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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Du Du, let’s elope?

In Du Lei Si’s 20 years of living, she never have enthusiastically came in contact with the door, it was so painful that she felt numb, her entire body felt like it was floating in the air, in her head there appeared to be stars in the spinning continuously.

When she regain her sense, the study door have been opened, a pair of black high heels came into her vision.

Du Lei Si felt that something was amiss, she hurriedly turn around to look for Aunty Wu, however behind her was empty without a person insight, Aunty Wu have taken Liang Liang and ran to the unknown.

Aunty Wu, you are so heartless! TAT

Du Lei Si can only scratch her dandruff to turn things around, she stared at Lian Anna with a guilty smile, “Madame……”

Lian Anna paid her no attention, only coldly asked: “What are you doing here?”

Du Lei Si thought of Aunty Wu’s advice and hastily said: “I happened to pass by.”

“Is it?” Lian Anna faintly said, her tone clearly said she did not trust what Du Lei Si said.

Aunty Wu! You liar, such lies who would believe! Du Lei Si felt very distress, she didn’t know what to say next to coax the iceberg face, she can only put on a pair of puppy eyes and start her flattering skills.

“Madame, you look so beautiful today!”

Lian Anna raised her eyebrows: “Was I not beautiful yesterday?”

“No, that’s not it!” Du Lei Si hurriedly waved, “You were beautiful yesterday, but you’re also more beautiful today than yesterday!”

“So you’re saying I wasn’t as beautiful yesterday?”

“I don’t mean that!” Suffering from Lian Anna’s questioning, Du Lei Si was terribly frightened, she quickly added, “You are beautiful today, yesterday, last year, ten years ago, the moment you were born you were beautiful, when you were a fertilized egg you were also thousand fold more beautiful than others! Your beauty will last for thousands of years, dominating the world!”

After she finished speaking, Lian Anna appeared slightly choked.

Unexpectedly her mother-in-law didn’t refute her, it appears her flattery skills is comprehensive! Du Lei Si was particularly proud of herself and continued to boast: “Madame, not only do you look beautiful, your sense of fashion is very tasteful! Just looking at this dress, the cuts are appropriately done, the texture is top-notch, especially the collar band’s camellia embroidery, the color is elegant, while the size is moderate, even the petals are right on point……”

“……this is a peony.”

“Peony? Well….. it just shows that the dress is exquisitely embroidered, it even integrated Western abstract art, from afar it looks like a peony, while up close it looks like a camellia, from the left looks like a Phoenix, on a closure look it appears like a Kirin, the piece of clothing you brought actually have the charm of four pieces put together, really not simple ah, not simple at all……”

The more Du Lei Si tried to flatter, the more outrageous it sound, Lian Anna who was listening, her mouth constantly twitched, even Lian Jun who was in the study couldn’t bear to listen further.

“Du Du, come over.” He finally spoke and gave a smile.

“Wait a minute, I’m not finished yet!” Du Lei Si hastily waved her hands, “you see this pair of high-heeled shoes, the workmanship is superb, coriaceous softness, simple design, the height of the heels is on point……”

Lian Anna: -_-|||

“Also Madame, the necklace on her neck at one glance you can tell its genuine diamond from South Africa! The perfect cutting, plus the collocation of gold and silver….. Alas! You don’t pull me ah!”

Being carried like a chicken, the President carried Du Lei Si inside, however it still didn’t reduced her enthusiasm to continue flattering: “Why are you pulling me away ah? I haven’t finished flattering yet, I haven’t flattered her hair, your hair is really black, translucent and smooth without any split ends……oh……”

She haven’t finished her sentence when a kissed came. President, can’t you be a little more creative and use a different method to block other people’s mouth?

Although Lian Jun’a method is indeed not creative, however it’s very effective, Du Lei Si’s talkative mouth immediately shut up and lowered her head with a bashful face.

“Don’t do this, your mother is watching.” She gave a furtive glance, as if there’s someone at the door even though the doors are closed.

It’s finished! Her mother-in-law must have left filled with anger!

Du Lei Si felt like she was strike by lightning, she felt very depressed.

