Song: Guan Zhe《关喆》- The Night Of Thinking You《想你的夜》

[UPDATE 05/12/20015: Offical HD MV, love this song and Guan Zhe]

Did anyone watch him on The Voice China 2012? This is my all time favourite song from Guan Zhe, he is such an amazing singer and writer. The song is short but describes any typical love that’s been separated and still earning for the other half. Every time I go KTV with my girlfriends I would pick this song and sing my heart out hehehe ^^”

Lyrics Translation

The Night Of Thinking You

独白:你 知道吗?
monologue: Do you know?
没有 你的 日子
Every day without you
我 有 多 想你
I am missing you so much

The day we broke up,
I watched your walk farther and farther away.
All the promises we made, faded away into the air.
Staying in the empty room alone on my own.
The feeling of pain entwined with the love we once had.
Our love ends up like this today.
Is it me who is not generous enough.
If only love could rewind the clock,
There is nothing I wouldn’t give up for you.

Those nights when I think (miss) of you,
how I wish you were here beside me.
I wonder if your heart still willing to make a change for me.
Those nights when I think (miss) of you,
I beg you to let me would love you one more time.
Let our love be as it was.

I really love Shila’s (茜拉) rendition of this song too.

7 thoughts on “Song: Guan Zhe《关喆》- The Night Of Thinking You《想你的夜》

  1. Sutekii, thanks for this link. I haven’t actually heard of Shila until today. I’ve googled her and seen many youtube videos of her singing. I love her! Her singing prowess is really something. I was also quite impressed that she learned to speak/understand Mandarin so quickly. Wish I could be like her! Btw, love the song also, Xiang Ni De Yi, the poignant melody and the equally touching lyrics. (Thanks also for the lyrics translation.) Been listening to it already over and over again…


    1. When I first heard the song I had it on repeat for ages… so guilty >.<

      Yes Shila is so amazing, I applaud her for her dedication. Have you seen her performances on 'I Am A Singer (我是歌手)'?

      The singers on there are equally all around singers. I especially love G.E.M


      1. Yes, I’ve seen her “I Am A Singer” and Asian Wave performances. I’ve become an instant fan of her! Her Listen rendition was soo powerful. I also love her singing Zheng Fu. I haven’t watched the performances of other singers on the “I Am A Singer” show, but I will check on G.E.M.’s performance because I am curious how she won over Shila. She must be that good too to win the finale!


      2. Shila only lost to G.E.M because during the finale she didn’t choose the right song that suited for her.

        You must watch G.E.M’s (鄧紫棋) performances on Tornado (龍捲風) & Intoxicated (你把我灌醉). She’s a pretty well rounded singer, can hit the high notes and rap as well.


  2. Just finished watching GEM’s “I Am A Singer” youtube videos. Oh yes, I admit GEM was also very good in her performances in the show. I think she deserved to have won the second place. Anyways, now I am a fan both of Shila and GEM. Cheers to girlpower! 🙂


    1. Yes go girlpower!! I’m happy that you’re a fan of them as much as I am. “I Am A Singer” brought much fame and recognition to the wider audience of China for both of these fabulous female singers.


  3. Thank you for these video clips. I thoroughly enjoyed them . This man has a voice to conquer the hearts of many.He puts out his heart to give up anything to be with his love. Thank you


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