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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Side Story 2

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Side Story 2: Du Lei Si has many, many, many dolls.

Du Lei Si has many, many, many dolls.

This pernicious habit developed because of her mom.

At the time, Du Lei Si was in primary school, her favorite cartoon was Sailor Moon. She had a subtle affection for dolls ever since she saw Usagi Tsukino picking up the black cat doll incarnated into a justice emissary, giving her the power to destroy evil.

If she was a doll and able to incarnated into an angel of justice, how great would it be?

However at that time Du Lei Si only had one doll, her (the doll) hair was extremely ugly plus she had a pair of big black pig eyes, entirely different from the angel of justice image she had in her head. So Du Lei Si requested her mom for a doll (the Western dolls). At that time her mom just came back from the parent teacher’s meeting, the teachers educated them to use the small things in life to educate their child about principles.

Her mom felt that this was a good opportunity, so she told Du Lei Si a story: “XX childhood family was poor, they had no money to buy books. So he saved his lunch money to buy books.”

After the story was finished, her mom asked her: “Si Si, do you know what’s the moral of this story?”

Du Lei Si nodded: “Mom, you don’t need to speak further, I understand!” After she finished saying what she wanted to say, she rat-a-tat away.

Her mom felt very pleased: “My daughter is clever, after now listening to the story she understood that life is hardworking, so studious.”

Her dad on the side said: “Whether she understood or not, it’s still unknown.”

Facts have proved that Du Lei Si understood the moral from the story.

Not only did she understood the hard struggles in life, she was diligently and eager to learn. She came to understand that her breakfast money could be saved. So from then on wards, every day Du Lei Si formed the habit eating breakfast at home, saving five cents. Within a month’s time, she will be able to buy a doll, within two months she will be able to buy two dolls, then within three months…… and so the cycle constantly repeated until Du Lei Si reached college, by then she collected so many dolls that she could bury herself inside her room.

Later, when Du Lei Si finished college, she moved out and entered the workforce she still couldn’t change her habits of purchasing dolls. At the end of the month whenever she received her wages, she would save $10 to buy herself a doll.

Later, the apartment she rented was filled with a wide variety of dolls, all kinds, large and small, enough to start-up a gang war.

After marrying Lian Jun, Du Lei Si moved all her dolls to the President’s mansion. At first, she slept in her own room, no one would care many dolls she placed on her bed. However, ever since she slipped and fracture her leg broken, she moved to the master bedroom, she began to have thoughts of moving her dolls into the master bedroom.

Although Du Lei Si is slow, however still took into consideration that the President may not like furry gadgets. So she didn’t want to make such a very high-profile move, thus she decided to slowly bring one doll at a time into Lian Jun’s bed. For her first crime, she placed a bunny by her side of the bed. That night the President said nothing. The next day, she placed a turtle next to the bunny. In the evening, upon seeing it the President still had nothing to say. On the third day, she moved the female turtle next to the male tortoise so they could accompany each other, this the President turn a blind eye.

Thus, Du Lei Si’s courage increased.

After moving her turtle, she moved her pandas. That night after the pandas, she moved her bears…… filling it from the head of the bed to end of the bed, from the end of bed to the sofa, then from the sofa to the floor.

Finally one morning, Lian Jun who have just woken from a dream, with his eyes closed, stretched out his arms ready to embrace his little wife found something not right. Upon opening his eyes, he discovered he wasn’t embracing his wife, it was a monkey with a long face, staring at him.

His long-standing grievances finally erupted: “Du Lei Si!”

“What? What?” Du Lei Si sat up from the floor, she was still hugging an enormous banana with drowsy eyes. Turns out yesterday she fell off the bed onto the banana.

Lian Jun’s expression was ice-cold: “Are you planning to turn our bedroom into a zoo?”

Du Lei Si hid her head behind the banana, making an aggrieved expression: “As a matter of fact…… there’s not only animals…there’s aslo fruits.”


“When I return from come work today, if I see any objects with fur, I’ll throw you and them out.”

After the President said that sentence, he stormed out.

When the President left, Du Lei Si anxiously sat in the house filled with dolls in a worry.

All these dolls were her babies ah! When she felt cold she would hug her bear, when she felt lonely she would hug her rabbit, when she couldn’t sleep she would hug her can turtle, even if fell she from the bed she would have her gentlemen Mr. Banana gentleman to soften her fall……

Sigh, she didn’t have the heart to throw them away.


But the President have already said such malicious words, she can’t always go against him. So that afternoon, one by one Du Lei Si moved those dolls back to the room next door. However when it was time to move the bunny, she couldn’t do it so she hid it underneath bed.

It would okay if she waited until the President’s was asleep, then she’ll secretly take it out, right?

