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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 55

It’s my 26th birthday today! Here’s a gift to my readers~ I’m off to celebrate with some fine dinning tonight!

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Chapter 55: The President’s….dad?

“Du Du, it’s really unexpected of you to lie to your husband because of me, I’m really moved……” Xiao Yin suddenly rushed up towards her.

Du Lei Si’s face was suddenly covered with black lines: “Refrain from advancing, we’re not that familiar with each other.” If wasn’t because she feared the President will eat vinegar, she wouldn’t have compiled to lie. But then again, the President getting jealous because of her…… she was filled with happiness.


“Darling, saying that really hurts my self-esteem,” Xiao Yin said with a hurtful expression as he clutched his chest.

Seeing him so, Du Lei Si unconsciously remembered the sworn fellow Xia Kun, who spoke without restrain: “Your self-esteem is wrapped in the skin of your invulnerability, even an atomic bomb can never hurt it.”

“Du Du, your tongue is really poisonous, how does your husband tolerate you?”

Poisonous tongue? Du Lei Si was stunned, seemingly in front of the President she’s always been using a poisonous tongue as well. Sure enough, when going into battle, one has to observe their opponent, encountering such a powerful boss such as Lord President, she can only strike within seconds.

As she was thinking, Xiao Yin suddenly came over, groping around her waist.


Du Lei Si’s entire body turned cold, she reached out to pull away from him, however her strength couldn’t compare to his, after pulling for half the day he still remained motionless. Really couldn’t tell by looking at his squeaky clean appearance that his strength was that strong! It seems she could only use a unique skill then!

She raised her foot and aimed at Xiao Yin’s foot, attempting to step down on them.

“What are you doing?”A voice bolted from the blue, shocking Du Lei Si and caused her to fall. Fortunately, Xiao Yin who was besides her, helped her in a timely manner. Or else a tragedy would have occurred, she was wearing a skirt you know!

But then a problem occurred, even though she didn’t fall face flat, she however fell into Xiao Yin’s arms. In the eyes of others, this was only a standard gesture ah! Coupled by Xiao Yin’s satisfied expression, it was simply—— an offence against decency!

Sure enough, the man on the side made a deliberate cough.

Du Lei Si hurriedly pulled away from Xiao Yin, wanting to see who is this man who gave her such a fright that she almost fell down, standing in front of them was an unfamiliar uncle wearing a suit. The uncle appeared to be in his 50’s, with a sombre appearance.

Just when she wanted to ask, she heard Xiao Yin reluctantly called out, “Dad.”

Dad? Du Lei Si was suddenly stunned, this uncle is Xiao Yin’s dad? No, that’s not right! Xiao Yin’s dad is also the President’s dad, right? Then…… wouldn’t he be her father-in-law!?!

Thinking to this point, Du Lei Si was petrified.

“Don’t call me dad, I don’t have such a son as you!” Xiao Li Shi scolded. “You’re twenty years old, yet all day long you just idle around, ignoring your proper occupation duties, spend your day picking up babes, I don’t know how I gave birth to such a son like you!”

Xiao Li Shi’s round of scolding quickly pulled Du Lei Si’s petrified soul back to her body, it seems their father and son relationship isn’t very good. When she looked at Xiao Yin again, he had a calm and steady expression, without the slightest hint of rebutting.

“I’m busy as it is, I request you not to caused trouble for me if there’s nothing! I’m a father that doesn’t require you become outstanding, as long as you’re one tenth of your brother, I will feel very at ease!”

“Don’t compare me to that person!” Xiao Yin suddenly snapped.

“How dare you talk back to me?” Xiao Li Shi was clearly exasperated. “So what if I compare you with Lian Jun? You can’t compare to your older brother, both of you are my sons, yet Lian Jun have more future prospects than you! Besides your moral integrity of using my money to idle away your time in pleasure-seeking, what else do you know?”

“Yes! Yes! Nothing of me can compare to your Ah Jun!”

“What’s with your attitude? Every time I bring up your older brother, you’ll headbutt with me! Are you really my son?”

“I’m not, okay?”

“Impudent!” Xiao Li Shi was so angry that he couldn’t catch his breath. “If you continue to go on like this, what’s the difference between you and those street punks? You, you’re simply a scumbag, even worse than a dog!”

“How can you say such things about your son?” Du Lei Si finally couldn’t listen further, which dad would compare their sons to a dog?

“Who are you?” Xiao Li Shi finally took notice of the woman beside his son.

“Me…… you don’t need to know who I am! It’s wrong for you to speak of your son this way!”

