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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: If lovers kiss under the bridge, their love will be eternal.

When Du Lei Si woke up, she felt head ached and her waist was also in pain, then her entire body felt a twinge of pain, as if she has been torn apart then resembled together again.

What happened? Surely the plane didn’t crash, right? Can’t be, clearly she have already landed…… thinking this way she suddenly was aware something was amiss with her surroundings, hastily opening her eyes she was confronted with Lian Jun’s shining eyes, the side of his body, supporting his face he stared at her for a long time.

Du Lei Si was shocked: “Why are you staring at me like that?” When she opened her mouth to speak, she was surprised to find her throat was hoarse.

Lian Jun did not answer her, maintaining that position, he used quite profound eyes to stare at her, as if he could see everything that was going through her mind.

Being stare with such eyes, Du Lei Si suddenly at loss what to do, she didn’t know when her face started to heat up and consciousnessly used her hands to pull the blanket over and covered herself. Then she suddenly discovered something and her eyes started to fluster around.

“Where’s my clothes?” She asked, my heart had an ominous feeling.

Lian Jun shot a stare over: “Look for yourself.”

Du Lei Si sat up and stared at her surrounding, feeling completely embarrassed.

Besides herself having no clothes, there wasn’t one place on the surface area that wasn’t covered in clothing, the floor, the sofa and even the table had a pair of…… underwear!

Where is this room? It clearly looked like a rape scene!

She finally understand why she would feel so sore all over, her face have blushed red like a tomato: “You, you, you…… you act so shamelessly!” she pointed at him angrily.

Lian Jun raised his eyebrows with amusement: “How did I act shamelessly?”

“……you said I could be on top!”

“Didn’t you?”

Oh? Du Lei Si was stunned, she was on top? How come she had no recollection of it?Specifically, in the end what had happened yesterday, she had absolutely no impression of it.

“Cough, cough……” Du Lei Si embarrassingly coughed twice before raising her head to secretly conjecture the President, his mood seems to be very good, however……

Suddenly, she found discovered something: “What happened to your neck?”

“You bit it.”

Du Lei Si’s mouth twitched: “Then your hand……”

“You scratched it.”

“Then your chest……”

“That’s also your masterpiece, and also below here, would you like to see it?”

Du Lei Si’s tears almost escaped out of her eyes, heaven! Earth! Yesterday, what sort of scary things did she do?

Just when Du Lei Si was unceasingly in an entanglement, she suddenly felt her waist tighten, when the warm object came over, she was already pressured beneath him: “Du Du, yesterday you were simply like a vampire.” He seriously stared at her, making the most accurate summary of the events.

Blood…… Sucking…… Vampire……

Du Lei Si felt an burst of explosion in her head.

“I…… I was drunk yesterday!” She tried to explain.

“I know.”

“So.…… whatever I did…… does not…… count.” Oh my god, please give her a hole to bury herself!

“I can’t do that.” Lian Jun shook his head, “Words that have spoken is irreversible.”

“What did I say?” Du Lei Si asked anxiously.

He leaned over and took a breath in her ear: “You told me not to stop.”

The Changjiang River is never-ending, the Huanghe River is yellow, and Du Lei Si’s face is red!

“You also said……”

“Stop!”Du Lei Si loudly shouted, she clutched her face and shook her head, “I don’t want to listen, I don’t listen want to listen anymore……”

Suddenly, a hand caught her face, he gently moved her hands away and stared at her very shy and embarrassed face, his tone suddenly became serious: “There’s also one sentence you must remember,”

“You said you like me.”

Even if she didn’t mention it, he still want her to remember it, she likes him!

Du Lei Si didn’t remember how she got out of the hotel room, she only felt that her entire person was in a daze, as if she was stepping on two cotton like clouds, her mind was filled with the words the President have said. Did she really say those words yesterday?? Although she felt sure she likes him. However for these words to be suddenly spoken, she felt it was extremely strange……

However, such troubles were quickly thrown to the side because the layout of the hotel was very beautiful.

