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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Side Story 3

Final release for ‘Can I Not Marry?’, however first of all I would like to make an announcement regarding ‘Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort’ I have been contacted by another translator to pick up this project, but she stated she won’t be starting the project until summer break. So my plan is to release the one more update since I have half of the summaries already completed.

My workload at work has increase tremendously so I don’t think I’ll continue to summarise nor translate anymore after that. What’s my future plans for the blog? I have no idea, it will all entirely depend on my life and work, so maybe in the future you’ll see a spontaneous post from me. Until then I’ll return to being a reader, I’ll see you all on the other side.

Thank you for all your love and support for my little blog within these two years, it has been a wonderful journey. I present to you the last side story, enjoy~

Side Story 2 | Index

Side Story 3: ……Pang Pang’s Dad

Ever since Du Lei Si gave birth to Pang Pang, she would address the President as “Pang Pang’s Dad”.

In the past she always felt addressing him as “President” wasn’t intimate enough, addressing him as “hubby” was too nausea, however addressing him as “Pang Pang’s dad” was different. It felt intimate and affectionate plus it didn’t sound nausea! So Du Lei Si got accustomed to addressing him this way.

In the morning she would say: “Pang Pang’s dad, wake up!”

During midday she would say: “Pang Pang’s dad, have you eaten lunch yet?”

In the afternoon she would say: “Pang Pang’s dad, what time are you coming home?”

At night she would say: “En…… Ah…… Pang Pang Pang…… Pang……” (I think you all know what’s going on there *wink* so awkward.)

Finally, the President found it unbearable, while frowning he asked: “Am I fat?” (Pang Pang’s characters in Chinese means fat)

Du Lei Si was delirious, without rhyme or reason she replied with an “En” sound.

Upon hearing her reply, the President actually stopped what he was doing and retreated to the side.

What originally felt like practising the “Nine Yang Manual” suddenly turned to “Nine Yin Manual“, her body was rustling with bugs bite, Du Le i Si was in a mess. With a redden face she asked: “Pang Pang’s dad. Why did you stop?”

“Am I fat?” Lian Jun asked.

Du Lei Si shakes her head in a daze. Is he joking? How can the President be fat? She looked at his arms, chest and abdominal muscles. Her glaze slowly made its way down. Suddenly, she didn’t dare to look further, averting her eyes, she swallowed her saliva as her entire body began to heat up.

The corners of Lian Jun’s mouth curved up: “Where is it not fat?”

“Here……” Du Lei Si paused, she found it hard to speak, “are not fat……”

“Be more specific! Point to the place for me to see.”

Be more specific…… Du Lei Si turned around and quickly swept her eyes on his body, her glaze were alarmed and bewildered, she casually pointed to a place: “Here here here…… are not fat!”

And then she quickly averted her eyes once again. Suddenly, her hand was caught, he grabbed her fingers and placed in on his bare body shifting it bit by bit: “Is it here or here, or here?”

Du Lei Si was in a mess. President, you are a freak! TAT

“I want to go to the bathroom!” She said, and quickly withdrew her hand, scrambling away ready to escape.

She crawled a few steps before she was caught and dragged back.

“Ah!” Du Lei Si softly cried, the next moment her body was tightly pressured by his body, her knees were pressed in against her legs.

Obviously they were an old married couple, she could not help but blush doing these kind of actions, she felt breathless.

He lowered his head and moved his face closer to ear as he whispered: “Pang Pang’s mom, you haven’t answered my question.”

His voice was particularly soft, it reverberated in her ears, teasing her every nerve. Often in such a situation, seeking for help is out of the question, during the reciprocating cycle of “Nine Yang Manual” and “Nine Yin Manual”, student Du Lei Si finally collapsed.

The next day, she decided to pack her things and return to her parental home. In fact, she only need to pack two things, Pang Pang and herself.

That’s right, this time Du Lei Si took Pang Pang back to her parents.

When she arrived at her parent’s place, Du mama was especially happy upon seeing her grandson, she held Pang Pang showing him off to her neighbours: “This is my grandson, look how cute he is ah!”

Once the neighbours saw the white and tender Pang Pang, whose facial features were a reflection of Lian Jun, they were also especially happy, all fighting to carry Pang Pang. Poor Pang Pang was carried and pinched by seventh aunty and eighth aunty, having his tofu eaten tremendously, finally him received a kiss from Ni Ni’s who wanted to marry a golden tortoise.

Du Lei Si who stood behind felt bad.

When they returned home, she complained to her mom: “Mom, don’t go around to the neighbours with Pang Pang in the future, it’s like parading on the streets.”