“Hmph!” Xiao Li Shi sneered, “how I teach my son is my business, also it doesn’t take you an outsider to teach me. But you’re also a girl, affectionately hugging a man in a public place, I really don’t know how your parents educate you.”

Xiao Li Shi’s spearhead suddenly pointed towards Du Lei Si, it actually cooled down her anger instead: “This point you can be rest assured, my parents educated me very well, at least I know what is respect, I wouldn’t compare my loved ones to dogs!”

“What a sharp-tongue girl you are!” Xiao Li Shi returned his focus back on Xiao Yin and sneered, “I finally know what is ‘one who stays near vermilion gets stained red, and one who stays near ink gets stained black’, you often associate with uneducated person like her, no wonder you learn how to talk back!”

You’re the one who’s uneducated, you and your entire family are uneducated! Du Lei Si really want to scold this sentence out, however she gave it a thought, seemingly this uncle entire family also includes the President and herself so she quickly swallowed the words in her mouth.

“Yes! I’m uneducated, I had no father to teach me, and no mother to raise me!”


Xiao Yin’s face was left with a number of red marks, while Xiao Li Shi stood there with his shoulder trembling due to anger.

From quarrelling to receiving Xiao Li Shi’s slap, it had attracted many onlookers. At this time the crowd have begun to whisper to one another.

It was the first time Du Lei Si encountered this kind of thing, she suddenly felt overwhelmed and at lost. Because of her impulsiveness, it was probably impossible to mediate the conflicts she had with Xiao Li Shi. Can she really just sit and watch her own father-in-law and his brother-in-law quarrel and not do anything? Seemingly their relationship appears extremely complex……

Du Lei Si was in a dilemma, facing such predicament, finally she decided: Out of thirty-six stratagems, the best is to retreat at once!

Then, taking advantage that Xiao Yin haven’t reacted, she took a hold of his hand and escaped through the crowd.

This time, she had a surge of adrenaline, her strength greatly increased, unexpectedly she dragged the strong Xiao Yin and swiftly ran out of the shopping centre, directly running onto a public bus.

After paying for their tickets, they found a place to sit down, suddenly her legs felt numb and her forehead was sweating.

That was too scary! She didn’t expect to the President’s dad to be unreasonable and conservative, ruthlessly scold others and even more ruthless when hitting others! Just judging by the sound of that slap, it can absolutely make one dizzy! Oh, that’s right, Xiao Yin!

She remembered that she was dragging that man, she quickly looked up and enquired Xiao Yin about his injuries: “Are you okay?”

Xiao Yin replied with a poker-face: “It’s nothing.”

Still so stubborn to admit it, yet half of his face was swollen! Du Lei Si decided to be a good person until the end, she look out the water bottle and towel from her handbag, wanting help him apply it.

“I don’t need you to pity me!” Xiao Yin suddenly threw off her hands.

KAO! Because of him, she even offended her father-in-law, he is so not grateful towards her, even dare to shout at her? Sister, I today definitely pity you, alright!

Without any other explanation, Du Lei Si took the towel and cleaned the corner of his mouth.

“Ah!” Xiao Yin yelped in pain, furiously glared at her, “what are you doing? I told you not to touch me!”

“Do you think I like touching you? I pity you so I’m suffering justice myself, okay?” Fortunately, there were a few people on the bus, or else others will think she’s bullying a respectable man!

“I said, I don’t need your pity!”

“I will pity, I will pity, I will pity you!”

“You!” Pitiful student Xiao Yin was so mad that he wanted to vomit blood, turning his head to the side he refused to speak.

Hey! No wonder there’s a saying online—— In each “S” heart, there’s be a “M” present, in each black belly is recessive white, in each young lady there are potential LOLI. For example like her, Du Lei Si, til this day she’s has been oppressed by the President, thus she finally become a superwoman! Then there’s student Xiao Yin, under his demon like appearance, there’s a troublesome little heart ah!

“Okay la, I was wrong? I do not pity you, I……” Du Lei Si thought for a long time, she couldn’t think of an appropriate verb, she finally had to make up a random one, “My heart aches for you, is it okay?”

Just this one word, but it waver and hit Xiao Yin’s heart.

“What did you say?” He turned around and stared at her.

“……my heart aches for you ah, seeing your handsome face swollen to such extent. Originally this thin skin is stuffed with Xiao Long Bao‘s flavours, now it has turned into a five cent dumpling skin in the school cafeteria.”


After Du Lei Si finished speaking, Xiao Yin choked.

“Don’t make me laugh, I’m still angry,” He covered his face, he finally has some human expressions!