“What’s wrong?” Lian Jun contentedly licked his lips and asked.

Du Lei Si appeared very sad as she looked up: “It’s all your fault, you have angered your mother!”

Lian Jun maintain his composure while asking: “Are you sure it was I who angered her?”

It’s wasn’t you, then was it me? Du Lei Si snappily gave him a look.

He wasn’t angry, he appeared to be talking to himself: “If I was my mother, seeing a secretive rat at the doorway not knowing what they were doing, I also wouldn’t be pleased……”

“I wasn’t eavesdropping!” Du Lei Si blurted out.

“I know you weren’t eavesdropping, you unintentionally heard it, right?”

President, why can’t you be more tactful? Du Lei Si had to confess: “Okay…… I admit that I had the intentions to hear a little……”

“What did you hear?”

“The sound proof is too good, how could I hear anything ah……” Du Lei Si muttered and then suddenly cried out “oh!”

Because the President’s hand bumped onto her forehead.

“Alas, painfully!” Du Lei Si cried out.

“Now you know pain, your reflex arc is really slow……” He shook his head helplessly, his heart ached dearly for her.

However Du Lei Si didn’t pay attention to his meaningful glance, she only gave Lian Jun a plaintive expression, painfully clutching her own forehead, while her mind silently scold a sentence: President! You are so poisonous!

After she finished scolding him, Lian Jun suddenly reached out and gently removed her hands from her forehead.

“What… what are you doing?” Du Lei Si was surprised by his sudden movements, she discovered the look in his eyes was amiss, she wanted to say something, however it was already too late.

Lian Jun came to kiss on her forehead and kissed it.

At that moment, time suddenly stood still, his dark soft beaming eyes, appearing as if he could swallow her whole.

Not long after, he whispered: “Does it still hurt?”

Du Lei Si shook her head, sigh with emotions: “Fortunately it wasn’t my butt that hit the door……”

Several days after the eavesdropping incident, Du Lei Si has been preoccupied by some troubles, because she found out that her mother-in-law seems to be very dissatisfied with her.

Using analogy, she used her flattery skills to flatter Lian Anna from the tip of her hair to the tips of her toes, she even flattered the poor little capillaries, yet Lian Anna unexpectedly was indifferent towards it!

Wasn’t there a saying that woman like to listen to praises? Why is that using praises on the President mother’s body didn’t work?? Du Lei Si was troubled by this issue, thus made a conclusion—— Her mother-in-law must have some misunderstanding over the eavesdropping incident which explains why she’s so cold towards her.

So Du Lei Si decided to find a way to make Lian Anna love her.

Du Lei Si hurriedly went on the internet, and under the guidance of Baidu God, she learnt that the recipe tricks of a harmonious relationship between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Trick one: Inquire after one’s well-being!

Using this trick method: You must let your mother-in-law know you cared about her. If she’s tired, you massage her shoulders. If she’s thirsty, you pour her a cup of water. If she’s hungry, you cook her dinner….. Remember! The more you’re concerned, the closer your relationship would be!

How effective was this method?

Please look at VCR replay>>>

In the morning when Lian Anna came out of her room, she was startled upon opening the door.

“What are you doing here?”

Du Lei Si fawn a smile: “Mother, are you tired? How about I give you a back massage?”


Massaging plan failed!

After breakfast, Lian Anna was sitting on the sofa reading a newspaper, Du Lei Si walked over holding a cup of water.

“Mother, drink some water.”

Lian Anna took a sip and placed it besides her.

Ten minutes later, Du Lei Si spoke again: “Mother, drink some more water.”


Another ten minutes.

“Mother! Are you thirsty?”


Water plan failed!

During lunch time, Lian Anna sat at the dinning table, Du Lei Si hurriedly snatched the bowl from Aunty Wu’s hands: “Mother, I’ll scoop you some rice!”

Lian Anna nodded.

Ten minutes later.

Lian Anna: “What is this?”

Du Lei Si: “Rice!”

“I asked what’s that you used to hold the rice?”


Scooping rice plan failed!

Trick one: Completely failure!

Trick two: Cater to the need of others.

