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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 56

Thank you for all your kind birthday wishes, I had a wonderful time. Pictures of last night’s dinner is attached below.

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Chapter 56: From here onwards, whatever you say I will believe you.

When Lian Jun drove the car to the “Duck Village”, Du Lei Si was squatting on the side of the road staring at the ducks, the leader of the group of ducks had white hair near the tufts of its eyes, she appeared very embarrassed.

“Brother duck, say…. how should I explain to the President when he arrives?”

Brother duck stared at her confused and lost before “Ga——” a sound in replied.

Then, a black Land Rover stopped in front of them, Lian Jun had a calm and steady expression when he got out of the car, his eyes faintly sweep at Xiao Yin who was standing behind Du Lei Si, then he quietly set his glaze on her body.

Du Lei Si deeply felt that this was the calm before the storm.

“Have you discuss how you’re going to explain this to me?” Lian Jun asked.

Du Lei Si piteously stared at the ducks on the ground, then she lifted her head up to look at the President before saying: “I can apply for an extension for this discussion?”


“If the discussion doesn’t work out, can I not explain it?”

“I don’t mind if you want to bring them back to discuss further.”


President, you are too magnanimous!

Before Du Lei Si got into the car, she very reluctantly and plaintively stared at the ducks: Fellow brother ducks, farewell!

Unexpectedly the ducks seems to have understood Du Lei Si’s glazes and chased towards the car, quacking one after another, in the silence of the night, actually render a bit tragic hue.

During ancient times, there was Jing Ke who attempted to assassinate Qin Shi Huang, in present modern days there’s Du Lei Si who was arrested and raped, although the nature is slightly different, however the result is the same—— in the dreary wind the ducks strongly quacked, once Du Lei Si departed, she no longer returned.

When the group of ducks gradually fade away, and they have finally left the village, the silent atmosphere in the car was extremely awkward.

Sitting in the driver’s passenger seat, Du Lei Si had her head lowered, in a repent state.

In a moment, how is she going to explain this to the President? How is she going to explain it? How…… Her mind repeatedly tried to find a solution to this problem. Unfortunately, she couldn’t come up with a conclusion.

She secretly looked up, carefully she stole a glance at the President, he was looking straight ahead, she couldn’t get a clear visual of his current mood. Having lived for such a long time with Lian Jun, Du Lei Si understood how terrifying this expression actually was, currently he haven’t striked an attack because he is depositing interest, once the compound interest is gathered, like a snowball it’ll drop down on her head, the hope of survival is almost certain to be negative……

Thinking to this point, Du Lei Si just wanted to utter a long and loud cry—— the young beautiful lady will always be star – crossed, the young beautiful lady will always be star – crossed!!![1]

[1] 红颜薄命: the beautiful woman suffered a harsh life; often beauties have an unfortunate life.

Unfortunately, Xiao Yin was heartless and ungrateful, wanting to increase the speed and add a stone on top of the President’s “snowball”: “Du Du, are you feeling unwell?”

Du Lei Si lowered her head even more, if he speaks any more, she’ll be in an even more dire situation.

“Du Du, in the afternoon you didn’t eat anything, are you hungry?”

Du Lei Si obviously felt the uh…… murderous aura on the side.

“I’m not hungry,” She answered in a hurry.

“Is it? In the tea restaurant this afternoon you didn’t eat anything, I thought you would be hungry,” Xiao Yin mumbled to himself.

Why do you have to mention the restaurant thing ah! Du Lei Si was on the verge of tears: “I’m really not hungry……” She was so scared she felt that she was going to explode.

“You shopped for an entire afternoon, aren’t you hungry?” Lian Jun who was driving suddenly spoke.

President, why must you hurt me so?

Du Lei Si thought of how she told the President she was shopping in the afternoon during their phone conversation, she deceived him so categorically, now she’s suffering the consequences. It hasn’t even been half a day and her lie was thoroughly exposed and seen through. Sure enough, the words her grandma spoke to her while she was young were right: Young children should not lie, or else they’ll be eaten by the wolf.

Grandma, your twenty year-old granddaughter have finally met a man-eating wolf.


When they arrived back at the city, it was already pass ten o’clock.

The big bad wolf, ah no, not right! The President stopped on the roadside and very bluntly told Xiao Yin the guest to leave: “You can get off now.”

When Xiao Yin got out of the car, he deliberately leered toward Du Lei Si: “Du Du, we’ll catch up next time!”

This time, Du Lei Si finally understood what the phrase “no good deed goes unpunished” meant, because of that young hooligan she have suffered for most of the day, unexpectedly this bastard deliberately painted an affair with her in front of the President, if she knew earlier on she wouldn’t have pitied him, she should have let his dad scold him to death! Hu hu hu ~ ~ ~

Once Xiao Yin left, the car’s air conditioning suddenly changed several degrees colder, Du Lei Si could not help but shiver.

“Now can you explain?” Lian Jun asked.

This is the second time the President asked her this question, Du Lei Si suddenly felt an alas feeling.

