarrassed. “Why don’t you get another product take home and try?”

Du Lei Si finally ran out of tears: Zhu Manager, the bag you gave me last time you still have not been touched!

Once again when Du Lei Si walked out of Zhu Da Fu’s office carrying a large bag of condoms, she suddenly had the desire to cry without tears.

This Zhu Manger also rather too untrammelled? Which the boss would used condoms to reward their employees? And when rewarding would give out such a big bag, and it’s not even Christmas when balloons are brought out to be blown, why is there so many?

With a hanging head Du Lei Si returned to her counter and happened to bump into Jie Mo Shuang.

“Xiao Du, what’s in this bag ah?” Jie Mo Shuang poked her head into the bag roaming her around, she immediately reveal a pair of very ambiguous countenance, “You only just recovered, yet you want to bring these home to try ah?”


Du Lei Si almost spew out blood, she gave Jie Mo Shuang a very sad meaningful glance, “Sister Mo Shuang, can you not scary me like that? the bag previously still untouched at home…..”

“What?” Jie Mo Shuang who was suddenly shocked exclaimed, “You still haven’t used them?”

Du Lei Si’s expression was blank: “No….”

“Xiao Du, it couldn’t be that you want to become an unmarried mother, right?” In Jie Mo Shuang’s mind, Du Lei Si is still at the trial stage with her boyfriend.

Jie Mo Shuang’s question suddenly made Du Lei Si regain her senses.

Yes, that’s right! When she and the President XXOO… it seems like they didn’t take safety measures….. If they’re not careful, that she also didn’t want it…..

With such a thought, Du Lei Si’s complexion suddenly turned green.

Jie Mo Shuang didn’t notice of sudden Du Lei Si’s changes and continue to earnestly say: “Xiao Du, although now unmarried pregnancy are very normal things, but as a woman we should be more careful, are you sure your boyfriend really loves you?”


This word once again made Du Lei Si absent-minded.

Yes, it seems there hasn’t been once where the President have said those words to her. When modernist are in love the first step they’ll take is to vindicate, then XXOO, then finally get married. She and the President seems to have been reversed, they were familiar with each other for less than one day before getting married. After a few months they XXOO. As for vindicating…. >____< she haven’t heard the President express them.

While saying “I love you” is just a word, there is no substantial meaning, however she never heard them, she always felt there more or less there was something missing. For this reason, Du Lei Si was very upset and worried.

This upset and worries extended until she finished work, she mindlessly changed her clothes and walked out of the store when she was surprised to discover it was raining cats and dogs!

She subconsciously felt around her pockets, >_< she have forgotten to bring an umbrella.

Did she have to waste her money and call home? Making a phone call from here would cost a lot of money, right? Wu… she’s poor! (Indeed she does not have a rich woman’s consciousness -_-|||)

At this time, her cell phone suddenly rang.

Du Lei Si pressed the received call button.

“Look up, thirty-five degrees to your front left.”

Hearing that familiar voice, Du Lei Si saw the familiar car, then saw the familiar him standing besides the car holding an umbrella.

He wore a light blue polo shirt, at the moment his glaze was set on her while waving his hands, then with the umbrella slowly walked toward her. In a leisurely pace, the water splashes particularly in coordination.


Du Lei Si regain her conscious and suddenly remembered a comic where she has seen the male lead holds an umbrella slowly walking in the rain with a gentle smile.

At that moment, she had a sense of being a female protagonist.

Being alone in this for so many years, it’s the first time she felt she was actually cared for.

Sitting in Lian Jun’s car, Du Lei Si’s heart was completely separated from the ice-cold rain, she felt warm like a melted ice.

“How come you came to pick me up?” She asked.

He didn’t reply, instead he asked her in return: “If I don’t come to pick you up, then should I let you return home alone in the rain?”

Clearly she foresee this answer from him, there was a sense of happiness within her.

“Have you been so busy, I am afraid to delay your work.” Since the events from previously, she finally understands the President is indeed very busy, it wasn’t those messy reason she thought of in her mind.

“It’s okay, this morning I’ve just signed a covenant. The cooperation has been finalized.”

He has finished bustling? Du Lei Si couldn’t help but feel secretly happy, but she dare not be too fierce so she just asked: “Then from now onwards….. will you return earlier?”

As soon as she asked this question, the car suddenly came to a stop.

“What’s wrong?” Du Lei Si was somewhat ignorant.

“That period I have been busy with work, I’ve neglected you, I’m sorry.” His light voice sounded without warning which stunned Du Lei Si.

Is the President…. apologizing to her?

Du Lei Si was startled, staring at him she came into contact with his very serious eyes.

The rain hit on the window, a mist is formed.

The car, eyes wandered, the atmosphere was particularly warm.

He suddenly reached out and supported her neck wanting to paste his lips on hers.

“Wait a mintue!”Du Lei Si suddenly remembered something.

“What is it?”

“That…. Can you….” Her eyes were blinking, she didn’t know how to tell him, but she really wanted to hear say those words.

Suddenly, her cell phone rang and interrupted the embarrassing situation.

Immediately, Zhu Yao Fei’s very tough voice came through: “Du Lei Si! When are you going to invite me out to that dinner you promised?”

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  1. Thank you……sweet chapter. Timely interruption…..otherwise someone will get eaten in the car.
    Hope you manage to catch up with sleep in the meantime.

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  2. Even with sleeplessness you still posted another chapter, thank you. As a Mum myself i know what you’re passing through right now. Pls make sure you rest well.

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  3. I have been wondering for many chapters-when is Du Lei Si going to wonder if Lian Jun loves her and what about the XXOO? It changes their relationship completely but she doesn’t even consider it that much. To me it would be time to review the contract. If her friend hadn’t mentioned it she wouldn’t even worry about pregnancy–and she sells condoms!


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