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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 52

Hope everyone had a wonderful mother’s day celebration, I’ve spent my weekend sick in bed with the cold, while the two little ones also suffered from the cold, what a drainer! However, hotpot did a wonderful job in easing it a little.

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Chapter 52: As long as I am here, I will always be in front of you.

She’s been robbed!

Using the fastest speed to react, Du Lei Si recovered and suddenly rushed to catch up with the thief. This must be a joke, that ring is worth a whole two million dollars! Even if she were to be robbed, she couldn’t benefit a foreigner! But if this was her country, their citizens would have been wasted!

Under a huge stimulus, Du Lei Si ran very fast, suddenly she caught the robber, regardless of death she clutched onto the robber’s clothing without letting go.

Therefore, this year it wasn’t easy to make a living, even as a robber, without consuming a meal for the entire day he still haven’t reached his set goal for the day. Finally succeeding, but unfortunately he has found himself tried out since this woman was stubbornly chasing after him, in the end he was caught.

What kind of robbery situation is this? Isn’t this too much for a robber to handle? Suddenly he raised his fits, trying to hit across Du Lei Si’s face.

However, he didn’t have a chance to touch her face when his hands was captured and pulled back, then his nose was beautifully hit, immediately causing a nosebleed.

It appears he has met with a martial artist!

The robber was furious and spat on the ground, Lian Jun rushed up, the two of them were suddenly tangled together.

All of this was witnessed by Du Lei Si, she was scared shitless. At that time she instinctively only had thoughts of catching the thief, she totally did not consider the other party to also attack, luckily the President arrived just in time, otherwise she would have been likely been beaten.

Du Lei Si’s heart was anxious, she wanted to rush over to help, however the two of them were tangled together, there was no way to intervene, she had no choice but stand on the side anxiously watching the battle.

“Be careful!” She shouted.

This sound distracted Lian Jun’s attention, once he lost his focus the robber hit him with a punch causing him to stagger back a few steps.

It wasn’t easy for the robbers to gain some advantage, but he was very pleased with himself, See! This old robber is not a weakly! Don’t look down on others!

Actions are quicker than words, a shadow suddenly rushed up, in a blink of an eye firmly kicked where one would die of pain and lowered the robber’s body. What followed after the calamity was immerse pain, he (the robber) was lying on the ground shaped like a shrimp.

When the robber stared at our heroine Du Lei Si again, she was holding her handbag and pounding it at his head: “Who told you to hit my husband? Who told you to steal my ring? I’m going to beat you to death! Beat you to death……A tiger does not expression its anger, you think I’m Hello Kitty ah? Hello Kitty wouldn’t let you bully her like this either……”

The calm Lian Jun was beyond shocked watching on the side, indeed he didn’t marry a wife, she’s Ultraman, at a critical moment she will transform to fight the monsters!


Here, Du Lei Si was not angry, she continued using the handbag to beat the robber. She couldn’t help but praise the quality of the handbag the President gifted her, the handbag was unexpectedly so strong that the robber cried out in pain.

“Don’t think we Chinese people are easy to bully, having merely only a few techniques of Kung Fu, you also dare to attempt robbery?! Dare to hit my husband, I’ll dismantle you, I’ll dismantle you to death.”

“Du Du.” Lian Jun called out to her.

“Hush, I haven’t beaten enough yet!”

“Du Du!” His voice increased a few notch.

It was only then did Du Lei Si stop what she was doing and looked up, she was shocked.

This, this how did things end up like this ah?

Seeing four or five figures suddenly appeared in the originally empty surrounding, the figures gradually formed a similar hunting ring of encirclement, each of their hands held a bat. Even the youth wearing a grey sweater was holding a 30 centimeter long knife, the blade under the street light flashed and shone brightly, the coldness make those present scared witless.

Du Lei Si finally knew the meaning of being frightened, she swallowed her saliva and couldn’t help but move closer to Lian Jun’s side.

“Don’t be afraid.” Lian Jun whispered, his voice sound somewhat hoarse.

“En.” Du Lei Si hummed an replied and her trembling hands seize Lian Jun’s hand.

He squeezed her hands and motioned for her to calm down.

The other five men, all held weapons within their hands, their eyes reflected in the dim light, upon a closer look, it was like a pack of hungry wolves. Such a confrontation was terrifying and danger seemed imminent. She didn’t know when but every seconds of waiting felt like torture.

Du Lei Si glanced at Lian Jun, his eagle like eyes reveals a frosty chill, with the exception of a tinge of warmth that came from his hands that was tightly gripped to hers, unexpectedly out of thin air she developed slightly more courage.

Suddenly, the blonde hair youth who was previously beaten by Du Lei Si regain his conscious and walked over, blah la blah la barking continuously. His sharp voice echoed through the tranquil night, breaking the silence. The “wolves” that surrounded them finally took action.

Led by the gray sweater youth waving the knife in his hands, the youths who held the bats quickly came over, raising their bats they began to beat down.

“Be careful!” Lian Jun quickly pushed Du Lei Si behind him, then turned around, mercilessly gave the man a blow.

This punch was really strong, causing whoever received his (Lian Jun’s) punches to suffer in pain and tumbling to the ground, the bat in his (robber) hands also fell to one side.

This blow apparently angered the rest of them, very quickly the rest of the guys rushed over toward Lian Jun, although Lian Jun’s fighting skills was good, however each one of those mens were strong and armed with weapons. After several rounds, gradually some of his fighting abilities decreased.

Facts have proved that men in romance novels of one fighting against ten is all bullshit! Unless you’re Bruce Lee, otherwise how can one person deal with so many people?

