Nirvana in Fire

Nirvana in Fire《琅琊榜》Illustrations + Chibis

Chibis + Cartoons

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18 thoughts on “Nirvana in Fire《琅琊榜》Illustrations + Chibis

  1. Hehe thnx for recommending 😀

    The drama is airing in 2015 😦 don’t think I can wait….
    The trailer looks especially good once you can follow the plot, and I think casting Hu Ge as Mei Changsu is perfect ❤


    1. You’re welcome ^^, 2015 that will give me plenty of time to hopefully finish reading your English translation before the drama broadcasts. Hu Ge does seem very fitting for the role.


  2. Sutekii,

    WELCOME BACK! OMG I am so behind because you returned at the time when I was absent! I was really sick in Oct then November, and it has taken me a long time before I could even come back properly. ❤

    YAY. So glad to have you back. Your son is ADORABLE.


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