Du Lei Si sighed: “See how good you look now, one smile and you’re all handsome again.”

Xiao Yin suddenly laughed and sigh a sigh of relief.

“What’s wrong?” Du Lei Si was a little worried, did she just say something wrong again?

Xiao Yin gave a wry smile and said: “It’s nothing, I just feel that I’m such a failure as a person.”

“How could that be? You can be very successful!” After Du Lei Si finished speaking, she felt slightly hypocritical and embarassedly said, “Although, you’re a little annoying, but in general you’re not a bad person. At least…… at least you didn’t kill anyone, commit arson, nor robbed a bank. Occasionally you’re flirt with woman, these are purely personal preferences, all these can be forgiven!”

“Poof!” Xiao Yin sprayed out his saliva, “Du Du, when you studied politics during school did you often get full marks?”

“How did you know?”

“Because you are more likely to pull in votes.”

“……” Student Xiao, you are not harmonious!

After a while, Xiao Yin suddenly said: “Why haven’t you ask me, why do I have such a bad relationship with my dad?”

This question still need to be asked? It’s obvious whilst growing up his dad often compared him with the President, which led to his psychological outbreak. First it was to rebel, hoping to attract his dad’s attention, clearly not expecting his dad to be more disappointed. Such a vicious cycle, and finally it led to the tragedy of their father and son incompatibility, it’s been acted out on TV numerous times!

In fact, why does he have to seriously compare himself with the President? No human can compare to the President, because he’s simply not human!

Naturally Du Lei Si didn’t express these words openly, since Xiao Yin asked, he hoped to find someone to talk about this knot he held deep within his heart, she will be a good person till the end!

Du Lei Si blinked her eyes and asked with a puzzled expression, “Why?”

Xiao Yin glanced at her and started to retell the story that’s been hidden in the bottom of his heart for more than ten years, indeed as expected there wasn’t much difference from what Du Lei Si guessed. Therefore, not everything you watch on television is not a lie, at least it relates to day-to-day life!

However there was one point Du Lei Si didn’t expect, it turns out that Xiao Yin’s mum, also known as Xiao Li Shi’s second wife passed away from a car accident when Xiao Yin was eight-years-old. From then on Xiao Yin and Xiao Xia was always taught by their father’s harsh education. He couldn’t stand it, so he began to self indulge.

Listening to the story to this point, Du Lei Si suddenly thought of a sentence: The more narcissistic a person is, the more inferior they feel. The reason why Xiao Yin behaves so frivolous in the presence of outsiders, is because he wanted to conceal his inner sense of inferiority. Frankly speaking, he wasn’t flirting with women, he was just lonely!

In this world, in fact, there are hidden loneliness deep in the heart of every person, a part of their true self. Thinking to this point, Du Lei Si suddenly felt some resonance with Xiao Yin.

“The two of you, you’re still not getting off?” The bus driver’s shout broke Du Lei Si’s resonance.

It was only then did Du Lei Si noticed the bus have driven them to an unknown place, and there’s only two of them left on the bus!

The two of them under the watchful eye of the bus driver got off the bus, Du Lei Si heard the bus driver muttered: “Youngster these days are really strange, they like to run to the country side.”

Then, the bus just staggered and drove off.

When they got off the bus, it was already dark, the bus they rode on was the last bus for the day. Du Lei Si adjusted her wrinkled skirt, looked around, suddenly she felt like she was stuck by lighting.

After a long time, she trembled as she said: “This place.…… I…… I seem to have been here before……”

Xiao Yin looked at the surrounding deserted farmland: “This place is the middle of nowhere, why would you come here?”

Du Lei Si’s forehead was covered with black lines: “I came here by car……”

At this time, a duck climbed up from the side of the paddy fields, wriggle to Du Lei Si’s foot, suddenly eyeing her before making a “GA——” sound.

Du Lei Si was finally filled with tears, this place where only cart is the source of transportation.

Suddenly, her cell phone rang.

“Why haven’t you returned?” The President’s voice sounded a little angry.

“I……” Du Lei Si pulled a long face, “I’ve got on the wrong bus!”

“Where are you now? I’ll come and pick you up.”

“I……I also don’t know……” Suddenly a flock of ducks walked front of her, “tell Xiao Fang it’s the place with many ducks, he’ll know.”

“You better discuss with those group of ducks and think of how you’ll explain this to me.” Then, he hung up the call phone.

Du Lei Si stared blankly at the phone, then looked at the ducks, and stared at the smiling Xiao Yin, feeling embarrassed.

Oh heaven and earth~ can someone tell her how she’s going to explain this the President!?

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