The Imperial Doctress

The Imperial Doctress 《女医明妃传》Chibis + Illustrations

Just an update on more chibis from Imperial Doctress, who has watched the drama? What are your thoughts on the ending?

Chibis + Cartoons

id3 id4 id5 id6 id7 id8id14 id15 id11  id12id13id41 id42id33 id34 id35 id36 id37 id38 id39 id40id16id10tid15 tid14 tid13 tid12 tid11 tid10tid2 id2id id1 id id1 id2 id3 id4tid5 tid6 id31wh2 wh1  tid9

tid7 lss5 lss4 lss2 id25 id26 id27id28 id29 id30tid4 tid3 tid2 tid1 tid9   tid

some gif, so cute!

id17 id18 id19 id24 id21 id22 id23id9



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