On that day, Lian Chun was negotiating with a client thus he returned home late. When he walked into the bedroom, he was very satisfactory. He thought he could finally hug his wife to sleep tonight.

So after showering, he laid in bed and stretched out his hand pull the sleeping Du Lei Si dragged into his arms, he pinch an area that a child should not see, and said satisfied: “Feels much better.”

Du Lei Si blushed, she turned her body and humped into small shrimp.

Because he has worked too hard during the day, it didn’t tame long before Lian Jun felt drowsy and fell asleep.

But Du Lei Si could not sleep, in the last he always held her and she held the doll before she could fall asleep. But today, her arms were empty, her heart felt like it lacked something, how matter how hard she tried she couldn’t to fall asleep.

At this time, Lian Jun’s uniform breathing sounded from behind. He had fallen asleep, his strong-arms embraced her waist, her back was glued in his arms. Du Lei Si tried to move, the person behind her was obviously tired and didn’t respond.

Carefully she tried removed his arms from her waist, like a loach she slip to the bedside, reaching underneath the bed she tried to grab the hidden bunny. One tug, two tug she still couldn’t reach it, on the third tug she accidentally fell off the bed.

After a muffled sound, the bedside lamp was lit, Lian Jun sat on the bed, staring at her with a long face. She quickly hid the bunny behind her. Seeing Lian Jun’s expression, Du Lei Si panicked, she hurriedly tried to explain: “I…… I accidentally left one……”

But the President was already angry, the thing he hated the most getting waken up, plus now he also saw the thing he didn’t want to see the most, thus his entire face appeared like it was smoking up.

“Get up,” He said coldly.

Du Lei Si stood up and put the bunny behind her.

“Don’t hide it.” Lian Jun’s eyes sweep over, “throw it away.”

Du Lei Si took a step back.

“Throw it away,” He repeated again.

Du Lei Si shook her head. “I……”

“Do you want me to repeat it for the third time??” He asked, then got off the bed grabbing the bunny behind Du Lei Si’s hands, then he walked over to the window, opening the window and threw it out.

“No!” Du Lei Si cried, trying to stop him, but she was caught by his hand and pressed to the window.

HeR back suddenly touched the cold bed, Du Lei Si immediately felt furious: “How can you be so unreasonable?”

Lian Jun frowned: “Are you not satisfied?”

“Why must you throw away my belongings?” She asked with red eyes.

Seeing her lose her temper for some dolls, Lian Jun also began to became impatient: “It’s just a doll, if you like them so much tomorrow I’ll buy carload for you.”

“I don’t want it, I just want that one!” Du Lei Si shouted.

“Enough! Stop it!” Lian Jun interrupted her, at this time his anger have disappeared, his eyes resumed his usual expression, “we didn’t need to argue over a toy, we’re not children.”

“It’s not just a toy, it is a gift a brought myself with my first wages!” Du Lei Si said, finally found it unbearable and started to cry, “When i used to live in the apartment on my own, the placed felt empty, I would be afraid of hearing voices. Every time I received my wages I would gift myself a doll, I would give them names, hugging them to sleep I wouldn’t feel so cold, lonely, afraid nor couldn’t fall asleep.” The more she spoke the lower her voice got, in the end in sounded like soft sobs.

Suddenly, a warm kiss landed on her cheek, her face suddenly felt a rough object.

Du Lei Si was shocked.

He was licking her tears.

Suddenly, her face flushed.

He had to kiss the tears on her face, and softly said, “Be good, don’t cry.”

Hus voice sounded like soft water, melting her.

“I didn’t know how important they were to you, I’m sorry.”

Du Lei Si felt overwhelmed, shy and embarrassed: “It…… was I who didn’t explain things clearly——”

Her sentence was unfinished as his kiss has sealed her lips.

A thin dense kiss, easily digested, tossing to and fro, bit by bit he devoured her…… That night, after their intense passion. He hugged her and gently whispered into her ears: “From now on wards, you have me, you will not longer be cold, lonely, afraid, also can’t fall asleep.”

Henceforth, I will be your doll.

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24 thoughts on “Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Side Story 2

  1. It should have sounded sweet but for a person like me who loves big stuff toys and tall body pillows, i just cant feel that way, if he even dare as much as throw any of them outside, i will surely freak out big time. I see myself now having a hard time when it comes to submission when I got married. Lian Jun is such a bossy guy, I cant even. And she is too submissive and soft, which i guess just fits to his character for them to work out.

    I dont know, will it ever be revealed how he knew her first and why did he choose her to be her ‘wife’ in the first place and even has to resort to lies and blackmailing?

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  2. Omg they are too cute. Thank you for the new chapter!! I appreciate all your translations and I’m sad it’s ending because that means there will be less of you Suteki!! I will miss you so so much!! 😢💗

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