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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: As long as you’re by my side, there is no pain.

Due to eating excessive spicy food and drinking too much cold water, unfortunately Lian Jun have suffered from an acute gastroenteritis, ever since they arrived at the hospital he has been vomiting and suffering from diarrhoea. Du Lei Si was frightened until her face turned pale. This is the first time she felt that the President is also a human being, he could suffer from illness thus come to the hospital and be placed on the drip.

After the doctor diagnoses, they wrote a pile of prescription, Du Lei Si made Lian Jun wait in the rest area, while she frantically ran to fetch his medication, her heart was like a fire that she almost got hit by a car at the entrance of the hospital.

This is the first time unconsciously she discovered that the President had become someone so important to her, as long as she thought of his expression while suffering in pain, her chest felt tight and unbearable.

Returning from the pharmacy, Du Lei Si’s hands held many bottles. Ever since she was young, she hated the hospital the most, she was most afraid of the smell of disinfectant. Just the thought of the large bag of saline solution linking to Lian Jun’s blood vessels, her mind twinge with guilt.

If she knew things would turn out like this, then she wouldn’t have clipped so many spicy food for the President. It is currently summer, it was a high incidence season for gastrointestinal disease. Coupled with drinking cold water after consuming excessive spicy food, it was easy to get sick. These were all common sense, yet she hasn’t taken these factors into consideration, she really shouldn’t have…..

In Du Lei Si’s heart couldn’t help but blame herself, while holding the medicine she quickly returned, when she arrived in front of Lian Jun, her eyes were already extensively red, while she gasped for air.

“How do you feel now? I, I’ll immediately asked the nurse to come hang another drip for you!” After Du Lei Si finished saying this, while still holding onto the medication she stumbled to rush outside.

The moment her feet were about to leave, her wrist was gently pulled.

“Don’t rush, careful you’ll hit into something.” His tone was particularly weak, it didn’t sound clear and bright like the past, however it was still sounded like a breeze, gently smoothing Du Lei Si’s impatient heart.

She turned around and gave a smile, “I know, you wait for me.”

Soon the nurse arrived, she inserted the drip needle into his blood vessels, Du Lei Si was so nervous that she tightly grabbed Lian Jun’s arm, her hands fiercely trembled.

Suddenly, her vision turned dark, and her eyes felt ice-cold.

His hand has covered over her eyes: “Don’t be afraid, its only inserting the drip needle.”

When he finished speaking, his hand that held hers let go, she stared at the pin tube that have been inserted in the back of his hand, even the tape has been stuck on. When the nurse left with the tray, she stared at them with especially ambiguous eyes.

Du Lei Si felt slightly embarrassed. Obviously the person receiving the drip was him, yet the one who needed comfort was her, she could not help but blush endlessly and awkwardly explained: “That… in fact, I’ve always been… afraid of… injections since I was young… I’ve always been afraid of the sight of blood,” After she finished speaking, she waited for Lian Jun’s response. The results, even after waiting for a long time she didn’t hear any reply from him, she lifted her head to see that he was attentively staring back at her.

“What, What?” Du Lei Si asked.

“Nothing.” Lian Jun shook his head, “I just thought the you now, looks good.”


The President’s thoughts jumped too rapidly, Du Lei Si quickly raised her head, pretending not to hear what he said and tried to change the subject.

“Such three big bottles of intravenous drip, it should take a couple of hours to finish, right?”

“Uh…. look at this bottle, its red ah!”

“Quickly look. there’s a mosquito above.” 

Lian Jun wanted to tease Du Lei Si even more, however his stomach suddenly felt extremely painful, he couldn’t stop the painful sounds from escaping his mouth.

At this time, classmate Du Lei Si have already moved the topic from mosquitoes to the hospital roof’s color, hearing silence she lowered her head just in time to see creased on Lian Jun’s eyebrows.

“Is it still painful?” She asked.

Lian Jun shook his head: “It’s okay.” His tone was weak.

Such a great head! Despite the painful expression written all over his face, he still insisted on putting on a brave front before her!

