11 thoughts on “Song: Liu Tao《刘涛 》 – Aging of Beauty 《红颜旧 》

  1. I heard good reviews of the drama as well but I have not got around watching it. Do let me know once you are done with the drama to see if it is worth for me to start 🙂 Enjoy the drama!

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      1. Thanks dear. Will do so once I am done with the current translation and work project completes. Then, hopefully I have time on hand to watch. And to read the novel too.

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    1. No way… That’s what so good about it’s being suspenseful. I couldn’t stop clicking the next, next, next episode button… Before I knew it, I was done & crying at the end of the drama but happily and satisfyingly crying… Then I started it all over again… I have watched it 3 times. 😜 3*54 episodes, that is… That’s how good this drama is for me… I love this song too, btw. A very sad song…

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  2. Truly impressed and engaged into watch the whole 54 episodes. I love it! realy got me into learn more about ancient China and how profound this is.


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