The hotel’s atmosphere was domestically distinctive, the entire layout was filled with a deep sense of amorous Italian vibe, it was beautiful and elegant, the rich colorful decorative paintings hung on the walls blew a gust of rich cultural atmosphere to one’s face.

Du Lei Si curiously walked around, observing the decorations, she also could not help but take out her camera to capture them. Obviously the pathway was a short, however she literally took a good few minutes before she finished.

Lian Jun was in no hurry, casually dressed he leisurely strolled behind her, however his glaze was set only on her, one person.

Just like the poem: ‘As you are enjoying the scenery on a bridge, upstairs on a tower people are watching you.’ In his eyes, she was the only scenery.

Like this, they walked out of the hotel, water vapour welcomed them.

Du Lei Si finally felt something was slightly wrong, she stopped, appearing puzzled she asked: “Don’t you think…… this place looks a lot like Venice?”


“It is Venice.”

Du Lei Si was completely shocked: “That…… I didn’t end up going to Rome?”

“Originally I wanted to go to Rome, however I suddenly wanted to come to Venice, is there a problem?” He raised his eyebrows.

“No…… No problem……”


She just thought he has become gentle, they have interacted for such a long time yet he couldn’t change his inclinations of male chauvinism. Venice, Venice your head ah! I want to go to Rome! I want to be the Chinese version of Audrey Hepburn!!!

Although there was some unwillingness in her heart, however Du Lei Si didn’t express her inner thoughts because she knew it was a form of suicide if she did. Besides, ‘all roads eventually leads to Rome’, since they’re already in Venice, Rome shouldn’t be far behind??

In the famous writer, Mark Twain‘s essay 《Venice’s Boat》 there’s a description of Venice: “Venice is a world-famous water city, rivers channel crossing, the main form of transportation tool are small boats, it’s equal to the cars.” In fact, this is indeed a city full of water, during the summer season the air would be filled with wet water vapors.

Here the boat have a very nice name called Gondola, it’s made out oak in a shape of a crescent, the shape is slender so it can travel freely through the narrow channels.


When Du Lei Si followed Lian Jun to board the gondola, she could see the boat was narrow and small, seeing such boat made her courage decrease, thus not wanting to board it. However, Lian Jun stood on the boat, holding out his hands towards her.

“It’s nothing, I’ll hold onto you.”

Just a few words, she suddenly didn’t feel so afraid anymore, grabbing onto his outstretched hand, she crossed over and was firmly on the boat.

Then she saw Lian Jun spoke to the boatman in a language she didn’t understand, the boatman nodded, then held up his paddles, the gondola quickly moved through the water.

“Where are we going?” Du Lei Si asked curiously.

“Taking you around, and then we’ll go to Piazzi San Marco.”

“Piazzi San Marco?” Du Lei Si was enlightened, picturing the famous Venice carnival, “Are we going to go to the Carnival of Venice?”


Lian Jun shook his head: “The annual carnival is only held during February.”

“Ah……” Du Lei Si was a little disappointed.

“If you want to see it, we can come back next February.”

“Really?” Du Lei Si was a little excited.

“It’s not a hard thing to accomplish, why would I lie to you?” He teased her.

“That’s not it……” She was embarrassed, “What I meant was you’re always so busy with work that you won’t have the time to take care of me.”

“As long as you like it.”

Those few words moved Du Lei Si.

As long as she is happy, he is willing to accompany her?? Even if she’s so stupid and often make mistakes, also love to caused small troubles, however, he never abandoned the simple, her. Thinking to this point, Du Lei Si suddenly felt the inexplicable impulse.

“Hubby,” She called softly.

“What’s going on?”

“I……I ……” She suddenly wanted to go up and kiss him.

Just when she was close enough, she felt the boatman’s inadvertently curious eyes.

“No…… nothing……” She quickly pulled back, “I…… I just wanted to call you……”

“Really?” Lian Jun curved his lips and stared at her embarrassed expression, “Just now…… you wanted……”

“Ah! There is a plane in the sky!”


