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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 48

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Warning this chapter contains R-rated content, read at own risk

Chapter 48: If I can’t save you, then I’ll sink to the bottom with you.

Thanks to the President and Xiao Yin’s converging attacks, the originally safe road have unexpectedly become dangerous, during the entire journey Du Lei Si was frightened, not only did she suffer from the President’s threatening glaze, but she also suffered Xiao Yin’s verbal harassment, relentlessly trying to fight both side for ten hours, when the plane almost reached its destination, she barely slept.

Once she slept, she slept very deeply, she wasn’t even unaware when the plane touched down, dazedly she heard voices and sounds of a car and hints of the water running, then she had no other perception of her surroundings.

Du Lei Si had a dream, she dreamt that she was surrounding by water, sitting on the narrow small boat, besides her was the President and his mother. The small boat kept on wobbly, if one wasn’t careful it appear you’ll tip over the edge and turn the boat. At this time, Lian Anna suddenly asked Lian Jun: “If the boat was to turn over, would you save your wife or me first?”

Du Lei Si nervously waiting for Lian Jun’s reaction, he looked at her and then looked at Lian Anna, however he did not speak.

“Say it!” Lian Anna urged, her eyes was filled with a provocative intent.

“Of course I’ll save……” Lian Jun said and quite profoundly stared at Du Lei Si.

Save who? Quickly speak! Du Lei Si urged him in her heart.

“I’ll save my mother.”

Once he said this the small boat turned over.

“Save me! Please help me!” Du Lei Si’s hands kept on flopping about in the water, before her was just the scenery of water, she vaguely could see the President and Lian Anna’s face. They were sitting in the small boat, staring at her indifferently.

“Du Du? Du Du!” A familiar voice came into her ear, there was a sense of hurry in the tone, “Du Du, quickly wake up! Du Du……”

Du Lei Si opened her eyes and stared at Lian Jun with a pair of anxious eyes.

“Hubby!” Du Lei Si grabbed his hand, still suffering from the shock.

Lian Jun’s mood suddenly became very good, since Du Lei Si blurted out the word ‘hubby’: “What’s wrong? Did you have a nightmare? You’re already a grown adult, yet your reaction is earth shattering due to having a nightmare. If one didn’t know they would have thought you’ve felt into the water.” He suddenly stopped what he was saying, because he suddenly realised Du Lei Si appeared to be acting very strange.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“If your mother and I both fell into the water, which one would you save first?”

Lian Jun didn’t know what just happened so he asked: “Why you suddenly ask?”

“Don’t ask why, just answer me!” Du Lei Si urged, her heart also felt tense.

Lian Jun didn’t directly answer her question, he asked in return: “If your dad and I fell into the water, which one would you save first?”

He directed the question to her! Du Lei Si was slightly dense for a while before she truthfully answered: “My dad.”

“Me too.” Lian Jun answered dismissively: “I will also save my mother first.”

Obviously, it was the expected answer, however Du Lei Si’s heart couldn’t help but feel lonely, filled with disappointment as she lowered her head. Just like the dream, he would save his mother first……

“But.” She heard Lian Jun’s voice once again, “if I can’t save you, then I will sink to the bottom with you.”

Du Lei Si froze hearing this.

He said that he would sink to the bottom with her……

She felt like there seemed to be something rushing out of the cocoon within her heart, rushing towards her head, making her nose sour and her eyes swollen.

“Du Du, you won’t be so easily moved, right?”

Du Lei Si regain her sense and paid attention to Lian Jun’s mocking smile: “Who, who said I was moved by your words?” She said with some guilt, her eyes flustered at her surroundings.

Suddenly, her chin came into contact with his hands, the strength wasn’t hard, yet she had no choice but to stare at him.

“Speak, are you moved or not?” He asked.

Who would be moved by someone clutching onto their chin? President, you are really sick!

“If you are moved, I don’t mind if you repay me with your body.” He said, as he reached out his tentacles to touch the buttons on her shirt.

When Du Lei Si reacted, she tried to withdraw her blushed face: “This…… I…… I haven’t full woken yet.” After saying this, she quickly drilled into the quilt.

But after all, she wasn’t loach fish, her surface wasn’t covered in mucilage, very soon she was captured by the President and her entire body was tightly pressed down.

Du Lei Si suddenly had the sense of being captured within the fish net, and the President was the fisherman holding the net waiting for her the silly small fish to swim into his trap, as long as he pulled the net—— she, the prey was easily captured!

Du Lei Si deeply felt that if she didn’t attack at this time, then probably within this lifetime she would be pinned beneath him.

“I want to be on top!” She haven’t finished her sentence, yet she already felt regret. Because she had originally thought that the President would sure to be angry, however she did not think, not only did he laugh, his laughter was particularly excessive.

“Du Du, you can’t regret what you just said.”

Du Lei Si wanted to cry: “I’m…… I’m already regretting….. it!”

Once she cried, his hand has already picked her up by the waist, and turned over, miraculously their posture have switched, she was on top while he was beneath.

“Let’s begin.” He said in a relaxed tone.

Du Lei Si obviously felt his hard body under her body, her entire face blushed.

“I…… I…… I……” She said I several times in a row, yet she still couldn’t finish saying the words she wanted to convey, when she looked at Lian Jun’s face again, he gave her the “this is what you wanted” look, staring at her as if his waiting to watch a good play.

“Why haven’t you started moving?” Lian Jun asked.

Du Lei Si swallowed her saliva, in her heart she began to make calculations: Since she have already spoken this big lies, she had no other choice to be on top, if she doesn’t then she’ll be underneath, however she’ll suffer a torture worst than being alive! It is better to be a little bit more dignified!

“Who said I won’t move? I’m just thinking about which button to take off first.”