“If you’re in pain just say so, don’t endure it alone!” Du Lei Si said raising from the chair on the side, “I’ll go get some pain relief for you… oh no! Eating pain relief medication isn’t good for your health!” She suddenly hesitate and didn’t know what to do.

“Don’t go.” Lian Jun suddenly interrupted her thoughts, “just sit down and accompany me.”

“But you’re suffering from abdominal pain!”

“As long as you are by my side, it isn’t so painful.”


President, you’re so sentimental!

Du Lei Si’s face blushed red, she obediently sat back in her chair, her head was down, she didn’t know what to do.

Should she just have a conversation with him? He was already ill, would he have the strength to speak? If they sat there not speaking he would still be ill, if she didn’t do something… her heart constantly felt unease.

That’s right! At that moment Du Lei Si was enlighten and said to Lian Jun: “I’ll get you some warm water?”

“No need.”

He doesn’t want warm water? Du Lei Si ransacked her brain for a moment: “Then I’ll… call Lao Fang to let them know of your situation?”

“No need.”

Wu, he doesn’t want anything? Du Lei Si dejectedly muttered a sentence: “Shall I give you a massage instead?”

“Yes.” Regarding this he quickly replied without hesitation.

But this made Du Lei Si felt embarrassed and awkward.

Massage? Which massage should she do? And how? They were in a public place…

However, soon Du Lei Si compromised.

Because the President seize the opportunity and frown, he appeared to be suffering in much pain…. Forget it. If it’s shameful, then so be it, besides a wife massaging a husband isn’t a thief!

With a heart of determination, Du Lei Si placed her hands on his body.

However only kneading a few times, her palms have already began to burn, followed by her tiny heart palpitating.

Wu….. why does the President’s abs feel so good? Such elasticity was unbelievable, why did she have the feeling that she’s eating his tofu?

Since her last lust greed of trying to eat the President’s tofu, after being eaten with interest on top, Du Lei Si has profoundly come to understand that the President’s tofu can not be lightly eaten. Now that she is forced to eat his tofu, she felt terribly uncomfortable.

“Du Du, your hands are shaking.” Lian Jun remind her.

“….the air conditioner is too cold.” She came up with an excuse.

As soon as she finished saying this, Lian Jin’s other hand that didn’t have the drip encircled her shoulders: “Is this better?”

This is not good….

Even if he is sick, the tofu he is eating isn’t tiny, President, you’re very impressive!

While the sick Lian Jun very delicately ate her tofu, not far away they suddenly heard a very charming voice, the original passer-by witnessed Lian Jun and Du Lei Si’s intimacy,  her heart was filled with envy, she couldn’t help but put on a pettish act in front of her boyfriend.

“Oh honey, my head really hurts….. give it a kiss!”

The perplexed man placed his PSP down and said, “Is giving you a kiss useful?”

“Of course! Of course! Quickly give me a kiss!”

So, the man kissed the woman’s forehead.

“How was that?”

“En, much better, but I suddenly feel a pain in my hand.”

“Could it be you have caught a cold?”

“Doesn’t matter! Just kiss it!”

So the man kissed her hand again.

“Oh honey, you are so good! There’s not pain in my hands any more, however my neck seems to be a little sore….”


On the side, Du Lei Si watched with shock, she couldn’t help but sigh: “Fortunately, she did not have hemorrhoids ah!”

“Puff!” Finally the President was successfully choked to death. “Du Du, you’re really such a clown.”

While Du Lei Si was still immersed if the female has hemorrhoids, then her boyfriend could encounter an academic problem. On the side she causally replied Lian Jun’s words: “Of course! Do you know how my mom used to praise me?”

“How did she praise you?”

“She said fortunate favor fools, is blessed with fertility!”

“Yes indeed blessed with fertility.” Lian Jun nodded.

At this time, Lian Jun’s cell phone rang suddenly.

“Hello?” He pressed on the receive call button.

Old Yu’s anxious voice came through: “Young master, where are you?”

Lian Jun asked: “What’s the matter?”

“That….” Old Yu softly said, “Madame has returned…..”

Looks like the monster(mother)-in-law crises has finally hit Du Lei Si. Let’s meet the intelligent Lian Anna haha!

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