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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Surprise or thriller (⊙o⊙)?

On the flight back from Italy, Du Lei Si recalled all the ups and downs of their honeymoon, she suddenly felt like she experienced a Hollywood blockbuster thriller, if their plane were to crash, then the box office will be doubled……


“When we return, quit that job of yours.” Lian Jun suddenly said.

“Ah?” Du Lei Si suddenly remembered that she still had a job, “you don’t need to remind me, I was prepared to quit anyways.”

Feeling pleased, Lian Jun nodded, this thick skin girl finally have a bit of self-knowledge, which President’s wife will sell condoms? If spoken to other’s it’ll be a disgrace.

She didn’t expect Du Lei Si to lower her head and muttered: “Others work five days will get two days of rest, however I work for two days and rest for five days, I’m too embarrassed……”


So it turns out it’s due to this reason……

“Did you buy the gifts?” He asked.

Du Lei Si regained her senses and blinked in doubt: “What gifts?”

He knew she forgot, Lian Jun felt somewhat helpless: “The gifts for your parents and also my mother, grandma, that very hot-tempered friend of yours, certainly you couldn’t have forgotten, right?”

“Who said!” Du Lei Si coolly glared at him, don’t underestimate your wife, don’t mention your mother and my mother, she even included Aunty Wu, Housekeeper Yu and even Lao Fang she’ve prepared!

Lian Jun stared at her in a daze, suddenly he had an ominous feeling: “What did you buy for my mother?”

“Not telling you!”

“……I think it’s best if you used the costetics we brought from the mall yesterday as a gift for my mother.”

President, can’t you be more creative? Du Lei Si gave Lian Jun a disdainful look. “Oh, you can relax! Anyway, I will give your mother a surprise!”

Surprise? He only hopes it’s not a fright instead……


Whether or not Lian Anna will be surprise, she does not know, however Lao Fang really suffered from a fright.

“Young…… Madame…… what is this?” Lao Fang asked, staring at the unidentified object in the black box, while his entire body trembled.

“Gloves,” Du Lei Si replied.

Lao Fang wiped the sweat on his forehead: “The style of these gloves is……is very unique ah……”

“That’s right!” Du Lei Si nodded. “It’s made out of mouse hair.…… Oh! Lao Fang don’t faint! Lao Fang!!!”

Lian Jun sigh a sigh of relief: “When Lao Fang was five years old a mouse bit his toes. From then on as long as he sees anything related to ‘mouse’, he would be like this.”

Du Lei Si had a face of injustice: “But this is a Coypu ah!”

Lian Jun: “It’s the same.”

Du Lei Si was silent, Lao Fang so it turns out you’re a Doraemon.

In consideration of comrade Lao Fang’s loosing his combat effectiveness, the President had to personally drive instead and send his idiotic wife home. At the entrance to the house, another three unlucky eggs came out.

“Young Madame!” Seeing Du Lei Si, Aunty Wu was very affectionate.

“Elder Brother! Elder Sister!” Liang Liang also followed closely behind.

It’s been a week since Du Lei Si last saw any acquaintances, suddenly seeing so many her mood greatly improved, she hurriedly took out the gifts she prepared: “Liang Liang is so well-behaved. This is the gift sister have brought for you ah!”

“What is this?” Liang Liang’s big watery eyes stared at the round object for a long time, suddenly he was enlightened, “Ah! It’s a ball!”

“I don’t want it!”


When Du Lei Si wanted to stop what Liang Liang was going to do, it was too late, he have thrown the round object to the ground.

“Elder Sister, why doesn’t this ball bounce?”

“……because this is not a ball, it’s a crystal ball.”


(Du du, why did you buy a crystal ball for a seven-year old child? Is your head made of crystal?)

“It’s all right, here Grandma have a Sun Wukong mask!” Aunty Wu hurriedly tried to ease the situation.

Du Lei Si’s mouth was fuming: “Aunty Wu, that’s not Sun Wukong……”

“It’s no?” Aunty Wu carefully observed the red tagieva mask within her hands, suddenly she was enlightened, “Ah, judging the glaze you’re giving me, it must be Bao Zheng turning into Sun Wukong, who told them to have such red faces!”

Du Lei Si’s mouth fum without moving: “In fact……this is actually……”

“What is it?” Aunty Wu yelled, “Surely it’s Sun Wukong, right?”

Du Lei Si swallowed the words she wanted to say back down her throat and sighed: “It’s…… Bao Zheng.”

Just when Du Lei Si couldn’t be any more embarrassed, Housekeeper Yu suddenly said: “Young Master, Young Madame, it’s been hard on yous.”

Housekeeper Yu! Du Lei Si’s eyes lit up, she stared at Old Yu’s thick dark hair, and regain her spirits—— finally there’s a gift that will be useful!

She excitedly ran up to him and stuffed a bag into Old Yu’s hands, “This is for you!”

“Young Madame, you are too kind!” Old Yu was overwhelmed by an unexpected favour, “This…… how can I accept this?”

“Don’t be polite, it’s nothing too valuable.” Du Lei Si forthrightly waved her hand, “I’m telling you, oh this is a really good hair conditioner, ensuring that your hair will become darker and shinier!”

Old Yu’s smile was solidified on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Du Lei Si appeared puzzled, it couldn’t be she gave the wrong gift again?