“Have you finished considering?”

“Yes, yes.” She said, with her trembling hands, she clutched the first button on his shirt. Undoing the first, second and third……. When all of the buttons have been done, solved when, naturally she glanced at his strong chest.

Du Lei Si deeply feel that the President is training her to be numb, seeing this attractive chest, she didn’t suffer a nosebleed!

Lian Jun placed one hand on his head, interestingly looking forward to her performances.

“And what’s next?” He asked.

“What’s the rush?” She gave him a look, then moving her vision to the zipper on his trousers, and her eyes were drawn to the swelling buldge.

Then her blood started rushing, she felt her impulse nosebleed was returning!

Du Lei Si suddenly felt that her mouth was parched and tongue was scorched.

“I want to apply to have a glass of water and then continue,” She raised her hand.

Lian Jun frowned: “Not approved.”

“Why not ah? Before one’s being beheaded they would be offered a full  meal! This won’t be, I need to drink water! I want to drink water, drink water, drink water, drink water…….”

“Then you go drink some water.” Lian Jun very reluctantly sigh, then helplessly watched her skid away from his own body and climb down, running away to fetch her water.

This girl, really know how to torture a person!

Lian Jun did not expect Du Lei Si’s torturing skill was so skilled, drinking a cup of water nearly took her half an hour! Seeing his desires quickly extinguished, he finally couldn’t help but get up from the bed, to see what the hell she was doing.

Walking out of the bedroom, it was pitch dark, not a sight of her shadow could be seen.

“Du Du?” He called in the empty space.

“En……” A indistinctive voice replied.

“Where are you?”

“En……” This time the reply was slightly louder, he followed her voice and finally found Du Lei Si sitting behind the wine cabinet, holding a bottle of wine.


“Did you drink?”

“En.” She nodded her head in a daze.

Lian Jun leaned over and took the bottle from her hand, it was empty.

“I just want to drink some alcohol to increase my courage, when I finished drinking I only discovered this alcohol starts with a W, say… isn’t this whisky? I don’t drink strong liquor.” Du Lei Si appeared to be talking to herself, her eyes seemed blurred.

“Get up.” Lian Jun placed the heavy empty bottle of whiskey aside, he was obviously angry, one bottle, one whole bottle of whiskey! He couldn’t believe she drank this all on her own! If he don’t come out, it is estimated that she might even open another bottle of brandy.

“Don’t help me.” Du Lei Si used him to stand up, “I’m not drunk.” She said, and stared at Lian Jun, before suddenly asking. “We still haven’t done it, right?”

She was this drunk, yet she didn’t appear drunk.

His heart was filled with anger, and spitefully said: “Yes, but do you still have the ability to?”

“Yes!” Du Lei Si simply answer, and then reach out to start taking off her clothes at an amazingly fast speed.

Very quickly, the clothes on her body was completely stripped.

Then, her hands interlock around his neck and began to kiss him.

Please take notice, it was passionately kissing him!

After a ravishing overbearing kiss, Lian Jun asked: “Du Du, aren’t you a little too active?”

“You don’t like it?” She squinted her eyes, moving closer as she stared at him, then breathing on his face.


After saying this, he returned the kiss, his kiss was more fierce than the one she gave him, his hands held her waist and slowly made its way up……

“Oh……” Feeling the warm palm covering her chest, she couldn’t help but let a sound escape.

This sounds like a general amnesty, asking him to kiss her deeper, and then his body started to entwine with hers.

With this one kiss, Du Lei Si’s lips also began to make its way down, kissing his neck, and moving towards his chest.

“Du Du, you should have been this enthusiastic from the start……” These words overflowed from his throat, reaching to her ear lobes, he slowly kissed her, until her entire body was covered with his detailed kisses.

Being kiss in such a way, Du Lei Si didn’t know when her legs have encircled his waist.

“Hubby……” She dreamily called his name, “I want……”

Finally, he moved his scorching palm to her belly, slowly he made his way down.

“Oh!” She cried out, slowly her shallow cries turn to mild moans, then with the movements of their bodies, they entered waves of high ecstasy.

She embraced him as her nails almost digged into his flesh.

“Call me.” He commanded.

“Pre…… President…….”

“Call husband!” He suddenly stood up, silently roared.

“Hubby!” She grabbed his back, and frantically shouted, “Hub……by…… by…… by……”

“……forget, it’s better if you don’t say it.”

His hands touched her tender and delicate back, it was a nice feeling, he couldn’t help but use his ten fingers to stroke her, while kneading, an intoxicating feeling melted into his hands.

The person beneath him was already tenderly breathing.

Tightly gasping her hips, he kept her near, every time he entered her while she was on top, he can fully devoured the view before him.

“Gentle…… be more gentle……” Her voice trembled and flowed from her mouth.

Mesmerized by her voice, the aroma of alcohol emanating from her body, couple with the tender flowing sounds escaping from her mouth, undoubtedly for Lian Jun this was the world’s strongest and most fierce drug.

Lowering his head, he constantly licked her small moist lips and frantically entangled himself drunk.

His speed didn’t stop, it seems all of a sudden her frail body couldn’t tolerate this and cried out in menacing joy. While her lips plead for mercy, her facial expression seem to tell him she was immersed in pleasure.

He greedily took in all of her seductive moans and swallowed her into his stomach, his tongue playfully licking her a few times and devour the intoxicated flavour of alcohol in her mouth.

His speed increase and it wasn’t until the last few thrust, did he finally released his hot fluid into her body! In a flash they were both sent to an unprecedented peak of bliss!

During that moment of outbreak, both of their mind were blank, there were only two people entwine and connected as one, passionately kissing each other, while immesed in endless pleasure.

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