The Sunshine Award 2014

*Updated on 24/10/2014 with Melanie’s Questions.

Thank you decembi from One Second Spring for this nomination! It’s really sweet of you. ❤ So the Sunshine Award is given to “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire other bloggers”. This is the first time I’ve received this award, since I’m fairly new to the blogging scene.

Decembi has left 3 Questions for me, which I will answer here:

1. What inspired you to start your blog?

I was actually inspired by you decembi, you were sharing the love of c-novels, and after reading “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run” I really loved the novel and wanted to share the love as well.

2. Your favourite c-novel?

It would have to be Yun Zhong Ge (云中歌), I love the story and anguish in it.

3. If you could lead a completely alternate life, what would it be? 

Hmmm, I haven’t thought of this before… I’ll probably want to live a life where I can travel non-stop, discovering the gems of the world.

I would like to nominate decembi and dramatictealeaves, they are both inspiring authors who write their own fictions. It has brought endless “sunshine” to my day when I read new chapters of their novels.

My questions:

1. What inspired you to write your own fiction?

2. Name your favorite male and female character from any novel, what makes him/her so special?

3. If you could have one super power, what would it be? And why?


  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you
  • Nominate a few other bloggers
  • Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated
  • Notify the bloggers on their blog
  • Put the award button on your blog

Melanie’s Questions: 

Q1: In the pugilist world, there is this saying that if you have reached a high enough level of cultivation, then you become your weapon, and your weapon becomes you. So…if you were a weapon, what would it be and why?

Does having special powers consider as a weapon? If so I would like to have the ability to control one’s mind, that why regardless how powerful their cultivation is, I’ll be able to control them so easily. If not, I’m actually quite clueless what weapon I should be… >.>

Q2: Which novel or drama character would you like to marry and why? You cannot take the best parts of several characters and combine them into an ideal spouse! You have to pick one character and accept his bad traits along with the good ones.

Hmm this is a tricky one… since I’m currently watching “Sound of the Desert” I’ll choose HQB/WWJ. Boyish personality, tries to cheer you up when you’re down, silently stands by your side.

Q3: What is your dream profession and why? (And if you don’t mind my nosiness, what is your real profession? You don’t have to answer this if you don’t wish to.)

My dream profession would be… a photographer who travels far and wide, taking meaningful pictures. My real profession is an accountant.


14 thoughts on “The Sunshine Award 2014

  1. you guys make me want to translate a novel too, but i couldn’t understand mandarin, hehe.. and i always appreciate and thank you guys (all the translators) for your hardwork..

    your answer on number 3.. haha me too.. i wish!!!


    1. Thank you, you’re an awesome translator. I love ‘Really really miss you’, I can understand why you came back into the translation world to share the love for this novel ❤


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