Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort

Notice: BBPSAC Chapter 147 – 154

If anyone is wondering why chapter 147 – 154 post has suddenly gone missing… I don’t know how I did this, but I have accidentally deleted that post on my mobile phone app, and it’s not in the trash folder… and I don’t know I’ll be able to retrieve it… sigh.. one very upset person here. Honestly can’t be bothered typing it all up again =/

I might consider putting this on hiatus and pick up a comedy short novel to translate for the festive season


16 thoughts on “Notice: BBPSAC Chapter 147 – 154

      1. Maybe you can just recreate another post with the same content for others to read. I’ve been piling up the chapters by the way before reading it all in one go.

        I kind of agree about picking up something sweet and short for the season, but i dont know with others.


      2. Yeah, that book sounds familiar. Wasnt that a sweet one comparable to really really miss you or something? Im not sure about that but I approve! Well, i will check it out now in ssb.


      3. Lol. Thats quite fine, i often read my writings when i was in high school and I often bury my hands on my face for all the TINY mistakes and then giggle about later.

        I did not really find silent separation as a fave, did not fall for the guy either but i find the leading man in this novel charming and appealing. To each his own I think. Good luck and I will be looking forward to it. ^^


  1. Hi sutekii! Hope you’re feeling slightly better now that you’ve retrieved your posts. 🙂 A new project sounds fun, although it might be tiring juggling two translation projects… I’m impressed; can’t wait to read the new translations 😀

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    1. I’ve juggled two translation before so I know I can handle the pressure. BBPSAC is such a long novel. So it’s nice to take a break once in a while and translate something different.


  2. I’ve stumbled upon this website last yr and read this story. I was waiting for the update and never came back until today where I had to reread the novel again and I still enjoyed it. Please continue translating this and thank you for your hard work in translating this.


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