“That one…… I haven’t thought it through……”

“That’s okay.” Lian Jun smiled grimly, “what we have is time.” then he started the car again.

There’s plenty of time? Du Lei Si suddenly felt like she fell into an ice hole at the centre of the earth, it seems that this time President is determined to set the account clear, but with all the accumulated interest coming all at once! For the sake of this moment, the earlier her death is, the earlier she’ll rebirth.

Du Lei Si lowered her head, in her heart, she was brewing over the entire event and reorganizing over her wording, she decided she must let the President know of her innocence, how wronged and helpless she was.

After collecting her thoughts, she raised her head and was ready to confess.

At this time, the car suddenly turned a corner, from the main road into a remote path.

“It seems to be in the wrong direction……” Du Lei Si’s voice haven’t finished when the car ignition was turned off.

“I know.” Lian Jun lightly said.

Du Lei Si suddenly had an ominous feeling: “We…… we should go back……”

“No need.”

“But…… that…… here…… I……” Du Lei Si’s tongue was suddenly tangled, why does she feel that the President was deliberately bringing her to a secluded place to conveniently implement atrocities? It was truly terrifying……

A dark cloud suddenly flew across the pitch-dark night sky, covering the meager moonlight, the dim light reflected on the black Land Rover’s body, rendering a strange atmosphere.

Inside the car, the atmosphere reached its climax.

“Speak.” Lian Jun have placed his hands on the steering wheel, at the right moment a beam of light shone on his clean and slender fingers, all the words Du Lei Si just wanted to say have turned into clouds, with a gust of the wind, it has been to blown away without a trace.

“I…… I…… I……” She said I tens times in a row.

Lian Jun’s cold eyes swept towards her: “Don’t you tell me you’re a cassette tape.”


Under such pressure, Du Lei Si finally collapsed, she pulled a long face and shouted, “I was wrong!”

Lian Jun raised his eyebrows: “Is it? Tell me, where are you wrong?”

Du Lei Si gulped down the saliva that was stuck at her throat and began to confess: “I should have not accompanied Huo Yu Zhi to meet her online friend…… Balabalabala ……” From accompanying Huo Yu Zhi to meet her online friends, to bumping into Xiao Yin, to the conflicts with Xiao Li Shi, in one breath Du Lei Si finished recalling everything that happened today, then she secretly glanced at the President.

He had a calm expression, however he didn’t speak.

She’s done, she is almost certain he is angry! In Du Lei Si’s mind she secretly grieved, she decided to act in accordance with the instructions of the great God Baidu, admitting her sins and sentencing herself to death again.

“I know I was wrong, if you want to scold, then scold, if you want to hit, then hit!” After she finished speaking, she felt her words didn’t give her a lifeline so she weakly added, “That…… can you not fit the face, please?” She relied on her face to make a living!


Lian Jun raised his hands from the steering wheel, Du Lei Si closed her eyes in despair.

Don’t hit the face, don’t hit the face, don’t hit the face……

Then suddenly, a pair of soft hands caressed her cheek.

In the darkness, came a little sigh: “Du Du, when will you let me stop worrying about you?”

Regarding such a sentence, Du Lei Si’s guilty conscience suddenly like a flash floods spewed out, her nose felt sour, unexpectedly she had the impulse of wanting to cry.

“I’m sorry” She said as she used her teeth to bite her lower lips, biting until her lips turned pale.

Seeing all of this, yet Lian Jun refused to let things slid so easily.

This girl acts too recklessly, whatever she decides on, she will see it through until the end. If she loves something then she loves it regardless, if she doesn’t like something then no matter what it can’t change her mind, he really doesn’t know what to do with her. However, it’s because her precise character and personality that trigger his interest and made him gradually taken a liking towards her, then finally unexpectedly had a deep desire to protect her, keep her besides him, never intending to leave her side for the rest of his life.

“Don’t be sad, I don’t blame you,” He comforted her.

“You scold me please, I should have not deceive you! It is my fault.”

Her voice was suddenly buried by his lips, his tongue gently licked her bitten white lips, like tending a wounded child.

Her whispered an “En.” sound before parting her teeth.

They shared a soft, soothing and soundless kiss.

Kissing her, just because he loves her, wants to protect her, and not merely wanting to possess her.

This one kiss drifted away the group of dark clouds within the sky, the gentle moonlight shone above, sprinkle on the surface of their faces, shielding the haze light.

He leaned into her ear and whispered: “From here onwards, whatever you say I will believe you.”

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so for my birthday, hubby took to a restaurant in Melbourne, Vue de monde, Rialto Tower. The picture speaks for itself!



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  1. Aww, this chapter was so adorable. Especially the part where the President kisses her not out of possessiveness or jealousy, but out of love. She is so lucky~ And you’re lucky too! Your husband took you out to an expensive and nice restaurant, looks like you have your own sweet spouse!

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  2. Happy belated birthday Sutekii.. and thanks for updating…
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  3. I dont comment on every chapter but rest assured that I really like your translations (almost perfect in terms.of grammar) and I am very entertained by your choice of novel to translate.
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