Looks like she has to use the secret trick instead: Regardless of what your mother-in-law likes, one must never oppose her!

The result of this method? Please continue to watching the VCR replay>>>

After lunch, Lian Anna turned on the TV to watch the dance competition, Lian Anna was very found of the program.

Suddenly, the sound of applause came from behind: “Good!”

Lian Anna was surprised, her heart beat several times faster.

“What are you saying?”

Du Lei Si wagged her doggy tail over and praised: “The Tango dance was superbly ah, it made a person appear so beauty ah, the music is also very bold ah.”

“…… that’s a Paso doble dance.”

Du Lei Si: “……”

Trick two: Failed!

In the end, Du Lei Si’s wasn’t successful in flattering, Lian Anna already couldn’t bear it.

“Tomorrow, I’ll go to your aunt’s house for two days.”

Lian Jun asked: “Why? Are you not used to living at home?”

“Nothing really,” Lian Anna replied shaking her head. “I just think what you said was right. Your wife cannot be derailed.”

Lian Jun: “What makes you think so?”

Lian Anna: “……climbing to the top of the wall, yet nobody dare to take her.”

“You are wrong, with that IQ of hers she will not reach to the top of the wall.”


“You should continue to living at home.”


The corners of her lips evoke a hint of a slightly cunning smile: “We’ll go outside to live.”

That evening, when Lian Jun enter the room, Du Lei Si have already taken a bath, she was sitting on the bed in a daze.

“What’s wrong?” Lian Jun asked.

Du Lei Si gave him a plaintive glance, what else could it be? Of course it’s because your mom!

Regarding the situation, Du Lei Si just made a phone call to Zhu Yao Fei.

Du Lei Si said, “Fei Fei, my mother-in-law doesn’t seem to like me very much.”

Zhu Yao Fei: “There’s bound to always be conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, what are you anxious about?”

Du Lei Si: “No, whenever I speak to her she always seemed indifferent.”

Zhu Yao Fei: “Indifferent is indifferent, it’s better than she forcing a divorce, right?”

Divorce? Du Lei Si’s head was hit with a bomb: “Are… are you saying my mother-in-law will force us to divorce?”

“Did you hear what I said ah? Who said she will force you to divorce? Do you think you’re acting in a TV dramas, the mother-in-law threat to the son if he doesn’t get a divorce, she’ll disown him? Please, it’s the 21st century…..BLABLABLA” The next set of words went in one ear and out the other, Du Lei Si didn’t listen to a word Zhu Yao Fei said, in her mind there was only the divorce word lingering!

She’s finished, the situation can’t really be that serious, right?

Du Lei Si weakly asked: “Could it be your mother doesn’t like me very much?”

Lian Jun silently looked at her, did not answer.

Seeing the President like this, it appears he is silently agreeing. Du Lei Si’s moos was depressed: “Then would she force us to get a…… divorce?”

Lian Jun continued to remain silent.

“She wouldn’t say such words as…… if we don’t agree to the divorce she will not acknowledge you as her son, right?” Closing in the distance from her and the President, this time Du Lei Si didn’t blush nor did her heart beat fast, she felt that if she could no longer see his face, her nose could feel sour and had the unexpected impulse to shed some tears.

“In fact, there is a way.” Lian Jun suddenly spoke.

What? There’s hope? Du Lei Si’s eyes shone brightly, she eagerly stared at the President.

“It is……” He purposely paused for a moment and stared at Du Lei Si before slowly speaking each word, “Du Du, let’s elope?”

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    1. This is my question also. Aren’t they married? Ohhh–I went back to read the exchange about the mother going to the aunt’s house and Lian Jun told her to stay in the house and he and Du Le Si would leave (I didn’t quite get that on the 1st read). He has a plan to go somewhere nice I think. Maybe he wants to repeat the old hotel days.

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  1. Poor DuDu 😅 I can’t blame LA for not having faith in UnEqual marriage. But, she can’t compare DLS wt LJ’s dad. He is a calculative opportunist, DD is purely naive at heart, in her own way…. Is useful for Lj, emotionally and professionally. I love lolove the OTP, fighting DLS

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