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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Side Story 1

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Side Story 1 – Days of Cohabitation with the President

As her marriage to the President was really too dramatic, Du Lei Si decided to post their love story online, broadcasting it the entire world.

The online title of the novel was called “Days of Cohabitation with the President.”

When the title released, Du Lei Si who had previous reporter experience wrote up the foundation of their story, it receive a massive of unknown responses online.

Some of the replies were as such:

An online user by the name of “I am afraid I am myself.” replied: —— [love] [love] [love] The President is really too handsome! Too stylish! Too perfect! Today I’m going to quit my job, then carry cardboard boxes on the street to hook myself a golden turtle!

An online user by the name of “Very caring very laid back.” replied: ——LZ[1], no images equals no truth ah! Just send a nude photo of the President and let us verify it ah! Not taking no for an answer!

[1] LZ = 楼主 lóu zhǔ: The person who made the first/original post or started a BBS topic. Often written as “LZ.”

An online user by the name of “Conspiracy theory” replied: —— this is too fake! Didn’t LZ dream of this last night ah?

An online user by the name of “Professional building flipper” replied: —— I’m flipping, I’m flipping!

An online user by the name of “Professional seductress” replied: —— In fact, I have been always been the President’s hidden lover. In the past, I never thought of parting from you, but yesterday I went to hospital for examination, and found myself three months pregnant.

An online user by the name “Corruption is more healthy” replied: —— look in my opinion, Jason is a loyal dog. In fact, in his heart he has been silently crushing over the President, however for the sake of the beautiful couple, he ask the landlord to let go of the President, let’s cheer on him!


Looking at the hideous replies, Du Lei Si felt lost and completely embarrassed

Every single one of those replied were mentioning the President, they were all oppression women expressing their long-term grief. Why isn’t there any replies stating their pity for her??

This world is so crazy!

Finally, another reply came through by the online name of “I am human flesh, therefore I am in there” which made Du Lei Si wanting to put up a wall and bring out her sticks.

The reply was like this—— listening to LZ description, I have a feeling that the male lead might be my boss, otherwise why don’t everyone come and check their details ah!

Du Lei Si quickly typed a reply: “My mom called me home for dinner.” and then she quickly turned off the computer.

Shutting off the computer, she felt aggrieved. It’s enough that the President puts on an air around her, but why is that even online no one pities her, what the hell is going on ah!

Since Du Lei Si was angry, she decided to call someone to go out shopping using the President’s credit card of course! By exploiting a capitalist this will resolve her resentments.

When she arrived at the mall, Zhu Yao Fei was already waiting, frowned at Du Lei Si and asked: “We’re go out shopping, why are bringing a bottle of oil?”

Within Du Lei Si’s arms was Little President, aggrievedly replied: “If I don’t bring Pang Pang out, he will cry……” Pang Pang is Little President’s nicknames.

“Let him cry ah! Crying once or twice wouldn’t create chrysanthemum (Chinese slang which means ass/butt)!”


Du Lei Si eyed Zhu Yao Fei with hidden bitterness: Your son is chrysanthemum, your son from head to toe is like a chrysanthemum!


Since Du Lei Si had to carry Pang Pang, her shopping speed was obviously a lot slower, if she wasn’t coaxing the child then she’s entering toy stores, finally Zhu Yao Fei enraged: “TMD[2] in the end are you accompanying your child or you’re accompany me ah?”

[2] TMD = 他妈的 tā mā de: Damn, damn it, dammit, fuck, fucking.

“Of course I’m accompanying……” Just when she was about to continue, she saw Zhu Yao Fei’s complexion darken so she quickly changed the subject. “Of course I’m accompanying you, this beautiful woman! Hahahahahaha……”

As Du Lei Si was guilty smirking, Zhu Yao Fei knew that this woman can not be saved.

Sure enough, the next store they went into were all toy store, in addition to the toy store, they also went into the maternal and child supplies store. All in all: She’s using the President’s credit card to raise the President’s baby, no ambitions at all!

This day the results of shopping was quite rich. When they returned, Du Lei Si was surprised to find that she have brought so many things, so she utilize her demeanor of a young mistress of the house and made a call to driver Lao Fang.

Soon, a car arrived, but the one driving wasn’t Lao Fang, it was Lian Jun.

President? Du Lei Si was surprised and asked, “Aren’t you on a business trip?”

Lian Jun nodded: “I just returned.”

Du Lei Si was somewhat surprised, originally he informed her that this business trip was five days, it’s only been three days how come he has returned? It couldn’t be the business encounter some difficulties, right? So she tried to find out: “How…… come you returned so early?”

“I came back to just check.”

Du Lei Si was embarrassed: President, if you come back just to check, then wouldn’t you have to return to the business trip tomorrow? How come you be so wasteful with the airfares ah!


As expected, when they arrived home and entered their bedroom, the President’s luggage wasn’t even present.

Du Lei Si’s heart ache thinking of the airfare money, on a moment of impulse she turn on the computer preparing to expose to the world of the President’s crimes.

Not seeing half a day, this post generated a dozen of responses, a large number of users said: “LZ, us sister I is telling you go home and eat dinner ah!”

Du Lei Si didn’t even breathe and sprayed on the computer screen.

At this time, Lian Jun have finished showering and came out of the bathroom, seeing Du Lei Si in front of the computer laughing disorderly, he raised his eyebrows and silently stood behind her.

At the other end, Du Lei Si was having a full-blown conversation with the group of sisters, totally unaware that the President was behind her witnessing the entire thing.

After N of replies, Du Lei Si was finally overwhelmed, she typed a sentence: “My mother is telling me to go to bed!!” Then she quickly closed the pages.

She finally escaped from those pack of female wolves! She was relieved, however after turning around she froze.

“You, you, when did you finish showering?”

He curved his lips and gave a faint smile: “Just now.”

“You, you didn’t see anything, right?”


Du Lei Si’s heart finally felt at ease.

“In fact, you can also try the whip……”

Du Lei Si’s heart made a “thump”, hanging high in the air.

“I don’t mind if you want to try……”

“Pa” and her heart was shattered.

“Six times, maybe we can work together to challenge this score……”

A gust of wind blow over, without leaving a spark of dust from Du Lei Si’s shattered heart.

Ever since then, Du Lei Si never dared to go to the end of the world.

Epilogue | Index  | Side Story 2


17 thoughts on “Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Side Story 1

  1. *Sigh* Du Du, you really are kinda lucky to have a rich husband. And ahaha, it looks like the kid inherited his dad’s clinginess, what with crying if his mom’s gone. So cute~

    Thanks for the speedy chapter!

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  2. Ooo! President is gonna punish Du Du. It is her fate to be wrapped around the president’s finger. Looking forward to know more about Pang Pang.

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