“You unlucky child, what parading on the streets? This is called the happiness of a family union!”

Du Lei Si face was filled with black lines: “You are the happiness of a family union, Pang Pang was fiercely kissed by Ni Ni from upstairs!”

Du mama appeared displeased: “What you say is wrong, do you know why Pang Pang is so popular?? It’s because he resembles your husband ah! Look at your little face, oh ah ge……” Du mama couldn’t help and knead Pang Pang’s face. Poor Pang Pang after being pinched and squeezed for the entire day, his face was swollen.

Turns out she’s the legendary strange aunt who couldn’t pinch the President’s face so she knead Pang Pang’s face instead, huhuhu…… Du Lei Si quickly grabbed Pang Pang and protect him in her bosom: “Mom! In the future I’m not letting you knead Pang Pang’s face, or else I’ll tell dad that the two bowls of food you cooked yesterday were purchased from the hotel!”

Du papa coughed on the side and said: “I didn’t hear anything.”

Du mama: “……”

At night, Du Lei Si held Pang Pang to sleep, suddenly she remembered what her mom said during the day, she couldn’t help but stare at Pang Pang’s face.

If you didn’t mention, Du Lei Si would have thought that Pang Pang’s sleeping appearance looks exactly like the President’s.

In fact, sometimes the President and Pang Pang look-alike. It’s pretty cute…… staring at Pang Pang, Du Lei Si suddenly unconsciously missed the President.

At this time, her phone suddenly rang, it was the President.

“Played enough yet?” The voice of the phone emitted waves.

“En.” Du Lei Si answered softly.

“When will you be returning?”

“Tomorrow,” After she replied, he sounded like he was going to hang up.

“Wait, wait!” Du Lei Si suddenly called out to him, with a despicably low voice she said, “Pang Pang’s dad, I miss you……”

The caller was still on the phone, there was a long paused before a reply was heard: “Wait for me.” then he hung up.

After three hours, Lian Jun stood in the doorway of Du Lei Si’s parent’s home, obviously he rushed over here through the night, besides from some trace of weariness in his eyes but she couldn’t see any fatigue in his appearance.

Du Lei Si was startled: “What are you doing here?”

“Shh!” Lian Jun made a silent gesture, “don’t wake up mom and dad.”

At two o’clock in the morning, everyone was asleep.

Du Lei Si nodded, like a thief she led Lian Jun into her room, Pang Pang was in his cot sleeping sweetly.

“Don’t make noise and wake him up.” Lian Jun said, then he began to loosen his tie. Du Lei Si stare at him, she felt like she was in a dream.

She only regain her sense when he took off his shirt and laid in bed, she felt very embarrassed.

This time she really did something wrong, without uttering a single word she returned to her parental room, causing him who worked for the entire day to drive over when it was so late already…… Du Lei Si’s heart felt extremely guilty, twisting on her pajamas, then obediently crawled into bed, hugging Lian Jun’s waist, then like a kitten rub against him: “Pang Pang’s dad, I was wrong……”


“Pang Pang’s dad……” She continued.


“His dad……” She continued to rub harder.



Lian Jun suddenly grunted: “If you continue doing this, then we’ll wake up mom and dad, I won’t take responsibility for it.”

Du Lei Si was surprised, it was only then did she discover there was something amiss from his stare, it was filled with desire.

She turned from kitty to a chicken plague, lying on Lian Jun’s side, not daring to move.

The lights were not lit in the bedroom, quietly nesting on each other, suddenly become very quiet, very quiet…… Pang Pang’s smooth breathing was heard, the little guy slept very sweet and deeply.

For no particular reason, a warm feeling developed in Du Lei Si’s heart. A family of three full in the little bedroom, they were the ones she loved and cherished.

“Pang Pang’s dad.”

“En?” He gave her a soft reply.

“I feel very happy……” The man next to her paused for a long time then replied with another “En.”

Du Lei Si also want to say something else when he suddenly used his hands to caress her face, and quickly seized her lips.

All the subtle fragrance floated around, a sweet kiss melt into the peaceful night, steeping into every corner of their hearts……

Side Story 2 | Index


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  1. Thanks for the side story. We have been very much blessed by your translations. Take it easy. Not easy trying to juggle family , work and blogging. Would love to hear from you once a while. Don’t be a stranger. All the best to you and your family. Hugs to the 2 boys.

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  7. Thanks for your hard work. Will miss you and Du Du very much.
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  13. Thanks a lot Translator-nim. Just from following your translations and your posts i feel like i know you already. Wishing you and your family the very best . I hope to read more of your translations soon. Jeongmal kamsahabnida Translator-nim.
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  15. Fiuhhh
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