Completed: Can I Not Marry?


Chinese Novel   |   Vietnamese Translation   |  Radio Drama
Prologue   |   Chapter 01: Female Du Lei Si   |   Chapter 02: Casual visitor
Chapter 03: The President makes an appearance
Chapter 04: Du Lei Si the married women   |   Chapter 05: The President’s nest
Chapter 06: The President’s old madame   |   Chapter 07: Mom and dad’s defection
Chapter 08: Ah you nosebleed nosebleed, why must you flow out?
Chapter 09: Du Lei Si who’s different   |   Chapter 10: Wedding customs
Chapter 11: Golden turtle uncle   |   Chapter 12: Very embarrassed very cold
Chapter 13: Sorry, I have motion sickness   |   Chapter 14: Poached beef
Chapter 15: Luxury mansion without the president, Du Lei Si is the king
Chapter 16: Zhu manager, you are so generous!
Chapter 17: Heaven, earth, who is she finding to trial?
Chapter 18: Leniency to those who confess, severity to those who resist
 Chapter 19: Are you trying to seduce me?   |   Chapter 20:  The President’s gift
Chapter 21: The President’s secret
Chapter 22: Rather work a ten-day shift then accompany this child!
 Chapter 23: Du Lei Si who got dragged down
 Chapter 24: Days of isolation with the President (1)
 Chapter 25: Days of isolation with the President (2)
Chapter 26: Days of isolation with the President (3)
Chapter 27: It feels like drinking a glass of milk powder with melamine
Chapter 28: The President is angry   |   Chapter 29: No idea where life is heading
Chapter 30: Beat your little head! Who told you to ignore me!
Chapter 31: The President’s darling    |   Chapter 32: Rich people’s so called love
Chapter 33: Men! They always wants pride and self-esteem!
Chapter 34: Fracture resulting in plaster
Chapter 35: This matter wouldn’t be related to that matter, right?
Chapter 36: A passer-by in a windy mess!
Chapter 37: A dead fish is stimulated into a big shark.
Chapter 38: Can’t eat the President’s tofu!
Chapter 39: At that moment, she had a sense of being a female protagonist.
Chapter 40: The Legendary Zhu Yao Fei and Xia Kun.
Chapter 41: This is the legendary date!!
Chapter 42: The President’s … … love confession (⊙o⊙)~
Chapter 43: As long as you’re by my side, there is no pain.
Chapter 44: Mom ah!The high standard of rich and powerful daughter-in-law!
Chapter 45: Young Mrs, why don’t you eavesdrop?   |  Chapter 46: Du Du, let’s elope?
Chapter 47: Wifey, you are a married woman now.
Chapter 48: If I can’t save you, then I’ll sink to the bottom with you.
Chapter 49: If lovers kiss under the bridge, their love will be eternal.
Chapter 50: This round, the President gain victory!
Chapter 51: Congratulations, you’ve been robbed!
Chapter 52: As long as I am here, I will always be in front of you.
Chapter 53: Surprise or thriller (⊙o⊙)?
Chapter 54: Oh my god, that was too dangerous!
Chapter 55: The President’s….dad?
Chapter 56: From here onwards, whatever you say I will believe you.
Chapter 57: The real President is sure to take revenge!
Chapter 58: I want to strangle myself to death!
Chapter 59: Days of working with the President (1)
Chapter 60: Days of working with the President (2)
Chapter 61: Days of working with the President (3)
Chapter 62: The mysterious bouquet!
Chapter 63: The couple finally have an argument ╮(╯▽╰)╭
Chapter 64: I want to return to my parent’s home!
Chapter 65: In this world, some things, some people are doomed to be unmissable.
Epilogue: Pang Pang is born!  |  Side Story 1: Days of Cohabitation with the President
Side Story 2: Du Lei Si has many many many dolls
Side Story 3:  ……Pang Pang’s Dad