While embarrassingly smiling, Du Lei Si secretly let out a sigh, fortunately she regain her sense in time, or else she momentary would have the impulse to kiss him. What may have occur she doesn’t even know.

Give her body?

Once she thought of the events from last night, her face began to burn again.

“This river is a lot bigger than it was,” She quickly shifted her attention.

“En.” Lian Jun nodded, “this is the Grande Canale, the longest waterway in Venice.”

“No wonder!” Du Lei Si was suddenly enlighten, before she was talking to the President, without realising they were surrounded by such a beautiful scenery.

Along the Grand Canal was mostly built during the 14th to the 16th century, it followed the Byzantine, Gothic and Baroque style, due to all of the building foundations are submerged in the water, it looked like a water raised art gallery, amongst the countless gondola, it was filled with literary and artistic appeal.

After enjoying the coastal construction, the gondola finally traveled to the legendary Piazza San Marco. Holding onto Lian Jun’s hands as she got off the gondola, when Du Lei Si’s feet finally touched the ground, she felt her entire body shake.

During the Summer and Autumn season, the Piazza San Marcos wasn’t packed with tourist since it wasn’t the Carnival period, however it was still bustling. Being in such a place, Du Lei Si felt like she was transported back in time, she could feel the seventeenth century vibe, the classical taste, under the blue sky in the Renaissance, admiring the beauty of the cathedral and towers making one blind.

Napoleon once praise the place as ‘Europe’s most beautiful parlour.’, ‘the world’s most beautiful square.’ It really wasn’t false. Within the square there were tens of thousands of pigeons, accompanied by the orchestra, also from time to time there were clowns wearing strange masks. Everywhere left traces of history, even if it was a small engraving it was filled with strong artistic atmosphere.


At that moment, Du Lei Si suddenly feel that people have misconception of the city, besides being covered in water, the water carried it’s history, thoughts and arts. Quietly wandering on the clear blue water became the most precious wealth of Venice.

From the towers to the churches, from Napoleon wing of the building to the gold altar, it was Du Lei Si first time being in so close contact with a Western country, she was deeply shocked by everything here.

When they returned, the horizon was ignited by a red sunset, the setting sun in the Piazza San Marco Square seems to be shrouded under a piece of the holy light.

Du Lei Si was somewhat reluctant, she suddenly thought of the words the President just said—— “If you want to see, next year in February we can return.”

“Will we come back next year?”

“As long as you like it.”

Du Lei Si suddenly felt that she didn’t really wanted to ask whether they’ll return or not, she just wanted to hear the words ‘as long as you like it’ out of his mouth.

She silently replied with one sentence: As long as you’re present, I will like it regardless.

Returning to the hotel from Piazza San Marco, the gondola passed the famous Bridge of Sighs, crossing the water, hanging between two buildings was a bridge.


“There’s a legend about this bridge.” Lian Jun said suddenly.

“What legend?”

Lian Jun didn’t answer her, he suddenly lend towards her.

She felt his breath on her face, during the night his dark eyes were shining like the bright stars in the sky: “What……what is it?” she asked.

“If lovers kiss under the bridge, their love will be eternal.”

After lightly saying these words, his lips decisively came over, a extremely fine kiss, opening her jaws, in unhurried matter step by step invaded her, taking her breathing away and at the same time also claimed her soul.

The crescent moon within the misit sky, under the dim moonlight, reflect the shimmering waterways, there was a crescent-shaped gondola with two figures embracing as they kissed, the image seemed to melt together.

This one kiss made her gasped for air, her heart palpitated quickly, afraid of the stares from those around.

Du Lei Si felt the boatman sincerely staring at them, she could feel Lian Jun’s soulful eyes linger on her body under the glowing moon water, dazzingly her eyes.

Once her head felt dizzy, her focus was a mess, ‘Pa La’ she felt into the water.

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