Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort

BBPSAC Summary Format

UPDATED: I have decided on 10 short chapter summaries for non-important chapters and detailed summaries for important ones. Thank you for everyone who contributed to my poll. ❤

Hi fellow readers,

Unfortunately there won’t be any new release this week. The weather in Melbourne have been hot and cold, which has made Aiden come down with the cold. The results? That boy constantly woke up throughout the night, which means I have been sleep deprived and functioning on 3 hrs of broken sleep per day this week. T_T

The purpose of this post is just to get a general idea of how you as readers would like to read this novel. As I have mentioned before the novel has 888 chapters, and by the rate I’m going… we will grow old and all have grandchildren by the time this translation summary is completed.

Would you like short summary eg. post chapter 2 – 10 style or what I have doing.. the long detailed summaries? Obviously with the shorter summaries we can move the plot along quicker, while the longer will be more slow..

I would love your input. ❤

36 thoughts on “BBPSAC Summary Format

  1. you also live in Melbourne? me too. and I also have a 7 months old boy. I was going to say how are you looking after a baby and post on here at the same time!! 😁😁

    I understand how you feel. my boy is teething at the moment and it is a pain when he fuss and feverish and require a lot of cuddles and comfort. 😥😥

    hope Aiden get better. 😆😆 if there is a chance i love to introduce Tyler to meet Aiden. 😃😃


    1. I usually do it while he naps and I have sufficient rest. Aww the teething stage, I remember those… *blue face*

      You’re more than welcome to email me and we can definitely work something out, perhaps meet up for coffee date and our boys can become friends ❤


      1. I’m thinking of short summaries for not so important chapters and perhaps a bit longer ones for the more important ones, it appears so far by the votes that’s what everyone prefers.

        I will be fuelling my body with food, being up for long periods of time my stomach have started to constantly ache =/

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  2. I don’t mind either one of them is fine as long as there is an update, I’ll take it anyway I can get it! So, hope Baby Aidan gets well soon, I’m baby sitting my 2 month niece. Hope she behaves. Haha. All the best to you!!


  3. I hope aiden a swift recovery. As for the translations, why not a short summary to not so exiting scenes with no contribution to the story development while a long one with the rest? Well, thats just my opinion. Thanks for translating the story 😉


  4. Hi Suketi

    I feel for you. You must be exhausted. As much as I would love for you to continue the translation I understand you have a newborn to take care of.

    I know we all appreciate your efforts and we will support your decision – no what matter what you decide 🙂

    Take care


  5. Sorry to hear that Aiden is sick. You have to take care too. Especially with the lack of sleep. Douse yourself with loads of Nui Virgin coconut oil . I am fine with the short summaries. As long as we get to finish the book before we are senior citizens. Ha ha. Take care dear.


  6. Hope he is alright. You live in Melbourne too? Recently, weather changes too drastically in one day. Keep warm (although I know summer almost begins, who can argue with Melbourne weather?) and drink lots of water 🙂


  7. Pray for Aiden to get well soon. Mommy take care too…..Short summaries are fine but I trust you know better whenever any detailed translation are needed. Thank you for still doing this project despite having to juggle time with a baby in the picture….😁😊😊


    1. I’ve been doing the long detailed one because that’s what I thought everyone preferred, however with my lack of time now it got me thinking I should just do short ones, and length ones that are important.


  8. hi sutekii

    this is my first time posting here, just saw my nephew for the first time and I thought he looked a lot like Aiden, lol. Anyway I hope he gets better soon and you take good care of yourself.

    on the translations, short summary would be good since the chapters are much and like you said we might have grandkids by the time its over,lol. But I think like you do with lovely and important chapters where you translate in full you can make it detailed instead.

    Okay, so I pray sweet Aiden gets well soon and you get that much needed rest. Very important, lol


    1. might be each other doppelgagger hahaha! Thank you for your input also, I decided on short summaries for not so important chapters and perhaps a bit longer ones for the more important ones.


  9. I hope Aiden is feeling better. Please take care to eat and rest!

    I think what you’ve decided on with short summaries for non-important chapters and detailed summaries for important ones would be great. It moves the story along and important parts aren’t left out 😀


  10. Hi…. this is the first time for me to comment in your blog, usually i’m a silent reader ^___^ but woww…. i really captived by this novel >.< & i really curious about what happen in the next chapter, really appreciate for your hardwork to translate it. Please continue to translate this novel until the end, its okay to short some chapters, as long as not the important one 😀 .Oh and i hope Aiden get better soon 🙂 fighting!!! ^o^/


  11. thanks a lot!
    hm, i’m late to the vote, but i agree with the 10 part translations. i’m pretty much only interested in su su, so i don’t mind skipping the politics and stuff, ahaha!


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