After a while, the group of mens finally found a gap, while Lian Jun was unprepared, they severely hit the bat on his back, then another person also rushed over and hit his knee alignment, that sound is very strong almost as if it could break one’s bones.

A bomb exploded in Du Lei Si’s head, when looked at the scene before her again, Lian Jun had fallen to the ground.


Immediately blood rushed to her heart, without thinking she picked up the bat that have fallen on the ground and ran towards Lian Jun’s side hitting the “long-haired” guy’s on the back of his head, causing him to jerk. This “long-haired” guy did not expect once a woman goes berserk, it was more malicious than a man, if one isn’t careful, you’ll collapsed in the ground, which happened to him.

This blow also succeeded in shifting the rest of the men’s attention.


Not knowing who scold, several people have rushed towards Du Lei Si and surrounded her, including the man in the grey sweater armed with the knife.

Clearly he was leader of the group, she saw the guy blinked at the mens and said something to them before they all stop what they were doing. Then holding the knife he made his way towards Du Lei Si, the blade suffused a faint white light.

Du Lei Si was dazzled by the reflection of the knife’s light, her mind was actually calm down, slowly she retreated a few steps towards Lian Jun, looking down she saw Lian Jun’s injury. He fell on the ground, completely unconscious.

Her heart suddenly began to beat faster, unprecedented fear hung over her, she was not afraid of death, but she was afraid he would be met with misfortunes. If something really unfortunate happens to the President…… she wouldn’t be able to bear it!

At this time, the group of men have slowly enclosed her, the grey sweater with the knife approached her step by step, she already retreated without any further steps to retreat, as long as she retreated to Lian Jun’s side that’s enough for her.

The knife’s light finally flash towards her eyes, their eyes were filled with contempt, slowly the blade was lifted towards her.

Du Lei Si closed her eyes.

Suddenly, her body felt tight, she have fell into a warm embrace. Du Lei Si quickly opened her eyes, meeting with Lian Jun’s dark eyes. She didn’t know when he has regain conscious and stood up, he tightly hugged, the corner of his mouth were stained with blood, his eyes were calm.

“Fool, as long as I am here, I will always be in front of you.”

Behind the knife were raised up and down, her tears were long dripping down.

You are a fool! I don’t want you to stand in front of me, I want to hold your hand for a lifetime!


A loud gunshot was heard, breaking the quiet night, and then the sound of metal landing on the floor. Followed by messy footsteps, police sirens and screams of the robbers were heard, then the group of mens were surrounded.

During the moment of life and death, the police finally arrived in a timely manner.

Therefore, the police appearing before things are over in the films are misleading to the audience. In fact, in dealing with the problem of armed robbers, police are still more reliable.

What happened next were more formal, the bad guys were arrested, the good Samaritans were brought to the police station to be interviewed, a bald police officer with a thick accent asked a lot of questions, Lian Jun answered them all one by one. As for Du Lei Si…… of course, she didn’t understand a single sentence!

But she was not idle, while taking the opportunity to identify the suspects, she mercilessly trampled and kicked the grey sweater guy.

Remember, we Chinese are not so easily to be bully!

From the police station to finish filing the report, it was already the second day of the morning.

“How are you? Do you want to go to the hospital to get a check up?” Du Lei Si worriedly clutched Lian Jun’s shoulder, turning him side to side to check on his injuries. His mouth suffered some bruises, however it made him appear more masculine, his hair was slightly disheveled, but this is also made him quite handsome, as for his shirts…… only a few buttons were missing, giving off a real sex appeal ah!


(hey, are you checking for injuries, or trying to sexually perv?)

“You’re drooling.” Lian Jun timely reminded her.

“What…… where? You’re seeing things!” Du Lei Si hastily wiped the drool from the corner of her mouth, after she finished cleaning, her embarrassed face stole a glance at the President.

He’s laughing! He still had the energy to laugh at her!

“Don’t laugh anymore!” Du Lei Si shamelessly shouts, “how dare you laugh at me? Just then had it not been for the police arriving in a timely manner. You…… you would have……” When she spoke to this point she couldn’t continue as her eyes redden and her nose turned sour.

Suddenly, a large hand cupped her face and softly whispered: “Du Du, don’t cry.”

Hu hu hu…… saying this she wanted to cry even more!

“Before it was me who’s wrong okay?”

Okay your head ah! Her eyes stared at the bruises on the corner of his mouth, just a little bit, just a little bit more and she might never see him again. Just the thought of that, her heart also couldn’t help but filled with anxiety.

“Sorry……” Du Lei Si lowered her head, “It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have not acted rashly, regardless of the consequences I ran after them I’m…… I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault.” He lifted her face and quietly stared at her red eyes behind the moonlight, “if wasn’t you, I would rushed up instead, because the diamond ring is very important to me, it brought you to my side, without it we couldn’t have met, without it I wouldn’t have met the person I wanted and needed to protect in this world.”

Saying those words until this point, his eyes suddenly become very firm, beaming light, penetrating into Du Lei Si’s heart and spread in the pit of it, warming every nerve of hers.

“I……” she began to speak, but she didn’t know what to say, merely foolishly staring at him, it was a long time before she manage to say the next sentence, “Don’t treat me so well. I don’t know how to repay you.”

“Idiot.” Lian Jun smiled and rubbed her head.

Fool, if love needs to repayment, then it is not love.

“However.” Lian Jun suddenly moved closer to her ear and whispered, “If wifey really wants to repay the favors, I don’t mind if you use your body to repay me…… with you on top.”


President, you are too excessive!

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  3. Quite an interesting day.we got to see the commitment of these two get stronger by great leaps of faith. First stupidity to chase a thief Then to become avengers and fight together against armed criminals . WoW!!! Their children will truly become a master race, undaunted by the perils of the world FMAO


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