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Manga: Chang Ge Xing (長歌行) – Xia Da (夏达)


Author/Artist: Xia Da

Status: 6 Volumes, 47 chapters, ongoing

Summary: Chang An in the Tang Dynasty of China (618-907): The demon star is passing through the sky, calamity is about to befall the Tang Dynasty – because of a woman.

(credits to Mangafox)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Gender Bender, Historical, Tragedy, Seinen



Has anyone read this manga yet? If not, I highly recommend Chang Ge Xing 長歌行manga. The artwork is amazingly beautiful and the story is filled with many twists and turns, involving Tang Dynasty politics. The author incorporates a couple of real historical figures in the story, but apart from that, it’s entirely fabricated through the author’s imagination.

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We’re first introduced to a young princess, Li Cheng Ge, our female heroine. In order to seek revenge on her family, she disguises herself as a man and sets off on a journey to find talented people to aid her on this mission. Not only intelligent (I love reading about smart heroines) but she is also physically capable taking down all her enemies that appear in the story. A quote from the manga describes her perfectly “Women are small and fragile… yet the power they hold, is immeasurable.”

I love how the story developments, its intriguing with no dull moments at all, which is why this is my most favorite manga of all time. Perfect combination of political politics, witty female heroine, equally fascinating male lead. I believe its a must read!

If you can read Chinese then here the link to the Chinese version, if not you can read the English translation on mangafox.

I’m not too sure if this manga has the same story line has the drama currently being name with the same title (Ruby Lin and Yuan Hong) 秀丽江山之长歌行 because in dramawiki the drama summary is somehow different.


Following a civil war, Liu Xiu, a distant descendant of Emperor Liu Bang, was tapped to lead the restoration of Han Dynasty. To amass political power, he annulled his marriage to first love Yin Li Hua in order to marry Guo Sheng Tong, a niece of a powerful warlord. Upon unifying the country, he remarried Yin and had his heart set on making her his Empress. But political pressure, once again, forced the choice upon him and Guo became the Empress. Years later, Yin family’s growing influence helped turn the tide. When scandals erupted in Guo’s family, he used the opportunity to depose Guo and promote Yin to the position. Yin remained his Empress until his death.


18 thoughts on “Manga: Chang Ge Xing (長歌行) – Xia Da (夏达)

  1. Have not seen the drama, but I love the manga.

    The story is good and the art amazing. It’s rare to see an Smart female lead, usually they are either stupid or there is no female lead at all.

    I wish easy going scan update it faster xD


  2. I heard from someone that the manga plot is different from the drama. So I don’t think the drama is based off of the manga plot. >_<

    I was really surprised by the kick-butt heroine in this manga! She is awesome! Usually I don't really believe cross-dressing in manga/dramas (because it's so obvious that the heroine is still a girl even disguised as a guy) but it actually works in this manga.


      1. It also helps since she was very young when she first started passing for a guy…so it wasn’t too unbelievable. Plus she has a very powerful aura!


      2. Yes yes, I think that’s partly the reason why I find her so amazing.. she’s strong, powerful, indepedant and smart. One of my all time favorite female protagonist in manga’s.

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  3. The heroine here is badass. She’s smart, strong and not to mention a beauty, she’s reigning on the top of my badassed female leads as of now.

    At first i never really tried to read it when i passed by the lists, but since i was looking for something new to try i gave it a chance. And damn was i so impressed. The art’s amazing, the plot is full of new turns and Ashina is hot. I totally love the characters.

    No doubt she is my favorite female hero as of this time.

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  4. Hey! Great to see a lot of people read Chang ge xing!I stumbled upon this manhua and I thought that the wish for a believable gender-bender-genre comic has been realised. And I’ve always been a fan of underdogs for mangas, so Changge fits perfectly, with her literally working her way up from a nobody to…I dunno he end, aw, just wait for it. Not to mention the lovable, rockheaded Ashina Sun. Argh, I can’t wait for the new updates!


  5. Omg! Thank you for the review about this manga! Currently i am reading it and loving it!!! It gives me the shivers to finally see a strong female character that knows how to protect herself. I hate the stupid, bubbly, idiotic, cute female ones because they don’t stand up for themselves.


  6. I’m somewhat watching the drama with my parents, and it seems to be that the drama is following the historical events (I’ve even looked it up out of curiousity). Xia Da on the other hand is using Empress Guang Lie (Yin Li Hua) as a base for Li Chang Ge’s character manhua and adding her own twists to it as she goes along. Especially when the time periods for both are different, as well as their background.

    Hope this helps!

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  7. Does anyone know when the manga translation for Chapter 57 will come out in English, if that at all? I’m debating whether to learn Chinese or not to be able to read the raws.


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