“No…… Nothing” Old Yu bitterly smiled.

At this time, Liang Liang suddenly shouted: “Uncle Yu’s hair is good, black and shiny, he can also take it down from his head!”

Suddenly a gust of wind blew, almost blowing off the wig on Housekeeper Yu’s head. Du Lei Si turned her head back to look at Lian Jun and said in frustration: “Then…… the skin care products that we brought yesterday is still here?”

Due to changing the unsophisticated and old-fashioned red pajamas into branded cosmetics, Lian Anna fortunately didn’t become the fifth unlucky egg like Old Yu, Aunty Wu, Liang Liang and Lao Fang.

Once her mother-in-law was in a good mood, naturally the way she spoke also soften considerably.

“A few days later it’ll be Ah Jun’s Grandpa death anniversary, be prepared, when the time comes we’ll go together.”

Oh! Is her mother-in-law speaking to her? It’s so gentle ah!

Du Lei Si immediately returned to their room in a joyful mood, and at once she reported the good news to the President.


“Your mother just praised me for choosing good cosmetics!”

Lian Jun had his head lowered, checking through mails so he casually “en” a reply.

“She appeared very happy! I think your mother doesn’t seem to hate me as much anymore……” Du Lei Si continued excitingly.


“Your mother asked me to be prepared, in a few days go to see your Grandpa, when the time comes, I’ll be sure to put on a good performance, make sure your mother fall completely in love with me! Say.. what should I wear ? Would wearing a skirts look too frivolous? However wearing trousers would be too conservative.”

“Du Du.” Repeatedly being interrupted, Lian Jun finally found it unbearable and reminded her, “I’m looking through mails.”


“Ah!” Du Lei Si was aware of her own excitement was affecting the President’s work, quickly she embarrassedly poke her tongue out and withdrew to one side.

Speaking of which, the President abruptly stop all his work to accompany her for a seven days break to Italy, now that they have returned his work must have piled up, right?

Du Lei Si was lying in bed, with both of her hands under her chin staring at the President’s silhouette in a daze.

The soft lighting hitting his face, outlining his perfect profile. Black fluorescence emitted by the computer screen was sparkling. They say serious working men are the most pleasing to the eye, indeed as expected it’s not false. Merely staring at the President, she could do this for a lifetime.

“Du du, I can’t concentrate on work with you staring at me like this.” Lian Jun removed his eyes from the  computer screen, and helplessly stared Du Lei Si.

Du Lei Si made a face of injustice: You told me not to speak so I’m merely using my eyes to stare you, how did I bother you?

She didn’t know how tempting she appeared, wearing pajamas while lying in bed with her partially collar-bone exposing, it was hard not to arouse his sexual desires, this simply made it hard for him to think straight.

“Come here,” Lian Jun turned off the computer, and turned to face her.

“What’s wrong?” Du Lei Si had a confused expression.

Lian Jun beckoned with his hands: “Come here.”

“Oh,” She used her hands and feet, like a kitten she crawled from the bed, widening her collar thus exposing more of her enticing chest.

Climbing closer, Lian Jun stretched out his hands and dragged her into his arms.

The poor defenseless kitten headlong into the wolf’s foraging range.

Du Lei Si finally panicked, “You…… have you finished going through the mails?”

“I’m tired, I’ll look through the rest tomorrow,” He buried his face into the long hair of her neck, sniffing her scent.

She had just taken a bath, so she smelt extra sweet, causing one wanting to take a bite.

His palm made its way into her pajamas collar, touching certain parts of her body that was partly hidden and partly visible.

Du Lei Si only felt a shock and blurt out: “You…… You haven’t taken a bath yet.”

“Oh,” He stopped the movements in his hand.

Du Lei Si quickly nodded like a chicken pecking its rice.

Lian Jun nodded in agreement, “Let’s go and wash up.” then he stood up and carried her to the bathroom.

Suddenly, an ominous feeling hung over her heart, she shouted: “I already bath!”

“You can bath again,” He said, and placed her into the bathtub.

Other’s call it “digging your own grave”, Du Lei Si calls it “Self discharging the bath water.”

The warm water-soaked through her pajamas, touching every part of her body, Du Lei Si was anxious: “Don’t waste water!”

“En.” Lian Jun nodded, so he also climbed into the bathtub, “so that’s why we should bath together instead.”

President, you are a bit too savvy!


Du Lei Si was grieving her own misfortune, however when she looked up, she was confronted with the President’s chest, the wet material stuck closely to his skin, as a result undoubtably revealing his strong chest.

Through the mist water vapor, Du Lei Su consciously swallowed her saliva.

At this point, he has reached out his hands and began to take off her clothes.

“Don’t……” Du Lei Si hastily tried to stop him.

“Wifey, you like taking a bath with clothes on?”

“……” President, don’t utter such nonsense!

The poor clothing one by one drop to the bathroom floor, first it was hers, and then it was his, finally they honestly and nakedly faced each other.

Du Lei Si’s cheeks redden like a rose, it was exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful.

But this hero who plucked the rose didn’t pity upon seeing the tenderness, he will only—— ravage, ravage, and ravage again!

Who told Du Du to become this tender rose?

That night, swaying in the midst of a raging storm, the rose was deflowered.

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  1. There’s never a dull moment between this husband and wife. I hope it makes them strong enough to weather the storms set in motion by others.
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